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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi going to talk to Yuvraaj. Krishna stops Suhani and says he will not let her go. Suhani apologizes to him. He asks will everything be fine by one mistake, his career got stain, will it get fine, Suhani gives lecture and its tough to apply truth, she got on side when it came on her friend. He sees Soumya’s phone ringing and its Radhe’s phone ringtone. He sees Radhe’s phone with Soumya. He asks her about it. Soumya says she has stolen it from his bag so that she can get Radhe out. He says Soumya has gone blind for Suhani’s friendship, she did not see her husband’s pain and you have seen my wounds and still don’t care. He gets angry and asks her why did she favor Suhani. Menka and Rags see the drama.

Krishna says stop it Soumya.

Rohan puts water on his head to cool his anger. He says this is my Dadi’s formula to put cool thing on hot things, to cool it down. Menka claps. Rohan thanks him. Lalita says now even guests will insult my son. Rohan says she can’t file case on him, putting water will not kill Krishna. Suhani asks Rohan to leave it. Soumya asks Krishna to come. Krishna and his family leaves. Rohan says you welcome mother india. Suhani says clean the water you have put. He asks why. She says you have put it, so you will clean. She goes.

Dadi tells Yuvraaj that she is not lying, she loves him a lot. He asks why did she not swear on him. She says she is sure her he will believe her, she wanted to teach Soumya a lesson, she left you in mandap and hurt your heart and then that Suhani got them at home against my wish, I wanted to show that Soumya and Krishna are bad, but Krishna took my sign by cheat and did all this. He asks why did she do this just for her dislike for Suhani. She says I did not know I will become bad in doing good for home, forgive me and cries. He holds her hand and says he trusts her, she can’t do anything wrong. He hugs her and she smiles being relieved.

She asks him to take some rest and he goes. Dadi wipes her tears. Krishna kicks out Radhe and says this is my family, you cheated me, and even my wife. Soumya says I was just saving you. Radhe asks is this his final decision and signs Rakhi. He begs him to forgive him and Krishna kicks him. Rakhi says please forgive him, I will explain Radhe. Lalita asks Krishna to forgive him, as Radhe is their son in law. Krishna gets angry.

Suhani talks to Yuvraaj in their room. He says he spoke to Dadi. She asks what did she say. He says she said the truth, I was annoyed, but she said why she did this, its all fine now, she has done this to show us Krishna and Soumya’s truth. She says but Krishna told us that Dadi has called them home. He asks will she believe liars, they framed me in fake case, Dadi is upset and it will be better to forget all this. She gets upset. He asks shall we have samosas. She asks when did he start eating samosas. He says I can like anything after having jail food, and asks her not to cry. She says I m not crying. He asks her to go and get samosas fast.

He says he fears to make her lose in argument and so he loses in arguments. Rohan tells Dadi that he will stay here till his home gets done with pipelining work. She asks him why is he asking. He says I m saying, not asking. She thanks him for the case. He asks her for the fees. She gives him the cheque and he tears it. He says you made me study, sent me for law studies abroad, why will I take money, you can pay cheque to Suhani, if you want to give me anything, tell me the truth. She asks what. He says I m joking.

Dadi asks Menka to show the guest room to Rohan. Menka asks will he take over our home after Krishna. He says I rule hearts, not home. She asks is he flirting, fine he can do. He says you are very broad minded. She giggles and takes him. Suhani is making samosas in kitchen and tells Sharad. Sharad gets a call and ends it. He tells Suhani that Yuvraaj is very lucky. He goes to attend a call.

Menka shows guest room to Rohan. He sees Yuvraaj’s pic and asks was this room of Yuvraaj before. She says yes, Suhani is going from here in some days. Rags comes and stops her. Menka goes. Rohan says whats happening between Yuvraaj and Suhani, I have to find out. Yuvraaj asks Suhani why is she making samosas, he is hungry and will faint. She asks him to have something else, she is making. He says I want samosas. She asks him to have samosas made by her and order it by market when she goes. They get sad. Main waari jaawan……….Piya ore piya……..plays……….. She cries.

Dadi asks Suhani to manage business till it gets stable, and this is her decision. Suhani and everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This is why I dont like yuvraj for suhani
    He doesnt care that dadi did so many things wrong and just forgave her but when suhani does something he yells at her
    Even now he still cant say he loves her after so much happened
    I hate how he just changes the subject from dadi to samosas acting like everything is okay
    Rohan is so much better

  2. I hate this episode

  3. This is like a merry go round…same story ..yuvraaj does not deserve suhani..he is just a dadis boy

  4. I think Rohan is better for suhani than yuvraj….

  5. yup rohan is better over y.raj as a person

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