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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sharad asking Suhani to send Yuvaan with him. She says no, I don’t want him to go near my past. She gets a call and says I have sent that model, she has scar on her face, she is nice model, her career should not face any problem because of that scar. Sharad smiles hearing this. She says this seat belt is so tiring. He says even then you like to struggle with it. Yuvani also struggles to fix belt. Yuvraaj says let Krishna sit in front seat, this belt is for safety. Yuvani says I won’t take part in race, I will get tan. Yuvraaj says we will also make dots on face if Yuvani gets tan, I want that trophy at my home, you guys have to win. They smile. He says lets go for it now. They leave and stop on the way. Yuvani sees samosas and makes bad face. Yuvraaj sees this and

drives car ahead.

Sharad tries to cheer up Suhani. She sees samosas at the stall. He asks will you eat samosas, shall I get it. She says no. Later in office, Suhani works and clerk gets two glasses. Yuvraaj is in his office and fills juice in two glasses. He shares the juice and recalls his promise. He says I never break my promise. Suhani drinks the juice and says I know to keep promises, even if I have to keep my son away from you all life.

A girl comes and shows ghagras for summer festival. The girl shows the dress and mirror light falls on Suhani. Suhani scolds the girl and says I hate mirrors. The girl says I know, I thought you just hate wall mirrors, this is just mirror work. Suhani says I hate any mirror and cuts that dress. Sharad looks on.

Bhavna talks to Yuvaan and says why are you afraid of competition. He says I can’t go without telling mumma. Suhani and Sharad come home. Suhani asks where is this competition. Yuvaan says Allahabad. Suhani says what, you can’t go there. Bhavna and Sharad ask her to send Yuvaan to Allahabad. Suhani asks where in Allahabad. He says excel school. Yuvani and Krishna are in same school and say we won the race. Yuvraaj sees the medals and asks them to give chance to others to win. Krishna says we are best here. He takes them home.

Soumya serves food to everyone. Dadi asks the girls why did they wear same frocks. Soumya says I liked two same frocks. Dadi tells Yuvani that she can’t wear clothes likes others. Menka laughs and taunts. Yuvraaj asks her to see her son. Rags says duffer. Menka asks Rags to get up. Dadi asks Rags to sit somewhere else. Saurabh looks at Rags.

Menka sits in Rags’ place. Rama fills Rags’ ears for her insult. Soumya talks to girls and asks them to finish food first, then she has surprise for them. Saurabh says yes, they won medals. Krishna says I won in 100 meter race and Yuvani won in 200 m race. Dadi says it means Yuvani was in sunlight for long. Yuvani asks for bigger surprise, she has special news. Krishna tells about elocution competition, kids from big schools will come, Yuvani is selected from our school. The girls finish the food. Soumya asks Rama to get icecream. Menka jokes on Krishna who is fairer than Yuvani. Yuvani gets upset and goes. Soumya says I will manage Yuvani.

Suhani tells Bhavna that she does not want Yuvaan to go to Allahabad. Sharad says you will always stop him then. She says if he goes in that house then. Yuvaan comes there and scares them. He laughs and asks which house.

Soumya apologizes to Yuvani. Yuvani says I asked for strawberry icecream. Krishna says I had it, sorry. Yuvraaj says Dadi, Krishna apologized. Dadi asks him to get more icecreams. Sharad tells about some ghost house and he thinks to leave him. Yuvaan says fine, I will be saved of arguments here. Suhani says if Sharad is going with Yuvaan, I will send him. Yuvaan thanks Sharad as he can take part in competition now. Suhani says I know whats happening behind my back. Yuvaan hugs Sharad and jokes on Suhani.

Soumya surprises Yuvani with her fav icecream and feeds her. Yuvraaj smiles. Yuvani asks who is Suhani. Yuvraaj stops. Soumya asks what did you say and looks at Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj asks where did you hear this. Yuvani says that letter was left at letter box. He sees the letter for Suhani from bank.

