Suhani Si Ek Ladki 10th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 10th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya saying Yuvraaj, I wore your gifted anklet too, don’t feel embarrassed, I also like you, I m shy to accept this, this is not fair, you called me to talk and you are not saying anything, Suhani was stopping me and was not letting me come. She says Yuvraaj…. Ramesh comes and says Dadi is calling you. She says I will just come Yuvraaj and goes. She says Dadi calls me on wrong time. Dadi gives a gift for Holi to Soumya. Soumya says its very nice. Dadi asks where did she go. Soumya says actually…. She sees Yuvraaj talking to Anu, and wearing blue clothes after he had bath. She says if Yuvraaj is here, then who was it there in terrace.

She asks Yuvraaj did he give any chit to her. Yuvraaj says no. She is shocked. Saurabh comes and asks Yuvraaj to come fast

as Menka is creating a scene. Yuvraaj goes with him. Soumya rushes back to terrace to see who was there. Sharad moves the cloth and Soumya is shocked seeing Sharad and Suhani. Suhani asks why Soumya. Sharad leaves. Sharad tells Pratima about Suhani confronting Yuvraaj. Pratima worries and says Suhani does not know Yuvraaj loved Soumya before marriage, if she knows this then, you should have not left Soumya alone with her.

Suhani asks Soumya why did she lie to her. Soumya asks did she send that chit, such a big joke. Suhani says enough, don’t change the topic, answer me. Soumya says I did not expect this, don’t you trust your husband. Suhani says she has trust on Yuvraaj and cries. She says she does not trust her friend, who became her sister and wanted to break her home. She asks her why did she wear this anklet. Soumya says Yuvraaj gifted me, I was helpless. Suhani says you would have returned him. Soumya says I was returning it. Suhani asks her not to lie, and confronts her on her lies how she became sad to win Yuvraaj’s heart and fooled her.

She says you came to show Yuvraaj. Soumya asks her to ask Yuvraaj why did he gift her. Suhani says he did not gift this to you. Soumya says it means you have sent it. Suhani says yes, I trusted you moiré than Yuvraaj, I was sure you will not cheat me, I was a fool to trust you and doubt on my husband. She says you were changing and I thought he is changing, why did you do this, whats in your heart, tell me. Dadi asks Rags did she see Soumya. Rags says no. She asks Ramesh. Ramesh says he has seen her going to terrace. Dadi says fine. Sharad looks on and thinks if Dadi goes, all plan will flop.

Suhani says you always lied to me, I saw you going to Yuvraaj, whenever I asked you, you did not answer me, tell me what did you do to stop the lift, I know you have cut the kite door to be close to Yuvraaj in Sankranti, and I was a fool and could not understand anything, it was going on since then, I was saying Somu Somu all the time. She cries and asks about resort, she has sent her to die in swamp, right. Soumya says no. Suhani asks her to say the truth, she has seen picnic video, it has all record how Ramesh stopped her and she has sent her, tell me my mistake, that I got you here, was my friendship wrong that you are giving me pain.

Soumya says I did not do this intentionally. Dadi told me to do this. Suhani is shocked and asks Dadi? Dadi walks upstairs and Sharad sees Ramesh. He makes the colors fall on Dadi’s saree. Dadi scolds Sharad. Menka laughs and taunts Dadi in her bhang effect. Sharad apologizes and Dadi shouts Pratima, he always spoils my work. She gets angry and leaves.

Suhani asks Soumya not to lie to take Dadi’s name as she is caught now. She says she has crossed all limits. Soumya says Dadi hates you, she thinks Yuvraaj is not happy with this marriage, so she wanted me to free you from breaking this marriage, as its loveless marriage. Suhani starts leaving. She stops and says I accept Dadi does not love me, but she loves Yuvraaj a lot, she is elder, she can’t think to break pure relation of marriage. Suhani cries and says our friendship is over. She leaves in anger. Soumya asks her to stop. Suhani bumps into Bhavna and asks is she fine, sorry I did not see. Bhavna says I m fine, relax, what happened to you both, why are you worried, did you fight.

Suhani says no. Bhavna says I know you both since childhood, tell me why did you fight. Suhani says nothing. Bhavna asks sure. Suhani says yes. Bhavna says I m going, mum called me. She asks Suhani to take care and call her on phone to say what Menka did. She hugs Suhani. Suhani cries. Bhavna asks why is she crying. Suhani says nothing, I m missing mum and dad. Bhavna says you have everyone here, Yuvraaj, Pratima, Sharad, your best friend Soumya, don’t cry. Bhavna asks is she hiding anything.

Suhani asks Soumya to be away from her and her husband, next time come by knocking the door. Soumya says fine, you will know the truth soon.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Sneha

    I feel very bad by seeing Suhani in today’s episode bt 1 good thing is happen finally she came 2 know that soumya is not her frnd any more & her biggest enemy in her life

  2. and that soumya is the worst in this episodes and the episode s from 1 month
    are really disgusting and I really want to appreciate suhaani that she
    has found out the truth of the evil soumya I also want to know what happend to krishna @ soumya ‘s husband ssel

    • RUTH

      how would you feel if you found out that your best friend betrayed you….??
      to be honest i won’t believe it even if my best friend herself came upto me and told that she did something bad against me…!!
      i’ll think that it was all a bad dream…and i’ll curse myself for seeing such an awful dream and then forget it..!!

  3. lily

    Finally the so called friendship is over. Suhani is a strong woman. She is going to show Soumya her place. I wish Suhani files a complaint against Soumya for attempting to murder her at the picnic spot.

  4. neenu

    ohh suhani congrats ..good episode I like it…..suhani respond to saumya ..i think after all soumya become good ..,,

  5. kvisha

    Adithya u should see people by hart and by their goodness not by face… Suhani is good and deserves lead role..

  6. Roma

    Adithya better u shift to abroad where fair people only lived. so only u can’t see any black people

  7. Roma

    ya.this is sleeping time cable i just see written updates only for the past 2 days

  8. reeta

    soumya deserves to be with yuvraj. they make a better couple.
    suhani is ugly. also she is a fool.
    hope yuvraj gets married to soumya.

  9. shine


  10. sree

    hi frnds sorry yaar i was a bit late today went for a morning walk had a big fght with my cousin……he was coming to kill me………….anyway anyone here………..

  11. sree

    adithya u changed a lot …………nannayi tto……..athe swabhavam vechirunnal aarkkum sahikkan pattillarnnu……….

  12. sree

    yup……it is a green land with lot of old sites…………malayalam pore samsarikkan………..

  13. sree

    parents r eager to know our marks…….admission for 11 sad moments with our frnds…..etc………

  14. Roma

    sree s nice. adi one fair girl betrayed my frd. he was so honest. nw he shattered and hate the girls , i can’t see his yesterday i got angry. anyway take care.bye

  15. idiot.

    anyway u also a kabhatt…….khabatt karne vale……. if we chat wats ur prblm…..ur r the only big ass……….i know my name very well dont teach me…..i wrotw ur name ……..idiot…………if u make the show u should hav that sadness of wasting the comment list…………but u r not……….dont be suh a rude minded./…….

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