Suhani Si Ek Ladki 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 11th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baby shooting a balloon by laser gun. Dadi coughs. She goes to sing. Dadi starts singing and stops. She fails to sing. The guests look on. Dadi goes. Suhani says Baby has done this. Bhavna asks how will she do this. Suhani says she would have filled helium gas. Bhavna asks her to be ready, I will announce your name. Baby takes a drink. Bhavna announces Suhani’s name to sing next. Suhani sings Lukka chuppi…. and recalls little Yuvaan. Yuvaan comes to her and sings along her. She cries and hugs him. He waves bye to her and goes. Everyone clap for Suhani. Rags says yes, its my turn now. Suhani stops Rags and says you can’t sing now, we have to expose truth. Rags says stop it, why don’t you agree that Baby lost her memory. Suhani says let this song happen, then

you can sing. She signs Bhavna.

Bhavna calls Baby and plays the song. Suhani says see how Baby is dancing, you remember she danced like this on my birthday with Yuvaan, he said she got an award in college for this song. Baby dances on Sharara song. Everyone look at her. Suhani recalls adding something in Baby’s drink and giving it to servant, asking him to give it to Baby. She says just metal cuts metal. FB ends. Suhani holds Baby and says you lost memory right, how do you remember this dance, which you did on my birthday. Baby gets worried and sees Dadi.

Suhani asks her to answer. Baby holds her head and asks when did I dance. Suhani says you danced with Yuvaan. Baby asks who Yuvaan, he is one with whom I could not keep relation, tell me. Suhani says don’t act. Baby says I don’t know who is Yuvaan, stop torturing me. She faints. They all get shocked. Dadi asks Suhani why are you doing this, be away from Baby, Rags call doctor fast.

Suhani talks to Bhavna. She says its enough now, you know she is acting to keep Dadi on her side. Bhavna calms her. Doctor checks Baby. He says I gave her sleeping injection, don’t give her tension. Dadi says this won’t happen again. She asks Rags to explain Suhani not to do this again. Dadi and Rags go. Baby smiles seeing the doctor.

Bhavna says its our mistake, it was just dance, she does such drama. Suhani says but Dadi does not believe me. Rags comes and says because your plans get wrong, doctor said pressuring Baby is not good. Suhani says she is acting, you have your memory, do you remember your first dance with Saurabh. Rags says yes, of course. Suhani says even Baby remembers dance with Yuvaan. Rags says maybe she got those steps in subconscious mind. Suhani says Baby is big fraud, she tried to kill Dadi, she has hurt family, we are repeating the mistake.

Bhavna says if we waste time in convincing each other, we will regret all life. Rags asks what will we do. Suhani says we will find some way. Its morning, Suhani waters the plants. She thinks what to do, how to bring Baby’s truth out. Yuvaan comes to her. She asks him not to be sad, its enough you are with me. He says you have to do something that Baby accepts all her crimes. She gets a call. She says yes Saiyyam, what, really. She ends call and tells Yuvaan that both sons are my hands, one gives me courage and other shows the way. She goes and asks everyone to come out.

Baby thinks why does Suhani look so happy. Suhani says Saiyyam called. Bhavna asks how is their honeymoon. Baby thinks you all tied Saiyyam to Krishna. Suhani says Krishna is pregnant. They all get surprised. Suhani says we will be turning Dadis. Bhavna hugs Suhani. Baby looks on. Suhani says I m very happy, such happiness does not come often. They see Baby’s reaction. Bhavna says we will celebrate. Suhani says we will keep Mata Jagrata. Bhavna says its nice idea. Dadi says I won’t refuse for this. Suhani thanks her. She says I m sure Mata Rani will do miracle that all problems get away. Bhavna says come, we will start preparations. Suhani says yes, none can stop happiness from coming in this house.

Baby thinks I will take revenge of what you did with me in Karaoka. Bhavna does arrangements. Dadi comes to her and says this child and Saiyyam are not Birla. Bhavna says Yuvraaj regards Krishna as his daughter, we all regard her as daughter, we can do this for her.

Rags says Mata’s jewelry, diamonds sets have come. Suhani says Baby will try to open this. Baby adds something in food, and says I won’t lose that jewelry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I dont think so krishna is pregnant maybe it is a plan to trap baby

  2. Arshi123

    So its said that KriYam becoming parents ……..

    When are they coming back ?? Missing KriYam ????

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Agreed. Arshi apu. I am missing them so much. Everyday I come to to updates and look for kriyam. If not kriyam than Yuvani…but rather I find a bunch of crappy daby drama. Looks like CVS is planning to make baby the protagonist?. I think actors should try to be a villlain rather than the main leads ??

  3. seriously this cvs is making me go nuts…it was such an imp scn vn saiyyam says dat dey r expecting…n dey showed it dat dey told on call…i was waiting fr d dey cum to knw dat krishna is pregnant..i wanted to c saiyyams reaction…krishna‘s expression…but no dis cvs knw how to ruin our happiness…n moments

  4. Episode was full of this baby-dadi drama and absolute crap. This baby seriously has no ethics or cultures. She is a true devil in guise of a woman. Her acts are worthy of true damnation.
    Suhani’s song was intensely emotional and heart-touching. It was one of the best parts of today’s episode…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      I totally agree Shivani. I am tired of seeing this crappy track of daby. I think baby is the main protagonist while others are just side lines…. Does anyone know when SJ and KJ is coming back????

