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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 11th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gupta telling Pankaj that none can prove him guilty. He assures Pankaj that he will be proved innocent. Pankaj asks how can you be so sure. Gupta says let the court hearing start, you will know. Pratima waits for everyone and says I will call Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj asks Dadi why did she use personal things in the court, why did she say Pankaj is blackmailer. Dadi says I told what he is. He says don’t take wrong ways, to get justice for Gauri. Pratima thinks whats happening, and goes to Ramesh.

Ramesh tells Saurabh that Pratima has come home, how to tell her you all are at court. She hears this and gets shocked. Ramesh asks him to come home soon. He turns and drops the phone seeing Pratima. He lies to her. She says take me to court right away, what happened, what

are you hiding.

Gupta starts the case. He says I got to know imp thing, which will turn this case, I will prove it being a responsible lawyer. Bhavna tells Suhani that dad will get free. Menka tells Rags that Suhani will win. Gupta asks Dadi to come in witness box. Dadi goes in witness box. Leela says sorry, but I don’t know how is Dadi related to Gauri’s case. Gupta asks Leela to have patience and taunts her. Dadi swears she will just say the truth. Gupta says if you lie, there are many people who will say truth. She asks why will I lie when I did not do anything wrong. He asks really, you kept Gauri away from family in locked room, is this right according to you, tell me, did you not keep Gauri away for 10 years.

Dadi says Pankaj did this with Gauri and you are asking me. Gupta asks her to answer, did she keep Gauri away for 10 years or not. Dadi says yes. He says I did not hear it, say aloud. He asks why did you do this. She says its not related to this case. He says just answer me. She cries and says Gauri’s face had stain, which was bringing bad name for my family. Leela posts objection. Judge over rules it and Gupta resumes. He asks Dadi where did she keep Gauri. Dadi says out of station at a farmhouse, I took care of all her needs. He asks how did you fulfill need for her mum, how did you raise her. She says there was a caretaker. He asks did he have degree to raise a child, it means you gave Gauri to that stranger, is this true that Gauri wore mask for 10 years. Bhavna asks Suhani who told this to Gupta. Suhani says he asked about Gauri, I told him, I did not know her will use this. Dadi says yes, its true. Leela asks Gupta what does he want to prove. He asks Leela to have patience, she will know it.

He asks did Gauri wear mask after coming in your house. Dadi says Suhani got us to our house, I did not call her. He says exactly, you felt Gauri does not deserve to be part of your house. He asks Dadi to leave.

Pratima reaches court and Ramesh asks her to stop. Pratima says no, I will find the truth. Gupta asks Suhani how was Gauri when you got her. Suhani says she was innocent, clean heart like she is now. He asks was she normal. Pratima says I have to go inside, I know something wrong happened. Suhani says I can’t say this, I m not any doctor. He asks did she wear mask. Suhani says yes. Leela asks Dadi why did you not tell this to me before. Suhani says everyone has different reasons. He asks say yes or now, is wearing mask like this normal. She says no. He asks does Bhavna wear mask. Suhani says no. Dadi says they don’t have any stain on their faces, Gauri had stain, so she wore the mask, she is innocent, what do you want to prove. Gupta says she is kiddish and immature. Leela asks Dadi to sit down.

Suhani says Gauri was locked in room in her childhood, how will anyone become. He says I would have got mad, like Gauri lost her mental balance. Leela says Gupta knows a lot about Gauri, but whats the use. Gupta says you have less patience. Judge asks Leela to let Gupta complete. Gupta asks Suhani did Gauri get very angry. She says yes. He asks does Gauri lose her mental balance in anger. Pratima comes and hears them. Suhani says yes, she was given medicines to get well, we showed her to doctor to make her normal. Gupta says it means Gauri is not normal. Gauri shouts I m not mad, you are mad.

Leela asks whats Gupta doing, Pankaj tried to molest Gauri, and Gupta is blaming her. Judge says Gupta is not wrong, court also feels her mental state is not fine. Gupta says Gauri is not responsible for this, but we can’t punish a normal man hearing such a girl. Gauri is in trauma since childhood, she did not get well. Pratima gets shocked and cries.

