Suhani Si Ek Ladki 11th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 11th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani asking Sambhav whom is he going to propose. Soumya says he just told me about his GF. Suhani says but he never told me. Sambhav says I will tell you some day. Suhani goes. Sambhav says Suhani was curious to know, as she likes you too. Pratima tells Dadi that they can’t do this always. Dadi says I won’t sit quiet, I m going to meet Suhani, I will do that work in morning. She goes. Soumya asks Pratima why was Dadi angry. Pratima says Dadi wants to make Sambhav leave. Soumya says don’t worry, I will talk to Dadi.

Suhani is making the cake. He says you don’t know making cake. She says I know, and you had it made by me, Yuvaan liked a cake at some café and I took recipe book from that chef. He gets eggs and helps her. He asks does Yuvaan eat eggs. She

says yes. She asks him to start making the dough. He washes his hands. She gives him plastic covers. He thanks her. She says like son, like father. He smiles.

Soumya goes to Dadi. Dadi asks her not to convince her, Sambhav will leave tomorrow. Soumya says fine, I won’t tell anything to you, hear my opinion once, Sambhav should stay here and take away Suhani, only then family can move on, Suhani is my friend, I won’t wish bad for her, but this family’s happiness is most imp for me, I want Yuvraaj to win Yuvaan’s heart, then Sambhav and Suhani can go their own ways. Dadi says fine.

Suhani and Yuvraaj argue over making the cake. She says you can take the credit for making the cake. He says I made the cake, idea was mine, and you want the credit. She asks him to move and takes the cake out of the oven. He gets hurt and asks why did you not ask me to move. She says I told you, why are you fighting, you are behaving as if I burnt you. He says I also don’t want why I m fighting, I should get habitual with your fights, thanks for this, I will do icing on my own. She says fine and goes.

Soumya tells Menka to do some work. Sambhav asks Suhani was it her arranged marriage. Yuvaan asks whats marriage. Sambhav says where two people unite and then cute boys like Yuvaan come in this world. Suhani takes Yuvaan and makes him ready. She says I married Yuvaan’s Papa by my wish. He says it was not forcibly. She says you know I don’t do anything forcibly. Yuvraaj shows the cake to everyone. Menka comes to Suhani and tells her that Yuvraaj planned surprise for Yuvaan, he is calling Yuvaan. Suhani says I will come. Yuvaan refuses. Suhani says uncle planned surprised by love. Sambhav asks Yuvaan to see. Menka smiles.

Suhani and Yuvaan go to Yuvraaj. Menka steals Yuvraan’s toy and sits under the table. Yuvraaj tells Yuvaan that I made something for you. Yuvaan gets scared. Suhani explains Yuvaan to come. Yuvaan talks to Yuvraaj. Kids have sweets. Menka puts something under the table and asks Soumya to come fast, its all done. Soumya worries. Everyone look at Menka. Menka says I mean, patchup is done, cut cake now.

Yuvraaj shows the cake to Yuvaan and says this is your fav flavor right. Yuvaan says yes, and cuts the cake. He takes the cake for Sambhav and says its same cake we have seen in café. Yuvraaj gets sad. He takes the cake to give Yuvaan. Soumya signs Menka. Menka drives the remote car, and makes Yuvraaj fall down. Everyone get shocked. Suhani holds Yuvraaj.

Yuvraaj sees the cake fallen. Golu says uncle, you wasted all the cake. Bhavna asks Golu to be quiet. Pratima asks Yuvraaj to come with her, and they leave. Suhani feels sad. Soumya asks Yuvaan where is Suhani. He says Suhani went to meet Sharad. Soumya asks him to come and sit. She gives a superhero, and asks him who is his superhero. He says I don’t know who is my Papa. She says those who don’t have Papa, Lord sends superhero for them as special friend. He says like Sambhav uncle.

Pratima pacifies Yuvraaj and asks him not to worry, Yuvani is close to Soumya than Suhani, it does not mean Yuvani dislikes Suhani, Yuvaan and Sambhav’s relation is also same, give him some time. He says I felt bad when Yuvaan made Sambhav have the cake. Soumya tells Yuvaan that Sambhav can become his Papa. He gets shocked.

