Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj saying that very moment made me feel more pain than the six years’ pain. Suhani hears him. Pratima asks Suhani to come, and leaves from Yuvraaj’s room. Suhani asks Yuvraaj not to get angry with Yuvaan, he is a kid and he does not know. He says I have to figure out how to convince him, he is my son and I feel bad. She says remember this when you blame him again. He says I don’t want your lecture, go from here, I love my son. Suhani goes. He turns and sees Dadi. Dadi says I know you don’t need to prove love to you. He says I don’t want to hear any lecture. She says I got a solution. He says I don’t need any help. She asks him to behave like Sambhav. He gets angry and says maybe you are planning something again today. She says fine, you can say anything,

I want you to get Yuvaan, I want to prove you are world’s best Papa, I want to rectify my mistake. She goes.

Yuvaan talks to Sambhav about having a superhero with him. He says I have this toy, but you….. Sambhav says when you grow up, you will need a friend, I will become your friend and always be with you. Yuvaan thanks and hugs him. Sambhav wishes Suhani agrees.

Yuvraaj hears Yuvani and Krishna talking about Sambhav. They show Dadi’s funny pics. They ask Yuvraaj to take their pics and request him. He takes their pics. Sambhav comes and says its impossible to become like me, I came to take my thing. He takes his camera.

Suhani gets the superman toy and thinks when did Yuvaan get this. She reads a letter by Yuvaan and cries. She asks did you write this. He says yes. She says Sambhav is my friend. He says you said every father is superhero, if I don’t have Papa, why can’t I make Sambhav my superhero. She says its easy, promise me you won’t say anything to Sambhav. He agrees.

Pratima asks Bhavna not to tell anyone, but help Yuvraaj in winning Yuvaan’s heart, the way you love Golu, Suhani loves Yuvaan, I love Yuvraaj, I can’t see him upset, tell me why Yuvaan likes Sambhav. Bhavna says calm down, Sambhav and Yuvaan play a game often. Pratima asks what game.

Maid tells Yuvaan that she got something and his name is written on it. Yuvaan gets the chit and says wow, its treasure hunt clue, it will be fun, I will go and see. Pratima and Yuvraaj smile, and go to see Yuvaan. He asks how do you know Yuvaan likes this game. She says I heard Sambhav. Dadi tells Menka that kids will get every new thing in their room, Yuvani will get new things first. Yuvaan hears them. Dadi says if anyone likes to win, he should go in Yuvani’s room. He thinks Dadi is giving me clue and runs. Dadi tells Yuvraaj that Yuvaan has run to Yuvani’s room. Yuvraaj says he understood its clue. Pratima says he is your son, he is smart. Yuvraaj goes to see Yuvaan. Dadi says Pratima, I m glad you are supporting me. Pratima says yes, I can’t see my son upset.

Yuvani and Krishna read about icecream. Yuvaan hears them and runs to check fridge. Yuvani and Krishna wonder why Yuvraaj asked them to read about icecream. Suhani looks for Yuvaan. Soumya comes there. Suhani asks where is Yuvraaj. Soumya says he went out. Suhani says I have to tell Yuvaan about his dad, Yuvaan wants to make Sambhav his dad, its important to tell him, I will talk to Yuvraaj. Soumya says talking to Yuvraaj won’t be right. Pratima hides seeing Yuvaan coming. Yuvaan sees Yuvraaj there and goes. Yuvraaj keeps the icecream and goes. Pratima tells Yuvraaj that Yuvaan was happy. Yuvraaj says he was happy thinking Sambhav will get icecream, not me, I have tried a lot, but lost. She asks him to keep trying. Soumya says Yuvraaj would be coming home, do you know he wants to adopt Yuvaan, he has ordered a bed and spending time, maybe he wants to keep Yuvaan with him always. Suhani says no, Yuvaan can’t be away from me. Soumya says then, Krishna and I have to leave. Suhani asks why. Soumya says I m his wife and you are mum of Yuvraaj’s children, he wants to stay with his children, so I have to go, don’t worry, I will manage Krishna, maybe Yuvaan accepts Sambhav as his dad. Suhani says I will think, don’t tell anything to Yuvraaj, tell me before doing anything, I want to tell Yuvaan, but not by putting you and Krishna at stake. She thinks what to do, what about Soumya, things will get complicated. Yuvaan’s letter flies. Yuvraaj comes there and gets the letter. Suhani looks on.