  5. After watching this episode I have come to the conclusion that krishna’s pregnancy may as well be as fake as the crocodile tears shed by baby on yuvaan’s death. This might be a masterplan by suhani in order to draw the truth out of baby as everyone out there knows that baby has a soft spot for sayyam in her heart.
    She might do anything to win him and this news might shake up baby as an uprooted tree in a hurricane and make her confess. Hope for the success of suhani’s masterplan.

  6. Now lets look at the sunny side…
    Fake news of krishna’s motherhood gives an indication that we kriyyamites may be well-rewarded with some kriyam romance. It would surely serve as a relief from all this baby drama. And we can surely tolerate baby if we have kriyam on our side as they help us overcome all obstacles and hurdles.
    So friends reply if you agree and lets hope for some amazingly KRIYYAMASTIC romance-laden scenes..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Yeah even I think the pregnancy news is fake. But as the news is out now… I think many kriyammates may be disappointed as it was fake. Frankly even I don’t Krishna’s pregnancy at this time but I think as they used this it might be unfair to other Kriyammates. And even I agree. May be kriyamastic episodes are waiting.

      And i totally agree with u. There is also a bright side to the track. Even I am waiting desperately for kriyam…. And yeah baby track is tolerable if we hv kriyam… Well said on that Shivani?…..

  7. Yees.i think krishna is not pregnant…it is jst a part of plan to expose baby..

  8. Why are you all overreacting? Okay krishna is not ready pregnant so who cares if it was told over the phone. When she really gets pregnant then it will be more fun and probably will announce her pregnancy in person.

  9. Ela

    Missing kriyam so much

  10. hahaha gud they r genious they knw to take story without the lead n PL n thru phone calls. nly gud scene s suhani song with yuvaan nothing else…

  11. Smiley010403

    We kriyam fans are expecting more kriyam scenes before they become parents!!!!! But I don’t have any problem with this!!!!! But don’t you think it’s too early.. ……….

  12. Fidato

    Hmmm..This is not fair.. they cutting all kriyam scenes.. just like this.. really hope this is just to expose baby…
    Dadi is the most intolerabl

  13. Fidato

    Hmmm..This is not fair.. they cutting all kriyam scenes.. just like this.. really hope this is just to expose baby…
    Dadi is the most intolerable person..She always care about her name fame and money..and Yuvraj nothing else…

  14. yaa i got it i agree vd shivani…thanks literally…it is a trap fr baby coz suhani said dat saiyyam showed her a way..

  15. star i dint thought dat itz a trap…so if u can understand…den itz a big thing..d moments n all

  16. good this news is fake Abhi to kriyam love story start hui hain ab maja ayega ssel dekhne main

  17. Swetha7

    no guys i know krishna’s pregnancy is a rushed one.but the news has come out and i really don’t want it to be fake

  18. Swetha7

    yes krishna’s pregnancy is a big thing to kriyam is bound with emotion.using that simply to trap baby is very unfair.if krishna is pregnant let it be.i don’t want these cvs to play with fans’ emotions.sayyam’s and krishna’s romance does not come to an end because of her pregnancy.but using that to trap baby i so wrong

    1. Swetha7 I am just telling that krishna’s pregnancy news may be fake. It could be a plan to draw the truth out of baby.
      If it happens to be so, then it will serve as a reason for more kriyam scenes. Kriyam romantic scenes will then led to the true news of krishna’s pregnancy. We look forward to more of kriyam.
      This is my point of view….

    2. AnahitaAnnie

      I agree Swetha. Even I thought Krishna’s pregnancy is a rushed one. But as the news is out now i think it would be unfair to make it a fake. And yeah there still can be kriyam romance… By the way, do u hv any news on KJ and SJ’s return? I am eagerly waiting for them…

      1. Swetha7

        No news abt sj.we won’t get any kriyam for this week as kj still in Goa??? I don’t when will he back???sristi must have returned as she was in leave for only a week.karan should be back and start shooting then.but it seems like he has no intention to come so soon.while they are enjoying their holidays we desperate kriyam fans have to bare baby this week????

    3. AnahitaAnnie

      Without kriyam there is no ssel for me…. trp’s going to get low again…. When will KJ come back ??

  19. I think its just a trap for baby.ihate dadi.

  20. Missing kriyam yaar .when vll they cm back

  21. Yuvraj gets leave for three to four days. Pratima is not seems some days.yuvani is present but invisible. She ll get months of leave. Saiyyam ll be absent for some days n as well as Krishna.. it is only baby who is not getting any leaves. She is working very hard to betterment of the serial. She is the only hardworking.

  22. Poor baby she works n works n works without break.

  23. I hope she really is pregnant instead of a fake one and baby is jealous hopefully KriYam will b there in tommorrows episode

  24. o my god THEY DELETED A Kriyam kissing scene… aaaahah why does it look like shristi and Karen is working well they smiling and all that. ?? I wouldve loved it if they put it there.

    1. from where did they delete a kiss scene??? which episode??

      1. Arshi123

        The confession episode ????
        At last time ,there was a scene like that which was about to be slightly disappear??But they totally cut it …Deleted that part

  25. Great this show is so ….. uhhhhh no reaction from sayyam or krishna, probbably alllll fake. If it’s not…..

  26. Aarti32

    Yaar!! I don’t know y but I’m getting vibes dat Krishna’s pregnancy is a trap for Baby..Don’t know how to react!!

    1. Agree…

  27. Arshi123

    In SSEL anything possible….
    Possible they r gonna show Krishna really pregnant ….that fast ….but possible coz its full of illogical thinking

    Also possible they are doing it drama

    I’ve no words …..Totally boring without KriYam

    I just wanna them to be back asap

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