Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saiyyam dropping the kerosene. Sambhav asks what did you do this Saiyyam, did you go mad. Yuvraaj kicks Sambhav and makes the gun fall. Yuvaan hugs Baby. Yuvraaj beats up Sambhav. Sambhav sees the gun and takes it. Yuvraaj goes to Suhani. Sambhav shouts Suhani and aims gun at her. Everyone get shocked. Suhani closes her eyes after the bullet is shot. The family looks at Suhani. Suhani opens eyes. They all turn to see Sambhav, who got shot in his leg. Everyone see Krishna with police. Inspector has shot Sambhav. Police arrests Sambhav. Suhani stops police. She goes and slaps Sambhav hard on his face.

She says I told you that your end is close, you wanted my children to burn me, see your son has ended your evil, if Saiyyam is your son, he has my Ansh in him too.

Sambhav sees Saiyyam. Suhani says Saiyyam realized his mistake at right time. Sambhav says Saiyyam bad happened with me, I m ruined, my life was ruined completely, and when such thing happens with someone, person can’t differentiate between right and wrong, no one is bad by birth, situation and people around make person bad, you understand it, I was forced to do all this, you take care of yourself, I was not wrong. Police takes Sambhav. Saiyyam cries. Sambhav stares at Suhani and smiles. Sambhav thinks this is called winning the failed game, Suhani can’t make Saiyyam’s love for me less, my son will continue my fight. Saiyyam goes to his room. Suhani and Yuvraaj hug.

Its night, Suhani hugs Yuvraaj and says I will keep holding you, and not let you go far, I will always keep you infront of my eyes. He says fine, I will not go anywhere, why are you crying now. She says I m crying for children, Krishna and Saiyyam are going away from us. He says give them some time, they will be fine. Baby says I did not know it will be such big problem, I accept it was my mistake. Yuvaan says we would have died today because of your foolishness, you supported that devil. She says even I m human, I did mistake, you did not say anything to your mum. He says she did not double cross like you, she was trying to save everyone.

Saiyyam stops Krishna from entering the room, and asks how dare you call police for my dad. She asks you mean how did I call police for my mum’s murderer. He says fine, remember, my dad went to jail, but you will stay as prisoner, Suhani forced my dad to become like dad, I will not leave you. She says I know, you are also devil. He says Suhani burnt my dad as she loved Yuvraaj. Krishna says Yuvraaj was her husband. He says even my dad was her husband, she left me in orphanage, now I will show you what does devil mean. He hurts her and leaves.

Suhani says I don’t want to wait more, we have to talk to Saiyyam and explain him before he thinks wrong, what else will Krishna bear, I will talk to Saiyyam and come. Dadi comes and says Saiyyam went out. Suhani says I will stop him. Dadi says fine, so that he also gets after us, like his dad. Yuvraaj says please don’t say this. Dadi says fine, I kept shuddi karan puja at home tomorrow, Pratima is coming, I told her everything, Suhani focus on Yuvraaj and family now, leave Saiyyam. Dadi goes. Baby hears them.

Suhani says I will not go to meet Saiyyam, I can talk on phone. She calls Saiyyam. Saiyyam is on the way driving and recalls Krishna’s and Sambhav’s words. He does not answer. Yuvraaj says give him some time, talk to him tomorrow, talk to me now. She says filmi line. He says I m saying true. Call connects to Saiyyam. Saiyyam answers. Yuvraaj says you don’t know what I went through seeing you from across the mirror. Suhani says you don’t know what that devil did, he showed your video, I wished to kill him, I could not do anything as I did not know where you are. He says we will not talk about this, don’t cry, these tears won’t come between us now. Yuvraaj hugs Suhani.

Saiyyam hears them. Yuvraaj says if you hug me so tightly, none can come between us. Suhani asks why don’t you leave me then. He asks shall I leave you. She says don’t think, I will kill you. He says I won’t think, as my life is dear to me. He kisses her. Saiyyam disconnects the call. He gets Baby’s call. Baby tells about Shuddi karan puja, Dadi asked me to tell everyone so I called you, did Suhani not tell you, she is very selfish, any ways take care, will you come tomorrow. Saiyyam says of course, I will not miss that puja. Baby says now see Suhani what I do with you, you will get hurt now. Saiyyam says my dad went to jail some hours back, and Suhani kept puja for Yuvraaj, she never thought for me, she never cared for me, I will also not think of her, I will see how this Shanti puja happens, I will do such drama which none can think.


