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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 10th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saurabh confronting Rags. He asks her to stop playing these games. Dadi stops Soumya and says I know since Suhani, there are problems, but you are Yuvraaj’s wife now, don’t worry, you did a lot for this house, I will always be thankful, I promise I will make everything fine, make green tea for me. Soumya smiles and goes. Pratima tells Suhani that Yuvani likes raisins. Suhani says I also like raisins. Soumya comes. Suhani shows whatever she made for everyone. She says its my last day here, I want to feed food to Yuvani, don’t know when I will meet her, I got gold bangles for her to give her as shagun, will you keep that. Soumya says yes.

Dadi asks Pratima to go and meet Sharad, he is packing bag to leave. Pratima says yes and goes. Dadi asks Soumya to make Yuvani

ready. Soumya goes. Suhani says Dadi, Yuvani stays as princess. Dadi says yes, its her house, she has mother like Soumya, what are you doing here, why are you acting to make food, why do you want to show yourself superior than Soumya. Suhani says why will I, I can’t think this, I m thankful to Soumya for raising my daughter, you lied and this happened. Dadi says yes, you are doing same, you said you are leaving and you are still here, this is also a lie.

Suhani goes and packs her bag. She tells Yuvaan to inform Sharad that they are leaving. Yuvaan asks so soon. She sends him. Soumya comes and asks what happened. Suhani asks do you think I came to snatch Yuvani. Soumya says no, I know you are happy. Suhani says no, someone feels I m jealous, I should leave from here, I came here to meet my daughter and spend time with her, do you trust me, take care of Yuvani.

Pratima cries meeting Sharad. Saurabh asks Sharad to stay in touch and hugs Sharad. Suhani says we will leave. Pratima says we will miss Yuvaan. Suhani says you can call and talk to him. Yuvaan asks Pratima to come and stay with them. Pratima says we will surely come. Dadi blesses Suhani. Yuvaan talks to Dadi and asks her to come to his house.

Sharad asks Suhani to come. Suhani leaves. Krishna and Yuvani tell about the game, that Dadi and Soumya were playing with Suhani, Soumya said Suhani should not know that Soumya and Yuvraaj stay in same room, Suhani has to guess Soumya’s room. Suhani comes back to give bangles sand hears this. She gets shocked. Yuvani says you heard everything, now Dadi won’t give us gifts. Suhani cries. Snoopi comes to Suhani and bangle falls down near Yuvani. Yuvani picks the bangle. Pratima sends the girls.

Pratima asks Suhani to sit, she will explain. Suhani says no need. Dadi says no need to give explanation, Suhani left by her own wish, why does she care what happened behind her back. Saurabh says we did not wish to tell this to you like this way. Suhani sees Soumya and says I don’t want to hear anything. She goes. Pratima says Yuvraaj was Suhani’s husband. Dadi says he was, he is not her husband now, its good she left. Soumya tells Pratima that she will talk to Suhani and goes.

Rags asks Dadi why is Soumya behaving good with Suhani, does she want Suhani and Yuvraaj to get together again. Dadi says I won’t let this happen. Soumya looks for Suhani and asks Sharad. Sharad says she went inside. Soumya says Suhani got to know about Yuvraaj and my marriage, she heard it and left. Menka bets that Suhani will come back. Rags says Dadi, let Soumya and Suhani decide. Dadi agrees.

Soumya says maybe Suhani did not come out, where is she. Suhani sits in lawn and cries. She recalls how nurse lied to her, and how Soumya lied about her marriage with Yuvraaj. Soumya sees her and asks are you angry with me, you would be feeling cheated, let me explain. Suhani cries and says you could not understand me till now, no one understood me, Dadi did not try to understand me, I don’t have expectations from Dadi, but you are my childhood friend, most close to me, you don’t regard me your friend now, but you are still the same for me. Soumya says don’t say this. Suhani asks did you not trust me, you have hidden big thing from me.

