Suhani Si Ek Ladki 11th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 11th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rags welcoming Dadi. Dadi shows her some documents and says I went to get this. Rags checks and smiles. She says how did you do this. Baby comes and greets Dadi. She thanks Dadi for sending set with Rags. Dadi says I m glad that your pagphera happened well. Baby says Suhani spoiled everything. Dadi asks why. Rags says Suhani gave her mum’s bangles to Krishna. Dadi says Baby has equal rights. Yuvani comes and hugs Dadi.

Yuvani asks for her gift to cheer her mood. Rags asks why, what happened. Yuvani says mumma wants to play antakshiri with family. Rags says Suhani and her stupid ideas, I will not encourage her. Dadi says why, make a good team, we will make them lose, we have to show who is part of this family and who are outsiders, we will not get better chance.

Rags nods and says one who loses will get this. Dadi smiles.

Sharad says i m glad seeing Birla family together, you have to sing songs that play on tv. Baby says I know all latest songs. Rags asks Sharad not to play old songs. Bhavna says antakshiri is not played that way and tells the rules. Sharad says I did changed to play Karaoke antakshiri, we will start it now. Everyone sit. Krishna sits with Saiyyam.

Sambhav says if anyone wants to have food, serve yourself, enjoy. He goes and takes juice in a glass. He shows the glasses to Yuvraaj via the mirror. He spikes Suhani’s drink. Yuvraaj gets angry. Bhavna says we will start antakshiri now, Dadi is eldest, she will start. They all ask Dadi to sing. Dadi agrees and says I will sing the song which I like the most. Sharad says sure. Dadi sings Aage bhi jaane na tu…..Sharad dances with Dadi. Everyone clap for Daid. Yuvraaj sees the family. Sharad says now its turn for Suhani’s team. Bhavna sings Jaane jaan dhundti phir rahi….. Yuvaan and Baby sing Nahi Nahi Abhi karo intezaar….. Everyone clap. Baby says I will just come and goes. Bhavna asks Krishna to sing now. Krishna says no. Saiyyam says what will she sing. Krishna goes to sing. She sings Koi to bataye……. Rags says your team lost, this is wrong song. Bhavna says wait, Krishna is young, she did mistake, give one chance to her. Rags asks what chance, if you forgot rules, I will remind you.

Yuvani supports Rags. Bhavna says what will happen if you give chance to Krishna. Rags says this is cheating. Pratima says don’t fight. Yuvani says this is not fair. Sharad says one chance is fine. Saiyyam holds head. Suhani says play happily, Yuvani sing any song you like. Yuvani says no, I don’t want your favor, you just take Krishna’s side. Sambhav says wait, I will sing now, it was Suhani’s fav song. He sings jaanu meri jaan and dances with Suhani. Yuvraaj looks on. Sharad hugs Sambhav.

Baby comes and asks Suhani to sing now. She gives mic to Suhani. She thinks when Suhani gets mic on, she will get a shock. Suhani says which song to sing. Sharad says sing that song which Yuvraaj sang in song. Yuvraaj says he does not know anything, as he is your Yuvraaj. Sambhav thinks. Sharad says you start, Suhani will sing with you. Sambhav says no, its Suhani’s turn. Suhani says fine, I will sing other song. She sings yeh moh moh ke dhaage……. Yuvraaj smiles. Everyone clap. Suhani says done and switches off the mic. She stumbles and mic falls. Krishna gets it and switches it on. She gets shock. Everyone ask what happened, was it a shock. Krishna nods. Suhani checks mic. She says someone spoiled it. Sharad says Baby gave you mic. Suhani stares at Baby.

She asks Baby did you do this. Dadi asks what are you saying. Saiyyam says I know Baby well, whatever she did yesterday, this is easy for her. Yuvaan says enough, stop blaming Baby for everything. He defends Baby. Sambhav smiles. Suhani asks Yuvaan to let Baby say this. She asks Baby did she spoil mic or not.

Sambhav says I want to make everything fine. Suhani says I want the same. He hugs her. Yuvraaj looks at them. She asks what are you doing. He gets close to kiss her. She pushes Sambhav and slaps him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Fed up of this Sambhav… Can’t digest this duplicate yuvraj….. Don’t know y dragging so much of sambhav character… Wish sambhav face off…. Suhani might know I.e he is lustybhav n not yuvraj

  2. I have made my mind up.
    I say 6 weeks. Because yuvraj, need to come back.
    Staff well happen, Dadi give yuvaan everything.
    Then baby kicks them all out of the house.
    So what do you think mo, hanna, silent reader and poppy.
    If anyone wants to be part of this bet, can join.
    Don’t worry, there is no money involved and also no prizes to be won.
    It is just for fun.

    1. No!
      Baby, is not a patient character.
      I am staying at 3 weeks.

      Then everything well belong to baby.

      1. I agree 3 weeks is more likely.
        Baby is a patient character.
        She well find away.
        Yuvaan is getting angry at Krishna.
        Yuvaan wife is getting picked on, by mummy.
        His colour is coming out.
        I can why (r) you would want yuvraj to see it. In that part I don’t know. It depending on the writers.
        Anything can happen in 3 weeks. 🙂

    2. I want all this to happen as soon as possible i will say 3 weeks. Can’t want to see dadi’s , rags and yuvaan’s face they will be like ??? and we will be ???

