Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj stopping after a photo frame falls. Baby gets tensed. Yuvraaj goes to pick the frame. Yuvaan asks Yuvraaj to come fast. They leave. Baby thinks wow, Dadi will be blamed for Suhani’s death and I got 50 lakhs, its my Diwali. Yuvraaj asks Yuvaan and Saiyyam not to get down the car till he says. They see the goon’s car. Yuvraaj goes to give them the bag. Yuvraaj asks about Suhani. They say first give money, then I will give Suhani. Yuvraaj says get Suhani first. The goon says we will kill her and come, keep the money. Yuvraaj stops them. Saiyyam sits in the goon’s car. Yuvraaj sees Saiyyam. He says don’t do anything to her, she is my wife, I will wait here. The goon says fine and takes the money bag. They leave.

Yuvaan says we will follow them, Yuvraaj

says don’t worry, Saiyyam is in their car dickey, he will inform us. Baby thinks to ask Yuvaan about police reaching there. She sees Dadi throwing Suhani’s belongings. Dadi says today Amma mai is going to die, I don’t want her belongings to be here.

Goons reach their place. Saiyyam gets down their car. Saiyyam sees the goons getting Suhani to free her. He messages Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj says goons are getting Suhani here. The goons see newspapers in the bag. Saiyyam looks on. The goon says it means they have cheated us, they are fooling us, take Suhani back and beat her up. Suhani says leave me. Saiyyam runs and beats the goon. The goon catches Saiyyam and aims gun at him.

Dadi burns the belongings. Baby says let news come first. Dadi says why to wait, I know when police goes there, Amma mai won’t be saved. Baby thinks right, then you will also go from here. Saiyyam asks Suhani to leave. Goon scolds Saiyyam. Yuvraaj and Yuvaan come there and stop the goons. He says leave them please. Goon asks where is our money. Yuvraaj says that bag. Goon asks is this junk called money in your language, how dare you cheat us. Police comes there and arrests the kidnappers.Yuvraaj and Suhani hug.

Suhani comes home with Yuvraaj, Yuvaan and Saiyyam. She hugs Pratima. Bhavna, Krishna and Yuvani get glad. Baby and Dadi get shocked. Dadi says thank God Amma mai got saved, how did you save her. Yuvraaj says Saiyyam saved her, someone called police and we got saved. Baby says Dadi called police. Dadi gets tensed. Baby says Dadi was tensed about Amma mai, its good she has sent police. Yuvraaj says yes, Dadi saved Amma mai. Yuvaan says maybe the goons have hidden money bag and lied to us. Pratima says leave it, its enough that Suhani has come back. Bhavna goes to get food for Suhani.

Dadi asks Baby why did you tell about police. Baby says so that none doubts on you, we can kill Suhani and put blame on Krishna. Yuvraaj goes to Suhani. He says I will help you. She argues and applies ointment to her feet. He smiles and applies ointment. Sapna tera….plays………….. She smiles and cries happily.

Yuvaan sees them and thinks if I married Krishna, even my relation would be such. He sees Dadi coming and shouts Suresh. Yuvraaj gets alert and goes away from Suhani. Dadi comes there.

Yuvani shows a dress to Krishna. Krishna refuses to wear it and says I m different, I can’t cheat someone. Yuvani says don’t behave like Suhani, wear this to attract Saiyyam, you have to wear this to get his attention. Krishna goes.

Dadi says you saved Amma mai’s life. Yuvraaj says that was my duty. Dadi says no need to do this, you are not her bodyguard. Amma mai asks why, he saved my life and you are saying this. Dadi says I mean we have sons at home. Suhani says even he is someone’s son. Yuvaan says he fought with the goons. Dadi says I know, so I got money to give him, its enough for me that Amma mai is fine. Dadi goes. Yuvaan says sorry, Dadi was coming so I could not say. Suhani asks did you want anything. Yuvaan hugs her and says no, I don’t want anything, you both are together and happy, what else do I want. She hugs him and smiles.

Dadi goes to kitchen and says how can Amma mai shout on me for a servant. Servant comes to her and asks what happened, did sugar fell. Krishna dresses in a short dress. Saiyyam comes to his room while being on call. He sees her and asks what’s this….

Dadi adds something in the juice and gives to Suhani. Baby signs Dadi to stop Pratima.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Whew…I’m going through a deficit of kriyam right now…can’t take it…this story is revolving mainly around Dadi and Baby and I’m gettin’ hella annoyed…cause honestly…I think I can say on everyone’s behalf that we want to see KriYam, YuvAni, or some love and positivity..not this “Ammi Mai” ki dukaan and “Ms. I cant stop calling dadi Malik” (I mean Baby …hehe)

    and i REALLY DO NOT want to see this sugar wala track now…HOW ORIGINAL!! (sarcasm intended)

    Sorry, I got kinda side tracked…just irritated with the cv’s that’s all…
    Getting back to today’s episode…I loved the mutual understanding shared between Sayyam and Yuvaaj today…they didn’t even have to actually come up with a plan and they perfectly understood one another…