Sambhav tells Suhani that its time for happiness. She asks him to say things clearly. He says I love you a lot. Yuvraaj gets shocked hearing them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh no
    Just reading the written update
    Suhani is so gullible and believes everything Soumya says
    Soumya manipulates everyone

    1. she is a blackmali hypnotiser >·<

  2. Awsm ..precapi hope in tom epi sambhav will nail the show….!!!

  3. I dont like the way yuvraaj is behaving and suhani is just overacting why doesnt she just tell yuvaan the truth suhani is always calling trouble towards her self please stop dragging

  4. Hate to see Soumya
    She is one big devil in the show
    Cheap character
    She has no courage face the truth that she has no right to stay in birla house
    Suhani will never accept sambav
    How can Soumya except this from suhani

    1. Yea,,,She thought that Suhani is a coward lyk her,,,,she is the worst frnd one can ever get…!

  5. I’m not feeling bad for Yuvraj,,,coz remember Yuvani’s partiwala episode, Yuvani insulted Suhani and shouted at her ….Yuvan didn’t do anythng lyk that,,,,he z annoyed for a reason,,,,,I’m glad that Yuvraj heard whatever Sambav said to suhani, bt I don’t think that Sambav will confess his love so easily,,,may be he will change the topic,,,,

    I always wanted yuvANI reunion,,,,bt after fridya’s epi I’m lil bit confused,,,,

    I love sambav too,,,,writers plz don’t make him negative

    1. Somehow I am feeling very bad fr yuvraj yaar no parent would like to be in this situation as of yuvraj he is trying his level best to convince yuvan but ends up making a wrong choice of selecting the people around him to take advice. The pain of being the loser is killing him. Atleast now he should realise all the situations or consequences in yuvani’s life is his anger &ego only, he lacks maturity in him which always leads to complicate the situations .if he had enough of trust, confidence in suhani then dadi, Soumya, rags, menka wouldn’t hv dared to plot against them. He blindly takes the decisions without even realising the outcome of it so even though v feel bad fr him he has to pay fr his deeds.
      Even now I want yuvani to unite becoz both of them r making efforts fr their children it’s that 4 bad faces who hv to be punished &their evil plan to be exposed.
      Bad shouldn’t win over the good.

      1. After friday’s epi…I just read updates,,,didn’t see any episodes after that,,,maybe I will feel bad for him after seeing the epi,,,…also I don’t lyk Sahil much after that offscreen incident,..maybe bcoz of that,,,,still,… after reading ur cmnt I’m feeling bad for him ,coz u r rite, the pain of being a looser,,,,that too infront of his own son,,,.that surely hurts….actly I’m really confused, o.O

      2. Yes dear me to want yuvani reunion..fact is they are in love…loyal to each other…both know their responsiblity..

        Yes…even yuvi has reliase his mistakes…..he do many efforts…
        Why yaar

      3. Well I don’t feel sorry for Yuvraj and he never would realised his consequences.
        He is just the way he is, Yuvraj nothing but a big bully. He couldn’t scream at Yuvani when she did mistake. He doesn’t trust Suhani up bringing when it comes to Yuvaan. Yuvraj BULLIED Yuvaan the way Yuvraj BULLIED Suhani.
        What kind of up Bringing did Yuvraj give to Yuvani and Krishna.
        Yuvani put fairness creams on her body. Yuvani is only Six years old. In some other countries this is child abuse.
        Yuvani would have been taking away from Yuvraj Birla Family, and the government of that country would have given her to Suhani. YUVRAJ BIRLA IS NOT A GOOD FATHER
        If Suhani & Yuvraj get back together. Yuvraj well damage Yuvaan. Because Yuvaan is more like his mother Suhani.
        Yuvraj find it more easier to BULLY someone that is more weak.
        So I have no pity for him.

