Suhani Si Ek Ladki 11th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 11th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvaan seeing Dadi. He asks Baby why is Dadi sleeping in the car. Krishna says I will arrange Saiyyam’s clothes till he comes, but why is Saiyyam going club, will he drink there, whatever he does, I should not care, I will just help him, he should wear a good shirt. She checks the cupboard and does not find any good shirt. She gets a gift for Saiyyam and keeps that shirt for him. She says let him think why I gave this gift to him.

Baby lies to Yuvaan and says I was taking Dadi to ashram for meditation, she was feeling unwell at home. He says fine, take care of her. Baby sprinkles water on Dadi and asks her to wake up. Dadi asks where are we. Baby says we are in car, you have smelled chloroform by mistake. Dadi says lets leave soon.

Saiyyam comes to room.

Krishna hides. He sees the shirt and says yuck, whose bad shirt is this, who wears such shirts. He goes to cupboard and finds it locked. He says what shall I wear in lunch now. Krishna falls down. He looks at her and asks why were you doing behind curtain. She asks did you not like the shirt. He falls down. He sees the keys and asks what were you doing with my cupboard keys, you thought to hide keys and make me joker by wearing such keys, why were you taking revenge, as I have torn your card, seriously, you are so bad, you don’t know to keep relations, you just know to spoil my things. He takes a shirt from cupboard. She asks her to stop this planning and plotting, and stay away from him. He goes. Krishna cries holding the shirt.

Yuvani comes and asks is this shirt or tubelight, I know Saiyyam is ill mannered, he should have not spoken that way, but this shirt is ridiculous to the core, what did you think before buying this shirt.

Baby and Dadi find Suhani’s car. They ask the driver about Amma mai. He is injured and say someone kidnapped madam. Baby and Dadi ask each other did they do this. They worry. The man says who did you kidnap, we did not had to kidnap her, that car number was different, is she Suhani Birla, its fine, even she is rich.

Krishna says its fine if he does not like that shirt. Yuvani says its not rocket science to understand your heart, I know Saiyyam is weird, but he is good at heart, I have spend time with him, when you all hated him, he was my friend even that time. Krishna says he was going in party, so I thought to gift him shirt. Yuvani says it was not good. Krishna says people wear such shirts in pub. Yuvani says none wear such shirts, you like him right. Krishna says no, I don’t like him. Yuvani asks really, then I will help you in getting rid of him.

Krishna asks will you help me. Yuvani says yes, if you gift such shirts, he will really get away, these are good clothes, wear nice clothes, when he pays attention, then we will think ahead. Krishna hugs her and says you are best sister. Yuvani asks her not to be senti.

Yuvraaj asks servant about Suhani. Servant says she went to market. Dadi asks why are you asking him, from today ask me anything, not her. Kidnapper calls Yuvraaj and says Suhani Birla is with us, we have kidnapped her. Yuvraaj and Dadi get shocked. Kidnapper asks her to give call to Suhani’s husband. Yuvraaj asks who are you. Kidnapper asks who are you. Yuvraaj says I m her husband. Dadi asks how dare you say that. Pratima asks what happened. Yuvraaj says someone is saying he kidnapped Amma mai. The kidnapper asks for 50 lakhs. Yuvaan and Saiyyam worry, and agree to pay money. Dadi asks how can they decide, when she is here. Pratima takes Dadi. Yuvraaj says we have to give money. Kidnapper sends Suhani’s pic.

Baby asks Dadi to anger goons by calling police, so that they kill Suhani. She smiles and thinks to tell Yuvaan about Dadi calling police. Dadi calls police and asks them to go after Yuvraaj to trace Suhani. She wishes Yuvraaj also dies in this fight. Baby smiles and thinks wow Dadi, if this wish gets fulfilled, it will be double jackpot for me.

Saiyyam and Yuvaan arrange money. Yuvraaj talks to kidnapper. Kidnapper tells them where to meet. He asks them not to call police. Baby smiles seeing the money bags. Yuvraaj comes there and Baby hides under the bed. Yuvraaj picks other bag and stops. He turns. She hides.

