Suhani Si Ek Ladki 11th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 11th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj going to lab. He finds it locked. Sambhav says how will Yuvani be here. Yuvraaj looks inside and says there is something else. He breaks the lock and they get inside. They see Yuvani unconscious. Suhani shouts Yuvani. Sharad apologizes to Dadi for her allergy. Saurabh says that was dangerous mistake. Dadi says everyone is fighting for keys. Sharad says Bhavna does not want keys to go to Soumya, else she does not care for keys. Saurabh says I know Bhavna, she won’t do this. Dadi says keys are bringing all truth out. Sharad says someone is trapping Bhavna, but who.

Rags and Menka get fruits for Dadi. Rags says we will take good care of you. Doctor checks Yuvani and says that was just tear gas. Yuvraaj says how did lab get locked. Principal says maybe someone

locked the lab. Suhani asks Yuvani how did she get inside lab. Yuvani says I was waiting for Yuvaan, a football hit me and I fainted. Yuvraaj asks her to promise she won’t go anywhere without telling him. Yuvani promises. Suhani asks Yuvraaj not to scold Yuvani now. Menka tells Rags that they will spray both bottles, Soumya will not wake up. Rags says no one should doubt on us, see this, I ordered this parcel on Bhavna’s name. Menka says everyone will feel Bhavna did this. Rags says yes, Suhani is gone and after Soumya and Bhavna leave, everything will be ours. They go out and Sharad passes by their room. He sees the parcel.

Suhani cries and Yuvaan apologizes to her. He promises to take care of Yuvani. Yuvani cries and Pratima consoles her. Dadi asks Yuvraaj how did this happen. He says Yuvani was showing school to Yuvaan, Suhani and I were with principal. Pratima asks Yuvani to change clothes. He says thank God we got her on time, we were worried. Sambhav gets a call and goes. Suhani tells Yuvaan that he is world’s best brother. Yuvaan tells Pankaj that Yuvani covered herself with lab coat, so nothing happened to her, she is student of the year. Suhani says I know Yuvani is like me, she is strong.

Sambhav goes to meet Dadi. Dadi slaps him and he falls down. She asks did you try to kill Yuvani. He says yes, I did it, I will try again, Yuvani brings Suhani and Yuvraaj together, I did everything to kill her, but Yuvraaj found her, I will do anything to get Suhani, I will make anyone who comes in between us away, I would have killed Yuvraaj. Dadi says enough of your nonsense. He says you don’t know anything, I feel like killing that girl. She asks why did you not kill her then, why is she alive, why is your plan failing. He says don’t worry, this won’t happen next time.

She says you did not do anything, Suhani and Yuvraaj are together, you just know to shout, next time succeed and come infront of me, get lost. He says next time I will win, it will be big danger for Yuvraaj. He goes. She thinks Sambhav can’t do anything, I kidnapped Yuvraaj, so Sambhav and Suhani got married.

Sharad sends Soumya from room. Rags and Menka go to put the spray in her room. Sharad stops Soumya and they hide. They see Rags and Menka spraying. They get itching by the spray and leave. Soumya thanks Sharad. He asks them to think of family, do anything, just keep Bhavna out of all this. He goes.

Yuvraaj messages Suhani and thinks she would be sleeping. She was also messaging him. she gets his message and calls him. he checks for something in kitchen. She asks what is he doing. He says I m hungry and looking for food. She asks what will you have now. He says I will see, don’t worry. She says Bhavna would have made food, she keeps a food plate in fridge. He gets that and asks how do you know. She says Pratima told me, will you have cold food now. He says what to do now. She says I told you to learn heating food in microwave. He asks will you taunt me now. She says I get fun when you get annoyed. He says I will send my selfie, you can laugh, now just tell me how to warm up the food. She guides him. He heats the food. She ends call. He eats food and she calls him again. She asks him to walk for some time before sleeping. They talk. She laughs and ends call.

Dadi goes to meet someone at night. Suhani prays for family. Dadi goes to some dark place. Its morning, Sambhav is sleeping. He wakes up and recalls Dadi’s words. He thinks what to do, what plan to make. He sees Suhani sleeping on the bed and goes to her. He thinks I feel Suhani loves Yuvraaj, and I can’t bear this.

