Suhani Si Ek Ladki 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 10th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi asking you here. Suhani says Pratima used to sing that lullaby for Yuvraaj and wanted to sing it for Yuvraaj’s child, how can you sleep in peace by making that baby away, how can you hate the baby. Dadi says she is your child. Suhani says she is Yuvraaj’s child, did you not pity her, you made Anshika from her parents as well, tell me where is Yuvraaj’s child. Dadi says I know Yuvraaj, when he does not like black horse, how will he choose such baby. Suhani says it was old thing. Dadi asks her to accept decision and move on. Suhani refuses. Dadi asks her to leave. Suhani thinks to find out why Dadi did this.

Its morning, Dadi sees Yuvraaj’s pic and says you did mistake to marry Suhani but I accepted her, today you would have chosen Anshika over your baby

right. Yuvraaj says no, you can’t do this. Dadi looks around and asks who’s there.

Dadi comes for dining. She gets a call. Yuvraaj says I will never forgive you Dadi. Dadi asks who is it. Suhani says I would not even see your face, I m not doing anything. Dadi prays and says I did right thing for family, who will think for my family. Suhani came here forcibly, Yuvraaj loved her, but he was helpless, I managed Yuvani, but I can’t see someone like Suhani again. Yuvraaj says I love Suhani and did not expect this from you. Dadi asks who’s it and goes. Rags comes and says what happened to Dadi. She sees pure gold idol of Lord and takes it.

Bhavna and Yuvani get shocked. Bhavna says person thinks lie can be hidden, but lies can’t be hidden, its better to rectify mistake. Dadi goes out and tells Pratima that something strange is happening. Pratima says Yuvraaj came in my dream and was crying, he was asking about his child, I explained everything is fine, but he was crying, I sang lullaby to calm him. Dadi asks what. Pratima says he said he does not want to hear lullaby. Dadi says you are lying, Suhani asked you to do this, I will not get trapped, get out. Bhavna comes and asks with whom are you talking, Pratima went to temple. Dadi asks her to leave. Bhavna asks are you fine. Dadi says just leave me alone. She hears Yuvraaj again.

She sees Suhani and asks don’t you know why I m doing this. Suhani says no. Dadi gets a mirror and shows her face color. Suhani asks what. Dadi says the baby is dark, I don’t want that baby to come here, Pratima and you cheated me, so I did not let baby come here, Yuvani is bearing problem, she did not get a nice guy, like Krishna got. Suhani says Yuvani will get someone who loves her nature, not beauty. Dadi says this is just story, it does not matter. Suhani asks her to say where is her child.

Dadi says the child belongs to the family, but I don’t want any dark baby to come here, I don’t want the generation to laugh on me. Suhani asks her to answer. Dadi says I tried to accept you and make you beautiful, you did not listen to me. She goes. Suhani shouts.

Bhavna says Rags is going to sell those things, we can follow her, but she is clever and would understand. Rags comes and asks what. Krishna and Saiyyam take care of Anshika. Pratima asks why is she crying so much. Krishna asks Pratima to see. Pratima asks did she fall ill again. Krishna asks Saiyyam to call doctor. Saiyyam says she is not ill. Krishna says she is not drinking milk. Pratima says its too hot, baby will cry because of this. She puts milk on his hand and asks him to see its temp. Saiyyam says sorry, I will cool it down. Pratima takes Anshika and puts her in cradle.

Rags asks Yuvani what’s the matter. Yuvani says we were planning to gift some surprise to Krishna. Rags asks for charity institute number, where Suhani used to sell old things and get money, my friend needs that number. Bhavna gives her number. Rags thanks her and goes. Yuvani shuts the door. She calls Rags. She asks for money. Rags says I m arranging money, you said I have some time. Yuvani says yes, but I can’t trust you for long. Rags says I will give you money till tomorrow, I have to go Chor bazaar and sell few things, give me some time more.

Yuvani says Rags is going Chor bazaar, why did she take charity number. Bhavna says maybe she wants to find the rate of those things. Suhani thinks of Dadi’s words. She says the world changed, but not Dadi, how can she think so. She goes to Dadi and asks what do you want, I realized I agreed to you and changed myself. Dadi thinks why is she changing suddenly. Suhani says life has no guarantee, I will do as you say, I will live well, so that I don’t regret that I never tried. Dadi asks do you really want to change. Suhani says yes, I decided this as I realized you never accepted me, as I never gave you a chance, now I want to give you a chance, I will stay as you want. Dadi nods.

Rags calls and says I have to sell few things, can you come here, all the things are in car. Bhavna and Yuvani in mechanic’s disguise come there. Bhavna says we have to steal the car and leave. Yuvani says I have the duplicate keys. Suhani gets the makeup done. Krishna asks what’s all this. Suhani says I thought to look good. Krishna suggests the eye shadows. Dadi thinks does Suhani really believe my perception.

