Suhani Si Ek Ladki 11th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 11th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani and Sharad coming home. Suhani’s home is very lavish and stunning. She looks around and says maybe he slept. He says without meeting you, this can’t happen. She screams as a fake snake falls on her. Bhavna laughs. Suhani smiles and calls out her son Yuvaan. He hides behind Bhavna and Sharad and runs. Suhani runs to catch him. Sharad says its good Yuvaan is in her life, else Suhani has become like stone. She catches Yuvaan and plays with him.

Suhani says filmi lines like Big B and laughs. Golu comes and asks Yuvaan to cut the cake. Sharad jokes and asks Golu to be quiet. He asks Bhavna what did she eat when Golu was born, he is always hungry. Suhani makes Yuvaan cut the cake pastries. They sing happy birthday song and celebrate his birthday. Yuvraan says

this extra cake is for my Papa. He is not here, so we will eat this cake. Suhani gets sad. He asks for his gift. Sharad says I will get it. Sharad gifts a vintage car miniature model.

Bhavna tells Suhani that now she should tell Yuvaan about his dad, he has right to know. Later, Suhani wakes up and does not see Yuvaan. She looks for him. Yuvaan keeps a note for Papa in the small postbox. Suhani calls him out. He hides the postbox and goes to room. He lies to sleep and says sorry mumma. She goes to that cupboard and checks the postbox named Papa. She gets the note and reads it. Yuvaan writes that he has become 5 year old and taller too, he has taken part in elocution competition, mummy gives lecture and its her fav too. She cries reading the note. He writes he misses his Papa a lot, but loves mumma more, don’t feel bad, love you.

Its morning, Rama makes Yuvani ready. Yuvani says this hair pleats are not nice. Pratima says you are looking good in school uniform. Yuvani says it would be good if I worn normal clothes, I look cute. Krishna comes and Yuvani says this uniform suits you. Yuvani asks Krishna to save some fairness cream for her. Krishna says fine, you apply it, I don’t want, I m ready. Dadi asks Pratima to take Krishna for breakfast. Krishna goes with Pratima. Dadi gives sunscreen lotion to Yuvani. She thanks Dadi and hugs her.

Bhavna gets breakfast for everyone. Sharad asks Golu to eat more. Golu thanks Sharad. Bhavna says we are going out for two days. Golu and Yuvaan tease each other. Yuvaan says I want mirror of my height, so that I can make my hair fine. Suhani says no need of mirror, see your face in my eyes, you will see a nice pic.

Suhani is sad and asks Sharad to meet his family. Sharad says when Yuvaan can’t meet his Papa, even I won’t meet my brother. Golu asks Yuvaan to come in food resort. Sharad says yes, he has seen ad in newspaper. Golu asks shall I take Yuvaan. Suhani says he can’t go without me, he needs me everywhere. Yuvaan says I will go and manage without you, Bhavna will manage me. Suhani says no need. Yuvaan gets annoyed. Bhavna says you can’t stay without Yuvaan too. Suhani says yes, I won’t send him anywhere and hugs him.

Krishna opens the door and sees Menka. Menka smiles. Soumya asks what happened. Menka shows Rags and Menka’s pic with garland and gets angry. Rama says sorry, I did mistake. Menka scolds Rama. Rama places garland on Gauri’s pic. Soumya says I will make breakfast for you. Menka gets glad. Rags comes with Menka’s baby and asks Menka to let her son be with Rags for sometime. Menka argues and takes her son. Krishna hugs Rags happily. Soumya smiles.

Rags gets away and Soumya observes it. Soumya asks Krishna to come, she is getting late for school. She asks Rags to freshen up and then she will serve her breakfast. Soumya tells Krishna that baby was of Menka. Yuvraaj waits for Yuvani. Soumya gives tiffin to Krishna.

Dadi brings Yuvani there. Dadi asks Yuvani not to take part in race so that she stays beautiful. She asks Krishna to take part if she wants. Yuvani says I will care for my skin. Dadi asks Yuvraaj to take girls in the other car. They leave. Dadi looks at Soumya.

Sharad asks Suhani to let Yuvaan participate in some school competition in Allahabad. Suhani gets worried.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. good but how did suhani and yuvrajj get separated???

  2. Nice episode. Golu is so cute and menka’s child too. I’m hope Suhani will see yuvi tomorrow.

  3. Oh Kya hua ladkiyaa cute nehi hai par ladke yuvan aur golu and specially Menka ka beta bohot cute hai I thik yeh sab jaldi thik ho jai ga

  4. iniku story kids enjoyment nalah irundhuchu…. apo suhanii oorah vittu thalai irukanga… yuvaraj to realise suhani was missing his life

  5. The show is turning interesting but still dadi is behind beauty after so much has happened in their lives……

  6. Stuff happens

  7. Excited to see the couple face to face.. Can’t wait..

  8. What is exactly going on int his serial whose kids are yuvani and Krishna by the way golu and yuvaan are really cute and suhani looks glamorous in her new look

  9. When did menka get a baby?? If everyone has a child why is rags hesitating?? Why is dadi discriminating between yuvani and krishna?? Why did rags move back when Krishna hugged her?? WHATS HAPPENING TO THIS SHOW!!! CAN THE WRITERS QUICKLY TELL US HOW THEY GOT SEPERATED?? HOW DID SUHANI GET ONE CHILD AND YUVRAJ HAS THE OTHER?? WHY DOES YUVRAJ SAY SUHANI IS DEAD?? LASTLY WHY THE HECK DID THE WRITERS GET SOUMYA AND YUVRAJ MARRIED!!! UGHHH SO ANNOYING!!! I HAVE A GUT FEELING THAT BEFORE LEAVING SUHANI TOLD THEM TO GET MARRIED BECAUSE KRISHNA DIED AND SOUMYA WOULD BE ALONE AND SHE LEFT YUVRAJ WITH ONE CHILD AND LIVES WITH SHARAD AND HER SISTER!!! Everyone knows how great suhani is. She would sacrifice anything for anyone especially if it has to do with yuvraj and soumya!! THESE WRITERS NEED TO TEL US HOW ALL THIS HAPPENED!!!! I have a lot of questions in my head right now!!!