Yuvraaj pays money to goons. Kidnapper finds paper in the bag. Saiyyam fights with the goons.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hafiza

    I think now the pic srishti uploaded she will wear that because it’s a short dress,, excited for the upcoming scenes

  2. Swetha7

    got a somewhat longer kriyam scene but feel bit upset.where the hell has kriyam romance gone…….

  3. So nic yuvani will hlp krishna

  4. Hai all fans of ssel
    Iam a silent reader 12th standard se ssel dekh rahi hum .onlyonly for YuvAni iam a big fan of YuvAni
    My sister she is big fan of kriyyam i like kriyyam also but me yeh show suhani or yuvraj ki wajhe se dekthi hum
    me yuvani k scenes zyadazyada dekhna chahta hum q k suhani and yuvraj is best actors and best couple

    1. A.Tejaswi

      Hi farishta.I am also a big fan of yuvani.Good to meet u…Comment regularly. There are many yuvani fans here.See the ffs..There are many ff writers.I am one among them.Avani,Suhani yuvraj birla,AFANFICWRITER….they are all awesome

    2. Farishta hi i am also big fan of yuvani. Especially suhani .please comment for them.

    3. I love Yuvani very much I’m seeing the show only for Yuvani
      Yuvani is the best

  5. i am to agree sana swetha

  6. jab suhani ko bachana hi hain to yuvraj ko bejna chaiye tha wo hi to suhani ka hero hain kaha krishna ko bachana chaiye tha saiyyam ko aur ssel wale saiyyam se suhani ko bachbare hain i think krishna kidnapped honi chaiye thi suhani ki jagha

  7. oh god! for the first time suhani was nt onscreen today all others were there… bt really today hats off to yuvani she s such a darling… saiym so cute… luvd yuvraj reaction when he heard suhani kidnappe… bt seriously need atleast one small scene yuvraj n yuvani.. they r nt at all showng YUVANI n their children together.. hope to get soon…

  8. Reallyyyyyyy…..!!! Yuvani will help Krishna.Thats really unbelievable.

  9. Zai

    Some extended scenes of kriyam… happy for that.
    Saiyam is always scolding Krishna but never mind at least we are getting their scenes.
    It’s nice that Yuvani is helping Krishna, the sister bond will be amazing

  10. Zai

    Nothing to say about Baby and Dadi drama…. i am fed up of their conspiracy

    I think there are awesome kriyam scenes coming up. Karan said there are dance scenes going on and even Shrish posted a pic on insta where she is looking gorgeous in a saree

  11. omg omg i can’t wait this episode saiyyam help krishna drape her sari so lovely

  12. zai please tell me srishti instragram link muje srishti ka instragram Milta hi nahi old pic milti hain srishti ki instragram par

  13. Aarti32

    Guys, whichever pics you’ve seen, plzz send d links..

  14. Swetha7

    poor krishna….she doesn’t know how to impress a boy or select a gift for a boy…..she has lots to learn…i am glad yuvaani is there to help her.otherwise she won’t be able to impress sayyam and trapped with yuvaan… we got somewhat baby dadi conspiracy which make me relieved….guys.will sayyam be blamed for that swapping the money bags?????….normally he is always blamed for things he has not done……when we will see kriyams romantic hug guys……

    1. Haha..true!

      1. but it’ll be extremely sad and disspointing if everyone blames him for the money swapping…especially if Suhani blames him after he only saved her…even if it does happen, I hope Krishna takes his side

      2. Swetha7

        Definitely krishna will be there for him

  15. Aarti32

    Today’s Kriyyam scene was, thank God, somewhat longer than always..But it was not romantic at all.. Saiyyam shouted, Krishna fell down (as always??) n cried too..Wat is dis yaar!! Looks like d romance has sublimed in d air..
    But d shirt was really horrible?? poor Krishna..Upset ho gyi

    1. Swetha7

      yes Aarti that was a horrible glittering black shirt.anyone can say that it is a very bad taste…but poor krishna.she is not matured yet.her marriage was fixed with yuvaan all of a sudden and she was forced to marry sayyam.she has no any experience of romantic date.gifting,impressing a boy.ect……….now she is slowly coming to the track but she badly needs a help.thank god yuvaani is there for her.

