Suhani Si Ek Ladki 11th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 11th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sambhav bringing Suhani to a house and says I got this havan kund thinking you will agree for marriage, you don’t deserve my love and deserve only pain. He reminds her if she remembers how she burnt him. Suhani says I remember well and also remember the reason. You made Yuvraaj unconscious and then….a fb is shown, where in Sambhav misbehaved with Suhani’s respect. Saiyyam, Yuvraaj and others come there. Yuvraaj asks Sambhav to leave Suhani. Sambhav says your lover came…and says I was thinking how you was away from action. Yuvraaj says years ago, I couldn’t save Suhani, but today. Sambhav says you will not be able to save her even today.
Suhani asks Yuvraaj to move back.

Sambhav says you both wanted to die together sometime back. He says why you

people are so shocked and not calling your God. He says where is your herogiri, and asks Suhani if she accepted that her life will end today. He says this is my justice and I will settle scores for everything. You burnt me alive, now I will burn all your family members. Yuvraaj tries to free Suhani and tries to take the gun, but Sambhav holds baby at gun point. Baby cries. Yuvaan asks him to leave baby. Sambhav says your Birla clan is dependent on you and asks them to move back if they wants her to be alive. Suhani asks Sambhav to leave her. Sambhav asks everyone to bring wood to burn Suhani.

Saiyyam says you can’t do this Papa. Sambhav says I don’t want to hear no and also don’t want to see my son becoming my father. He asks Yuvaan to take Saiyyam. Bhavna says no. Sambhav says Suhani will be burnt today…..Sambhav, Saiyyam and Yuvaani are on the road, searching for the woods. Yuvaan says I can’t do this. Saiyyam says your wife is at gun point. Yuvaan says even my mum is, and says you don’t care about us, and my family will be finished if I lose anyone of them. Saiyyam says we shall bring the woods and try to make Sambhav understand. Yuvaan says you are not good to help us, leaving your dad. Saiyyam shouts and asks him to become practical and not emotional. Yuvaan holds his collar ad says practical…I will not leave you. Yuvaani asks them not to fight and tells Yuvaan that Sambhav have gun, and can kill everyone if they don’t reach there on time. She asks them to come. Sambhav asks Baby, why her current husband and ex boyfriend taking so much time, if they are discussing your bad things. Suhani asks Sambhav not to talk badly with Baby. Sambhav says why you are so angry and says oh…even this taunt suits you best, as you married twice. Dadi asks Sambhav to let them go and get money. Sambhav says you are not smart as you seems to be, and says when I can kill you and get everything, why shall I take some money. Suhani says we will not die, but you will die.

Sambhav asks her to see, and says your end is here. They see Saiyyam, Yuvaan and Yuvaani bringing the woods. Sambhav says good. Suhani goes and brings water. Sambhav asks what you are going to do? Suhani pours it on to the woods. Sambhav pushes baby and then holds her again. Yuvaan gets angry and shouts Sambhav. Suhani asks Sambhav to kill her. Sambhav says don’t think that I am giving fake threats and reminds her if she remembers how he killed Soumya. Krishna gets emotional, and tells that I will bring the woods. Sambhav asks what. Krishna says I have nothing to do with these people, my mum died because of them, and I became orphan. I don’t want to be alive and will burn the wood with my hand. Dadi calls her betrayal and tells Suhani that because of her greatness they are suffering. She scolds Krishna. Suhani and Yuvraaj are shocked.

Krishna says she was dead when Suhani got her married to this devil Saiyyam. She says I can’t bring woods alone, and needs Saiyyam’s help. Sambhav lets Saiyyam go. They come out. Saiyyam asks Krishna to tell him about her plan. Krishna hits on his head with wood. Saiyyam says mad girl. Krishna says I don’t want to do anything, you and your papa don’t know how to respect women and have always insulted my Dadu. She asks him to go and save Birlas who had never done anything wrong with him, and says even your friend baby is amongst them. She goes.

Saiyyam recalls Suhani’s love and care for him, Sambhav’s madness to take revenge etc. He comes back and puts the wood in havan. Sambhav sees blood on his forehead and says don’t tell me that she ran away after hitting you. He says don’t worry we will settle scores with her later. Saiyyam asks him to leave baby. Sambhav says you couldn’t forget your first love like me. He asks him to get kerosene. Dadi tells Saiyyam that he should have died after birth as Yuvraaj is suffering because of him. Sambhav asks Saiyyam to bring kerosene oil. Saiyyam brings it and throws on floor. Sambhav is shocked.