Saiyyam throws flowers on Suhani and Yuvraaj, and asks what’s in Yuvraaj that you burnt my dad and left me in orphanage. Yuvraaj shouts Saiyyam.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Precap…again same drama…Sayyam will again get angry with the birlas and his relationship with krishna will go back to square one…suhani and krishna or atleast only suhani should show some love to him

    Btw, someone hit this baby…again creating misunderstandings

    1. I agree with you! But if only Krishna didn’t hit saiyyam yesterday. Because he saved yuvraj. Like Krishna wanted him too.

      I don’t know what the writers are doing. But I am sick of suhani doing drama all the time.
      Suhani should stop!
      Suhani has missed an opportunity, she should have gone to saiyyam. Then hugging yuvraj. Whatever we might think about sambhav, he did care for saiyyam.

      Nobody said anything about yesterday, when Krishna hit saiyyam like that. Saiyyam was asking her what was her plan. Krishna took a stick, hit him really hard. Cause him to bleed.
      All he did now is just hold Krishna mouth. Everyone is outrages!
      I don’t want to see abuse, but we shouldn’t say, one rule for women and another rule for men.
      This is hypothetical!

      1. Agree with you poppy.
        Well what can you or anyone do about.
        As long it their favourite character dose it, it’s okay.
        Yuvraj, mental abuse suhani and soumya. It’s okay.

        Suhani abandoned saiyyam. It’s okay.

        Krishna took a stick, hit saiyyam, over the head, cause him to bleed. Even though he did save yuvraj. It’s okay.

        So what can you do. You won’t make them understand.

  2. feeling bad for krishna…..

  3. Stupid serial ever. Please stop it.

  4. What nonsense….??? I’m not kriyam fan… But I don’t like the way how he was treating with krishna… Poor Krishna… Really he n his father is dahinder… As krishna said….
    Anyway today the best part was Yuvani scene n yuvan scolding to baby….

    Now this baby n saiyaam r the enemies of suhani.. But I cant understand the problem of baby….. Anyway its time saiyaam should learn truth… Full truth … How sambhav use to torture suhani n yuvraj….

    But if saiyaam will torture to krishna…. Then no meaning of sambhav absence…. Then its better to end the show

  5. Esther

    well that was a bad idea to make Sayyam hear Yuv-Ani ‘s love dialogues….What the hell is wrong with this Baby

    1. Exactly…its a cheap thingto show like that..thanks to writers they didnt show a video

      1. Esther

        hehehe rite,,,,,thanx to cvs….

  6. Suhani, suhani, suhani.
    If you only did this way, back. No you listen to yuvraj.
    The past always come back to haunt you. That is part of life. Now everything has gone back to normal. Dadi still hate you, yuvraj well always take Dadi side. So what are going to do about saiyyam ?

    I believe saiyyam should leave, sometimes there is no use of fighting, for the love, that you never going to have.
    If only Krishna didn’t hit saiyyam yesterday. Then today, saiyyam wouldn’t have done that. So they are even. I call it tick for tack.

    Saiyyam should go away from the birla’s. Make something for himself, and get on with his life. Because everyone is going to use him, even Dadi.
    Suhani is going to do whatever yuvraj tell her to do. It is going to make worse.
    Krishna is still hasn’t got over yuvaan.
    Since Krishna wants to be a birla’s punch bag. Then let her.

    1. Mmmmmmmm, 26th.
      @ mo, I also agree with you! You understand saiyyam.

      But I understood Baby! I know what Baby plan is.
      Like poppy said suhani missed an opportunity.
      Now Baby, is going to the advantage!

      So I believe that this is Baby PLAN.
      My little baby heard everything, yes everything that suhani said to yuvraj.
      About saiyyam.
      So baby realised that suhani want to tell truth to saiyyam. Baby also know that yuvaan hates saiyyam.

      Baby also understand, that suhani and yuvraj, wants to win against sambhav.
      That the thing, if sambhav was dead, then suhani and yuvraj, wouldn’t have cared for saiyyam. Just move on with their life.

      So what is baby doing ? Well baby is going to turn the two brother’s against each other first. They are already divided, so keep them divided.

      Baby is going to make yuvaan question suhani, because baby going to make suhani to go after saiyyam.
      Baby is going to remind suhani, what sambhav said to her. “Suhani, you might get your lover, but you are going to lose a son, and that is going to be saiyyam.”

