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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 10th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani praying that Mili stays with them and is proved innocent. Dadi asks Sharad about ashram people. Sharad says they are coming today. Dadi says she have duty to him for the first time, and hopes he does not make her regret. Gauri looks on and cries. Bhavna tells Dadi that her earring fell down and shows her. Suhani looks on. Dadi takes her earring and thanks Bhavna.

A man who bought Krishna’s car meets Soumya, who asks for duplicate keys. Lalita and Rakhi hide seeing him and hear them. He says they sold car costly. She says we sold it for 3 lakhs. He says I paid 9 lakhs and that too in cash. Soumya gets shocked. Suhani rushes to her room and checks the video again. She sees the woman’s earrings matching with Dadi’s earrings. She gets shocked.


asks Gauri did she pack her bags, Ramesh will pack it. Gauri says I don’t want to go. Dadi asks Gauri why did she come from farmhouse, she asked her not to remove mask, then problems will start. Gauri refuses to go. Dadi says you have to go. Suhani comes and says Gauri won’t go. Dadi asks Suhani will she go against Yuvraaj. Suhani says I know very well that Dadi has done this theft. Dadi asks do you know the result of blaming me. Suhani says I have the proof and shows the earring. She says you did theft in darkness, but temple lights have shown your truth, this earring was there, I will tell this to family, I know Mili is related to this house, how did you know she calms by ice, how does Mili know about guava tree, you ruined her drawing and did theft is your own house to send Mili away. Dadi says fine, this story is good, lets see how you make this true. She asks Suhani how will she prove this is true, and challenges Suhani to prove it, if she feels Dadi is wrong, is she scared now, lecture does not do anything, and scolds Suhani.

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Dadi says everyone loves and trusts her, no one will believe her. Suhani says she will prove Dadi wrong and accept the challenge. Suhani tells everyone that Mili did not do theft, the laddoo was behind the temple, no need to make Mili leave this house. Rags asks why is Suhani lying. Suhani says I m not lying. Menka asks Suhani to say who is thief. Suhani says when Dadi told about sending Mili to ashram, Menka and Rags got happy, Menka was trapping Mili, but when laddoo is found, we will end this matter here. Rags says I m sure Suhani is lying to save Mili. Suhani asks Rags to ask Dadi if she does not believe her.

Dadi says Suhani is saying right. Suhani says then no need to send Mili. Dadi agrees. Gauri hugs Suhani. Pratima looks on. Suhani apologizes to Mili for not trusting her. She asks Menka Rags to apologize for blaming Mili. Rags says you also blamed us. Suhani apologizes to them. Rags and Menka apologize to Mili. They all go. Suhani tells Dadi that truth will come out one day. Dadi gets enraged. Suhani goes.

Dadi thinks to do something, before Diwali. Suhani talks to Gauri and is happy. Rags asks Dadi why did she help Suhani. Dadi says as Menka did theft. Rags says trust us, we did not do anything. Menka asks Dadi to tell everything. Dadi says fine, I will tell you. Yuvraaj comes to Gauri’s room and sees Suhani and Pratima with Gauri. He says Mili I came to know about laddoo, I m very sorry, you are not going anywhere. She hugs him and says thanks Bhai. Pratima says we will celebrate Diwali together. Suhani says yes, I have to do many things, I hope our house gets filled by happiness and light makes all darkness away. Gauri worries.

Dadi tells Rags and Menka about failing to do Suhani and Rohan’s marriage. She was afraid that Suhani will rule here. Menka and Rags ask why did Dadi not tell them before. Dadi says I don’t trust you both and was fighting alone with them, Mili came here and Suhani wanted to take my place, she succeeded. Rags says we are always with you. Suhani can’t take your place, we will support you. Dadi says this time we have to prove Suhani took wrong step and Diwali is right time. Rags says yes, many people get harmed in Diwali.

Menka and Rags scare Mili about crackers.

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