Suhani Si Ek Ladki 11th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 11th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani scolding the man. She asks the girl why did she not defend, she has to help herself, if anyone attacks her, will she wait for others help, if you can’t save yourself, you will not bear anyone’s misbehaviour. She recalls Sambhav and gets angry. She sees Yuvaan and calms down. She asks the girl to go, we will talk in class. The girl says some college students are interested in your class, I will get them. Yuvaan says wow mom, you have beaten them well. His friend says so she is your mom. Suhani says if there is any truth war, don’t hesitate to fight. Yuvaan goes with his friend. Suhani leaves with Krishna.

Yuvani hugs Rags. Lata tells Yuvani that Rags is her Tai ji, don’t take her name. Rags says let her call me by my name, it looks good. She asks

Yuvani to be on diet. Lata says but one should not refuse to Prasad. Rags says I decided it. Dadi says Rags, you won’t decide it, Yuvani does not need diet. Yuvani says I had much junk food, I need to diet now, mumma also says about being healthy, so mumma runs organic shack in Goa. Lata says when Yuvani talks, I feel like Suhani is talking. They smile.

Suhani says so Krishna, Yuvaan’s love was for that girl. Krishna says yes. Suhani says Yuvaan can’t change, how did you get this scratch, what will I answer Soumya. She says you were Soumya’s world, and now you are my world. Krishna gets sad.

Its morning, Suhani, Yuvaan and Krishna pray in the church. Yuvaan prays for Yuvraaj. They light candles. Suhani says this is for your parents. Yuvani dresses in a Bengali saree and talks to Suhani on video call. She says she has got dressed for the cultural fest. Krishna compliments Yuvani. Suhani wishes her all the best, and says girls look beautiful in sarees. Yuvaan says I will gift saree to Katherine. He jokes Krishna is his backup. Suhani says a prince will come for my Krishna. Yuvani misses them. She ends the video chat.

Yuvani says the day mumma sees my performance, it will be a tsunami. She says girls don’t look good in saree. She removes her saree and the jewelry. She dresses in a modern dress and wears a jacket. She says thank God, Rags and Dadi are in my life. She smiles.

Krishna takes Suhani and shows the cakes. Suhani and Pratima smile. Suhani sees Yuvaan leaving silently, and throws a knife at the wooden wall to stop him.

Yuvani plays guitar and performs on the stage. She sings dhunki lage……. Dadi and Rags clap for her. Pratima tells Yuvaan not to do anything wrong, as they have good values. He asks her not to start values lecture. Pratima asks her to think of the girl. Suhani laughs. Pratima says you start with any girl. He asks her to please stop it and gets embarrassed. They laugh. The girls hug Yuvani. Yuvani thanks them and gives credit to Rags. Dadi smiles. Yuvani says Rags has done everything for me, she is behind my style and rocking look. She hugs Rags.

Yuvaan teases Krishna. Pratima says happy family looks good. Suhani says yes, I wish they are always happy, some wounds can never heal, I just wish no bad shadow falls on our family. Its night, a guy comes at Birla Organic shack and orders food. He asks waiter why is he staring. The waiter asks him for keeping feet on the table. The guy shouts on him and asks him to get food fast. He sees Suhani and Birla family pic. He gets shocked and drinks wine. He goes out and puts wine on the shack nameboard. He ignites fire. He looks on.

The guy beats the men in the shack. Suhani comes and looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i think the man is yuvraj

  2. Yaar really disgusting…. I don’t like post leap…. suhani the fool again will get trap by the other person

    1. Agree! This looks stupid, Yuhani turned bad because of Dadi and Rags.
      Suhani don’t know what is really happaning. To her STUPID DUMB family. This leap should NOT HAD HAPPENED. It is time to end show.
      I think I know what is going to happen.
      Yuhani is the New Somaya.
      While Krishna is the New Suhani.
      As for Dadi and Rag well they well never learn theirs lessons