Yuvaan asks Suhani why can’t he make Sambhav his Papa. Suhani asks Soumya about Yuvraaj. Soumya says he went outside. Suhani says its imp to tell Yuvaan who is his father.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. what the shit is this serial wen soumya fall all were able to c wen yuvaraj fall they cant c remote car writers if u dont hav story stop dont show all the shit

  2. Qwerty

    Soumya is a country b****. She is hell bent on cheating Suhani. Her eyes are always on Yuvraj. Can’t she go back to her mom or her in-lAws. ?? And Yuvraj! I have no words for his dumbness. He is so short tempered and ill mannered. When will he realise Suhani s importance?

    1. Yuvraj never well!
      Yuvraj only think for himself, and Dadi feelings.
      I am going to say this, this is not soumya fault. It is Yuvraj, he gave her the right to be Biral Bahu, and also to become Yuvani mother.
      As for not going to her mother house, Suhani didn’t go to her parents house, so why should she.
      The mistake is done by Yuvraj Birla, even when Soumya told him to tell the kids truth, Yuvraj Birla said NO.
      NOW he wants to eat his cakes and let her GO THAT IS DISGUSTING. Imagine if someone tell you that you have all that, then after they are finished with you. You well have no choice but to leave.
      If anyone that made Soumya useless, it is Yuvraj Birla. Soumya only went to the Birlas for help. Couldn’t Yuvraj tell He well take her to her mother house.
      NO! Instead he said Soumya become Birla Bahu and mother to Yuvani.

      I hope Soumya WINS, and she put Suhani and Sambhav together. I also hope that she had enough kindness for Suhani, that she well make sure that yuvaan stays with Suhani and Sambhav.

      1. Poppy I too agree it’s yuvraj’s fault towards soumya but to some extent as said earlier soumya was not a kid who was forced to marry soumya atleast yuvraj is not such type of a character. She could hv easily backed out ,she could hv gone to her mother or even taken care of yuvani as her aunt but she was selfish fr her childs future. why didn’t she think it’s a husband &wife’s issue which can be resolved later &they may be together & she is not supposed to be in between them? Both of them behaved as if suhani is dead who will never return back . Both hv to face the consequences. ..

    2. Sushma, Soumya like Suhani has just givng birth to Krishna her daughter. Plus her husband is dead, his family has just kick her out.
      She went to the only place, that she thought would understand her pain. She didn’t go there to take Suhani place, she went there because of Suhani her friend.
      Soumya didn’t know what Dadi did or why Suhani has left.
      Just like Suhani her hormones were all over the place.
      Being pregnant and giving birth is not easy. Soumya state of mind was not there.
      Yes Yuvraj has also lost his sister, but it was what he did next is unforgivable.
      Yuvraj didn’t go to the hospital with Suhani. He didn’t question Dadi, why suhani left him and their daughter.
      Now a woman walked into his house and asked for help. He Yuvraj Birla made a decision, he alone told promised her that she well have and her daughter well have everything.
      Remember Soumya was in dark place, she just like suhani wasn’t thinking right.
      He also told her that Suhani has no right in the Birla family.
      Yuvraj must have worked on Soumya for days.
      Soumya just like suhani is doing now said okay yuvraj whatever you say I well do.
      Yuvraj is just like his Dadi an mental Abuser.

      1. suhani left not died yuvaraj y he made soumya come birla family hav many members to take care of yuvani

  3. omg shows dragging how about they tell krisna that yuvraj is not her papa. Expose somya getting sick of negative people getting away with so much….poor yuvan
    somya is a great example as to why alot of people dislike step parents. im so over looking at her sneaky face.

  4. Using children and diverting their mind for self goals is not acceptable
    Please take different line
    The same cunning f dadi Sowmya is irritatng

  5. SSEL leads
    Yuvraj – spoilt immature brat.
    Abusive husband
    Irresponsible father
    Disappointing son
    Dadi’s puppet
    Serial husband
    Any woman’s nightmare of a life partner!

