Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya telling Suhani that she did not send her there intentionally. Suhani cries and hugs her. She thanks her for saving her life. Soumya says I did not know its jungle that way. Suhani asks why are you giving explanation, I know you will never put in me danger, I was very afraid, I did not know whom to talk, so I came to you. She says her heart is light now. Soumya says thank God you are fine. Suhani says you take rest, I have to talk to Yuvraaj. Soumya asks shall I come along. Suhani says no, I have to spend time with him alone, and leaves.

Suhani comes to Yuvraaj and says she now trusts him, maybe Soumya changed, the one who supported me and gave me strength, is going far from me. He says I told that as such things happened that she got irritated. She says

yes, but today I saw Soumya, when I felt I will die, she gave me a new life and strength and courage as before. She holds his hand and cries. She says I was thinking I will never meet you again, but I m with you now.

She hugs him and says she is lucky to have a husband like him, and a good friend like Soumya, her life is complete now. He says Suhani and moves away. She asks what happened. He says your hand has dirt, clean your feet before sleeping. She says I just took bath. He says see your feet. She says you are seeing dirt, if anything happened to me. He jokes on her and she says it would be fun if you were in swamp. She says filmi lines and smiles. Saawre……………plays…………… He laughs listening to her non stop talk.

Everyone come back home and have a talk. Suhani says she will make food. Soumya asks her to rest and she will make food. Suhani says no, you are also hurt. Yuvraaj says Ramesh will manage and asks them about being fine. They say they are fine. Rags thinks what happened to Soumya. Menka says I think she has gone mad. Rags says there is something in Soumya’s mind. Soumya asks Suhani to rest. Suhani says come with me, I need to talk. They recall last valentine’s day and Yuvraaj hears them. Suhani asks Ramesh to keep Yuvraaj’s bags on the bed, and tells Soumya that Yuvraaj does not like anyone touching his cupboard. She leaves.

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Rags asks whats happening. Soumya says plan to make valentine’s day special. Rags asks for whom. Soumya says for both. Anu and Menka comes to him. She says its valentine’s day and she wants to go out with him, he says fine, tell me valentine’s spelling, I will take you. She fails to tell him and he runs. Yuvraaj talks to inspector and tells Suhani that taxi driver is caught, we have to go to police station and get him punished. She thanks him and says he should be punished to teach him a lesson. He says yes, so I did complaint. He asks her to keep pepper spray with her always and reminds her how she once scared him with it. He says he was helping her and she felt he has sent the goons.

She says yes, and I then stopped using it, as you are always with me, but I will keep it so that when you get angry, I will use this. He asks her to carry her phone always for emergencies. She says fine. Rags asks Soumya what happened. Soumya says yesterday’s plan was risky, I want to make Suhani away from Yuvraaj, I don’t want to take her life.

Suhani talks to Sharad and says she wants to surprise Yuvraaj to make it a memory. Sharad asks her not to tell anything to Soumya.. she asks why, she is my friend. He asks her to value him sometimes. She agrees and they smile. She says Soumya is not so bad, she is good by heart so she is my childhood friend, and see how she saved my life by risking her life, it means she still loves me. She goes. Sharad thinks how did Soumya turn sweet suddenly, she was planning to ruin your life, why did she save your life.

Krishna and Soumya share the icecream, and he ask about Madhuri against their marriage. Soumya says if you say yes, I will say no to her. He says I don’t have anything to give you. She asys your love is enough. He says I love you Soumya. She says I love you too, and takes a selfie. Krishna sees that pic and cries sitting in the same park, and seeing a couple sharing same moment. Yuvraaj and Saurabh tease Anuj. Anuj says you guys are joking on me, you should help me, arrange the passes, we will go together. Yuvraaj and Saurabh refuse. Sharad says its your first valentine, is there any surprise for Suhani. Yuvraaj says I don’t like all this. Suhani hears this and gets annoyed.

Anuj, Saurabh and Sharad fight for the food. Yuvraaj asks Suhani to bring his wallet from cupboard. She asks him to take himself. He says don’t get angry, please bring it. She says she is not interested in touching his cupboard. He is stunned.

Soumya keeps a gift for Yuvraaj in his cupboard and Suhani comes in the room.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. nautanki soumya
    plz dnt chnge…b like dis only..
    when something of ua’s gona b snacthed frm u,dn u gona knw what pain is all abt

  2. chi,,,shame on u soumya and rags u gona pay 4 ua deeds very soon…as ua husband has some affair wid someone and in ua case suhani gona help u…dn u wil knw her value

    menka toh she is dumb since d very sec she accepted d shw

  3. By reading the spoiler & watching todays episode i’m sure this serial will lost it ratings & ihope it will be no more in top 10 place………..