Suhani asks Akriti for tickets to Allahabad and says my son is in hospital, I have to rush there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. iniku episode paravala pa… when yuvani gets reunioned … on that time we waiting to watch

  2. suhani is still good from heart. I use to like Yuvraj and Saumya but now a days I don’t like them. Today why Saumya behaved so weirdly after hearing Suhani ‘ s name. She use to be Suhani ‘s best friend

    1. I totally agree she married her best friend husband that is not right I wish that I is a bad dream and this reality

  3. I want a flashback epi….,…immediately,,,…coz fed up of guessing what might have happened between them

  4. I don’t want yuvani teunion.genuinely yaar fed up of this shaadi drama.Ab yu-soumya teek hai.yuvan aur suhani ke zindagi mein koi aisa jo yuvraj se bhi sundar.bring barun aur vishal as suhani pair aur any handsome guy karan.

  5. Romba over ah irukku intha serial yennamo suhani kill panna maathri over ah pandraanga suhani uyira two times sajan save panneerkkaanga athanaala sajana suhani nambittaanga athukkunu Brilla family romba pandraanga paakka pona Krishna mela thaan thappu athukku poi yellarum suhaniya soldraanga ok athuvaathu paravaala yuvan yenna thappu pannanga avunga yen appava pirinju irukkanum yuvraj yen ipdi irukkaanga kolanthaya yepdi verukka mudiyum athulayum yuvani ya dadi poruppula vittathu atha Vida thappu dadi yuvani yayum keduthuttaanga Krishna charactersuhani character maathriye irukku aana yuvani….. is so bad

  6. Yuvrajaala yepdi suhaniya verukka mudiyuthunu thaan yenakku puriyave maatenguthu

  7. May be soumya thinks suhani is responsible for krishnas death along with gauri..BT the thing wich I don’t understand is y did yuvraj marry soumya? V understand dat he is angry with suhani..does dat mean he vil marry soumya. …Yuvani consider soumya as her mother..she doesn’t know about suhani…writers plzz don’t stretch dis too much…bring yuvraj n suhani face to face…let Yuvani know suhani is her real mom…sometimes I feel like soumya is trying to show dat she cares for Yuvani so much…

  8. Yuvaan is soooo cute. ……….feels good to see suhani, bhavana &sharadh. Why was suhani so upset with that mirror work dress? ???? Yuvraj &suhani keeping up their promise inspite of separation, what did it mean? ??very very confusing. .New servant is so irritating. …

  9. what happened between suhani and yuvaraj ? why yuvaraj hates suhani?is he hate suhani because of gauri’s death .pls anyone say me.i don’t like saumya and yuvaraj together.

  10. Soumya secretly envied Suhani whilst Suhani was married to Yuvraaj. Very sad to see what best friends do to each other.

    I sense that Yuvraaj still loves Suhani and I sense that their children will bring them together hopefully

  11. Who is in the hospital n y yuvraaj don’t want to hhear about suhani

  12. I don’t like this new storyline. Please reunite Suhani and Yuvraj. Why is he back with Somuya, she is meant to be Suhani’s best friend. 🙁

  13. This used to be my favourite serial, now it has changed so much 🙁

  14. Suhani needs someone better than yuvi. Suhani must tell the truth to all of them what dadi did, this all is her (dadi) fault.

  15. pls clear dis confusion,I just dont understand,what reallllllly happened?????SSEL team

  16. I do not want this track to go to long. It is very boring. Also I hate this rags charecther she is so mean. Saurabh deserves someone better. Menka child is adorable.

  17. Plz change yuvani…ther r so many kids in industry who do gud acting… She is not suited to tht character… THER r few kids who did perfect acting which we can’t forget….replace yuvani

  18. I jus knew did will happen.. Nobody is in hospital.. Sharad lied to Suhani so that she also cums to Allahabad.. Its going like kuch kuch hota hai.. BT m excited..

  19. i think Suhanie new look is like Kajol. I wonder why Soumya loves Yuvanie more than Krishna? and also Yuvani is dark skin like suhanie. that’s a good thing cause not all kids are fair.

  20. Heights of ridiculous things going on..
    5yr old goes for elocution ?.. That too out of town…
    Many insensible things shown in serial nowadays ?

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