      1. Aarti32

        Yeah, she’s inexperienced in this case..She’s only experienced in being good.. Actually she’s PhD in dat??

  16. Aarti32

    Instead, she cud hv gifted him a plain black shirt..Not dis glittery shirt?..He wud hv looked killer hot in black?

    1. He looked really hot in black…dope

  17. Aarti32

    Hey, where r Esther, Arshi, Halima n dp queen Lavanya..I luv her dps??

  18. Aarti32

    Waiting to see how Yuvaani will help Krishna impress Saiyyam..N also wat will be Saiyyam’s reactions on Krishna’s efforts..

    1. same here Aarti 😀

    2. Mystery

      I don’t like saiyyam’s rudeness…..y Krishna is behind him….I want to see Krishna ignoring him….n then he will understand how Krishna feels when he scolds her

  19. LOVEEEEED YUVANI in today’s episode…the shirt really wasn’t good though and it REALLY wouldn’t have suited Sayyam…sorry Krishna…hehe poor Krishna has never been to a club…she was worried that Sayyam would get drunk…but she still wanted to help him…she really wants to keep him happy…but she still has a long way to go in terms of self-confidence and her innocence

    If Yuvani and Sayyam were SUCH good friends, then why didn’t we ever see them bonding? I really would have liked that Sibling bond…but we have seen them drinking together…LOL…glad that someone other than dumb Baby understands Sayyam and that Yuvani has seen his golden heart..Suhani doesn’t put in the effort to get to know the son she met after 20 YEARS!!!

    When Sayyam saw Krishna, first he felt concern for her and tried to help her stand up, then he got angry (his concern is too cute)…all his life he has been treated badly and given no worth…and people have always thought badly about him…and his “closest friend” Baby only USED him for money…so it was kinda natural for him for him to think Krishna was plotting against him to hurt him, cause he knows that he’s always hurt her and probably feels guilty for that…

    There’s a olv that Sayyam will help Krishna drape her Sari…I’m sooooo excited!!! Srishti’s looking really pretty in the instagram pic too…Sayyam will not be able to take his eyes off her

    The precap was awesome…only Sayyam has that unconditional love for Suhani…Yuvaan did not show any concern whatsoever…sad fact…the son Suhani has brought up has no moral values overall and only knows how to steal Sayyam’s girls…

    My wish: Sayyam gets a minor injury in the fight and succesfully rescues Suhani…then EVERYONE will realize what a good heart Sayyam has…and we’ll hopefully see some Kriyam scenes

    1. sorry for the long comment guys..

    2. Swetha7

      is there a OLV sayyam draping krishna’s Saree.then link pleeeeeeaaaaaaaase!!!!!!!!1

    3. Aarti32

      You’re comment is seriously worth reading..But if u would’ve cut it into 6-7 comments, then it wud hv been like..Sooo many comments!! Just kidding..I’m actually on d 100 comments mission..So I tell like dis all d time

      1. Thnx Aarti 😀 i’ll try to split up my comments next time…I’ll join you in that mission of yours

  20. Baby changed bags, no one saw anything. Were they her goons from the drugs track? Why/when she going to get exposed and dadi’ truth too. Why she wants yuvraj killed too?

    1. Lolz, these day ssel mein har do din pe updates me goons to aate hi hai. Birla house members hi allahabad goons ke ghar chalate hai. Kya ho gaya hai inn ko, violence, hate aur plotting pe too much focus.

  21. farina hossain

    Guys why always shrishti aka krishna takes a picture with sad face even she don’t any pic with any co-actor why ? don’t you think guys it’s a weird …

  22. i liked the way krishna thinking…will he drink there….lol she doesnt want 2 c him drunk….but saiyyam was so rude 2day……im very sure…one day he will wear this dress which she gifted him….to impress her….
    n im a bit scared…tht saiyyam bot money frm bank…but baby changed n put newspaper….im scare tht saiyyam will b blamed 4 stealing….