      Baby is going to say to yuvaan, your mother is not thinking of you. It now saiyyam!
      Yuvaan say your wrong, baby make saiyyam leave the birla house, as well as Krishna. Suhani is going to run after saiyyam. Baby know that the rest of the family hate suhani. Baby is going to make them yuvaan against his mother.
      So mo, I still say 26, what about you ?

      1. So (r).
        You missed, so did I, that I believe saiyyam would have left with his father.

        26 January 2017, no!
        Baby needs to do this slowly, first she causes saiyyam do some drama. Like tomorrow.

        Then baby going to get Dadi to kick saiyyam out.
        Then baby going to make suhani that he is a rape child.

        That why she abandoned him!
        Saiyyam is going call suhani a hypocrite!
        He going to ask suhani birla, was it his fault.

        Then baby well make saiyyam understand, there is no use of fighting for something that he never going to get. It is best that he should leave.

        Then baby is going to tell yuvaan that suhani focus is now saiyyam.
        Yuvaan say wrong.
        Then baby goes to suhani, oh dear look like that you are going to lose saiyyam, just as his father said, and also Krishna is leaving to.
        Suhani see saiyyam is packing his bag. Suhani stop him. Yuvaan see this and get angry.

        Yuvaan crying to Dadi and rest of birla’s.

        Suhani well tell saiyyam, you can’t take Krishna, with you.
        This is what I would like to happen.
        Saiyyam, in front of everyone tell, that he is not taking Krishna. He is leaving all of them. Include suhani.
        Dadi, well kick Krishna out. Krishna won’t go of cause.
        Dadi tells yuvani to pack her bags. By this time saiyyam is gone. Krishna has no choice, but to follow him. Then baby well work her magic. Turn yuvaan against his mother and father, sister. By I say March baby kicks them all out of the birla house.
        I say March.

      2. You evil women’s, but I like it, at least there is no abusing. Baby is just going to kick out saiyyam and Krishna.
        Then take all the money. I don’t care what people think. Baby is what the birla deserves.

        I want Krishna to wake up!
        It would be brilliant, for Krishna to hear yuvaan never wanted her.
        Yuvraj is not saying anything to dadi. Her Dadu, telling her to go.
        Oh heartbroken, but Krishna well never be a birla.
        But I would like saiyyam to leave around about next week.
        I hope saiyyam stop being angry, and get on with his life.
        It would be funny to watch them, at least that way saiyyam can tell Krishna. You followed me!

      3. I agree with, these women, poppy and other.
        We don’t know what the writers are doing.
        Hopefully something good is about to happen.

        I like your idea girls, keep it up.
        Krishna is right, there is no abuse, which I like. Even if it is for a bet. I hope that the writers well see this and take it on board.

  7. Relax guys. This stupidity is gonna end on 26

  8. Fed up of this dialogue tumne mere papa ko zinda jala diya…for god sake someone answer that blo*dy many times that poor guy is raising d same bakwas question and ppl there r standing lyk statues…suhani juz speak up!!..suhani should concentrate on saiyyam & yuvraj after all both of them did not spend enough tym with her…now they gonna show “sayyam as sambhav”…next another part will b “sambhav returns “.by that time show will go offair starplus ki duaaon ki yuvani no kriyam

    1. Really… Now fed up… Sambhav, Saiyaam n baby

      1. Really..its a stupid idea to take leap…if they had continued yuvaani love story it would have been use of bringing sambhav character and making d show cheap…therz no scope for new generation also…same suhani sambhav psycho love story with ultimate bloopers like yuvraj imprisoned for 20 long yrs juz for burning d legs of a pyscho killer

  9. after days we got such a wonderful yuvani scene.. bt seriously saiy~suh bond shud b shown some development, it wud be nice to watch. babyyy what the hell is with her?

  10. good to see sayyam back as baddi..nice birlas deserve it.
    else they have no other wrk other than degrading sayyam. suhani deserves it. after all she ahould think from Sayyams perspective also.
    she never thinks about it. she doesnt even feel bad as sayyam had to grow as orphonage.

  11. Okay people please stop blaming the characters, blame the stupid writers, their nonsense thinking and their silly storylines.

    Has to be a seasoned criminal who thinks he/she is above the law thar is writing these plots. ???