Sambhav shouts Suhani….and fires at her. Suhani closes her eyes. Everyone gives shock reactions.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. It’s going to end by next two wks…

    From 26 th MERI DURGA will telecast… Hurray

    1. Suhani si ek ladki’s time slot is changing to 5pm and will be replaced by meri durga … its not ending…from what I’ve heard

      1. This garbage should end no matter what

    2. no u r wrong nly time s gonna change to 5 pm

    3. r u sure

    4. This should have ended 2 months back! What a garbage show written by bastard writers and watched by losers

  2. I think Saiyyam will get shot instead of Suhani…then everyone will realize Sayyam’s importance

    1. Mystery

      I think Krishna will get shot…bcz when sambhav fires the gun…saiyyam was standing another side

  3. What going…??? Precap…. Sound interesting n i think Sambhav chapter will end tomorrow….

  4. I think the police will shoot sambhav instead and arrest him.

  5. Lol sambhav is only arrested …So might he come back and kill the yuvi or someone else you never know ….
    Kriyam Rocks..Ssel aaj Jo bhi he yuvani both suhani and yuvi ki wajh se he.. Bakiyon ko to nhi pata par Suhani love’s Saiyam..Diff ye hi Saiyam ka loves suhani ke liye dikhta he par Suhani ka nhi….

  6. Nooo. let sayyam begin the story with krishna

  7. oh god! suhani’s own children picking woods for burning her.. anyways nice episode! haha… sambhav trying differnt diffrnt ways to kill suhani, 1st water n nw fire, bt waiting for krishna revelation abt something that shocks everyone…

  8. i thnk its krishna

  9. guys is it gonna end

    1. No its not going to end…it may end coz of low trp at 5pm…even new show will not fetch them any trp and starplus will lose its slot and regret in future for its stupid decision

    2. no its not going to end see tellychakkar news its nly going to shift to 5pm

  10. Next he will choose air to kill suhani ??

    1. Lol.. well said…

  11. I dont think anyone is shot by sambhav..krishna went to bring police and police shot in the air to give damakedhar entry in birla house… Lol?…when will d truth be revealed and misunderstandings between sayyam and suhani gets cleared off

  12. Why krishna was angry with suhani and did saiyaan know that sambhav raped suhani can anyone tell me plz

  13. today episode is very good i think krishna ko goli lagi dekhte hain age kiya hoga and very interesting precap

    1. Mystery

      Yrr but i m upset bcz saiyyam cares for baby..n not Krishna….I think he still love baby…huh

      1. Vinlora

        Even I’m upset by this that saiyyam cares baby….that’s y I want Krishna should get shot by sambhav and then I want to see how will sayyam react

      2. Mystery

        But I saw on YouTube….its police who will fire the gun…..

      3. Saiyyam and Baby are just friends. Nothing is going on between them.

        Saiyyam does care for Krishna and I believe that he is starting to falling in love with Krishna.

        It is Krishna, that is the problem.
        Krishna loved yuvaan, all her life.
        Yuvaan only cared for Krishna as a sister!

        I want NOW Krishna to understand saiyyam worth. What is did to him today, was unfair.
        Saiyyam did save her dadu.

        Krishna is upset, that dadi never well accepts her as a birla.
        That is not saiyyam faults. Krishna needs to accept this, and understand what she has is far more better. Then what Baby has.

        I prefer yuvani, then yuvaan. Yuvani is far more better then her cruel brother yuvaan. The way yuvani stoped yuvaan, from hitting saiyyam.
        Yuvani also understand what saiyyam is going thorough. It is a shame that suhani, as a mother, did not understand what her son saiyyam was going thorough.
        Suhani needed yuvraj approval, to understand saiyyam. That is bad.


  15. Syedul

    Y does sayyam care about baby ? Wtf

    1. I am afraid that you are wrong, saiyyam care about Baby, she has been his friend for a very long time.
      It is also the same for Baby. Baby only see saiyyam as a friend.

      The problem is Krishna, I think she still has feelings for yuvaan. Yuvaan did care for Krishna. But now he wants Krishna to understand, that his feelings for Krishna. Is just as a sister.

      Suhani is to blame for this, because she told Krishna that yuvaan, love her as a boyfriend loves his girlfriend.
      That is why Krishna hates suhani.

      Also of cause, suhani put Krishna and saiyyam together. Because suhani thought saiyyam was going to kill yuvraj. Saiyyam wasn’t really going to kill yuvraj. He hated suhani for abandoning him. Saiyyam just wanted to hurt suhani. The way suhani hurt him.

