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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sharad being angry on Krishna and Soumya, who has hurt Suhani always. Pratima asks him to be quiet. Dadi says she feels he is right for the first time. Lalita cries and blames Soumya for her son’s state. Soumya says if she feels Krishna has gone to jail because of her, then she promises she will free Krishna till evening, she will go to mum and take money for his bail. She leaves. Dadi blames Krishna and Soumya for being disloyal. Menka talks foolish and says Soumya will be feeling bad, and Suhani can help them. Rags says but Suhani has seen the theft happening in footage and also money, I think she will support truth than her friend. Sharad says Rags is right.

Suhani says if Krishna did theft, he should be punished. Soumya comes home alone and Lalita asks Krishna.

She calls her unlucky and problem for them. Yuvraaj says its good news, our accounts are reopening. They ask Ramesh to get sweets. Sharad says tension is gone, now they can breath peacefully. Yuvraaj sees Suhani upset.

Suhani says she does not know what to do and talks to snoopi. Dadi talks to Menka and Rags and says Suhani feels she will win, but here I rule this house and she will lose miserably. Yuvraaj goes and talks to Snoopi. He says he has come to make her realize happiness. She says you know why I m worried. He pacifies her and says Krishna’ arrest was necessary. He joins hands with her to show the shield. They have an eyelock.

Pratima gives sweets to Lata and they have sweets together. Dadi and Menka praise Suhani and talk to Pankaj. Suhani says everyone found the formula together and they helped me. Pankaj says yes, we are one family now. Dadi says we should do a party and celebrate together. Yuvraaj says sure. They smile. Pratima invites Pankaj and Lata. Pankaj says he will try, he has bank loan paper work. He says we will leave now. They leave.

Dadi gives the responsibility to Menka. Rags asks why is she ignoring her. Dadi says Menka understood that I rule here. She says whatever happens today, I m sure no one will try to be like her, as it will get impossible for Suhani to stay in this house. Menka does the arrangements and commands Ramesh. Menka jokes on Rags. Pratima talks to Suhani and gives her phone, asking her to end her doubt, talk to Soumya. Menka sees Rags leaving.

Soumya talks to lawyer and tells Murali that they won’t get bail orders after 6pm. Lalita asks her to get Krishna any way. Murali says she is trying, we don’t have money and contacts. Rags warns Dadi to stop Pratima. Dadi says I know everything. Rags says we have to stop Pratima, I noticed all of your plans spoil without me, you always need me at the end. She smiles.

Soumya cries holding the mangalsutra. Murali says no, you will not send this, we will arrange money till tomorrow. She says no, I promised mum I will free Krishna till evening, I will sell this and give them money, if court closes, he can’t get bail, I have to beg to them and do anything to free Krishna. Menka tells Pratima that she has heard Dadi talking to Rags and she wants to help her. She stops Suhani from talking to Soumya.

Pratima says Suhani’s goodness has changed Soumya. Suhani says Soumya is my friend, but if Krishna is culprit, I will not talk to her. Menka says great and switches off the phone. Dadi smiles seeing her. Menka says she did …. Dadi says whatever you did is great, I will give you my diamond bangles to wear in party. Menka thanks her. Dadi asks Rags to see Menka is winning the game for her, what will she do now. Rags leaves angrily. Dadi sees the arrangements and says everything is perfect, just one thing is pending.

Yuvraaj runs after Suhani doing mischief like kids. Soumya and Krishna enter the party and shock everyone. Dadi smiles.

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  1. Is there any substance or reason for this show to go on…I am not sure how Dady, Menka etc get so much air time to just do nonsense…there is not family unity in this show. Suhani is constantly beating her head against ta brick wall dealing with these idiots…gee just end the show

  2. Wts going on the serial…

  3. no logic boring

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