Gupta says Gauri is not fine, can we punish Pankaj who has good character. Suhani says but.. Gupta asks her to wait. Dadi says I can’t bear this. Judge gives them 5 mins break. Dadi scolds Suhani and asks Yuvraaj to see. Yuvraaj asks Suhani what is she trying to prove that Gauri is mad. Suhani says no. Gauri says I m not mad. Dadi says calm down Gauri. Dadi asks Yuvraaj will he support Suhani to prove Pankaj innocent, see how low they fell, how did Suhani blame Gauri. Yuvraaj says Dadi… Pratima stops Yuvraaj, and says enough, don’t stop Dadi today, she is saying right. They all get shocked. Pratima asks Suhani how did you call Gauri mad. Suhani says no, listen.. Pratima says enough Suhani and hugs Gauri.

Leela says I want to present such witness who is mentally fine. She calls Yuvraaj in witness box.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh god I just hate this birla family all r drama king and queen and how could pratima talk to suhani in such a manner she is such a fool , and suhani don’t go back to birla family they did not deserve u , I think so yuvraj will give statement against pankaj

  2. Let the next case b yuvani’s divorce finish it off. We don’t want this stupidity, drag to continue any more. Hate this all. And yuvraj and pratima should accept that gauri was not sound minded. And so even the case is also not valid. So stop this nonsense bullshit.

  3. Does Gauri behaves normal anyway…if they can say that Pankaj tried to molest Gauri then Suhani can say that Gauri is not normal…wat Dadi ,,,U can blame an innocent man for the crimes he never did so I don’t see anything wrong wid Gupta’s points…gauri is still a kid,,,,u din’t even taught her the basics of lyf,,i remember that Gauri said to buy baby frm temple for Yuvraj and Suhani,,,Dadi,Pratima and all were to much interested in marrying her off and handing over her responsibilities to Lata,,,y,,bcoz,,they were nt able to handle their daughter .They din’t do their responsibility as a mother or dadi,,,

  4. Now what this Yuvraj’s upto,,,I’m sure dat he will bring some unwnted twist

  5. If dadi cn use personal matters in court..Suhani also can,,,,I saw Pratima’s motherly luv fr Gauri,,ya,,gud,,nyc,,,Every mother thinks that their child is perfect,,,bt Pratima should realize the truth,,,Gauri is not behaving normal..anyway that’s nt her fault bcoz she was in Dadi’s prison for 10 yrs,,,it will take tym for her to get normal…bt Birla family’s mistake is that neither they gave her enough tym to bcm normal nor they taught her anything

  6. Omg the situation is getting bad to worst. Feeling bad for suhani&yuvraj they hv to go through this phase without any fault of theirs. Now pratima too is against suhani this proves that whatever good a daughter in -law does fr the fmly when time comes she is thrown out fr sure.

  7. Hope yuvraj won’t create any further problems fr suhani & pankaj .

  8. Quite interesting wt will happen next…
    so sad for yuvani

  9. Plz cvs dnt separate yuvani…
    hope yuvani prove pankajs innocent.

  10. Nice episode so sad for yuvani
    poor suhani birla house all members against her. Today she is looking beautiful.

  11. Hope yuvraaj doesn’t take side of daadi and create problems
    I wrote a story at
    Hope you all read it

    1. Cute story I really liked it

  12. i will lead to the separation of yuvani, to realize the love

    1. sorry, happen by mistake

  13. i think it will lead to the separation of yuvani, to realize the love b/w them again

  14. This is why I stopped watching all this shit with the Birla family and f**kING gauri and aditya. I hate this cuz it’s nothing new. It’s just a bunch of shut put together. They need to come up with a new track

  15. I am telling you if these idiots for writers can’t write a proper story with positive outcome and make Yuvraaj testify against Suhani’s dad then they should continue under the same story line of unhappiness and misery and have Yuvraaj and Suhani split forever…end of show!!!

  16. The whole of Birla family is mad…they should just live with themselves and stupid Aditya…god I hate this show.

  17. I think gauri no who did dat to her n also they need everyone who was there

  18. Finally daughter is important over the daughter in law well done pratima

  19. Not again ,and tht blood yuvraj and stupid suhani ,how can u stay with such self motive family ? They forget that u brought that dumb gauri back ?know all the stupid back on you ,supid drama

  20. Stupid yuvraj after 1.5 years he doesn’t realise her wife shit kill that mental gauri and dadi so disgusting….

  21. Eagerly waiting know who was the culprit too.
    plz cvs dnt separate yuvani
    we want again saware momentss.

  22. Nice episode

  23. Sahsikala Dadi is shameless. Every time she tries to humiliate Suhani, Suhani wins. Still she calls her Ae larki and not by name r Bahu,. She should be punished.

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