Suhani Si Ek Ladki 11th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 11th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhavna wiping Suhani’s tears and asking is she hiding anything. Suhani says no, I scared you, there is nothing. She smiles and says I will leave you till outside. Rags asks Soumya where was she, Dadi is finding her. Soumya asks will I give account of my time, where I was and why. She leaves. Menka laughs on Rags saying Soumya did not keep your respect. Bhavna says I don’t wish to leave you and go, I feel you are lying to me. Suhani says nothing, don’t worry about me, I m fine, take care of yours. Bhavna asks sure? But promise me you will take care. Suhani says yes and hugs her. Suhani leaves.

Yuvraaj smiles seeing the sister bond. Bhavna tells him that she is tensed about Suhani. He asks why. She says there is something wrong, she cried twice just like that,

I asked her but she did not tell me, she said she is missing parents, her eyes show she is lying, find out. He says he will see her, don’t worry. She leaves. Yuvraaj asks Dadi why is she looking worried. Dadi says I m worried for Suhani. He asks why, what did she do now. Dadi says you will feel bad if you say, I m elder so I m saying, Suhani is changing. He says yes, I will talk to her about this.

Dadi says don’t know what she says to her parents, even her mum talks badly to me, don’t know what trouble we are giving her that she is complaining about us. He says I will see. She says I hope you will solve this matter soon. Rags says we should use their difference like this. Dadi says Soumya is doing all the work, we should add some fuel in fire. Rags says Soumya is irritated since morning, I felt her behavior strange so I told you. Dadi thinks.

Dadi and Rags talk to Soumya about what happened after Holi. Soumya cries and tells everything how Suhani fooled her. She says she got scared and took Dadi’s name, sorry. Rags says how disgusting and scolds her. She says if Suhani tells everything to Yuvraaj then…. Soumya says I will do anything, forgive me please.

Yuvraaj thinks to talk to Suhani. She gets ready and smiles holding her mangalsutra, recalling her marriage. She recalls Soumya’s words and how she changed. He comes to the room and asks Pratima what is she doing. Suhani cries in her room and Sharad comes to her asking what is she doing, as she was throwing the pic frame. He takes the pic and sees Suhani and Soumya’s pic. Yuvraaj tells Pratima that he wants to talk to her. Sharad asks Suhani to kick out Soumya from this house, else she can ruin them. Suhani asks will she listen to me, she said Dadi did all this and made her go against me. He is shocked.

Yuvraaj tells Pratima that Bhavna said Suhani is worried, did she tell you anything. Pratima says no, you ignore her a lot and she stays worried, why did you not take her out, we celebrated Holi because of her. He says when he makes some plan, she tells everyone as she told about picnic. She says Soumya told everyone, and did you see her losing. Sharad says Soumya is dangerous, you can’t lose. Suhani says time changes so soon, there was a time when Soumya was with me in all my problems, and today she has put me in danger and wants to kill me too. He says he will make everything fine, don’t say this to Yuvraaj.

Suhani washes her face and cries in the bathroom. Yuvraaj knocks and asks is everything fine, what happened. He comes there and she slips. He holds her hand and pulls her. She says she was cleaning the color. He asks did she open shower for so long to clean color, you should save water. She says I have to go. He asks what is she hiding. He says how much anger I get and how much I get irritated, I care for you, trust me, when you get upset, this room looks lonely, so I want you to share with me, is there anything.

He talks and she smiles seeing him. Saawre……………plays………………….Soumya comes and says she wants to talk to Suhani. Suhani comes out and asks her to be away from her and her husband, come by knocking door next time. Soumya says fine, don’t believe me, you will know truth yourself. Suhani cries.

Dadi throws pics on Soumya and says we don’t need you now. Soumya cries. Dadi says you are just a guest here, nothing else. Suhani hears this.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. YV

    Grand parents should teach the morals to children. but here is opposite, dadi has no moral values regarding indian culture. She is trying to seperate marital bond only because of suhaani’s colour. Racism is not good. We have to see person’s character , not colour.When will dadi knows these things.Suhaani has to teach lesson for dusta chathustayam.

  2. Diz

    wait, this episode was too small ? or did we miss something ?? or all the background music took more time in it…

  3. devga

    really hurt by this show,s view on FRIENDSHIP and hurt to c suhani’s feeling abt her friendship ……… and enjoyed todays precap………. waiting for tomo

  4. Sneha

    What the hell Sharad why u r hiding everything 4m Yuvraj how can u correct it as u know there is no importance to u in BH better u share every thing with Yuvraj
    & this prathima ji is also hiding everything from Yuvraj i thinh this not at all fair 4 both of them Sharad & Prathima………..

  5. dia

    this soumya should be acidified!! burnt and killed! and dadi should be deeply fried in hot oil!!! ridiculous. and that yuvraj.. cant he see whats going on with his wife.. poor suhani she is bearing everything alone from the beginning!!!!!

  6. RUTH

    seems like there is some kind of in-built slip mechanism in suhani’s leg, that gets triggered only by yuvraj….everytime yuvraj stands near her ..she slips….Ha ha…weird….if m not wrong she slipped these last three episodes….!

  7. moon

    yup daadi is acting so dat suhani shld know dat she is’nt behind all dis…

    now dis will create more drift btwn y.raj and suhani…

    n after 5 episodes of daadi bday something/some part truth is knwn 2 y.raj,suhani..

  8. Roma

    i think dadi already seen suhani and just acting. then only suhani can believe dadi.they can go ahead with their plan

  9. Kalpesh

    We have Twins baby Boys. They are just 6 months old. If you are interested I will send photos of them

  10. sree

    nothing to do…….she will be fine. soon…………….lets see her tmrw,……..we can attach…………can i ask u something is adithya gril or boy?

  11. Roma

    over thinking s not good habit.try to control it.otherwise it leads to affect ur sleep till the end. put eyeliner.i dont have fb. bt i have more frds

  12. Happy

    Whenever I see more than 50 comments I stop reading comments like in YHMH where people use this site as chatting section. Very very Irritating. In between their chatting we loose good comments .

  13. Soumya u tell the truth to suhani if dadi,suhani suno dadi kehney pey kaari soumya aur usmry ragini aur menka bhi miley wey hai.yuvraaj tell to suhani that i love u very much.please

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