Sambhav gets close to Suhani. She wakes up and says Sambhav you, what are you doing here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. When sujani didn’t marry samba , she and yuvi always used to fight for silly reason.. but now?????? Totally messed up the story. Suhani is wrong. If she marry sambav she has to continue their married life… these writers are spoiling Indian culture… disgusting

  2. When dis track will end….just fed up

  3. Ssel is a modern serial .how does asimple looking girl manage her family by love,intelligence,and masti…….but today I really getting shocked…cave, khandhar, imaginary world of daadi……ab ye sab bakwas dekhna padega……bachi – khuchi ummeed bhi khatam….Today’s episode bakwas sirf yuvraj suhani ka part really good…

  4. Now suhani can feel fishy coz of sambhav…. but when the real dadi will come…. atleast she never kill or try 2 separate the kids…. so boring… trp 1.3… if dis track will continue den trp will come to 0 one day

  5. Oh my God, afyer leap Suhani was a business woman adn even her intro was that she changed her looks ,style and even she said personality is more important..
    But now here its that old suhani (as if before leap)..
    Sharad too was managing office ,now both suhani and sharad is here ,even i dont see sambhav doing any work..
    Suhani..what happened to you,,,

    All credit to writers,taking a leap and forgetting totally for what the leap is ,plus they forgot that they changed the character of suhani and now she is back to box one.

  6. srif yuvani ke liye yeh sab bakwas adjust karna padega… today yuvani scene superbbb!!!

  7. Ohhhhh this sambhav is very bad.. yuvraaj nd suhani plzz cum back together

  8. I agree that suhani has to manage her life.I dont want yuvani together but want to see suhani is happy with her inde life.

  9. Writer and director… if ur really reading our comments then just think on it… atleast a littel bit..
    All fans are expecting reunion of yuvAni.. cause ab sabke patience khatam ho rahe he… fir bhi hum log baar baar comments karate hai… ki story ko track pe lao… kyunki abhi bhi bahot se fans aise bhi he jo chahte ki ssel kabhi band naa ho… pls pls ..

    Today trp is 1.3 thats why all fans r requesting for good things…

    And pls do some sensable things yaar..
    Thoda to socho ki sambhav ke pass lock and key kaise aya.. aur aaj kal to har school me coridoor me cctv cameras rehate he.. to kuchhh bhi mat dikhao.. and what abt suhani’s and sharad’s business..

    Old ssel was just superb… i think u should revise all the seasons again…
    Pls try to take it possitively..

  10. Seriously? Pakistani shows are better than these indian shows bcz there is no reality in indian shows.I don’t deny the fact that i do watch indian shows but what kind of story should we narrate to other people who don’t watch it about every indian drama. Pehle koi bura hota hai phir wo acha bn jata hai phir kuch salon ka leap ajata hai aur badlay start koi insaan mer kr phir zinda ho jata hai koi behropiya hota hai. Is serial mai 6 saal ka leap aya hai is hisaab say bachay 5 saal k honay chahye jo k un ko dekh kr lagta nhai pata nahi indian dramay itnay der 10 10 saal tak kesay chal letai hain.Kisi ko thapr pr jaita hai tou sub k chehron pr dishoom camera dikhatay hain.behropiya logon ki awazay b same wow

  11. Suhani should slap him n also try to be more close to yuvraj

  12. I agree with Anju, old ssel is superb . Often I am watching on Hotstar . I want sambhav,daadi and soumya ki reality sabke samne aaye unhe saza bhi mile .yuvani reunite ho jaye and serial ki happy ending kar diya jaye …..fir se season 1 se restart kare.I think mere jaise bahut logo ka starting miss hua hoga………do plzzzzzz think about it seriously…….

  13. our phasuhani wapas agaiyA

  14. This serial Suhani si ek ladki showing horrible story…. Can a grandmother think to hurt her own grandchild just coz she has rejects to the daughter in law.
    This is how the world getting bad by looking this serials. Can this stop right now. bad serial, horrible outcome. stop it right now.

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