  12. WTF – load of rubbish —- can Suhani just tell her son she got raped and move on with another story line as this one is getting very depressing
    This has been going on for month and looks like only when Suhani will tell him he will change

    It’s very obvious the writers cannot think of anything else and have this one thing going around and around in circles

    Move on or end the drama as your ratings are gonna go do

  13. why the hell is suhani not telling sayyam the truth she keeps prolonging the real issue here he needs to be told the truth before he does something stupid why she left him in an orphanage is beyond comprehending everyone knew she was raped and got pregnant why did she leave him a little baby to fend for himself she could have taken him home turn it twist it put it however you want it the fact remains it is her son and she needs to shower her love on him too she has never given or show him a single second of love how do you think he is feeling when she pampers yuvani and yuvan in front of him and he should not use krishna he should let her see the good side of him if he do not do that how in god’s name does he expect her to care for him in the end sambhav is still winning although he is in jail because he knows it is hs son and he will seek revenge so the asses need to let him know the truth about his dad the devil i read someone says this serial is coming to and end KUDOS

  14. after many days yuvaani scéně was nice

  15. sarita sharma

    yuvaani scéně was good

  16. Now I think makers should focus on kriyam’s part. So that viewers should get something new to watch in this serial. They should make Krishna as a strong character. Keep aside this shuhani_shaiyam drama. I am fed up with that.

    1. I agree!

  17. This show is so anticlimactic! Nothing is ever resolved. They just keep going round and round in circles. Why can’t the family have some moment of understanding and bonding without one of them creating unnecessary problems. What nonsense

  18. bad saiyyam returne bad fealing for krishna but i am excited for kriyam story

    1. Well suhani, is an idiot, sambhav, is using him.
      What can you expect from saiyyam.
      If the writers didn’t make Krishna hit him on the head yesterday. Then this wouldn’t have happened.

      Saiyyam is angry again! He did, what Krishna, wanted him to do.

      Suhani got her yuvraj, he feel used. Also I believe that saiyyam would have left Krishna and the birla’s for good.
      Saiyyam knew that sambhav loved him.
      Today I believe, he would have told Krishna, why call the police. Krishna would have said, what she said, and that would have been it. I just hope that it ends there.

      The best thing for saiyyam NOW, is to leave, leave Krishna and the rest of the birla family.

    2. Let see what happens, I know suhani is going to tell saiyyam the whole truth.
      But I don’t know what the writers are doing.

  19. pls they r doing this for trps

  20. NaveenS you are absolutely correct when you said writers should stop blaming the characters it is the directors that are directing these shows so if the directors want sambhav to be a good person it is their job to do so and lmao when you wrote the writer/director has to be a seasoned criminal to come up with these plots good one

  21. @Pali I agree, for how much longer will the writers keep going round and round in this track? Make suhani tell the truth to saiyyam that he was born out of rape by his dad, he killed soumya and that’s why she tried to kill him. Hopefully then we’ll see another side to saiyyam and maybe baby’s plans will fail too.

  22. again the serial on the worst track. i thought now they are closing all this nonsense but the writer and producer have gone completely mad.
    they should tell all the truth to saiyyam first how sambhav use to trea suhani. first this thing should happen immediately.
    please for heavensake the stupid serial witers should stop this sayyium sambhav track and put something else or just shut down the damn serial. rubbish.

  23. OMG,Baby is the most ugly and disgusting woman I have ever seen. her lips are even ugly. she does not belong there. pls put some nice volor lipstick on her. EWW

    1. Esther

      Lookwise Baby is not ugly,,,,she is a successfull lady in real lyf,,,,bt yup her character in the serial is ugly

  24. UGH BABY IS A b*t*h.THis bakwas will finish soon hurray!I hate this show because it shows women are dumb and stupid and men can do anything to them even raping them in some cases.

  25. Syedul

    This show is stupid . I’m not watching until something romantic happens between Krishna and sayyam

    1. Mystery

      I have,seen that Krishna will meet an accident….. N everyone start blaming Saiyyam for it

      1. Aarti32

        Kahan dekha?? Link plzz..

  26. hey friends muje pata chala hain ki krishna ka acident ho jayega aur uska ilzam saiyyam par lagega par saiyyam ne uska acident nahi kiya hain sab saiyyam par ilzam lagayege par suhani saiyyam ka hi sath degi kyoki suhani ko yakin hain ki saiyyam kisi ko jaan se marne ki soch nahi sakta saiyyam kehta bhi hain ki is ghar main jab bhi kuch glat hota hain uska ilzam mujh parhi lagta hain baby bhi us par ilzam lagaigi i think yeh baby ne hi kara hoga

    1. Mystery

      I saw on YouTube…. Link to nhi he….mere paas….sorry

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