  23. Rinsha

    Loved yuvaanii…her advise will make krishna release her love for sayyam

  24. Thank you so much tejaswi,suhani ,aparna and abi thank you guysguys
    dont worry i will comment regularly and definetly support our lovely couple YuvAni

  25. Please post the link of olv in which saiyyam helps krishna in drapping saree

  26. Hiii kriyammm… actually i can help u with this u can search it on google by typing ” ssel times of india” there is written sypnosis is there in which its one of the sypnosis writen that sayyam will help krishna in draping her saree….. also there is a function in the house bcz its dadi’s birthday party…….

  27. Mystery

    I don’t like today’s scene……Krishna leave saiyyam…he don’t deserve u…..find someone else….u can get anyone….give divorce to saiyyam…huh…..

    Saiyyam always hurt her….huh…y he marry her….if he has so much problem then y he is living with her…..

    1. Aarti32

      Plzz don’t say like dis dear..Already CVS r jst too good in showing Kriyyam scenes (sarcasm evident) n if they ever get to read dis, I’m afraid they’ll show dis!!
      They nvr consider d right things..But they always do d wrong ones..

      1. Mystery

        Mere kehne she kya hogaa…..saiyya is so rude…..agar mai Krishna hoti to seedha krti saiyyam ko

    2. Aarti32

      Well..Hum sab ye dream krte h ki hum Krishna ki jagah hote!! But..Itni acchi Kismat nhi h na hum sab ki??

  28. If dadi is faking her memory loss how can she want yuvraj killed?

  29. Nice episode. Saiyyam’s anger was obvious as that shirt was really hideous. Krishna’s taste needs to improve and I am glad Yuvaani is there to help her. It will be good to see the bond between them.
    People remember that they are not sisters… But its better than that stupid dadi-baby track.

  30. Hello everyone!!
    Am new here..
    Love kriyam..They are too awesome ..But feeling sad for krishna..saiyyam was too rude to her..anyways we are going to get their romantic scenes soon..And lastly Saiyyam is too hot to handle..what say girls??? ?

  31. So,yuvani is going to help Krishna.eagerly waiting to see the Krishna and saiyyam scenes…….

  32. Sanchayita

    Hello everyone!!
    Am new here..
    Love kriyam..They are too awesome..but feeling bad for krishna..Saiyyam was too rude to her.anyways we are going to get their romantic scenes soon..And lastly Saiyyam is too hot to handle..what say girls?? ??

    1. Aarti32

      Hey, welcome to SSEL FC..R u YuvAnian or Kriyyamite or both?.. Comment regularly n in loads..
      Hot!! KJo is sizzling!!?

    2. Sanchayita

      Hey Aarti..
      I am truely a Kriyyamite but i like yuvani too?..

  33. Syedul

    I agree with Mystery

  34. Syedul

    Yuvani is so awesome tho

  35. Aarti32

    Guys, y so less comments today?? We’ve to cross d mark of 100.. Remember?? So plzz comment yaaro

  36. Aarti32

    Guys, I’m gonna write an OS on Kriyyam, on 14th Feb..Valentine’s day gift for u all..Who all will be waiting??

  37. Dadi had a big problem with suhanis skin colour and now baby is black as anything why does she not have a problem with her. Her face is white and arms are black and someone please tell her to shave her upper lip.

    1. Hey, I agree with how Dadi should have a problem with Baby for her skin color if she had a problem with Suhani…but Poulomi das is really pretty the way she is and it’s nice that she has self-confidence and is a top model despite being a little darker than other actresses and models

  38. thank you so much zai

    1. Zai


  39. Welcome sanchayita…

  40. Yuvani_saraj

    hello everyone i am new here…i am a yuvani fan…hope to see yuvani scenes in todays episode…missed them…

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