Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani asking Baby did she spoil the mic. Dadi and Yuvaan defend Baby. Suhani says Krishna is my bahu. Yuvaan says even Baby is your bahu. She says Baby is wrong. Dadi asks what about Saiyyam, what did he do. She throws papers on Saiyyam’s face. She says this is his truth, he made wrong papers to get our house, I proved in court that this is my house, get out from here. Saiyyam says I m not interested to saty here. Dadi asks him to take his wife along. Yuvraaj looks on from the mirror. Suhani says Krishna and Saiyyam will not go anywhere. Rags asks why, how will Krishna stay here, with what right. Suhani says my daughter’s right. Dadi asks by what right are you staying here, did you marry Yuvraaj. Suhani says fine, I will also not stay here. Sambhav thinks Suhani

can’t go from here. Yuvraaj thinks thanks Dadi for saving Suhani from Sambhav. Suhani asks Saiyyam and Krishna to come. Sambhav stops Suhani. Pratima asks how can you make Suhani leave. Dadi asks why, she is not my bahu, she did not marry Yuvraaj, she has no right to decide in my house. I decided Saiyyam and Krishna won’t stay here now. Baby smiles. Suhani says fine, I will go. Sambhav says it matters to me, its my right to take decision too, my decision is if Suhani goes, I will also go.

Saiyyam says I will leave. Suhani says we will leave and stay at Lata’s house. Pratima asks her not to go. Dadi stops them and asks all of them to stay here. Yuvraaj gets worried. Dadi goes and tells Rags that Yuvraaj is using my love, as he knows I can’t say no to him, why shall I keep Suhani. Yuvani comes to them. She asks do you want to make Suhani out. Rags says no. Dadi says yes, I don’t want Suhani here, she worries for Krishna and Saiyyam, not you and Yuvaan, I did not like Suhani ever, I did not wish to make her my bahu, but I felt she can be a good mum, but no, she loves Krishna and proved that she is other kids’ mum, she could give bangles to you. Rags agrees with Dadi.

Bhavna comes to Suhani and asks her to calm down. Yuvraaj sees them. Bhavna asks Suhani to drink juice. Suhani drinks. Sambhav comes and looks on. He says I will talk. Bhavna goes. Yuvraaj shouts Bhavna please don’t leave Suhani, Sambhav added medicine in it. Sambhav holds Suhani and says don’t worry, I m with you, we both need each other. She says Yuvraaj and gets away. He says no, its not like that. She asks did you get drunk and come. Sambhav says what shall I do, whenever Dadi talks badly, I get very angry, I have one wish that Dadi accepts you somehow, she still talks badly. She says this happens daily, I got habitual, why do you drink wine.

Sambhav says I will make everything fine. She says I want the same and hugs her. Yuvraaj shouts Sambhav. Sambhav says Suhani and gets close to her. She says we can’t do this, we are not married. She pushes him away. Sambhav says no, I don’t want any excuse today. She slaps him. Yuvraaj looks on via the mirror. Sambhav gets angry and sees the mask coming out. He covers it up. She gets angry and scolds him. Yuvraaj smiles seeing them. She asks him to leave. Yuvraaj says this is my Suhani she will not do wrong, even if its her love in front of her, so I know she will understand soon that you are not her Yuvraaj, but some look alike. Sambhav leaves. Yuvraaj says Suhani, I know this is tough for you, but no one can fight with that devil except you, please be strong.

Pratima stops Sambhav and asks him to explain Dadi. He scolds her. She asks what happened to you. He says I m worried, just go, I will talk later. She asks will you let Krishna go, she did not cry on Soumya’s death as you were with her. He says Lata is with her, don’t worry. Dadi looks on.

