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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aditya telling Dadi that he wants to talk to Gauri. He says Gauri, since I have seen you, I don’t know what happened to me, I have become mad and come here to teach you, to spend time with you, I like to be with you. Suhani gets angry and stops him. Bhavna asks Aditya did he go mad, does he know what is he saying. Aditya tells Dadi that Gauri is not normal for them, but for me, she is unique, I love her a lot. Gauri and everyone are stunned. He says I love Gauri. Sharad asks what nonsense, are you drunk. Dadi says Sharad, I m here, this is our personal matter, don’t interfere. Sharad says see his courage. Suhani says that’s why I did not wish Aditya to teach Gauri. Dadi says enough, Gauri is my grand daughter. She asks Gauri does she like Aditya. Suhani says Gauri

is a kid, she does not understand this. Dadi says I will manage. Menka and Rags are clueless.

Dadi says Gauri is scared, she can’t answer, Aditya you go, I will talk to her and tell you. Aditya says fine, but I m serious, I love Gauri a lot. Suhani and Bhavna look at each other. Aditya says I will accept Gauri’s decision. He leaves. Dadi asks all of them to go to their rooms and leaves. Sharad says Yuyraaj will be angry knowing this. Suhani says he is in flight right now, I can’t talk to him. Gauri is tensed. Saurabh goes to talk to her. Suhani looks on. Saurabh pacifies Gauri and asks her not to worry. She asks where is mum and Vyu. Saurabh says they will come by evening, we will not let anything wrong happen with you.

Menka acts and says I won’t live now, Suhani married here and two guys got after her, Suhani became Mrs. Allahabad, but now I can’t bear any guy marrying a girl like Gauri, how can Aditya love him, no one can’t see her face. Dadi leaves a voice message for Yuvraaj asking him to meet her first after coming home. Suhani says Yuvraaj’s phone is off. Sharad says I will ask him to meet you first after he comes home.

Lalita blames Soumya for stealing her ring. Soumya says I did not take it, and says this time everyone will be checked. Yuvraaj comes home. Bhavna says you came so soon. He asks where is Suhani. Bhavna says she went out, she will come, she wanted to talk to you. She says you wait on terrace, she will come. He asks why on terrace. She says no, she told you to wait there, you go there. He leaves. Bhavna calls Suhani and asks where is she, Yuvraaj has come. Dadi stops Yuvraaj.

Dadi tells Yuvraaj that Aditya came here, he asks why, Suhani promised Aditya won’t come. Dadi says Suhani called him. He says I respect you, but I don’t trust you by a reason. She says I know, our relation is weak, I will not lie to make it end. He says but Suhani did not wish Aditya to come. Dadi says yes, but she called on Gauri’s saying. He says I m sure she had reason to call Aditya. She says yes, Gauri got very angry so Aditya had to come,this time Suhani agreed to Gauri. He says I will talk to Suhani. She says I have to share my worry, Aditya loves Gauri. He gets shocked. She says yes, he told this infront of everyone. Dadi acts.

Yuvraaj goes to Suhani on terrace. She says I have to tell you a lot. He says Dadi said Aditya came here. She says yes. He asks why. She says Gauri was very angry, it was tough to stop her, even Maa was afraid. He says why did he come daily, this is not good, I thought Dadi is lying, but no, she was right, what does Aditya think we will agree, if he is your brother, Gauri is my sister, if he says he loves Gauri, will we agree, is this a joke. She cries and hugs him. He asks how did you let this happen, Gauri was shouting, she could harm Maa too in her anger, I did not know this will happen, I did not know Aditya will do all this. He asks is Aditya mad, does he not know about Gauri’s state. Suhani says he knows, I made him leave, this is not right, we should end this. She holds his hand and says I was waiting for you to help me in this, He thanks her for being with him, I m glad you feel Aditya is wrong. He sees the arrangements and asks did you do this. She says yes, I forgot everything in worry. He says fine, come, we will talk to everyone.

Rags asks Saurabh whats his problem. Pratima says Gauri is just a kid. Menka jokes. Anuj taunts her. Pratima tells Yuvraaj that we can’t let this happen. Yuvraaj says simple, we are not interested, Suhani will refuse. Rags says Gauri is not a kid, she does not have mental problem and can marry. Saurabh says this is our sister’s matter, don’t say in between. Suhani says its not about age, but understanding, Gauri is not ready, marriage is serious. Dadi asks so what, you mean Aditya can’t manage Gauri.

Rags tells Gauri that Aditya likes her, does she like him. Yuvraaj asks Rags to be in limit. Saurabh says Rags we will manage. Gauri says yes, I also like Aditya. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Loved Yuvaani’s scenes today….plzzz agree Yuvraj……Aditya loves Gauri a lot and i am sure that he will keep gauri happy forever

  2. Wow. ….Yuvraj is back

  3. Oh god plz stop all this nonsense

  4. May be ds is a bttr trtmnt fr gauri Adi can make fine hr…..

  5. What a silly drama. The dadi is eager to let the proposal or whatever it is ahead for simply two reasons.
    1) get rid of gauri
    2) get rid of suhani
    Kill two birds with one stone.

  6. yuvani scene was nice

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