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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 11th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumy asking Yuvani to go to room and rest. Suhani says I m not weak and immature, I want Soumya to be happy, if Soumya and Yuvraaj want to move on in life, they have full right, I have left them behind. Pratima says we missed you a lot. Krishna tells Pratima that she will go temple with her. Pratima asks Sharad and Suhani to call her after reaching home. Soumya says I will also go temple and asks Yuvani to come. Yuvani says I won’t go, I will get bored. Saurabh asks how will Yuvani stay alone. Suhani says I will stay here with Yuvani. Saurabh asks Sharad to come with him to office. Suhani says I have meeting, I will cancel it. Sharad says no need, I will manage. Leela says I will manage Yuvani, you can leave.

Yuvaan tells Suhani that he wants to go loss. Suhani

takes him to washroom. She waits for him. Leela tells Suhani that Yuvani is shouting, Dadi asked me to massage oil to her, but she dislikes. Yuvani falls down and cries. Suhani sees her and rushes. She asks Leela to call doctor or Sharad. Yuvani says I won’t go to doctor. Suhani calls out Sharad. Yuvaan comes there and sees Yuvani crying.

Yuvaan says don’t cry, mumma will get medicine, you are brave girl. Suhani tries to use ice pack to relieve Yuvani’s pain. She says I m with you, everything will be fine. Yuvani cries a lot. Doctor comes and does the aid. He says its minor fracture, she will need two weeks rest, where is her mother. Suhani says I… Yuvani says mumma went to temple. Suhani says I m family friend. Doctor says inform her family and get these medicines.

Soumya and everyone come home. Suhani tells Soumya that Yuvani fell down, she got fracture in leg, she was crying a lot, she is in pain, I won’t go anywhere, my daughter is in pain. Soumya gets shocked. Pratima says yes, Yuvaan will be with Yuvani and she will get fine soon. Suhani thanks her. Dadi asks what, will you stay here. Menka says Dadi, I said I will not lose bet, give me my necklace. Dadi asks Menka to shut up.

Dadi asks Suhani to leave, no one needs you here. Pratima says Yuvani fell down, she has fracture, Suhani was at home, she called doctor and got the aid done. Dadi asks what, and looks at Soumya. She thanks Suhani and says you can leave from here now, I will manage, I will call a good doctor. Suhani says I called the best doctor, Yuvani will get fine. Dadi says you don’t have any right on her. Suhani says I m her mother, I have full right, just I have the right, I will not go anywhere till she gets fine. Dadi goes. Soumya gets annoyed and goes to see Yuvani. Yuvani tells everyone that she fell on stairs as Krishna’s necklace was fallen on stairs. Krishna says sorry. Dadi asks Soumya to keep Krishna’s things well. Soumya tells Yuvani that I will help you in walking.

Suhani meets Soumya and says Dadi kept my child away for many years, when I saw Yuvani crying, I could not bear it, you have more right on Yuvani, you raised her. Soumya says its ok. Menka and Rags look on.

Menka and Rags plan to make Soumya hear them. Rags shows plaster covers designs for Yuvani. Soumya asks why covers. Rags says look will be good. Menka says we should ask Suhani once. Soumya asks why. Menka says Suhani argued with Dadi, will you get insulted too. Soumya says its better we don’t get between Suhani and Dadi, Suhani told me I m Yuvani’s mother, I don’t need to ask anything, Rags can order this cover. Rags says fine, Menka irritates sometimes. Menka argues. Rags tells Soumya how Menka has bet that Suhani will stay back by some excuse, she told Dadi and see that happened. Soumya goes.

Suhani is happy seeing Yuvaan and Yuvani. Yuvaan asks her to sleep with Yuvani today and goes. Suhani sits to tell some story to Yuvaan.

Suhani asks her to have medicines. Yuvani promises. Suhani tells a story of a bird. Yuvani tells Soumya loves her and Krishna. Suhani says yes, and tells about the bird’s two eggs, she dreams to spend life with both her children, then she got to know one egg did not hatch a child, she feels she can’t love her other bird if she stays in same nest, so she goes away with her one child, then the a baby comes out of the egg and gets new mumma. Yuvani says but that’s not real mumma. Suhani says but small baby wanted a new mumma. Soumya hears this and thinks what is Suhani reaching Yuvani. Yuvani says but baby should know real mumma. Suhani asks her to have medicines. Soumya recalls Rags’ words.

Suhani thinks to go and see Soumya, she would also like to be with Yuvani. Soumya goes. She asks Yuvani to sleep. She kisses Yuvani and goes. Dadi says Suhani is acting smart, ask her to be in limits, else I will kick her out. Pratima says she is here for her daughter, its her right to be with her daughter. Dadi asks do you think its my mistake, you can blame me, but if Suhani comes back, everything will be ruined.

Suhani feeds Yuvani. Soumya looks on. Pratima asks them to come for puja. Soumya says don’t worry. Suhani says I will take Yuvani.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I just hope yuvraaj comes and accepts suhani and anyway soumya isnt married to yuvraaj so no problems

  2. I am so glad that Suhani stayed back at Birla House

    This is so important for Suhani to make a special bond with Yuvani.

    Hopefully when Yuvraaj returns, he will make peace with Suhani and we all fans pray for a reunion

  3. Dadi treats suhani like a dog &pratima doesn’t even hv the guts to confront dadi, birla fmly behaves as if nothing has ever happened it’s soo surprising it feels as if dadi is the only one who has the right to live where as all others r slaves .what is she so proud of her beauty?her financial status? If that’s the reason then I really wish she faces financial crisis &realise who r the people supporting her in that situation. Rags, menka, Soumya will be the first ones to run away.
    Today suhani yuvan, suhani yuvani &yuvan yuvani scenes were adorable. ..

