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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 11th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saiyyam seeing the third spray bottle missing. He recalls colliding with Krishna. He keeps the poisonous gas spray in the spray dispensers. He thinks to find third bottle, else Yuvraaj will get saved. He goes and sees Krishna fixing the third bottle in Yuvaan’s room. He thinks what to do now. He sends his dog to scare Krishna. Dog barks at Krishna. She screams and bottle falls outside the window from her hand. He says she spoiled my plan. He stops the dog and takes him.

Yuvaan tells everyone that he organized a party for Suhani’s anniversary, along with Sharad’s help. Yuvani asks him to call Dadi. Suhani and Yuvraaj say let it be, she is resting. Yuvani asks whats the plan. Saiyyam sends the dog. The dog goes in Yuvraaj’s room. Yuvraaj goes to get the

dog out of his room. Saiyyam comes and takes the dog with him. Yuvraaj says mannerless dog with the mannerless master. Saiyyam leaves and locks the door. Yuvaan asks Suhani to cut cake. Suhani waits for Yuvraaj. Yuvaan says cut the cake. She says we will wait. Bhavna says cut the cake, else everyone will doubt. Suhani cuts the cake.

Saiyyam pours some dog biscuits on the floor. Yuvraaj cleans the room. He sees the spray dispenser and uses it. He gets dizzy and tries to leave from the room. He finds the door locked and thinks its locked. He knocks the door and shouts to Suhani and Sharad. Yuvaan gives cake to everyone. Suhani asks Sharad where is Yuvraaj. Sharad says I will see. Krishna shouts for help. The dog runs after her. Krishna runs. Yuvraaj falls and holds his neck. Saiyyam smiles. Yuvraaj sees the aarti plate and reaches it. He takes the bell and rings it for help. Suhani hears the bell. She asks Saiyyam to stop his dog. She asks everyone to stop it. They hear the bell loud. Suhani rushes to Yuvraaj’s room. Yuvraaj leaves the bell and falls down. Suhani opens the door and gets in. She sees Yuvraaj unconscious on the floor. She shouts to Yuvaan and Sharad to come fast. Saiyyam thinks my plan failed again,

Sharad and Yuvaan make Yuvraaj lie on the bed. Yuvraaj gets conscious and shows the spray machine. Yuvaan asks what happened. Suhani asks him to get water. Sharad calls doctor. Suhani cares for Yuvraaj. Bhavna stops her and says children are seeing you, don’t worry.

Doctor comes and checks Yuvraaj. Dadi comes and asks all of them to move back, let air come. Yuvani thinks why are Suhani and Dadi worried for an outsider. Doctor says you found him on right time. Yuvani says mumma found him, but how did Suhani know of him. Suhani says Kumar ji was ringing bell. She goes out. Bhavna recalls Suhani making the cake. Yuvraaj rings bell. Suhani says children are coming, its Yuvraaj and my code, he means to say children are coming. Yuvraaj says they are not coming, I came to see if you did the work well and not. Bhavna laughs seeing them arguing.

Suhani says I can’t stay with Yuvraaj even in this state. Doctor asks Yuvraaj to wait. Yuvraaj runs out of the room and catches Saiyyam. He asks how dare you do this cheap thing, I know everything, you did all this in my room. Everyone look on. Yuvraaj says you filled poisonous gas in my room’s air freshener and tried to kill me, right or wrong?

Yuvani asks but why will he try to kill you, what is his connection with you, you are just a music teacher in this house. Saiyyam smiles. Yuvraaj gets silent. Dadi asks Yuvani to shut up and not talk between elders, Saiyyam tried to kill our guest. Saiyyam tells Yuvraaj that whatever happened with him maybe a result of his bad deeds, and he is blaming me. Yuvaan says shut up, we know Saiyyam is a creep, why are we bearing him, why did we not give him to police. Yuvraaj says exactly, I will send Saiyyam to jail now. He drags Saiyyam and opens the door. Police comes there.

Yuvraaj says its good inspector you came. Yuvaan asks who called police. Sharad asks inspector why did he come. Inspector says we came to arrest him/Yuvraaj, we know he behaves badly with this guy. Dadi asks what nonsense, who did FIR. Someone comes and says I did. They see a girl coming. She hugs Saiyyam. She says I m Saiyyam’s GF.

Dadi asks Pratima to throw Saiyyam out. Suhani says no, he is my son and will stay with me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Still the truth not revealed. What are the writers waiting for?

  2. I love Saiyam’s tiger , he is awesome… I don’t like his girlfriend, she seems like Soha from KYY … & when she hugged Saiyam he expression was like who is she? , just hope she isn’t his real girlfriend…. I loved the precap , it seemed Suhani proudly said Saiyam was her son…

  3. OK Dadi might as well throw Suhani out along with Her Basdard of a Son along with Krishna, Maybe Sayyiam should do the same to Suhani what Sambav did , maybe then Suhani will smell the Coffee…After all he ain’t no Birla..

  4. who is the gf of saiyyam?? ?

  5. New spoiler…. saiyyam gf had some evil plan about wedding with saiyyam n suhani to help saiyyam his gf intention…..

    Dragging…. y can’t they tell truth to kids…. stupidity….

    1. Ohh…that means his gf is also a vamp…is she really lyk dat or something wrong with that makeup…

      1. Don’t know but her hand seem too dark …. don’t but she vamp in saiyaam life…m suhani 2 help him

      2. She is dark in real…. Unlike rajshri more fair than her…. Her real name is poulami das…. See her images in Google…. She is dark …. I don’t like the nowadays storyline….. Suhani n yuvraj love story is spoiled by the donkeys writers

      3. She is dark in real…. rajshri is more fair than her…. Her real name is poulami das…. See her images in Google…. She is dark …. I don’t like the nowadays storyline….. Suhani n yuvraj love story is spoiled by the donkeys writers

    2. Ok..fine…even i dont lyk this shit…but watching for rajshri and yuvani jodi….as this is d only show where i can see my rajjo..

  6. Shame yuvraj didn’t die. What hell suhani is playing at. I thought she didn’t want saiyyam. Confused!

    1. Yes I am also confused???…..
      What is suhani up to????…….
      But I am glad that saiyyam is not murder. I just hope saiyyam exposes suhani and yuvraj, tell her other kids, of what he knows. Thanks suhani for abandoning him, tell suhani because she abandoned him. He is not as damage has her other kids. Then say good bye to suhani birla forever. Suhani doesn’t deserve any love from any of her children.

  7. The writers seem to be in a race to write plots worse than the last one. Just end the serial. It’s a torture that you destroyed the serial which begun with such a good concept.

  8. Which one guys think she is Saiyam’s real girlfriend? Tell me….

  9. I don’t like Saiyam she seems fake… I want a better girl in Saiyam’s lyf , he deserves better…

    1. Sry, I meant Saiyam’s girlfriend..

  10. Keerthi_pratyusha

    Till now serial took 21 year leap…which means suhani has to be in mid 40.. but she doesn’t look like one

    1. Bat it was a 15 yrs leap… Not 21 yrs…

  11. Girls i think suhani want to know one who is behind saiyyam n making him against suhani n birla family.n stop saiyyam to do bad to all.anyway guys this stupid n brainless writers made nice love story a crap.yuvani love is cute n romanticbut this idiot writers spoiled.i only watch for sahil n rajshri.lots of love fr them.n hope u guys do same just fr saraj.

  12. Sayyams girlfriend is so dead ugly . I don’t like her attitudes. Krishna and him make a great couple .

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