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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 10th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani and Yuvraaj talking about their marriage anniversary. Saiyyam hears them. She says I m happy. Yuvraaj says I m happy too. They talk about Sambhav. He says he was a devil, he had to die. Saiyyam gets angry and goes. Suhani says I wish I could tell Saiyyam about his father. Yuvraaj says maybe Saiyyam would be so bad like his father. She says leave it, we should not spoil our day tomorrow.

Its morning, Yuvaan asks Yuvani to wear the apron. She says you woke me up for cooking. He says mumma’s mood is upset since long, this is for her. She says Kumar ji will make her smile. He asks her not to taunt mumma, understand and stop. She says stop it, did I get Saiyyam here. Krishna stops Yuvaan and signs. He says fine, forget it Yuvani, its special day for mumma,

will you support me. She agrees. Krishna smiles. Yuvani says just stand here, get mumma and don’t say what is here. She goes.

Krishna gets sad and says I m worried for Yuvani and Suhani’s relation, yuvani does not react well, its because of Saiyyam. He asks her to take less tension. Dadi sees them. Saiyyam gets some spray of poison gas. He wears a mask and adds poison gas in the perfume spray. He sprays that on a plant and checks. The plant gets dead. Saiyyam says its time to say Mr. Yuvraaj Birla, like your anniversary, your last breath will also be memorable.

Yuvani takes Suhani to give her surprise. Suhani smells and identifies gajar ka halwa. Yuvaan says you have spoiled our surprise. Suhani gets glad. Yuvani says Krishna made the halwa. Yuvaan makes her taste the halwa. Suhani likes it. She hugs them and compliments Krishna for cooking so well. Yuvani goes. Krishna and Yuvaan smile. Krishna gives halwa for Yuvaan and feeds him. Dadi asks Yuvani is Yuvaan mad, what is happening. Yuvaani sees Yuvaan with Krishna. Dadi asks what does he see in that girl. Yuvani says please, what are you saying, they are just friends. Dadi says I have life experience, I can see anyone’s face and know whats in heart, you explain Yuvaan, tell him to be away from this girl.

Yuvani says fine, but you don’t get angry. She hugs Dadi. Suhani shows halwa to Yuvraaj and says kids made this for us. Bhavna and Sharad wish them happy anniversary. Bhavna gifts Suhani. Sharad gifts Yuvraaj. Suhani asks Yuvraaj to have halwa. Bhavna asks her to feed him by her hands. Suhani feeds Yuvraaj. Yuvaan comes there. Suhani and Yuvraaj get shocked seeing him. Suhani feels halwa to Bhavna and Sharad too.

Sharad asks Yuvaan to have halwa, Suhani likes to share food, your Papa did not like this. Yuvaan says yes, atleast change the spoon. Yuvraaj smiles and says your dad used to say this exactly. Yuvaan says I think I m like my dad. He goes. They all get relieved.

Later, Suhani cooks in kitchen. Yuvraaj goes to her. She gets scared. He says what are you doing, I got anniversary gift for you. Bhavna comes and teases them. Suhani says Yuvraaj gifted me, I could not gift him well. He asks her to feed him halwa, thats the gift. She feeds him halwa, and Yuvani sees them. She says mumma…. They get shocked again. Bhavna says now my turn. Suhani feeds Bhavna and asks Yuvani to have it now. Yuvaan comes there and says Yuvani have food, mumma is making everyone eat halwa like this since morning. Bhavna says yes, its tasty. Suhani says yes, Bhavna will eat halwa again. They get relieved again.

Suhani and Bhavna laugh over the halwa matter. Bhavna says you are romancing by hiding from children. Suhani says I was scared when Yuvaan came. Krishna asks will you not make me have halwa. Suhani says I will feed you. She asks about the bad smell. Suhani says Yuvaan got some beer shampoo, maybe its that smell. Krishna says I will get room freshener.

Yuvraaj sees Suhani and his pics and smiles. Dadi comes and says when you went to jail, I was just passing time, I wanted to appeal for your innocence. He asks why, I was not innocent, I told Suhani to kill Sambhav, I have poured ghee on him. Dadi says you are covering up her crime, you love her, but I love you, what about it. He says no use to think of that, don’t blame Suhani for this again.

Suhani and Bhavna look around. Bhavna says there is no one, go and give aarti to Yuvraaj. Saiyyam takes some packet and goes. Dadi says I felt you missed me. Yuvraaj says I missed you, but after seeing how you treat Suhani, I felt bad.

He says you are behaving wrong. She says what shall I do, she broke this family. He asks her to think of Suhani’s pain. She says who told her to marry Sambhav, if she married him, she should bear it. Suhani comes there and hears this. She gets sad. Yuvraaj sees Suhani. Dadi also sees her and goes. Suhani asks Yuvraaj to take aarti. He stops her and says I will not defend anyone, you listen to me, it was not your mistake, that happened because of Sambhav. She nods. He hugs her. Saiyyam says Yuvraaj, I will kill you and take revenge from Suhani, my dad’s soul will get peace. He collides with Krishna and scolds her. A bottle falls from packet. He goes. She says I will answer him one day, mad fellow. She gets the bottle and checks. Saiyyam goes to Yuvraaj’s room and checks the packet. He thinks where is the third bottle. Krishna says air freshener, I will spray in Yuvaan’s room.