    Sayyam looked so cute when the kidnappers were taking newspaper outta’ the bag…he was utterly confused cause he was the one who brought the money…btw where did he get the money from?? cause he probably doesn’t have access to anyone else’s bank account…it must be his own money…kudos to his “newfound job”…also btw, just bringing this up…but Baby seems to always grab SAYYAM’s money…before their respective marriages and even now…LOL

    Sayyam was sooo ready to take a bullet for Suhani and even told her to go from there and said he’ll handle everything…that is called unconditional love…this Yuvaan was standing there like a dummy…found it funny how the police only had a seven second cameo today and didn’t acknowledge the family members standing there…also it was upsetting to see how Sayyam got no appreciation or attention WHATSOEVER for trying to save his mother’s life…there’s no worth for him in this house…like geez…a little praise won’t kill the guy

    Yuvani’s totally team Kriyam!!!! #Kriyamite

    I honestly think that Krishna will cover herself with some towel or a blanket and act weird…she must be doing SOMETHING for Sayyam to say “what is this”…or maybe she hasn’t covered up and Sayyam is genuinely confused (like a teenage boy) as to why Krishna is wearing a short black dress. In THEIR room…honestly guys we’re gonna have give Sayyam some classes in the language of love,..who’s with me?
    Not keeping any hopes up for tomorrow…the cv’s always crush our dreams…

    Can’t wait for the sari scene though!!!

  2. gosh…my comments are getting longer…and sorry Aarti!!!! I just realized I forgot to split up my comment…got carried away typing…sorry

    1. Aarti32

      Arey plzz..No sorry..It was jst a weird idea..Dats all

  3. Sayyam isn’t the kind of guy to fall in love with appearances…he’s looking for something deeper…someone who will love him unconditionally and who’s personality he will also love…and that’s Krishna (wink)

  4. Yuvaan’s still irritating me though…dumb fella’, doesn’t know when to back off…

  5. Trying to increase the comment count…hehe…Go Kriyam!!

  6. No kriyyam scene today ?..eagerly waiting for tommorow’s epi..hope to see some ?..Loved suhani and yuvraj ‘s love ?..Guys what do u all think to whom saiyyam always talks in phone..he ‘s really unpredictable

  7. Saiyyam is definitely going to scolds krishna tomorrow. I wish to have a scene between suhani and saiyyam, where suhani thanks Saiyyam.

  8. Its ok somi acha phir hum yuvani ff me milenge all the best for your do well

    1. Thnq dear…. Gn sd

  9. Sorry all the best for your exam

    1. Thnq dear…. U r niba na…??? G’night dear

  10. Rinsha

    Sayyam krishna luv uu plzzz sayyam understand my krishna’s love for you

  11. Hlo guys…. sorry for the late comment but I was busy …. so commenting now….
    Now come to the serial totally bakwass yuvani scene was nice but again no kriyyyammm yrrr….. according to me kl sayyam krishna ko datega…. ya phir krishna kuch ajeeb behave kregi due to short dress…. i think so
    But this cvs yrr yeh kb smjenge hme kriyam scenes chaiye na ki that so called baby nd dadi scenes…

  12. Saiyam koi job bhi krta h but jhan tk mujhe yaad h phle toh koi job nhi thi uske pass…. achanak se kaise job mil gyi… strange
    No logic al all…. poor krishna nd loved yuvani al least she is helping her….

  13. All the best guys jis jis ke bhi exams h mujhe sbke names nhi pta toh isliye sbko all the best….
    Nd ya also keep commenting guys……

  14. Which way is the writer going with this dadi track, on the one hand she’s burning suhani’s stuff no one sees anything(obviously in full memory sense) , what will suhani do when and if she finds out? Can she not tell dadi’s faking memory loss? Onthe other she’s pretending to have lost her memory? Baby too gets away with everything even the money too probably.

  15. Hey…..there’s gonna b fun again in d serial??????

  16. Ol will dance on d song humma humma??☺?☺?

  17. Waiting fo d episode to come…sayyam looks awesome dancing on d song wid suhani nd bhavna

  18. Guys pls keep commenting here…for kriyam…

  19. krishna ?Sayyam

    Yuvraaj looks ma handsome in tht shirt. I can’t wait till the kriyam scene of sari starts . Also when they get drunk I hope kriyam accidentally get intimate

  20. Hi friends…
    I have a query.
    Is it possible to find all the kriyyam ffs at any one place?

  21. Sorry, but this show is going nowhere. This is the second time Dadi claims memory loss and goes back to some stupid time zone to create chaos. Once again, she is faking it because in one episode, she said to Baby that she wouldn’t let that “Ladki” rule her family again. Only Dadi calls Suhani Ladki. It’s funny how in these show, when the witches are scheming none of the others are around to overhear, but as soon as Suhani/Yuvraaj are having some quiet time together…these two idiots are hovering around to see. Suhani use to be so investigative, how come she doesn’t want to know where the ransom money disappeared from the house….too many dumb inaccuracy in this show.

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