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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 10th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi talking to the man. She hears the girl screaming and asks the man what happened. The man leaves phone and runs to blow off the fire. Suhani drives slow and Yuvraaj teases her. She says I m driving first time. He asks her to speed up, else they will be lagging behind the cycle guy. She says fine, don’t tell me if anything happens and speeds up. The girl comes infront of the car and Yuvraaj applies handbrake. They see the girl wearing the mask, and Suhani says this is a girl.

Dadi asks the man who did she run. Pratima asks who has run away. Dadi says its related to my friend and asks Pratima not to worry. Suhani gets tensed and hugs Yuvraaj, saying if she had hit the girl then.. He consoles her and says she is fine, you did not hit her, come. They see the

girl disappeared.

Pratima tells Sharad that Dadi is upto something again. He says it means she is after Suhani. Pratima says no, she accepted Suhani, I hope its something else. Rags and Menka hear this and wonder why is Dadi not sharing with them. Dadi asks the man about the girl. Yuvraaj brings Suhani for shopping to make her mood good. She sees sale and gets excited. She hears a couple saying about taking a child, they can do anything for the child. Suhani goes.

Dadi talks on phone and says I m coming. Rags and Menka keep an eye on her. Suhani talks to Yuvraaj on phone and says she has got peace by shopping in sale. He smiles seeing her coming and she falls down. He runs to her. He helps her and takes her to the car. Sharad tells Pratima that he called and got to know Yuvraaj and Suhani went out, I m worried for Dadi, we know she is doing wrong. He says Dadi always takes advantage of being elder, you have to take a stand for your children and face Dadi.

Suhani and Yuvraaj have a good time and take selfies. Music plays…………..She hugs him. Saware………………….plays……………….they play in the waters and laugh. They have a romantic time. He holds her hand and takes her. Dadi keeps trying calls. Rags and Menka keep an eye on Dadi. Pratima looks on. Menka says I won’t waste time. Pratima stops Dadi and argues with her. Sharad signs Pratima. Bhavna hears them and comes out to see.

Pratima asks Dadi why is she worried, maybe she can help her. Dadi says you can’t help me. Pratima asks is she after Suhani, is she going to Suhagi. Dadi asks what did you say. Sharad stops Bhavna. Pratima asks Dadi to accept Suhani. Dadi asks how dare you blame me, I have many reasons to worry. Pratima asks why is she worried, what is she hiding. Rags asks Pratima how can she talk to Dadi like this. Dadi says Pratima lost her memory, I got Suhani in this house, how will I do wrong with her. Pratima asks her to prove her wrong and asks the problem. Dadi acts like getting dizzy and faints. They all rush to Dadi and hold her.

Suhani looks for Yuvraaj and calls him. Call does not connect. She messages him to come near the bridge. The couple meets some Baba and ask for some cure to get a child. He tells about the souls wandering around and asks the couple to sacrifice a human. Suhani gets lost in the jungle.

The couple see Suhani. The lady hits on Suhani’s hand. Yuvraaj does not get Suhani and shouts her name.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. wow nice , i like this twist

  2. just loved yuvani scenes 🙂 🙂
    omg.. such a shoking precap

  3. Shraddha Sharma

    So romantic moment between Yuvraj and Suhani…..
    And are rest of family members out of minf

  4. Shraddha Sharma

    So romantic moment between Yuvraj and Suhani…..
    And are rest of family members out of mind that they can’t see what dadi is upto, she is hiding truth as well as playing tricks….

  5. sandra s thannickal

    WOW..Yuvini rockzzz.selfie …

  6. Wow!!!so nice….i like today yuvi &suhani romance….what a shoking precap….i hope family knows wat’s dadi hiding from that mystery girl…………i like it love love love love uuuuuuuu

  7. Very nice episode I just loved it waiting for tommarow episode

  8. Luv u suhani n yuvraj ….Kal kya hogaa ??? Just beating inside

  9. Wow super episode

  10. Wtng for tmrw

  11. Nice epi!
    Can’t wait for upcoming epi.

  12. Shocking precap how is it in 21st century such centuries old superstitions are persisting. Are some people so ignorant and illiterate still. Disgusting.

  13. wow i love it

  14. Wow lovely episode
    yuvani rockss..

  15. Waiting for todays episode
    yuvani saware moments amaze

  16. I like yuvraaj and suhani
    W8 for tomoorow episode

  17. Soooooooo romantic 😀

  18. sema yuvani’s scenes.

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