Yuvraaj says I can never do this with you, love has to be mutual, Sambhav will never understand this. Suhani says I should say sorry to him. Yuvraaj shouts no, don’t go to him. Pratima comes to Suhani. Yuvraaj says thank God Maa stopped Suhani. Pratima says Yuvraaj……. nothing happened to him, but is he behaving strange. Suhani says yes, he was behaving strange as if he is not Yuvraaj. Pratima says yes, he gave me rough answer. Dadi hears them. Pratima says I m sure this is not my Yuvraaj, my son can never talk to me like this, if you feel the same… you remember the fake Dadi, how she trapped us, we felt she is our Maa ji. Yuvraaj gets relieved. Suhani says you mean this Yuvraaj is fake. Pratima says don’t know, this happened before, we should take his test. Dadi goes.

Suhani says no, this is wrong. Pratima says no, it will be wrong if we get negligent. Yuvraaj smiles. Suhani agrees to take test. Sambhav makes the mask fine and turns. He sees Dadi. Dadi says you think I m your enemy, but I love you, so I said all that. He thinks what does she want. He says its nothing like that, I just want you not to make Suhani out of house. She says even I felt bad, but I went to Suhani to apologize, I heard Suhani telling Pratima that you are not you, not someone else. He gets shocked and asks what. She says yes, they feel you are you Yuvraaj. Sambhav worries. Dadi says Suhani is making plans to make you leave, Suhani and Pratima are going to take your test. He hugs Dadi and says thanks, you really love me a lot. She says I m always with you and goes. He worries that he will fail if Pratima and Suhani take his test.

Sambhav says when Suhani takes test, you will be infront of her, pass in test else I will kill Suhani and Pratima. Yuvraaj shouts I will kill you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Dialogue of the day…”abh is budiya ko kya chahiye…”
    What a fool dadi…. Y she want 2 tell that evil Sambhav

    Yuvan n yuvani r such fool… Any1 can manipulate these fools…. How can they hear against their mother… Pls we want real yuvraj

  2. I actly didn’t get it,,,,,why did Dadi said all those to Yuvraj….she didn’t even think twice….went straight to see Yuvraj….bt I must say,Prathima thought wisely for the first time ( I think so)….well done Prathima,,,,,,,the track is moving now,,,,,Yuvraj is getting an opportunity to escape…hope he’ll utilize it well,,,,,,Sambav is too much irritating,,,,,,N Hanna,,,that’s house papers….

    1. Not Yuvraj ….*Fake Yuvraj

    2. Thanks ?
      True . In her age womens goes to mandir, does good deeds wants peace but this old women still plot to separate her grandson and grand daughter in law

    3. Look like it is 3 weeks.
      As for sambhav doesn’t have any feelings for saiyyam.
      I think that you are right. It is a brilliant idea if suhani, Krishna and saiyyam leave the birla house.
      Then baby can kick or make Dadi, rag and yuvani her servant. O:-) 😀

      1. Every one seem to forget that Yuvraj, still love Dadi.

        The problem is yuvraj, he not going to do anything about it. He is not going to short Dadi out. Yuvraj always going to save Dadi.

      2. @Poppy.
        YESSSSSSS! 😀
        It look it is going to be 3 weeks.

        @ Lucy, I know that you are right, but what can anyone can do. He is Yuvraj Birla.
        My interests is in saiyyam and now.

      3. What if Dadi is also planning…..coz she acted weird today….she could use her commonsense,,,,,,real Yuvraj will never trust her lyk this,,,,he will directly go to Suhani and ask her,,,won’t thank Dadi for saving him from Suhani,,,,,,,,,,Yup,Suhani shud leave Birla house and Baby shud start her work,,,,before that they shud save Yuvi and he shud also leave wid Suhani

      4. @ Poppy it might be sooner ?, today dadi got house paper clear tomorrow she might transfer it to yuvaan

      5. Hmmmm!
        All of have made some good point.

        Dadi is up to something, she never liked suhani. All I know about Dadi is that. Yuvraj is her favourite.
        I always agreed with Lucy, that suhani should kept herself respect.
        But suhani never does.

        If Dadi is up to something, she well save yuvraj. Also she well find away to get rid of suhani.

        I can understand Dadi now. Suhani can be a bit to much.

        I agree with ALL, that suhani should leave with saiyyam and Krishna.
        Let Baby do her work.
        So the 6 weeks can begin.
        But would it be funny when baby make Dadi, rag and yuhani, into her servant.

