Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhavna making food. Baby comes. Bhavna says I know, everyone get excited by pakodas smell. She asks Baby to have hot pakodas. She feeds hot pakodas to Baby. She says sorry, I forgot its hot, have water. Rags comes and says Suhani got Mata’s jewelry, those diamond sets, which Dadi got for Mata Rani. Bhavna says oh, that one. They go. Baby sees the pakodas flour paste kept there. Suhani calls them out and asks them to see the jewelry. Baby hears her and comes to see.

Rags says Baby also has same bag, did you keep jewelry in her bag. She asks Baby if she remembers the combination of this bag. Bhavna says how will she say, she lost her memory. Rags says we won’t get to see this jewelry. Suhani says we will make floral jewely and keep this jewelry in the idol feet.

Baby hears them. She goes and adds something in the flour paste. She says I will keep that jewelry with me, Saiyyam you will regret a lot, you did not do right to leave me and choose Krishna.

Rags says now Baby will open this bag, and we will catch her red handed. Baby sees the bag. She thinks when will Bhavna get pakodas. Rags says Suhani, are you sure Baby will open bag. Suhani says yes, I have hope. Dadi says we will start Jagrata. The Jagrata starts. Suhani recalls Yuvaan.

Bhavna gets pakodas and serves to everyone. Baby smiles. Everyone eat the pakodas. Everyone fall asleep. Baby goes to check the bag for jewelry. She sees everyone unconscious. She opens the suitcase and checks the jewelry. She gets glad.

Suhani calls her out. Baby gets shocked. She turns and sees everyone awake. Suhani asks how did you open this bag. Baby thinks how did they wake up, what shall I do to save myself now. Suhani hugs Baby and says your memory came back. Rags says wow, this is amazing. Bhavna says its miracle of Mata Rani. Suhani asks Baby to have pakodas. Baby refuses. Suhani says have it, we did not add anything in it. Baby goes. Rags says she does not know we changed the pakodas batter. Baby reads message in the plate, to act to sleep for Mata Rani’s sake. Baby gets angry.

Baby thinks I will not leave you now Suhani, you ended my game. Suhani thinks your acting is over, I will make you admit truth. Rags goes to Dadi and gives green tea. Dadi says Suhani did amazing this time, Baby got trapped. Rags says it was team work, I mean you don’t give credit to me alone, it was my idea, I trusted Suhani. Dadi says okay, it means it was your idea. Rags says yes, I did this planning. Suhani and Bhavna hear them. Suhani says let it be. Dadi says Rags should get prize, my gold bangles. Rags thanks her. Dadi says we should give prize to Rags for her plan. Suhani says yes, sure, Rags has courage to go against you and think of my idea. Dadi scolds Rags. Bhavna says its fine, plan worked. Dadi says Rags will be punished.

Baby angrily ruins her room. She says how can you be big fool, how did you fall in Suhani’s trap. She slaps herself. Suhani stops Rags and says we can’t do anything without your help, punish me, it was imp to bring Baby’s truth out. Dadi says fine I won’t punish anyone, tell me what to do. Suhani says Baby is clever, we will scare her. Suhani says we will use same bulbs which she fixed in Dadi’s room, she will be scared and tell truth. Bhavna says but is anything happens to Baby. Rags says we will use safe bulbs.

Baby wakes up and sees the bulbs overhead. She gets a message. Someone asks her to check parcel, else her truth will come out. She goes. Suhani, Bhavna and Rags look on. Suhani says she did not get scared seeing bulbs. Rags says after all it was my idea to have fake bulbs.

Baby says who can this be. She stops the servant and sends him. She goes to check the door. She gets shocked.

Someone looks for Baby. Baby hides. Suhani comes there with a hockey stick.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Aarti32

    So fast update!! Good job Amena ??

    It’s Yuvraj in d precap right??

    1. Swetha7

      i think man with the hood is yuvraj.i saw him in OLV

  2. Gaauuuuddd!!!
    1. No Kriyam
    2. No YuvAni
    3. Nothing exciting
    4. Baby has still not been punished…


    guess I’m gonna have to keep reading these updates to wait for something eventful to happen…

  3. When kj is coming back on shoot? Have you any idea guys.

  4. Baby ka track pareshan kar dia hai kab katam hoga

  5. Baby ka track pareshan kar dia hai kab katam hoga

  6. Baby is demigoddess she hAs the following properties
    1 wen ever she wants wer ever she is in kitchen or dining table. She ll get what ever powders she wants. It can be sleeping pills or any poison or itching powders or some liquids or nasha inducing medicine. She ll find all of these easily.
    2. She ll be aware of all mechanism in home whether it is lighting system of the house or any complicated machines .
    3 she is aware of all the technology like helium balloons, heating bulbs, remote bombs, how to make pot fall from terrace, etc
    4. She ll exactly know if any plans is being discussed in any rooms n she ll exactly be outside of tat room or windows.

    In summary she is present every wer she knows everything. She is a demigoddess

    1. Wow ur sarcastically funny maya…lol..true they potray baby like some scientist ?

  7. Wat is this no YuVani no yuvani yuvaan no kriyam nly baby baby baby .getting tension becoz of this can’t even have energy to scold CVS am exhausted. Everyone r quitting one by one, one side n they themselves killing their own character (yuvaan) one side. Don’t knw wat they r going to show further n even story is moving so fast ( Krishna getting pregnant) always actors are in vacation n some disappeared without proper conclusion of their characters. Pathetic situation…

  8. no he is busy now holiday he is not come in goa so he is not stating shooting so no kriyam scene some days ya next week

  9. so boring episode

  10. guys i am hearing news sahil quite ssel and iqbal khan new yuvraj that news true ya false tell me

  11. Baby has time for everything. She ll wear only sleeveless dresses. She ll wear all fashionable dresses not lik body covering salwar lik Krishna. Lik how she ll put heavy makeup for face but she can also apply Little make up to neck n back

  12. Swetha7

    guys is kriyam track over???????i mean sristi’s vacation must be over.she normally doesn’t go on she deserves one.if sristi is back karan must be back and start shooting.karan is still on vacation means they have nothing to do as krishna and sayyam.what is this guys???i really don’t get???

  13. Guys kriyam is coming back or not?plz tell me

    1. Swetha7

      that is a million dollar question that we all have in our mind and the answer yet to be found

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