    1. that already happened sushma. thier business was on the verge of destruction. only suhani and saurabh helped at that time. but the old witch and the idiots living in birla house are thankless people. dont know y they cant teach that old lady a lesson. y do they believe her even after knowing all her bad deeds in the past to separate the family members…first breaking relationship between yuvraj and suhani, then snatching gauri from pratima, now yuvani from suhani…. arent they fools. good that suhani is away now.

      1. Vindhya ur right dis time yuvani.should but dey should…

  4. Yeh so true that Dadi is allowed to insult anyone she wants it her money cos it can’t be her ugly looks..having those injections..why don’t Suhani expose her beauty treatment..And Soumya whats your problem..wanting more..Greedy b*t*h..husband snatcher.Pratima fight for Suhani as she has done alot.Why don’t anyone put the 2 ugly lazy bahus in their place..Now Suhani be strong and build a bond with your child and than fight the custody..take Dadi to court..why do you need to be kind…Yuvraj has played dirty by bringing in your best friend into your bedroom..let him rot with the b*t*h soumya…and if he loves you than he will come for you.please keep strong but don’t give into Birlas otherwise you are giving wrong message to the public.Grow up writers..India has moved on and no one put up with these crap family drama.

  5. Yes one of the casualty of loving a man like yuvraj. Let see pratma mother to yuvraj: weak. Saurabh and Anjau, yuvraj two brother’s: weak. Sharad yuvraj best friend: weak. Snoopie the dog, yuvraj pet: weak. Now poor Krishna, yuvraj adopted daughter: weak. Yuvhani, yuvraj own daughter: stupid and weak. Now look Suhani yuvraj annulled wife: weak. The only person who has escaped from yuvraj is his son yuvhaan: strong. Dadi yuvraj grand mother: strong. Why the woman love herself, and this because yuvraj love her more. I saw a story yesterday, about a woman who give brith at the age of 72. Her husband went though hard time, because his wife couldn’t give him any children. But he stood by her. Now this is what love look like. You don’t want to have a husband like yuvraj. I didn’t do this the writers did.

  6. I don’t think yuvi accept suhani ….because somewhere he has may he had feelings somu…so ie why he chooses somu..

  7. N problem in dere reunion is somu and yuvi leaves together for 7 years..den it’s possible dey hve feelings for each other…./n Krishna and yuvani both attached to.each other n dere parents also…somu is insecure if yuvi came n c suhani he leaves her but it doesnt hppn…he accept somu…

    N I think suhani married to yuvan

    Both yuvi n suhani remains separated ….n meets with dere children…even yuvi don’t want ie suhani now disturb his life…he is hppy wht big deal if he is not married to somu…..

  8. yes its all ur mistake devil dadi… not fr suhani u wnt away frm one child on suhani. she ill happy her to lead

  9. If same storyline repeats then the 6 years leap is meaningless.. Why suhani did not tell yuvani that Didi stole her, rags and Menka’s roll are also some useless characters

  10. Really.. the writers of this story take their audiences as such idiots… Im not from India, but I doubt that the sanctity of a marriage and family are so immoral as these serials portrayed them to be. In fact, India is known as one country where marriages are seen as sacred.. but to a younger generation watching these serials, they are being taught that this is how life is… evil always win.. you can be married to one woman and then marry someone else… this is such nonsense really… The family knows that the granny is the cause of all their problems.. how is it humanly possible that with all the wrong she does, it just is forgotten.. they just found out that she lied to them again!! she separated twins from each other, and its like ‘okay, no problems’.. nobody is standing up against her… This is a sick serial .. they should just end it..

    1. Fiona u have to.tweet CVS for dis ….writers of de show ..yes yaar …ie ur giving wrong message….we all wants ie leads United soon with dere twins… female lead suhani knownigly left her daughter den it’s k I don’t wants dat yuvani and suhani United…yes rather den showing sympathy towards de mother dey introduced new character…why two loves birds n dere children are separated in de basis of lie n missunderstanding…let dem.dey meet n.decide what dey.want

  11. writers make some sense..
    in the current track why is soumya getting angry on suhani ,whenever she pampers her daughter suhani has the full right cause yuvani is suhani’s daughter. Infact soumya in place of suhani have had done the same. And all that soumya is doing for yuvani is for her own means. These days i’m like giving a tight slap to soumya’s character.

    (and for the writers a best friend is never like soumya, its a true fact. stop making fun of friendship. Instead of Suhani and Soumya being best friend, these writers have shown them like i.e neighbours from the start, probably that could have justified these tracks..)

    another fault of yuvraaj and soumya living in the same room that too without marriage..DISGUSTING ….it would have been best if they were married.
    (and if they were so much in love with their respective spouse they could have taken care of their child on thieir own by telling the children the truth…real life mein to aisa hi hota hai.
    (thus so happens in real life)
    and another one thing it doesn’t happen that to give an orphan a life marry her mother ..

  12. But the big problems is suhani is stubborn she doesn’t know to handle things that always she messup ,she believe that she can solve everything ,how many people died because of her stubbornness ,and now somiya took responsibility without any argument wait wen suhani comes back you will THE big difference ,even witch dadi said if suhani will come back problem will arise ,even now she doesn’t need to fill yuvani information abt true mum and false mum ,bcs is too early she always she take things too fast without realizing future problem

    1. Oh…..dear…ur wrong…everyone has right to meet her daughter…dont favour somya…she has right to meet her daughter…somu is dng for her krishna future..whn truth comes out problem wil arise.

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