Soumya says I thought you will feel bad, Yuvraaj is your husband and…. Suhani says I did not feel bad, I felt bad of your lie, when I asked about your mangalsutra, you said you wear it in Krishna’s memory. Sharad talks to Pratima. Dadi asks Pratima why did they not leave till now. Menka asks Dadi are you afraid of losing bet. Dadi says I m going out, they should leave when I return. Pratima says Suhani is upset. Dadi says I don’t care, she left house and all this happened. She asks Sharad to leave. Saurabh says let Soumya come back, then we will see what to do. Yuvani asks about Soumya. Pratima says Soumya went to see Suhani.

Yuvani says everyone is giving imp to Suhani, where did she take Soumya. Suhani says everyone moved on leaving me, I did not wish Yuvraaj to get hurt, I could not proof myself innocent and went away, you and Yuvraaj have right to move on, I don’t have right to stop you, I have grown up with you, you also could not understand me, I m feeling bad, I can’t complain to anyone now. She cries.

Soumya asks about Yuvani. Suhani says Yuvani fell down, she is crying. Suhani says I won’t go there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. stupid old devil

  2. How can writers show this? How can a spouse marry someone else without divorce? Why didn’t soumya tell Suhani the truth? Suhani left, she didn’t die or divorce yuvraj. Now they’ll show her getting married to sambhav. Dadi should get to hear the truth about yuvraj and soumya just like Suhani has.

    1. Yea …u r rite..Suhani left the house…bt they are nt divorsed yet…

  3. When will Yuvraj come!
    This drama is getting worse day by day.





    1. Me toooo want yuvi to come back before that….

  5. devil dadi always devil oly..not single bit change herself anymore

  6. Dadi can’t be get changed
    She will always remains the same “DEVIL” as usual
    I want Yuvraj and Suhani to meet again after such a long time
    And, only after that everything will became alright
    Waiting for that moment………

  7. no one should change frn d begining.. it gets more headache wen yuvi com back nd start his ovr acting by support dadi nd soumya.. tats y ssel get low trp.. no improvmnt, same track, worst story. thy tak advantage of our love fr yuvani nd their on screen chemistry..

    1. Subha r u in Facebook …we should appose this track

  8. What the hell is going on. The way this track is shown will misguide the true lovers. There is no ethics in marriage. And yuvraj s character is totally damaged. Once he was shown as a person with true love. It was only suhani. Heleft everything for her love. But why not now. Please give importance to true marriage with all rituals and for one love.

  9. Yes ur right we have to.stop it

  10. This track is getting worse day by day…wonder if Yuvraj will come back in time…. i think its still another 10days before he comes back and resumes shooting! till then we have to deal with this pathetic track???? ?why????

    And how can Suhani just be okay with Yuvraj and Soumya’s marriage and moreover with Dadi’s lie!!! i think all thta is happening will only bring out the mother in her and will make her want to get Yuvani at any cost! then the legal battle will begin,…i hope she gets Yuvani and then just goes away far to live a peaceful life!!! Let Yuvraj lead his life… he does not deserve a true love like Suhani’s. Soumya’s character is just disgusting…why has she not said the entire truth that they are not actually married and living together only for children’s sake….if Suhani is okay with them even getting married then why will she oppse them staying together without marriage!!! and even if she tell it to Suhani she will not ask her to go or take her property away…. she is such a selfish friend with no guts at all!

    From the precap looks like Suhani will stay back further…why??? she should go…. will Dadi let her stay?? i think that is when Suhani will be more determined to get Yuvani – all to herself,…why she should suffer due to Dadi’s lie!??? And where the hell is Sambhav!!!!