      1. Ok, we well see.
        The reason I said 6 weeks, yuvraj has to come back home.
        He always said that saiyyam was bad.
        I want him to see that his own blood is not good either.
        He can’t see that, because he is tied up.

      2. We never know after all it is an Indian serial might drag it longer . I agree yuvraaj should see that bloodline doesn’t decide what a person is , as @mo said sometimes good parents have bad children and bad parents have good ones.

    3. Mmmm,,,,6weeks means,,next year,,,,,I’m really confused,,,If it was Baby track only then I would hv said 2 weeks,,,,,bt Sambav bhi he na,,,,,,maybe,,,,,,4th week,,,,,after Sambav’s exit….maybe Sambav track will end after 3 weeks,,,,,

      1. maybe Sambav’s track will end after 2 weeks,,,,,,o.O **Still a confused soul**

    4. Even if Baby kicks them out, Suhani has her own house and buisiness na……….hope the writer won’t forget that,,,,else they will show scenes lyk Birlas going to Lata’s house or smthng else,,,,well,I would love to see Baby torturing her fav Rags/Dadi/Yuvani,,,,,,hope they won’t leave the house,,,,,,,,Yuvani is too much irritating,,,,why she z always against Suhani….thought she’ll stop supporting Baby after whatever happened in the naa

      1. In the beginning of the episode dadi showed some papers to rags and she seemed happy and impressed do you have any idea of what papers they are ?

      2. Really can’t guess what it could be,,,,,Maybe it’s the papers of Birla house,,,,,or smthng against Sayyam……Sayyam came to Birla house by faking some papers rite,,,maybe smthng lyk that,,,,,,coz Rags was happy,,,,If it was lyk naming the house on Yuvan’s name/smthng,she could hv got mad,,,,maybe it’s mrg papers,,,,aah,,,I donnoo

    5. I am with (r)!
      6 weeks, my reason for this, is because, me and Hanna, are having a relationship problems. 😉
      You see Hanna has Suhani & Yuvraj.
      I have Saiyyam & Krishna.
      This dealing was done when we broke up.
      So 6 weeks!

      1. yeaa website a strange,,,,we knw we knw

      2. @ silentReader ?

    6. Okay, interesting Shanti, thank you for your support.

      @ Hanna, just LOL, my dear. B-) 🙂

  3. krishna ?Sayyam

    Wow ! Sayyam and Krishna sit together now . That’s so cute

    1. Yes, they do look cute!
      My next bet is going to be on how long well it take. Krishna to have feelings for saiyyam.
      I think saiyyam is starting to have feelings for Krishna.
      But it is early days, now it is the right time.

      1. Time & date please. 😉

      2. well,,,,we still hv tym to bet on them,,,,they won’t fall in love easily,,,,take Yuv-Ani’s story as example… took them months and months to confess their love,,,and that too bcoz of Soumya,,,,,As it’s SSEL there won’t be any love story without a jealousy track,,,,,after Sambav track,soon Yuvani and Krishna’s childhood friend will come frm nowhere and then jealousy track ON

  4. wanted this precap.. awesome slap. his mask shud get peeled off n it will be fun to watch. suhani knws self defense, so she will never allow him to do anything. (hope cvs dont forget that). will c what r these cvs upto. aftr a long time whole family 2gethr bt missing real yuvaraj a lot.

    1. I did say yesterday say that suhani is not going to do anything.
      She is not ready. Was it you or someone else.
      I can’t remember. If it wasn’t you, abi, then I am sorry.
      But otherwise I was right.

      1. Its nt me bt Its k (r) . Actually am also sayng tat this time they will nt show anythng like tat for sure n suhani will surely punish sambhav again. They r shown as elders bt the cvs still show such kind of thinking, even aftr 20yrs. Sad abt tat.

  5. such a disgusting serial. these people should be ashamed of themselves that they are not changing the story line after soo much of abuse by people.

    everyones been laughing on this sick prog. since six months they are showing stuff as if the producers have gone mad.

  6. Thestarkfromhogwarts

    saiyyam’s reaction when krishna got a shock *i smell love*

    1. Yes I smell it too!

    2. Mee too

    3. Really,,,,,Oh God….waiting to see that **excited**

      1. actly I didn’t watch yesterdays eps

  7. I can’t believe that dis old lady called Dadi is still alive, she should have been dead millon yrs ago. Overall Babe rocks as always, I just love her, I started watch the show wen Babe and Sai came 2 the show, I think they would have make gud couple

  8. Does sambhav know that saiyyam is his own son or not?

    1. Yes he does, know.

  9. Are birlla’s poor?! Why so much headache for a pair of bangles which by the belongs to suhani , she can whatever she wants with it what’s their pb , did she goes to dadi and tells her ” stop wasting money on botox no matter how much you spend on , you will still look like a witch , so better stop and keep the money for your grandkids ” .

    1. haa yaar,,,,,ye 2 bangles ke liye kya kya dhekna padtha he,,,,,,,They made it a global issue…..

    2. So true. Those banlges, belong to suhani mother.

      Such Despicable family!
      I don’t know why Rag was upset about.

  10. So it’s fixed,,,,,,,
    r -6
    shanti -6

    Silentreader -4 🙁 (me tho akeli akeli….teek he,,,,no probs,,,,akeli jeeth jaaunga :B )

    mo -3
    poppy -3
    hanna -3

    anyone else……?

  11. I love that when siyyam said what happend krishna…awwww so cute and baby is always a ugly girl and it will be . Soon she will see to others her real colour may be in just 2 weeks.

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