    Suhani – blind
    Dangerously naive
    Self destructive
    Careless – unable to safeguard self and marriage
    Lacks self protective instinct
    Classical example of victim of emotional abuse

  6. As you lay your bed, so shall you lay on it! Yuvraj and Suhani are two naive and gullible people. One is easily led astray by his nose while the other deliberately leaves herself open to ridicule and humiliation. She never fights for her right intelligently. When its absolutely important for Suhani to do so, she goes all philosophical and dumb. The end result of Suhani ‘s attitude is personified in Pratima- a jittery wimp of a mother, mother in law and grand mother who sees injustice but refuses to speak out and take a stand.
    This serial is full of disappointments. The male and female leads are so uninspiring. Beautiful concept at the start but absolute rubbish now. There’ no social message here anymore.
    Trust your husband or wife? No
    Trust your elders? No
    Trust your parents? No
    Trust your friends? No
    Be selfish? Hell yes!
    Be mean and manipulate and destroy chihildren? YES!
    Marry at the drop of a hat even though your wife is not declared dead? Well Yes!
    Goodness and innocence? NO!
    Wickedness and Hate? YES!
    These are the message of SSEL!
    This show if it continues will never win any award and is not doing much for the led actors profiles. Shame!

    1. Well said!

  7. Aqsxxh

    This episode got me really upset… This serial is slowly getting ruined, all the Yuvaani fans are turning away.. Yes, Yuvraaj is at fault, yes suhani is a victim of a backstabbing friend, and now Sambhav is after her… It’s all become a never ending paradox of confusion and imbalance, this may be the first time i am saying this, but after today I think Suhani should leave….

    1. Perfectly said. …

  8. U guys don’t forget this is only a drama

    1. Aqsxxh

      Thats soo true its for our entertainment… But wats the point if it is not making us happy, but angry and fustrated instead…

    2. we watch entertainment for relief they should not make to get frustrated

  9. I don’t know why they are dragging this sooo much .I think yuvaan and yuvani should know the truth as soon as possible otherwise the situation should become more worse

    1. Hey Linsa,,,did u register?

  10. Poor boy dumraj fallen over a car and now sulking…its the pitts..grow up dummy.Want everything your way ..hurts when yuvan or Suhani is with Sambhav?Well dummy do you not see Suhani hurt when yuvani calls Soumya mum and when you share your bedroom with her shameless best friend?Is that ok by you?Spoilt brat dumraj…Suhani go home and stop this nonsense.Sambhav please remain a true friend and stop listening to soumya.PLEASE TELL ME WHEN WILL DADI BE PUT IN HER PLACE COS SO FAR THE WHOLE BLAME IS ON SUHANI.. WHY.IS THERE NO ONE TO SORT HER OUT..ALL THE MALE CHARACTERS ARE DUMB.WRITERS PLEASE END THIS SERIAL IF YOU HAVE NO POSITIVE SOLUTION..ITS REALLY BORING..SAME OLD TRICKS..

  11. It is really upsetting to see how Soumya manipulates Yuvaan
    Its so sad

  12. I really don’t ve problem with Suhani marrying sambav cos d birla’s family doesn’t deserve her at all

  13. Atfirst I thought it is Soumya’s helplessness that is making her do all these,,,coz after doing anythng against Suhani she used to regret alot ,bt now she is not at all feeling bad for doing all these cheap things, She was happy to see Yuvan getting scolded,,,,It’s not her helplessness bt her selfishness ,,,

  14. Yuvraj deserves this ,the way he treated Yuvan yesterday…I felt very bad,,,…..Yuvani was such a spoilt child and I’ve never seen Yuvraj scolding her,,…

    1. Hmm well I want yuvani. Reunion

  15. I realy agree with Edel.
    Mostly ladies were happy with suhani’s character but now they became disappointed.I feel very bad for the track .
    Pleazzzzzz writers do best…we fedup.

  16. drag drag drag,,,,,drag it more :p

  17. I really hate tis all stupid idiotic serial and its characters sowmiya rags dadi me aka specially Yuvaraj he is really a mental?

  18. NAPSHa J

    Yuvi is the dumbest character in ssel.. I hate him more than dadi and her gang..

  19. How can I get registered?

  20. I am continually looking online for tips that can aid me. Thx!

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