        I believe mo that you shouldn’t get, to over confident.

  3. Self respect is really important, I wish so much suhani, saiyaam and krishna leave that house , dadi and her puppies can go to hell.
    Ok Sambhav is a monster but he is also a father , his son is in front of him but he doesn’t have any emotion for him all he wants is to get intimate with suhani . Bastard

    1. His character clearly defines as murderer, lusty n fornicater… Lustybhav

      1. Aqsxxh

        I love this nickname, Lustybhav

      2. True this name is perfect for him

  4. Pata nahi ye budiya kab maregi ?…kya zaroorat thi jaake sambhav ke saamne bakwas karne ki..apne aap ko bahut smart samajthi na phir aaj kya hua useless old hag….atleast by now yuvraj should take advantage of this situation and somehow tell suhani. ..kahi aisa tho nahi ki sambhav ne phir se bomb lagadiya….gosh never ending shit….mujhe bas suhani yuvraj ko ek saath dekhna hain aur kuch nahi chahiye…and one thing i lyked today was yuvraj dialouge for suhani “yeh hai meri suhani”?….always wanted this from yuvraj….

    1. Agree with u… Sambhav will blackmail n give watch to yuvraj in his wrist fixed with bomb n suhani too had a bomb in her bracelet….. Again sambhav is blackmailing to yuvraj…. See in youtube

      But I want this time yuvraj must fully utilize this time n reveal to suhani abt sambhav

      1. What d hell? ….again repeating d same shit…do they think that we r stupids to watch d same scrap again and again….thanks for d info

      2. -_- guess cvs are obsessed wid bombs,,,introducing diff kinds of bombs after each leap…..

  5. Yuvani and yuvan are the 2 biggest jokes! I’m so glad Krishna did not marry that stupid Yuvan. Both Suhani kids are so easily manipulated, stupid and annoying. They will hear people talking rubbish about their mother but remain quiet and indifferent.

  6. So kill suhani n get it over with I’m fed up with sambhav shit

  7. I just hate this shamvab. aab bass karo firse ek kahani dekhna accha nehi lagta. or us buri dadi maregi kaab!!

  8. krishna ?Sayyam

    Sayyam is so much better than yuvraaj and suhani kid . Everyone says he is like sambhav but not true. And I can’t wait 2 watch more Krishna and sayyam love scenes

  9. OMG, why didn’t the fake old Dadi kill the real old Dadi Though I think it might be the fake old Dadi right now. By the time the get to the point of this story, the audience will be so confused, they wouldn’t know who is real and who is fake, because right now, goodie Yuvaan is acting like a fake Yuvaan and Sambhave is acting good, he might be fake, confused yet lol…

    1. Haha,,,,cmnt of the day,,,,

  10. Gosh! I’m sooo bored watching suhani and yuvraj boring scenes… I want to see more of krishna and saiyam’s ….

    1. Satie singh jee

      Agree with u Riya Saiyyam and Krishna is of interest now They rocks

    2. Tell something I don’t know!
      We want more saiyyam and Krishna scene.
      I don’t care about suhani and yuvraj.

      I was dyeing, today!
      Hope tomorrow well be good.

  11. when you thought stupidity is going to end in comes another shit when will this nonsense end why keep a stupid serial like this on air is beyond comprehending i mean no one is telling me to look at it but the directors and producers are showcasing nonsense i do not have a problem with krishna and saiyam marriage age has nothing to do with love but in this case neither of them love each other but as the saying goes marriage first and love will come later and anyways i do not want krishna to end up with yuvan he must go tru hell with baby and it will drove me crazy if krishna should ever end up with yuvan and i hope the director will not let sambhav RAPE suhani again then that will be real bullshit it will be like deja vu lets just wait and watch

  12. Saiyyam character is good and I like Krishna saiyyam pair hope he comes to know about the truth of his monster dad
    N what nonsense they are showing dadi walks perfectly this age not 40s ppl show such fitness what an illogical thing and production has shortage of villains seriously

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