      4. Aqsxxh

        Exactly Ppp– I want their reunion.. After seeing Yuv’s love and jealousy for suhani… I think they should get back together, Their efforts are going in vain… Yuv’s anger and Suhani’s Gullibleness, is quite irritating, they have all rights to be the happiest family in the world it’s just this haramtia , ruining everyting as well as Dadi’s slaves. They will never learn..

      5. I too am confused, whenever yuvraj behaves rudely to suhani I feel he doesn’t deserve her or else suhani should teach him a lesson .suhani is a strong headed girl but she falls weak as a mother. Sambhav feels like a very good person I wish him to be suhani’s best friend rather than being used as a scrapgoat by the writers to unite yuvani. …..
        I too hate sahil after the offscreen incident he often behaves like a proud peacock. …..
        @ poppy I agree with most of ur thoughts but yuvraj will be a very good father only when he is with suhani &unfortunately he is spoonfeeded by wrong people.

    2. Why is it written registered member ?

      1. Sushma,,,,,,TU z updated,,,,,U can create ur own account and u can upload ur own pro pic…..just check the main menu

      2. There is a new option called ‘register’

      3. Thq fr the info. …….

  6. komal sontani

    Precap was awesome kya jealous thi yuvraj ke face pe waiting for the next episode

    1. Aqsxxh

      I saw that too! I hope he doesnt beat him up or something then suhani will agree!

  7. Simply dragging the show
    Actually last few days yuvan loves yuvraj a lot
    But now for dragging they are spoiling father and sons bond

  8. Sowmya U Go To Hell. Hell Is Better Place For U…. Not Birla House…..
    Suhani Love U As Frnd…. But U R Her Enemy….

  9. Sowmya U Go To Hell. Hell Is Better Place For U…. Not Birla House…..
    Suhani Love U As Frnd…. But U R Her Enemy…

  10. Shahrina Sultana

    Yuvraj is so foolish… And Soumya is so selfish… Soumya jeyse dost ho to dushman ki koi jarurat hi nhi…. I hate her…..

  11. NAPSHa J

    Can’t wait for the proposal scene.. 🙂

  12. What as suhani’s answer… Waiting for next episode ♥♥♥♥

    1. NAPSHa J

      I hope she won’t slap him or shout at him.. like she did with Rohan..

      1. I think yuvi will cm n beat him

      2. NAPSHa J

        in that case, I would like suhani to ask yuvi y is he getting hyper..

      3. Aqsxxh

        Yes, I saw anger and jealousy bubbling up in Sambhav… But i also think suhani wil break-down as in cry or something and Yuv will come running or something… I really want Suhani to reject him in a calm civilised manner… Hopefully Yuv will also say something as well to Suhani…

  13. pls unite suhani and yuvraj

  14. DhoniKiBehana

    Suhani itra mandiyayi poyallo . Soumya parayynnatellam athe pole vishwasikkunnu

    1. Ellaavareyum valayilaakkan soumya kk prathyeka kazhiva

  15. Oh yes ,now yuvraj got jealous .I think this is the waythat yuvi accept his love for suhani…..i want to see similarities,bonding,habits between yuvraj and yuvan but again soumya and dadi’s planning…i hate …why suhani doesn’t tell every thing to his husbad ? Afterall they both are parents and it is their duty ….koi kuchh bhi kahe but sabko pata hai yuvraj and suhani love each other so much .now i am boring …i want to see yuvani reunite.