      But Krishna shouldn’t have hit saiyyam like that. Because he was only asking her what was her plan.

      The stupid girl think, that is saiyyam faults that she didn’t get yuvaan. When actually yuvaan didn’t wanted her. I saw the look on her face, when Dadi had a go at her. Sometimes I really do love Dadi for this. Dadi honestly, is so brutal, but true. Dadi does tell people that she doesn’t care about.
      For saiyyam, he just didn’t care, if Dadi doesn’t care about him.
      But for Krishna, she wanted to be a birla.
      I can’t wait for the day, that yuvaan say it to Krishna face, that he didn’t want to marry her. Blaming it all on saiyyam and also suhani, is unfair.

  16. Syedul

    I hope Krishna gets hurt while trying to save sayyam then sayyams reaction will be something I want to see . I hate baby

    1. Saiyyam does care for Krishna. I think that he started to have feelings for Krishna. Like I said, the problem is Krishna.

  17. Wots going on with 2day’s episode…..?
    There was many cuts its like there was bits that we’ve missed. Not happy….dont want to see all repeat adverts (YAWN) boring!!!
    Please show our full episode!!

    1. I am afraid, that for NOW. It is best to read the updates. Sorry.

      What you are reading, it what has happened.

  18. same situation pahle jab suhani ne yuvraj ki jaan bachane ke liye krishna ki shaadi saiyam se fix kar di thi lekin wo aisa nhi chahati thi she is try her best par wo marriage ko nhi rok pai bcs fake yuvraj ne use rokkar rakha tha tab kuch log suhani ko galat kah rahe the lekin lekin aaj jab baby ki jaan bachane ke liye saiyam yuvaani yuvaan krishna ne suhani ki jaan ko khatre m daal diya yuvaani yuvaan krishna to kisi kaam ke nhl h lekin saiyam saiyam ne v sambhav ki baat maan li mujhe pata h saiyam suhani ko bachane ki puri kosis karega or wo success v ho jayega agar suhani ki tarah saiyam ko v koi rok léta or wo suhani ko bachane m fail ho jaata to kya saiyam galat hota nahi bcs tab sab yahi kahte ki saiyam ne try kiya tha waise hi jaise suhani ne try kiya jab us din suhani galat thi to aaj saiyam sahi kaise ho sakta h saiyam ne v aaj wahi kiya jo suhani ne kiya or aaj saiyam sahi h to us din suhani v sahi thi be practical krishna saiyam ka divorce ho sakta tha lekin yuvraj ki jaan wapas nhi aati mujhe to pata h na us din suhani galat thi na aaj saiyam galat he dono ne ek jaan bachane ke liye dusri jaan ko khatre m dala

  19. aaj ke saiyam or pahle ke saiyam m difference h aaj saiyam yuvraj ko nhi maar sakta lekin pahle saiyam ne yuvraj ko maarne ki kosis ki wo ek baar 3 baar jisme se ek baar to saiyam ne yuvraj ko save kar liye bcs suhani v car m thi nhi to wo yuvraj ko save nhi karta 2 baar poison gas se 3 baar tablate change karke is baar to yuvraj ko almost mar hi chucka tha if suhani shaadi nhi karati to wo yuvrajko antidode nhi deta infact saiyam ko sambhav ka sach pata nhi chalta to yuvraj suhani ko nhi bachata jo wo itne dino se kar rha tha saiyam ne yuvraj suhani or birla family ko isliye nhi bachaya ki wo unki parwah karta balki isliye sambhav galat tha birlas or yuvaani sahi h lekin saiyam suhani se pyar karta h sahi h bcs birlas v use pyar nhi karte ab saiyam chala jaaye to accha h bcs birlas use accept nhl karne waale suhani kar legi saiyam yuvraj dono hi ek doosre ko accept nhi karenge bs suhani ki wajah se ek saath rahenge jaise yuvraj ki wajah se dadi suhani rahte h

  20. yes suhani ko yuvraj ke approval ki jaroorat h bcs jab jab suhani ne yuvraj ke against jaake decision liya h tab tab yuvraj or birlas ne suffer kiya h to yuvraj ke approval ki jaroorat to h specially saiyam ke matter m to bilkul jaroorat h waise yuvraj kuch v kahe suhani wahi karti h jo use karna hota h yuvraj ki baat suhani kab maanti h yuvraj ki baat maani hoti to kuch galat hota hi nhi

  21. Esther

    LOL why ppl repeating comments against Suhanii everywhere when no one asked u anything abt her

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