Yuvraaj coughs by the poison spray. He tries to go out of room and falls down on the floor.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Really saiyyam donkey….. as father like a son….. nonsense….. he is trying 2 kill yuvraj to take revenge from suhani….. what a horrible show it is like crime patrol… I don’t like sambhav from starting n saiyaam I thought is good but really instead of showing his positive shades, cvs r making saiyaam a murderer…… Really yuvan is good in nature…. though he has many questions but still he his waiting for the correct tym

  2. Again the blame will come on poor suhani…. becoz the life of yuvraj n yuvan life is in danger becoz of that stupid spray
    …… saiyyaam really too irritating now??

  3. Wow suhani birla happily enjoying anniversary party with your beloved hubby leaving a kid in emotional state
    I want to spit on this shameful women

    1. Amalina

      Strongly agree

  4. Good, who care for yuvraj, well I don’t. It Time for that birla family to get some lessons. I hope suhani well suffers for what she did.

  5. nice epi i liked halwa scene a lot

  6. Maybe, hopefully truth can come out now. I think dadi will also blame Krishna too.

  7. I really wish if yuvraaj dies. Even when Suhani wanted to tell Saiyyam the truth Yuvraaj is stopping her from doing it. I hate this Yuvraaj Birla. Atleast other dramas aren’t so stupid like this. Imagine the trauma that Saiyyam had gone through that he still being in his early teens he has become bad and trying to kill someone. He heeds medical helo and love from Suhani. Only that will set him right. I haven’t seen a mother like Suhani at all. No mother will hate her child no matter what.
    A realtive of mine had an abused marriage, her hsuabdn used to torture her daily. Now she is separated from him, she has a kid from that marriage and he resembles his dad, but my relative did not abandon the baby and hate him. Instead she brought him up single-handedly and loves him so much. Now thats called a MOTHER. But Suhani isn’t.

    1. I know friends that friends that were raped.
      I think that they are amazing, I don’t think that I can give birth to a baby that came from rape. I would have prefer abortion.
      But for me they are brave, but we shouldn’t judge woman that choose abortion.
      I believe, so do my friend’s that if you choose to give birth to a baby that came from rape. Then you must raised them yourself. Abandonment is traumatic, for any child be it rape or not.
      Suhani is so cold hearted, all she thinks about is that stupid man, yuvraj birla.

      Suhani is no mother, she doesn’t deserve any of her children love. All she thinks about yuvraj, yuvraj, yuvraj.

      A mother would always put her children first, then a man.
      Today episode was so stupid, going around with that halwa.
      suhani gave halwa to everyone except her other son saiyyam.
      Suhani wonder why saiyyam wants to kill yuvraj. Killing yuvraj is the only way to teach suhani a lesson. That is saiyyam mind.
      But I say saiyyam should expose yuvraj and suhani. Get at least one of her kids to hate her. I think yuvani should do the trick. But saiyyam want to cause suhani pain, which is understandable.
      No pain is far more cruel then your children hating you. This would damage suhani for a life time. Yuvraj won’t care, Dadi well make sure of it.
      Suhani is a mother, she should not take side of her children. Every child is the same in a mother eyes.
      Suhani is a bad mother. Soumay was a better mother to suhani. I don’t want saiyyam to be murder, at the same time I want that birla family is suffers.

    2. I personally never liked yuvraj, he never was a good man. Some people don’t know how poisoning yuvraj can be.

      I have a friend that is a rape child, he look just like his father. This happened a long time ago now. I knew him when I was at school. When he was 20, he found out he came from rape.
      It devastated him, what was more devastating for him was that he looked exactly like his rapist father.
      Do you know what his mother said to him. It was so beautiful.
      She said:
      You might look like him, my son, but you made this face more kindred. And I don’t want you to change this beautiful face.
      It still make me cry, every time I remember.

  8. I think the spray will affect Krishna and sayyam will save her

    1. That shouldn’t happen … Yuvaan should save him..

    2. Yeah I agree with u

      1. Sayyam and krishna look better together .

  9. Loved the halwa scene… When Suhani feeds Yuvaj , and Yuvaan-Yuvani came it looked so funny he had the spoon in his mouth… Yuvaan-Krishna scene in the kitchen looked so cute…. & I don’t understand why Krishna trips so much… I don’t want Yuvraj to die or else Saiyam will become a murderer but he deserves to suffer he keeps on calling Saiyam a devil… When he insults Saiyam by calling him a devil he indirectly insults Suhani as Saiyam is her “blood”…

    1. I agree….. I don’t want yuvraj 2 die….. but I don’t want Satyam 2 b murderer…… doing cheap things make no sense….. I know yuvraj is saying devil n evil but is works r like that….. each episode we see his negative side….. he too went jail….. he is not mahan…. so may b he is irritated by the saiyyam work n really he is irritating….. suhani loves him….. but only thing she is not expressing….

