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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rohan coming to meet Suhani. He says I have left Birla house like you. Suhani and her family look on. Rohan says I came to say sorry to you, I could not do anything for you. Suhani says its my fight and don’t want anyone to say in this matter. He says Rags and Menka treated Suhani badly, they need a lesson. Suhani says thanks for help, no need to do anything. He says you did so much for Birlas, and what did they do, I left them forever. Pankaj asks where is he staying now. Rohan says I don’t have any place right now, but lets see. Pankaj says he will make his arrangements in bank’s guest house. Rohan says fine, I will leave now.

He slowly starts leaving and waits for anyone to stop him. Lata stops him and he smiles. He says yes… She says your phone. He

says oh phone, thanks… Pankaj asks him to come, he will drop him to guest house. Rohan leaves with Pankaj. Suhani tells Bhavna that don’t know why Rohan said so, don’t take tension. Bhavna holds her.

Rohan does not get any auto and tells Pankaj that he came by taxi, and asked him to wait, but the driver left. He says Birlas did wrong with Suhani. Pankaj says they could not accept Suhani. Rohan says I understand you are worried for her future. Pankaj says I m worried for her present. Rohan sees the taxi coming and pushes Pankaj. He falls and gets hurt. Pankaj helps him. Rohan says I will leave. Pankaj asks him to stay at their home tonight. Rohan agrees. Pankaj thanks him for saving his life. Rohan says yes, person is made by fate, my gut feeling is saying fate will change for good today.

Bhavna tells Suhani about Rohan saving Pankaj’s life. Suhani asks her to rest. Its morning, Yuvraaj wakes up and sees the juice glass on side table. He says Suhani, which is this juice. Ramesh says Suhani is gone. Yuvraaj realizes this and sends him. He sits sad. Sharad looks at him and thinks Yuvraaj will not admit, but he misses Suhani. Suhani makes the juice and asks Ramesh to take it for Yuvraaj. She realizes she is at her parents’ home. Pankaj hides and sees her sadness. Rohan comes there and says I will see. He goes to Suhani and cheers her saying he was coming to take juice, thanks. She says this juice is not for him, and does not give the glass. She gets teary eyed.

Pratima asks Ramesh about Yuvraaj and says she will talk to him. Dadi says no need to talk to Yuvraaj, he got rid of Suhani. Pratima says her son’s marriage is breaking, she will do anything to save it. Dadi says shut up, it was your mistake. Pratima says I did not do any mistake, I was not in confusion, I did it intentionally. Everyone look on. Pratima says Suhani was the one who could explain Yuvraaj that nature is necessary than beauty. Dadi asks what, you ruined Yuvraaj’s life intentionally, what kind of mum are you? Pratima says my decision has made his life better, he has changed.

Rags argues with Pratima and tells her that Yuvraaj has spoiled Suhani’s mood. She tells what he told on the stage after Suhani won the contest. Menka says yes, he said he would have not let Suhani participate. Pratima is shocked and asks Anuj and Sharad. Anuj says yes mum, don’t know what happened to Yuvraaj that day. Dadi says he is my grandson. Sharad says he has changed, he was angry that day, he likes Suhani. Dadi says Suhani insulted me, he cares for me.

Pratima says you have insulted Pankaj, we are standing here because of Pankaj. Dadi asks her to stop nonsense, or else…. Yuvraaj comes and asks Dadi to stop it. He apologizes to Dadi on Suhani’s behalf. Pratima cries. Yuvraaj folds hands and asks Dadi not to tell anything to his mum. Dadi turns sweet and asks him not to request. Soumya says how can Suhani leave like this.

Rohan tells Lata that he will make snacks for Suhani to make her smile. Lata says I m glad seeing you are with her. He says I don’t leave my friends. She says doctor asked you to rest for 5 days, so stay here till you get fine. He says fine. Anuj and Sharad stop Pratima from going to Yuvraaj’s room. She says how can he insult Suhani infront of everyone. Sharad says even I was shocked, but you came and then Suhani left home. Anuj says there is something fishy. Sharad says we can change the future, not past, we know Yuvraaj loves Suhani and we have to make him admit it. He says Ramesh has done his work.

Suhani comes for breakfast and Lata tells her that Rohan had made food, and got her fav samosas too. She recalls Yuvraaj. Rohan asks Suhani to taste food and say how did he make. She says she will wash hands and come. Yuvraaj sits to have food. Ramesh says he made his fav food. Yuvraaj eats it and says Suhani, whats this. He asks Ramesh to tell Suhani. Sharad, Anuj and Pratima look at him. Yuvraaj gets sad.

Sharad confronts Yuvraaj and asks him to say he loves Suhani. Yuvraaj angrily slaps Sharad. Pratima and Anuj come there and look on shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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