  10. Nice episode with the kids. Thank god Suhani did not change much. Yavan and Golu r cutest kids and their small fights are also cute. Interesting because of kids. krishna is also cute. Yuvraj should realise his mistake

  11. yuvani is too bad
    yuvan is very cute
    pls change yuvani character girl

  12. Krishna is soumya and Krishna ‘s daughter that’s why Dadi does not great her like yuvani because she is not their blood?

    1. treat not great sorry

  13. Wow Suhani is looking awesome. And Menka’s child was really cute.Waiting for Yuvraj &Suhani’s reunion

  14. Did Yuvraaj marry Soumya? What happened to Suhani? And Krishna? The Birla House is in confusion i don’t understand anything. Dadi is destroying the little girl with vanity!

  15. Wat happen to yuvraj n suhani n y dadi still around

  16. Suhani si ek ladki FAN

    I think that Yuvani and yuvaan are Suhani and yuvraj’s child and Krishna is soumya’s child and she named her daughter Krishna because Krishna probably died in the bomb blast. I also think that 100% yuvani can’t be soumya’s child as never name her daughter that name as it is a mixture of yuvraj and Suhani yuvani. But we all know is at some point of this show Suhani and yuvraj will be back together. I think yuvani and yuvaan will patch up Suhani and yuvraj as yuvaan really wants to meet his dad and in the precap yuvaan might go to the competition and yuvani is also going maybe sharad will take yuvaan to the competition and sharad might find out that yuvani is yuvraj and suhani’s child. But everything won’t happen so quickly if will take time. I think yuvraj hates Suhani because gauri died in the bomb blast and yuvraj wanted sajan out of the house as no one liked him but Suhani kept stopping yuvraj saying to keep him in the house. Now everyone blames Suhani for that as she didn’t listen to anyone. But I don’t know why yuvraj is saying Suhani is dead. I think soumya’s other child might have died. Yuvraj still has a place in his heart for Suhani as she was the he loved truly. I think the drama will end when the whole family is back together.
    Suhani si ek ladki rocks
    Best show ever
    Most interesting
    I hope very soon everyone get back together as a family
    Love u Suhani si ek ladki???????????????????????????

    1. Suhani si ek ladki FAN

      If there any words missing sorry for that
      My hand were so fast typing

  17. What’s going on

  18. Wow Suhani &yuvaans bonding is great &being a single mother suhani has given a homely atmosphere fr the kids the kids r adorable. But just don’t understand if suhani can lead a life of single mother why can’t soumya? It’s really disgusting ,she knows how much yuvani luv each other inspite of that she has taken a drastic step, shame on her &yuvraj. …..can’t he live without a women in his life, if he is doing some justice towards krishna by marrying soumya then what justice he is doing towards yuvaan? May be suhani has done everything due to her guilt &yuvraj is angry at her but still I don’t think it’s suhani’s fault, Dadi, Krishna, Soumya, barbie sajan r at fault but suhani ,yuvan, Sharadh, bhavana &Golu r facing the consequences .how will yuvani unite, when krishna &soumya r a big hurdle btw them .

  19. But after suhani yuraj unite truth will come out day soumya has exchanged her daunghter will sunhani’s so dat she can giv her lavish life

  20. This show is so confusing now, my head is spinning. Normally when there is a leap, like YHM, you can figure out what is going on. In this show they have renamed all the kids with the parents/combined parents’ names that you don’t know head from tail. In one 1/2 hour difference, it’s like a totally different show but very confusing!!!

  21. This is stupid can’t they tell us want the hell is going on its not fair

  22. This is not fair like tell us quickly

  23. They showed yesterday dadi going through the album with pics of Suhani with yuvaan. How can yuvraj forget his son? Writers need to show us what happened prior leap.

  24. Menka shows no empathy towards Rags and this is sad.
    Dadi is also controlling little Yuvaani
    Very sad that Yuvraaj has made no contact with his son for 5 years
    Im assuming that childrens rights are not adhered at all
    At least in western cultures children has a right to be visited by their parents

  25. Menaka’s son is so cute!

  26. kya baat kahi, Sushma aapne. bilkul sahi points.

  27. @sana. ..according to u if writers hv made suhani mahaan by sacrificing her own daughter &husband to soumya then on the other hand they hv drastically failed in showing a trustworthy husband &a healthy friendship btw suhani &soumya (where I find soumya always a backstabber& a apportunist ) &most of all the children r the scrapgoats. …………..
    Arey ab yuvraj ka character aisa ho gaya hai ki agar suhani bachaunko vacation par legai toh ye banda asanise aur ek shadi se karlega. ……
    Tq amu. ….

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