      New spoiler : saiyyam to introduce his girlfriend n this girlfriend is related 2 his dadi n they will plot against wedding…..

      Pls don’t take the show from the heart….. we all have different opinion about the characters….. N they r just doing their job allotted 2 them….
      We can’t go against our boss….. same way they can’t do their own or to fulfill our wish….. the writers, producer n director must know what they r showing to the viewers….

      Lastly, pls don’t take serial from the heart…… what we think it doesn’t happen….. many viewers were against the subhav jodi….. but cvs did what they want….. so just see n leave it…..

      1. I don’t want her to be his girlfriend if she has come to destroy Suhani. I want his girlfriend to be inno…cent

    2. It is shameful that suhani didn’t feed saiyyam a spoon full halwa.
      My mother told me, who ever live at your home, be it family or friend, even your worst enemies. At that moment, you know like festive, or birthday. What ever it is.
      You should feed them sweet, like halwa, to sweeten their heart. Shameful!
      Sometimes I wonder if cvs understand out culture.

      I agree yuvraj should stop calling saiyyam a devil, but yuvraj does deserve it.

    3. Ya I know…. but the spoiler say he had gf…. N they plot against something wedding…. cvs r ruining yuvraj character…. donkey writers

  10. I really love today’s episode but tensed for tomorrow yuvraj ?

    1. Don’t worry suhani will rescue yuvraj….. see saiyaam’s new girl friend in youtube…. her name is roli she seems too little dark..

      1. I want her to be innocent.. A school friend with whom his typical love story will start … Not a girl with evil mind … I want her to be like Nandini from KYY… not Soha from KYY or Trisha from LAT…

  11. I m very exited for next episode

  12. Instead of showing this anniversary…they could have cleared d mess ..and after wards shown this celebration…i feel lyk they should concentrate on yuvraj character…..hez just stopping suhani to feel for saiyyam…first of all writers made him d most useless hero …that husband who could not save his wife and later claiming that he loves her a lot …suhani should tell d truth to all her kids..coz this sort of delay is gonna pull the worst out of sayyam..he may become a murderer soon..if this continues

    1. I agree with u…. just spoiling characters… stupid writers

      1. Thank u?….now whats this sayyam girl friend for?….i mean there r lot to reveal…adding to that they bringing this gf….i thought after everything will b out dadi will use sayyam to separate yuvaan n krishna…juz lyk how used rohan….but these ppl have diff plans to torture fans…..they gonna make it more complicated….coz of these brainless writers everyone r bashing suhani n yuvraj…yeah fans r ri8 on their part…its absolutely fault of shameless writers…..trp also decreased….it will b off aired soon i guess…if this rubbish track continues….

    2. I too feel bad when everyone bashing the lead actors….. writers donkey must pay for this…. really wish this serial must soon end…. with yuvan n Krishna marriage

  13. Poor Sayyam,,,..Why these ppl are hiding Sambav’s truth from kids,,,They have the right to know abt it,,,,Sayyam is doing all these coz he dnt knw abt his papa’s truth,,,,,So Yuvraj,suhani and all other elders are responsible for his deeds,coz they never tried to make him understand and treating him lyk a dog,,,,,worst ppl…

  14. Dadi will never change,,,,Suhani never exposed Dadi whenever she got chance,,,,As far as I know,,,Yuvi and other Birlas dnt knw the truth that it was Dadi who brought Barbie,,only Suhani knows how dadi and Barbie planned to remove her from Yuvi’s lyf,…bt she never said anything abt dadi to others and now she z bearing dadi’s taunts

    1. That ass will never change…shame less woman…bcoz of her everything happened….suhani mahaan tho kisi se kuch kehti nahi…usse sirf sayyam par chillana aati hai…sayyam …gosh..he is a partial psycho…and soon he will do PhD in crime

  15. my opinion is that the people that r still watching such crap are as dumb as the writers. Seriously, Saiyyam is how old again? 14! he doesnt attend school, he seems to have a lot of money to do all the wrong. Dadi, the old hag is still evil, when will she pay for her deeds? and Yes theres so much forgotten episodes.. so many loose ends from the leaps.. as i stated before, i stopped watching this show after the first leap, and since then the show got worse. Sabhav started off as such a sweet and caring character – what the writers made him become was horrid. and the rape story – nonsense! and now the ‘child’ in an adult form… Suhani supposed to b an independant woman, yet she is so stupid when it comes to matters that really matter. Nobody finds dadi / saiyyam talking abt their evil plans, yet the good plans are amazingly found out by the evil doers.

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