Suhani Si Ek Ladki 11th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 11th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saurabh saying he will not go in party. Anuj and Saurabh see Soumya crying. Anuj says Yuvraaj should be with her, she is crying. Saurabh says what nonsense and takes him. Soumya goes. Anuj says I was making her feel jealous. Saurabh says you know Yuvraaj is with Suhani, if she does anything, Yuvraaj will not leave you, you are Menka part 2. Suhani says she made lep for Soumya’s rashes. Yuvraaj says you won’t change. She says when did I spoil. They argue again and laugh.

He asks her to be as she is, and not change ever. She says I know so I m not changing. He says you can’t change even if you want and goes to apply lep to her. Soumya asks what is he doing. He says he asked Suhani to make face pack for her rashes and signs her. He says Soumya will be fine

soon. He goes. Soumya thinks he cares for me, how cute. Dadi comes and Soumya tells her that she is applying paste on her face and pimples will go, can I come along now. Daid says she punished to make her realize whats the result of going against her.

Soumya says enough, I told sorry, why is she taking the matter ahead. Dadi scolds her. Soumya says you are forcing me to talk like this. Dadi says she did not do wrong, see your face in mirror, I can’t take this bad face with me to lose my respect. Soumya cries and leaves. Suhani looks on.

Suhani comes to Soumya and gives the paste. Soumya asks how can she bear Dadi. Suhani says don’t forget Dadi likes you, she did a lot to choose you and make you everyone’s choice, she will punish you if you answer her, you need to learn manners, she loves Yuvraaj a lot and if his wife does not hear her, she will not leave. Dadi is angry on Soumya and self praises herself seeing in mirror. She sees wrinkles and says she forgot to take injection.

She looks for the botox injections and smiles. Rags comes and asks what happened. Dadi drops the medicine box. Rags says relax, I will call Ramesh to clean it. Soumya says no need, I will clean everything. She apologizes to Dadi and says I promise I won’t give reason to complain again. She says she does not want to go in party, she will obey her and bear the punishment, if she is not strict, how will she learn. Dadi says fine. Soumya hugs her and smiles. Rags looks on feeling jealous.

Sharad, Saurabh and Anuj start their acting. Dadi asks Saurabh what happened. Saurabh says I have stomach ache, I had medicines but.. Dadi says you will be fine, my friend is special and I promised my whole family will come along, don’t make me angry now. She asks Sharad does he want any invitation. Sharad says you said family, I m outsider. Dadi says good to know you got sense, come along to lift things. Saurabh says who will plan if we all go, Suhani will be alone. Yuvraaj says I m sure she will manage, trust me, come. Soumya says she will decorate Dadi’s room so well that she will not be angry.

Everyone come to Dadi’s friend’s home. Dadi says she has to take her medicines and she will just go home and come. Sharad says I will get it. Dadi says I don’t need you. She goes. Sharad takes Pratima with her. Suhani says I don’t understand anything, from where to start, what should I write now. She rests for a while. Soumya gets the injections and says it fell and maybe infected. She says its not good to keep now and they got expired too, I will throw all of them.

She puts them in dustbin and says I will see how Dadi does not forgive me. Dadi talks to doctor and says she has having swelling and irritation. He asks her to have injection soon and come to his clinic tomorrow. Suhani wakes up hearing Dadi scolding Soumya. Dadi says she wanted injections now, why did she throw it. Soumya says I felt it got germs. Suhani worries seeing Dadi faint. Suhani says I will get new ones. She asks Soumya to find in dustbin. Soumya says she won’t touch dustbin.

Suhani says I will see and gets it back. She says she got one, its not broken. Soumya says its expired. Suhani checks it and rushes out to get new one. She brings it and Soumya says she got new one and she will inject. Dadi stops her and points to Suhani. Suhani gives injection to Dadi. Soumya looks on and gets angry. Dadi thanks Suhani. Suhani smiles. Dadi blames Soumya for her state. Suhani says I will go, take care Dadi. She leaves. Dadi says she had to thank Suhani because of her. Soumya says she did not do intentionally. Dadi asks her not to argue and says leave from my room. Soumya comes fuming.

Everyone come back. Yuvraaj asks where is she going in anger. Soumya says outside, I feel suffocated here. Pratima says I will see Suhani. Rags says is Dadi fine, I will see her. Yuvraaj says it will be major thing. Saurabh says lets use this chance. Sharad says yes. Pratima says Dadi thanked you, its great, I told you she will see your goodness. Suhani says I was scared seeing Dadi, its good I got injection in nearby shop. They smile.

Dadi is buying jewelry for Soumya and she comes from outside. Dadi asks from where is she coming. Soumya says I will hear your lecture later. Dadi is stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. yuvraj suhani pair is good

  2. Really great episode becoz daadine suhani ko thanks kaha & I Really like that scene becoz soumya’s angry & rashes face is so funny iski baadh soumya & daadi’s fighting aur badjayegi & I d’t like some comments

  3. Who says that suhani is ugly as dadi thinks.she is more beautiful than soumya.suhani should use a fairness 4 just once then stand beside soumya.moreover,her internal beauty covers all.

  4. I do agree with the person ranisingh. Black is a beautiful color. Suhani is the best

  5. if anyone is saying about the black colour of suhaani, then hear; suhaani has much colour than soumya….. all these things are just of makeup…
    and to others who r posting dirty comments, do you people think all these things wont be read by anyone else???? i mean its just disgusting….
    about the episode,it ws just awesome… dadi will now understand thaat it is suhaani which is the right person for yuvraj…. soumya is a big no for yuvraj….

  6. Really when that sowmya will stop using suhani, when suhani got inject a she snatched frm her. How disgusting.

  7. Chii…… how can you people post such dirty comments ?
    Todays epi was nice…..
    But worried about future after reading spoilers

  8. pple this site is bein read by many pple like me am from kenya i like watchin this bt the way u guys are commentin it really annoys mi.i love everything abt asians bt am nt one am pure african n black for that matter so plis bein black is bein ugly u cn b like somu bt ur heart is dark.i love suhani n yuvraj 2gether.

  9. Gud soumya,its better u show ur true self fast,so that dadi regrets chosing you.

  10. Sushani is better and good for yuvraaj I think is time for dadi to rethink and correct her mistake b/4 is too late

  11. hai frnds.gud morning

  12. Pls telecast this show in morning before 10 please, I can’t see evening telecast due to office timing

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