Suhani Si Ek Ladki 11th September 2016 Written Episode Update

    Suhani Si Ek Ladki 11th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

    The Episode starts with Krishna thanking Bhavna and Sharad for making her do aarti. She hugs them. Sharad and Bhavna say there is nothing to say thanks. Soumya smiles seeing them love Krishna and thanks them. She says you always support Krishna. Bhavna says no need to thank, Krishna is part of this family and we are giving her rights, she is very sweet. Krishna asks why did she scold Golu and make Yuvani say sorry. Bhavna says so that he knows right and wrong, he could have said things in other way, he should not hurt anyone’s feelings. Krishna says I also want to get facial done so that I can spend time with Dadi. Sharad says you are beautiful, you don’t need facial, you can spend time with Dadi anytime.

    Dadi makes Yuvani hear it and ask her to get facial done. Yuvani asks

    do I need it, Pratima and Yuvraaj asked me not to go, Papa will feel bad. Dadi says they don’t know its importance, I will manage Yuvraaj. Yuvani hugs Dadi. Dadi smiles.

    Suhani thinks Sambhav had toothpain and it did not look so. Lata gives her kulfi and says I saved this for you, Sambhav and Yuvaan competed to eat kulfi and finished many. Suhani asks what. She thinks is she overthinking, how did Sambhav know about that pit. She recalls the things and says if Dadi can be fake then…. I know Sambhav since 5 years, he is my good friend and a nice person, why will he harm me. She hears Sambhav talking to someone on phone. He says I will reach at 12 with money, don’t call again. She gets Yuvraaj’s call.

    Sambhav sees Suhani sleeping and gets up. He goes out of the room. Suhani opens eyes and seeing him leaving. Sambhav drives to some place and meets goons. suhani follows him and sees him giving money to goons. She thinks whom is Sambhav paying. The goons say its less money. Sambhav says Suhani came back fine, so be happy in what you are getting. The goons leave. Sambhav turns and sees Suhani. She says so you planned to make me fall in pit. He says don’t lie. She says don’t lie, I heard you, I trusted you and gave my son’s life in your hands, you wanted to become his father. He says I wanted to become your husband too, I love you. She says what love, you made me fall in pit and left me there to die, is this called love.

    He says you always go to Birla house. She says my mum, daughter and family stays there. He says and Yuvraaj too. she says so what do you mean to say, what explanation will turn this cheap thing right, did you not think of Yuvaan, if anything happened to kids. He says no, I just think of you and Yuvraaj, he always finds reasons to come close to you. She asks him to stop his nonsense, its such cheap mindset. He says what are you doing, being marriage and having affair with other man. She asks him to mind his tongue, don’t stain my character, I explained you my and Yuvraaj’s relation, why did you marry me if you had problem, I knew Sambhav who was my good friend, who would do anything to make others smile, if I knew you are such a bad man, I would have not let you relate to my son, you think you will blame me and cover your mistakes, if I was wrong, I would have apologized, you are wrong here.

    She asks what else did you do, you did not think of anyone, if anything happened to me or kids, what would you answer Bhavna and Soumya. She cries and holds her head, asking how did you think so. He says I can do anything to make you mine. He holds her hand and hurts her. She moves him away.

    Suhani says she is not any furniture, its her life, she will decide whom to give rights, remember this Sambhav. He stops her. She asks him to just leave now, she does not want to see his face. She leaves. She comes home and cries, thinking of Sambhav. Yuvraaj comes and holds her. She thinks its Sambhav and reacts angrily. She sees Yuvraaj. He asks what happened, from where are you coming at night. She thinks to tell Yuvraaj or not. He says you were not answering, you did not say you will come for aarti or not, Yuvani had to know will Yuvaan come for aarti or not. Sambhav comes and says we will come, it was not needed to come to ask this thing. Yuvraaj says I called you too, I was worried for Yuvaan. Suhani says everything is fine. Sambhav says we went to have icecream and had race while returning. Suhani goes inside the house. Yuvraaj looks at Sambhav and leaves.