      1. Hi XXyy
        I just want to say is, where the writers went wrong with this show.
        As most of you, I have watch this show from the beginning. Until Suhani walked back into the Birla house after the seven year leap.
        I had have high hopes for this show. I am sure we all did.
        But the writing skills starting to lack as the show went.
        The chemistry that the two actor’s had before, also died as the show went on.
        You have to watch the show and analyse it yourself.
        Sometimes in life this does happen, when two of your main star’s suddenly don’t get on.
        As a producer you have to make a choice. If the show producers wanted to save the show and continue. The best way is to separate the character.
        What I mean by this is for them to find new partner’s.
        I believe then and I still believe now that if Sambhav stay good as a character the show would have had new life to it.
        The mistake that they made was because they gave into pressure by fan’s that wanted them back together. The actor that play Sambhav was a very good actor.
        He can the good guy as well as a villain.
        Sometimes you have put their shoes on and understand why you won’t want to work with them any more.
        It is far more harder for an actor to work with someone you don’t like any more. As for fans it is sad. But it is life.

  3. Dont know why….i strongly feel new is not subhav son…i felt lyk he was sambhav after some sort of surgery….why derz a mark on his face..if he would have been subhav son …suhani would not leave him..coz she is a big mahaan…i dont think yuvi is in jail coz therz nothing wrong in killing that cruel,nasty jaanvar..but this is ssel which always lacks LOGIC…dont know…its just a guess

    1. Aisa hua toh acha hoga

    2. If he is subhav’s son.. what should be his age??
      15 years right..
      But he looks much elder ..
      What u say..

      1. Did they mention any thing like after 15 years in d episode….coz i didnt see anything of dat sort….if they didnt mention then he may b subhav son…if yuvi is not in jail..then he may b sambhav himself

  4. Guys… really I feel this post leap will not going bring the old charm… suhani is not missing yuvraj after the leap… so no more yuvani… new generation I.e krishna n yuvan… I really like krishna n yuvan the next couple but according to writers the saiyaam will trap krishna n suhani as sambhav…. yuvan will b bichara as yuvraj n abt yuvani is good looking but she will become enemy to suhani becoz of dadi n rags… dadi is such a worst character… I stopped watching but just reading updates only my head pains…. non sense show…

  5. Cvs r thinking by bringing the new faces an adding masala it will bring high trp…. but their is lack of acting in new comers… the kids were really good… I think no soumya, menka, anuj, saurav, bhavana, sharad n doubt about yuvraj…. all the good actors r not a part of worst leap… soumya, menka n anuj had a excuse n what abt rest… really cheap storyline… no more golu

  6. Writer should give happy ending to SSEL & new season should be start…What u all say?

  7. I think it sambhav brother n he wants to take revenge on suhani n Wat happen to yuvraj

  8. once I upon a time I loved this show now it is a history….. for it’s stipid story lineup….

  9. I totally agree with above comments. Writers have gone mad to show all rubbish. This show is becoming so very boring day by day. Writers are getting trp down showing such bakwas show. Writer’s should give a end to this show

  10. i really missed yuvraj .where are you.please come

  11. Ek bat samajh me nhi aye ye yuvani itni gori kese ho gayi bari hokar. Wo to suhani par gayi the na

  12. What this all nonsense is going out?
    change the script and where is yuvraaj?

    1. Yuvraj was too in Goa … But I think he is there in the show

  13. Suhani was not wearing mangalsutra in pre leap thought yuvraj was there 4 her n now in the Post leap… We too don’t know as about the yuvraj character n I don’t like the dressing sense of suhani n Aldo again dark make-up

  14. NO more updates for me – one thing kept me coming back and reading , hoping for a better end. But seriously, this show is the pits. I dont watch it but judging from comments, Dadi and Rags and still the dumb and dumbers… Very very stupid of the rape scene… totally negative and teaches all the wrong things.. I watched this show since its beginning, and it started off brilliantly,, but as time passed, Dadi never got caught out for the bomb blast, too many bad happened and nobody came to know abt anything. Even a 10 days thief is caught one day, but in this series dadi and her henchman are all invincible. Evil.. evil…evil… Ive had enough… adios… Hope the writers realise what a big mistake they made by another leap….

  15. I thing the new entry is Suhani and sambhav’s who came to take revenge of his father’s death ..

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