Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani telling Yuvraaj that Dadi wants a grandchild from Rags and Rags refused, Dadi is angry. He asks her why do we care, let Dadi managed. She says Rags said she has weight issues. He sees Menka in mirror and starts fooling Menka. He says if Rags do not want child. Menka can fulfill Dadi’s wish. Menka thinks she won’t do this. Yuvraaj tells Suhani that If Menka gives the first grandchild, she will become Dadi’s fav bahu. Menka thinks its true. Yuvraaj says Menka will become Dadi’s fav and Dadi will make Rags work around Menka. Menka imagines. Suhani says child is not an easy responsibility. Yuvraaj says you have become Dadi’s fav, but Menka is trying to become fav since many years. He dances with Suhani and does not let Suhani see Menka. Menka smiles and


Suhani asks what happened to you to say all this. He says come with me. Menka wears ghunghat and surprises anuj. Anuj asks whats all this. Menka says you look very handsome, come close to me. He asks her to stop nonsense. She holds his hand and says I m not saying nonsense, I love you a lot. Yuvraaj shows Suhani to see. Menka was hearing us. Menka catches Anuj and asks him to promise he will give Dadi a grandchild. He asks what. Menka says yes. He gets angry. Menka asks her to understand, she will become Dadi’s fav bahu. Anuj runs to beat her. Menka says don’t beat me and runs away. Yuvraaj laughs seeing this. Suhani asks do you think this is joke. He says yes, no one can get babies in this house, Rags and Menka won’t have children. Suhani says our children’s future will be good. He says don’t joke. She says its one year of marriage. He says no, its just 2-3 months technically, I m not ready for children, I have to live my life and do a lot, sorry. He goes.

Rags asks Menka are you serious, you want a child, see this pic, you will become fat. Menka asks really, is it so bad. Suhani says no, its not bad. Rags asks Suhani not to give lecture. Suhani says you can gain weight without pregnancy as well, then why to blame child, did you not see Bhavna, she is still fit, your reason is not right, I m just giving advice, you decide. Menka thinks Suhani is right. Dadi tells Rags that she wants a grandson. Rags asks Dadi to tell this to Suhani, even Bhavna has a son. Rags and Menka leave. Rags gets angry and says this time I will not leave Suhani. Menka says think if Suhani agrees to Dadi, they will make a team. Rags says I will teach a lesson to Suhani first. Dadi says Suhani, you know what I want, I can’t expect anything from Rags and Menka, you are my last hope, if you fulfill my wish, I will be glad, don’t you like kids. Suhani says I understand, I like kids. Dadi says everyone will be happy by your decision.

Suhani and Bhavna talk in kitchen, that Rags and Menka did not have lunch. Suhani asks Bhavna to see Golu. Menka sees Suhani working in kitchen. Suhani looks around and Menka goes. Suhani says I felt there was someone here. Bhavna asks Suhani to manage Golu, till she gets his clothes ready. Menka smiles and says its perfect time.

Rags waits for Menka. Ramesh comes there ad Rags worries. Rags does not let Menka say anything infront of Ramesh. Ramesh goes. Rags asks Menka where is Suhani. Menka asks why did you scold me. Rags says Ramesh was hearing our plan against Suhani, so I did acting to fight. Menka laughs and says Suhani is in lawn. Rags sees Suhani with Golu. Suhani says now Golu will go for a bath, and plays with him. Suhani looks around for someone, and goes. Menka asks what are you doing to do. Rags says I will teach a lesson to Suhani, and throws the pot. A girl who was gardening there, sees the pot falling over Suhani and pushes her and Golu. Bhavna shouts Golu and runs to them. Rags and Menka get shocked. The girl gives a hand to Suhani. Suhani could not see her face and asks who are you. The girl says leave intro, thank me as I saved your life, sorry as mud went in your eyes because of me.

Pratima asks Suhani how did this happen. The girl says because of those two witches. Rags says shut up, who are you, how dare you come in our house. The girl asks Rags whom did you wish to hurt, this girl, baby or both. Dadi sees the mud over there. Dadi asks whats happening Pratima, who is this girl. Dadi asks her who is she. The girl says I m helpless girl, I m in search of work. Pratima asks Menka how did the flower pot fall. Suhani tells everything to Dadi. Rags says Menka and I were arguing, we did not throw the pot. The girl says liar. Rags says ask Ramesh. Ramesh says yes, they were fighting. Rags thanks for saving Suhani’s life, now leave. She asks Ramesh to clean house with antiseptic. Suhani thanks the girl. Bhavna thanks her for saving Golu. The girl says don’t say thanks, give me any work, I want place to stay.

Menka says so will you come to us and spoil our plan. Rags stops Menka and says Menka means will you spoil our house, get out. The girl requests them to help her. Suhani asks Dadi to give her a chance. Rags says Suhani, give her money, no need to keep her at home. Menka says we will not spend money on Bhavna’s son. Pratima says Golu is Sharad’s son, any amount is less than his life.

Rags says we don’t need this girl, she may attack Dadi. Dadi says its better to die, my three bahus can’t give me any grandchild.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. OMG!!! Rags and Menka,,,both are really witches…Rags didn’t even think once before throwing pot,,that too wen there ws Golu,,,She don’t deserve to be a mother

  2. Yes Saaya that was so scary.
    Does this new track lead to the mystery child over the phone? Please writers in that case let the child be of sourabh .we can’t believe u ,u may end up with yuvrajs child also, as it is yuraj won’t remember anything when he is drunk plz v don’t want that to happen. …..Plz don’t ruin the track.

    1. yea….u r rite.. I also thnk that the new twist is against Rags…

  3. Pearley hobaichan

    Well said saaya

  4. Dadi don’t need a grandchild she is just using dat against suhani n rags n menka the two witches need a life without dadi

  5. I don’t want yuvani’s baby track . It’s too early. ???

  6. Yuvraaj was right it’s to early for a baby. And that two witches don’t they have parents?? Please send rags n Menka to there parents.

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