A man comes and snatches Rags’ bag. Rags falls down. The man runs away in her car. Bhavna and Yuvani see this. Rags runs after the car. Bhavna says we can’t lose those things. Yuvani asks what will we do now. Pratima comes to see Suhani. Krishna turns Suhani. Pratima gets surprised and compliments Suhani. Suhani smiles.

Dadi says so this was acting, you did not change, you did this to get your child, the baby is gone, just accept Anshika and move on for good.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why can’t she just record the conversation between she and dadi? Is she that much dump?

  2. that old hag will never change suhani needs to give her a good trashing regardless of her age she has the audacity to tell suhani she do not want a dark baby turn it twist it at the end of the day it is her grand son’s child suhani knows everything then why is she letting dadi off the hook no one messes with my baby i would have given her the beating out of her life you guys might say i am horrible for saying that about dadi but come on man who is more horrible separating a baby from its mother she needs a reality check boom

  3. stupid dadi.. even if yuvraj s nt there his presence was gud.. dadiii go to hell.. its joke of the day.. yuvani s dark? i think tis dadi has eye has prblm.. she s so beautiful like suhani.. like mum like daughter.. so cute..

  4. This dadi can never change..uuffff..She kept Yuvaani with her all life.after Yuvraaj,She loved most Yuvaani inspite of being dark.If she can accept Yuvaani then why not this baby???She doesn’t like dark na?then why she supported baby in all her misdeeds..she is two faced woman..she hates suhani & the new born baby bcz they r why she loves Yuvaani..if beauty is everything to her thn why she choosed Baby for Yuvaan in the place of krishna?Krishna is beautiful like she why she didnt like her..actually this lady doesn’t know what she likes..she just want to hurt suhani.she always keeps away a child from her mother.Gauri from Pratima,Yuvaani from Suhani,Anshika from rekha & now this child from Suhani…Its now impossible to tolerate this old lady..Suhani’s life has finished by getting married in birla house -_-

  5. Soofia Bhatti

    Hey I’m soofia I really hate that grandma coz she has took Suhani daughter away from her I feel sorry for Suhani coz she is missing her lovely cuite daughter thst grandma should be arrested she should go to hell never come back

    From soofia

  6. This oldhag is getting 2 my last nerve, she loved Baby who was beautiful n dark n chosed Babe over Khrish who is pale to be her granddaughter in law and now she cant accept her grandchild bcaus of the color of his skin, for reals man such a nasty old lady, i never liked her, SHE is so ugly and have been pleaching herself that she is turning into pleach. #1 stopping pretending to be European because it was them who came up with the idea that dark is inferior and u r doing that.# 2 God is the creator of the world and what is in it so he is the one to decide which color skin you should have and ur grandson abd ggson werent fair. #3 I have never seen anyone who would hate their own blood and fair doen’t always meaan beauty and wealth and it goes vice versa. # 4 u are mentally retarded and y cant u just die. At last now I know y SSEl is ending it is because of the nasty oldshit lady i bet that if it wasnt for her the show would have keep going. She is ruinning the show and writers y do u still keep her on the show and I sometimes wonder r their people who think like oldshit lady cause i have never witnessed a such a racist person. Thank god it is ending, I cant cont seeing this old lady I am sick of her.?? peace out this will be my last comment on this show. Go to hell old had Chandrakala although your name is pretty and it is my grams name, ur name should have been mandagatiyilākki kurana oldcheap shit instead of Chandrakala. Suha u have always been great luv u but u r weak as f**k and f**king oldshit always steps all over u.

  7. Stupid old hag chosed Babe because she is very beautiful campare to Krish but since she loves Pale skin Krish was in that catagory. I get she is obseesed with beauty n Babe is beautiful n i think that y she chosed her. I think she doesnt understand the definition of beauty because beauty doesnt mean f**king paled although I am pale as f**k but i dont consider myself beautiful and my Baby sister is dark but way prettier than me. I dont know wat world she lives in but beauty never means fair it means cominacion of color, shape and youth and u ain’t got any maybe that is y u r so obsessed with it. Anyways Old lady u need to go to beauty school or read literatures 2. Instead of getting rid of ur grandchild y dont u get rid of urself. Whi hell give u the right & u should rod in hell for eternity. People r saying if she knows beauty y would she chose Baby over Krish and the truth is Baby is zillon tyms prettier than Krish, she is dark dont mean she ugly but her soul was rodden and i think a true beauty comes from within and Krish has that although she is weak as Suhana. but stll if she is so in luv with fairness y wouldnt she have chosen Krish

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