  4. Pls director don’t desperate yuvraaj and sushani bcos the thing I read in telly reviews i don’t like it.pls removed somyua from their life.

  5. Sorry it separate not desperate

  6. This show is getting so boring. Suhani gets attacked by taxi driver falls in a swamp and yet yuvraj is emotionless! Get a new story line

  7. boring …!!

  8. change the title from “suhani si ek ladki” to “bewakoof si ek ladki” please..

  9. Yes. It will loose its rating . How sowmya planned and made suhani to fall in swamp, and saved her. She made her image gud infront of yuvraaj. Dumb yuvraaj. He started believing sowmya again.

  10. Dumb suhani even after yuvraj warning she believed sowmya and even after everyone askd her who told her to forest, she remained silent and hugs sowmya.

  11. Directors,don’t show leading lady as senseless.this will downs the trp ratings.prove her as intelligent& good enough.then only ur trps raise

  12. But why director favour somyua i don’t understand, pls let yuvraaj realized his love for sushani that what we want not yuvraaj and soumya friend

  13. Writers/director, please change the track positively and interestingly. The viewers are getting tired of watching Soumya. We want her out of Yuvani’s life. It has to be more about Yuvani. Please give them 90% of the screen time. Yuvani’s chemistry is amazing and the viewers love that. Please pay attention to their views and make Yuvani’s track more interesting and NO Soumya please.

  14. What chemistry is there? He is emotionless when his wife was attacked and another time almost died. He behave as some known person not even as a good friend. I never ever saw not even slightest attraction towards his wife.

  15. I agree Yuvraj should have shown more concern for his wife in the last two episodes. But Yuvraj and Suhani’s interaction during the laddu preparation or when he carried her down the steps in the previous episodes showed their amazing chemistry and the viewers loved it.

  16. Yuvraaj needs to be nicer to Suhaani. He has very little patience with her and always scolding her like she is a child. All this attitude for someone that goes above and beyond for her Husband. If he does not love her like a wife let her go. She deserves better.

  17. Stopped watching ..soon I will stop reading

  18. And even afta his wife almost died yuvraaj went to sowmya and was talkng to her. Does really yuvraaj loves suhanii???
    But even if yuvraaj does not love suhani and leaves her, she will love him life long.

  19. I too stopd watchng the show, only I like is suhani’s smiling face

  20. Let yuvraj go with soumya and suhani be away. . Then only true colours of soumya will come up more openly. After that only not even yuvraj even all the family members will get what suhani was. . Justifying the title ‘suhani si ek ladki’. . . Tab yuvraj toh ehsaas hoga usne kya khoya

  21. Yuvraj ko ehsaas hoga

  22. My favorite show but sometimes it become really boaring ….nevertheless its my favorite serial …

  23. pure evil! Why doesn’t Suhani understand that her ‘friend’ isnt her well wisher! Suhani, listen to Yuvraaj, he knows what he’s talking about. Beware of her!
    She needs to understand the a third wheel in a relationship doesn’t last long! Soumya, you gonna be finished!

  24. but suhani doesn’t even know what soumya is doing
    yuvraj just scolds her like suhani knows everything maybe he should tell his wife what is going on instead of yelling at her

  25. I have also stopped watching this show, and sometimes read the updates. Writers or producers these last two episodes were very boring and frankly a waste of time to watch, if anyone is still watching this show. You could have increased the ratings by more interaction between Suhani and Yuvraj at the the picnic and Yuvraj could have saved Suhani instead of Souyma!! At least you could have shown Yuvraj looking after his wife after being attacked and when she almost her life, but you refuse to show the viewers what the want to see!!!!!The story has to end and end soon.

  26. I hate soumya,Rags and old dadi
    I will love tu si suhani and yuvraaj romance

  27. Ya no scenes between yuvraj and suhani .Actually the plan was for yuvraaj and suhani.

  28. ye hai mohabatein is so nice
    not suhani si ek ladki u just have to keep suhani not sowmya si ek ladki because there is no importance to suhani only ur showing the importance to sowmya such a irritating serial

  29. This serial has lost its sense

  30. Mu fvrt drama …

  31. i request all the people to stop watching this seriel and stop updating or commenting so that director understand and change the seriel …hahhahahaah..and some times i feel sowmya have a defective face when she smiles yakkk…

  32. Pls director/writer listen to what people said, stop favour somyua and let people see yuvraaj is realized his love for sushani not stupid friend between yuvraaj and somyua then we don’t like d way u make sushani dumb every time at least let her doubt about her friend

  33. Boredom no more!

  34. I agree with comment written by KKK, no offense but Souyma (Neha):cannot express emotions very well and then her face looks awkward……a sign of poor acting. Also the show is sooooooo boring inject another story!

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