    Sambhav knocks the door and calls out Suhani. She opens the door. He gives her icecream. She says no thanks. He says I got it by love. She says I don’t want to have it, sleep on bed, I will sleep with Yuvaan. He shuts the door. She asks what are you doing, move. He says no. Yuvraaj comes home and sees Pratima in his room. He asks did you not sleep. Pratima says I was worried for you. He says I went to Suhani’s house to know is she coming to aarti. She asks did you go there to ask this, Sambhav is her husband, he would feel bad. He says I was worried for Suhani and Yuvaan. She says let Suhani move on. He says I don’t think so. She says you will think so, talk to me if you are worried for her, I will call Suhani and ask.

    Sambhav says I won’t let you go out, I came to say sorry, I m really sorry, I thought you will leave me and go back to Yuvraaj, as you like to be with him. She says enough, I did not do wrong till now. He says I know, I took a decision. He packs his bag and says I will go from here tomorrow. She says fine and leaves.

    Suhani asks Yuvaan to come down. Yuvaan says Papa aid I can fly, right. Sambhav blackmails Suhani asking shall I ask Yuvaan to jump.

    Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Aqsxxh

    I am glad Yuv is starting to realise something is wrong otherwise Suhani would’ve been abused- mentally and physically!
    Yuvraaaj is trying hard to get back in her life, and is trying to help her- but is telling everything to Pratima, the one who is oblivious to everything, who always favours Suhani!
    Yuvraaj should just tell Sharad as he will understand, maybe Bhavna as well… cos now Suhani is going to Suffer in silence! And that is not good.
    About Pratima, like what are you doing woman! Can’t you realise a change in Suhani’s behaviour, can’t you see Yuv’s concern? There must be a problem if your son is worrying about someone who he mourned over for 6/7 years.
    And as for Dadi, I was surprised that she started calling Suhani by name! But her mindset still hasn’t changed! Yuvani is still a child, indulging her with these thoughts is only going to poison her, making her become like how Dadi is, not breaking the paradox!
    The track is slowly coming to an end with Sambhav- Suhani can’t stay quiet for long….
    But It is painful watching woman in society being manipulated and played like this!

  2. Suhani….back with a bang dear…i want this kind of independent suhani to b shown….u could have gave him a tight slap to him…but from now he tortures u more….u have made a mistake of not letting yuvi know abt all attacks planned by sajan…but atleast now u inform him of dat idiotic person…..dialouge of d day was…yuvi yo pratima saying …usse dekhar tho aisa nahi lag raha …ki wo aage badrahi hai…..she cant imagine anyother person in her life..juz like u yuvi

  3. yarrr i dont understand in every show these kids have to only risk there life….like kala teeka which had become pathethic show…bullshit…

  4. suhani should expose wretched sambhav in frpont of the whole family and yuvraj. she should tell yuwan that sambhaw wants to kill him. he has tried to kill her also.

  5. Suhani ko joor se chata marna chahiye tha sambhav ko…..but i think abhi bhi wo pahle wali suhani nahi bani hai…..ab to SAMBHAV ko mauka mil gaya hai blackmail karne ka……Suhani Yuvraj ko apas mein baat karni chahiye ,fir milkar Sambhav ka dirty face sabke samne laana chahiye .Afterall wo yuvan,yuvani ke parents hai .ye unki responsibility bhi hai .Agar kal ke episode mein yuvi ko suhani ne iske baare mein naho bataya to samajh lo longgggggg dragging ……..

  6. this dadi ill never change till end of the show… she is devil always like devil oly… ……yuvaan ur stupid kid yar

  7. I think yuvani’s upbringing is better then yuvan….suhani ki tarah manege karti hai ….yuvan ki wajah se suhani ne sambhav se shadi ki,ab usee jhelna padega .yuvraj ko kal ke episode mein sahi dikhaya ,usee suhani+ yuvan ki fikr hai aur wo aj bhi suhani se bahut pyar karta hai… uske kiye ki saza hai . uske gusse ki wajah se 6 saal tak dono alag rahe,usee ne dubara diya bujha kar suhani se sare rishte khatam kiye the….so ,ab usiko koshizh karni padegi .Agar iss situation mein sahi tarike se writers story likhe then I’m sure viewers like karenge and TRP badegi……

  8. How wretched is Sambhav! Glad that Suhani found out about him. But why the hell didn’t she just SLAP him!?
    Hopefully this is the begining of the end of the Sambhav-Suhaani marriage!

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