    1. Yes but before it truth should be revealed …to yuvi….yuvi should know about his son yuvan…n den suhani should leave the bh with her daughter or move on….Mr birla leave with urs best frnd first love white snake beauty…somu

    2. U r absolutely right

  11. Where is yuvraj n suhani shouldl leave since she knows the truth about soumya n dadi need to go to hell

  12. I have been watching this show off and on since 2014. I feel that this show truly shows the protagonist i.e Suhani to be an abused woman by the other women characters of this show. Yet she is considered an ideal woman because she accepts it and does not stand-up. It is conveying two g message to the women that it is ok to take this kind of abuse and forget and forgive. She is not even treated right by her spouse and yet she sacrifices for him. And the current track has gotten worst by showing her to accept all the ill that has been done to her regarding her daughter and the resulting attitude of her so called marital family. This show is really unfair to the empowerment of women. It is showing her in great light due to her Ill-treatment by her spouse and in-laws and yet forgive them. Why? Is this what Indian women should be? Is this what we teach our younger generation. It is really disappointing to see such stories flourish.

    1. That’s right,,..evn now Suhani z not uttering a word against evil Dadi who z the sole reason of all these problems…writers should show her as a much more strong and bold women

  13. Dadi is beginning to look like a Devil. Evil evil evil.

    I think Suhani should stay at Birla House awaiting Yuvraaj’s return and to give Yuvan time to love her.

  14. I hate that devil selfish Dadi and and selfish saumya. Saumya and Dadi are horrible they can only think for themselves. Nobody will watch such disgusting show where always evil and selfishness wins. What are writers trying to teach that be selfish and let wrongly people rule you.

  15. Shit shit bullshit

  16. Mr writer is throwing his shit on screen

  17. When yuvi was come I really want to.see them together

  18. When was yuvi come I want to see them together

  19. Why the writers want to make suhani so mahan it’s not possible in real life, we like to see somiya as a good character not a vamp

    1. We.want unite

  20. Till date I always hated dadi &soumya but today very much disappointed by Suhani’s reaction felt like giving her a tight slap. She is in lot of pain agree but saying yuvraj & soumya hv the right to move on !! How disgusting. …. Plz talk sense it’s u who r letting others to rule on u .writers enough of this dadi, Soumya, rags &menka the never ending vicious circle ,come up with something new, interesting explore the other characters of the show . I appreciate Rajshri fr taking the burden of the show on her shoulders in the male leads absence.

    1. Sushma u right I can’t tolerate somu now…
      If suhani in de place of somu she never do ie…seperating the love birds on.the basis of lie n misunderstanding is shit…n yuvani n yuvan.should known truth n yuvi too…den dey will decide dey really wants to move or wht…

      Ur insulting ur fans who always supports otherwise urs show was already gng off air..we vote u for yuvani not somraj…..

    2. The worst thing is how dey portrays yuvi

  21. pamela suppanee

    Soumya, dadi , rag and menka same role as before please writer send something new don’t let Suhani always feel guilty like before same repetition in the show. Why is dadi always right she should feel guilty for what she has done .

  22. I’m just wondering if dadi will ever change her attitude towards Suhani..Yuviraj is a disgrace to manhood I mean can’t he think for himself instead of depending on dadi all the time? ?…is dadi the only person with brain in that house? ..what about Shaurabh and Anuj I really don’t understand their purpose of being there..they don’t act like they should…dear writers please do something about dadi..I almost hate her like she’s a real person…it’s unacceptable that one person controls things that way…things need to change..please

  23. I agree in this day and age who puts up with crap.Why is Dadi not apposed by anyone in the family for her lies…is it the money???Pratima you let it happen to your DTR and now Suhani..are you a mother?? Soumya you are a disgrace to friendship and stop acting helpless cos there are lots of single mothers out there earning their living.Suhani what’s wrong with it really OK for your Dumas’s husband to be living with your best friend??if you are OK than pack your bags and go..make a new start..stop being one is appreciating you so what are u waiting for.Wake up and give that soumya a tight slap and take Dadi to court forbribing the nurses and taking your child..surely this is a crime in itself.Writer who you fooling that all is above the law???We r not stupid..amend this crap tract or loose your fans.

  24. Please post today’s update. Thank you very much.

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