  16. Aqsxxh

    I want Suhani to say no… But I want her to say Yes at the same time! IM SOO CONFUSED!

    1. mee toooo

    2. Me too yaar,,,…

      1. Aqsxxh

        Its just stupid… The directors are ruining the main cast! 🙁

  17. Kalpana

    I don’t know how long they’ll drag this… I thought post leap Suhani will be a strong character… She’s become lot more slow and stupid… Soumya gives excuse of her kid? I thought her mom’s a rich a lady????? Stupid gold digger… I am so fed up with Star Plus… All the good serials they cite low TRPs and end them… These serials they drag n drag till they make absolutely no sense…

    1. You’re right

  18. Suhani n sambhav luk betr atlest he doesnt hurt her lyk yuvraj does..

  19. I wishh subhav should happn

    1. i hope so

  20. 😀 well said sambhav… u told was right its tym happiness fr yuvaan ..

    yuvi u had lesson fr this tym . suhani was precious not useless.. u r oly the useless of u hearing sowmya words oly..

    i think suhani may be ill axpt the proposal as her son’s happiness …

    why u get anger on whem smabhav proposing suhani ..u target was win ur son heart oly na. not suhani ‘s heart so u never mind to it..

    yuvan like more than u on sambhav ..he attached with sambhav.

  21. And now I think suhani gonna say because dumb soumya has put things in her mind. Why can’t yuvraaj and suhaani be happy wid their kids yyyyy?

  22. Hi. If you dont luke this serial cereat ur own ssel and post ur own ppssel i like to red

  23. This is dragging! Why can’t Suhani just tell Yuvan the truth what is she waiting for! And sumya needs a slap, how can Suhani be so dumb? Every freaking drama main characters are always dumb stupid!

  24. Guys, from the starting when yuvraj love soumya so much ,and he hates suhani more . Fir bhi hamesha yuvraj ko pyar kiya itna ki wo bhi pyar karne laga.till now they love each other but …writers thik se problem solve nahi kar rahe hai…
    Dadi and gangs se hatkar kuchh karo….stop again their planning and yuvraj ko thoda samajhdar dikhao pleazzzzzzzzz…….

    1. Dear he never hate suhani

  25. Here go again with the mental abuse, and emotional blackmail.
    Pratma had has put on suhani, and now Bhavna.
    Suhani is trying to help Yuvraj, what did Yuvraj did for her. Even now for Suhani. As always nothing, this strong woman that was after the leap, have now become weak again. It’s all thanks Yuvraj Birla.
    Suhani has no SELF RESPECT what so ever.
    She has become Dumb and blind again.
    Why can’t she see this and move on with sambhav

  26. Super excited for tommorows episode. Suhani enthayirikkum sambhavinodu marupadi parayuka??.ini yuvraj interfere cheyummo?? INI chilappam suhani proposal accept cheyummuno???ithupole uttaram kittatha kure chodyangalumayi SSEL veendum nale . anyways, eagerly waiting for the episode………

  27. The show is unnecessarily dragging Maneka place dirty tricks nobody sees
    Sambhav character is confusing at one point he says Suhani is his boss
    Lot of unnecessary drama going please put a full stop
    Reunit Yuvaraj and Suhani and close the story

    1. Aqsxxh

      Yes Reunite and some Yuvani moments.. Maybe another child as well for YuvAni… that will be good..

  28. Nisa…. Don’t blame suhani is because she is a nice girl n lovely best friend that is what they called friends will should learn from it. A mean we should learn from the opponent which is the soumya and yuvraji needs to stand on his grand, suhani on the other hand protecting are friend, suhani is not a selfish person,…… The program is taking long let d truth out

  29. Salley145

    Soumya is a stain on the name of friendship, how can she do this?
    Ssel rocks

  30. Wow!! Sambav proposed!!?!

  31. stop this noncencce sambav and sowmya. We dont like these two guides. please unite suhani youvraj, yuvani and yuvaan

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