Suhani Si Ek Ladki 10th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 10th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sharad dancing with Laliy. Bhavna gets jealous. Menka tries to make Yuvaan think of making Suhani and Sambhav dance. Suhani sends Yuvaan and asks Menka why did she trouble her, there is no need to teach anything wrong to Yuvaan, else I will see you. She goes. Menka gets angry and says I have to teach her a lesson. Bhavna and Sharad dance and smile. Bolna mahi bolna…………..plays…………… Everyone look on and smile. Lily dances with Sharad. Bhavna takes Sharad and dances with him. They all laugh.

Yuvaan asks Suhani and Sambhav to dance. Suhani and Sambhav dance. Yuvraaj looks on, and dances with Soumya. Yuvaan thinks Yuvraaj dances like a hero, and is impressed by him. Soumya falls down as Menka throws some stones on the floor. Everyone worry for Soumya.

Yuvraaj gets the stone and looks on. Yuvani tells Yuvaan that he made Soumya fall to make Soumya win. Yuvraaj shouts on Yuvaan and asks how dare you do this, whats wrong with you. Yuvaan cries and says I did not do anything. Krishna also blames Yuvaan. Dadi defends Yuvaan and says I think Sambhav taught this to Yuvaan. Sambhav says I just play pranks with kids, I don’t teach this. Dadi asks him to stay as guest. Yuvraaj says Yuvaan you did wrong, this was not way to win. Yuvaan says I did not do this, Soumya is like my mumma, why will I make her fall. Suhani says I know you did not do anything. Sambhav says Yuvraaj, you are treating Yuvaan as if he is a goon, will you hold my collar and beat me, I don’t care. Yuvraaj says I m teaching Yuvaan whats right and wrong, I don’t want any stranger to interrupt when I m talking to my son… Suhani shouts Yuvraaj and leaves with Yuvaan and Sambhav.

Yuvani asks Yuvraaj why did you scold Yuvaan like this, I would have felt bad being in his place. Dadi says you can’t do this. Bhavna says Yuvaan can’t do this. Dadi blames Suhani for teaching such things to Yuvraan. Pratima says Suhani won’t teach her son wrong things, someone else did this. Yuvraaj leaves.

Krishna says what problem Suhani has with Yuvraaj and Soumya. Sharad says we don’t have to do with elder’s matter, go and convince Yuvaan. Soumya and Menka smile. Menka asks for her gift. Soumya asks are you a kid. Menka asks her for necklace. Soumya asks her to take anything, but first that day has to come. Menka says wow, I will wear in marriage. Yuvraaj asks whose marriage, whats happening.

Yuvaan cries and says Yuvraaj uncle is bad, I won’t stay here, we will leave. Suhani consoles her. Soumya tells Yuvraaj that Menka was asking for jewelry to wear in your anniversary. He says there won’t be any celebration now. Menka goes. Soumya says Menka does not know all this is an acting. He says but we know its an acting, tell the kids not to get stubborn.

Yuvani and Krishna run to Yuvaan. Yuvani ask him to apply the cream to his face. Suhani says Yuvani won’t change. Sambhav jokes on the kids, and makes them laugh. Soumya asks Yuvraaj not to dance if he does not will, but try again to win Yuvaan’s heart. He asks how. She says I will try to find what Yuvaan likes in food. Yuvraaj says Yuvaan told me he likes chocolate cake. She thinks to spoil this attempt too. She says I will make cake, you tell Yuvaan that you made it. Suhani comes and says I have to talk to Yuvraaj. Soumya says fine, have a talk, I will come later. She goes.

Soumya takes milkshake and dry fruits for Yuvaan. Soumya sees Sambhav there and asks Yuvaan will you someone like Sambhav to be your Papa. Yuvaan says yes. Sambhav hears this. Suhani asks Yuvraaj do you think Yuvaan can do this, he was crying a lot, you doubt on my upbringing, it looks bad when a son says he dislikes his father, Yuvaan told me he does not like you, he is waiting for his dad since years, you scolded him, he will feel bad when he knows you are his father, he is scared of you. He says I m making chocolate cake for him, don’t use this against me to take my son away. She says Yuvaan wanted to go back, he is very annoyed, but I m here because I m favoring you, do you know to make cake. He says I don’t know, but I don’t need you. She says you will need yuvaan’s mum to convince him.

Soumya goes to Sambhav and tells him that Yuvaan was praising you and wanted to make you his dad. He says he did not say that, I was passing buy. She says Yuvaan is close to you and feel secure, I think you should talk to Suhani. He says she won’t agree, how shall I propose so soon. She says its six years, explain Suhani that you love Yuvaan, he stays happy with you, she will realize that she is lucky. He asks did this happen with you and Yuvraaj. She says yes. He says fine then, I will propose her. Suhani comes and asks whom will you propose. He gets shocked and sees her.

Soumya tells Yuvaan that Sambhav can become your Papa too. Yuvaan asks how can he become my Papa.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Stop this stupid serial its really irritating to see soumya if she was my friend I will kill her 10000000 times get lost u stupid so called best friend they changed the meaning of friendship itself and this suhani will not have any problem even soumya takes away yuvan also like yuvraj and yuvani
    And yuvraj u r worlds Dumbo ever and ever worst

  2. i hate krishna and soumya. i prefer soumya over that damn krishna. yuvani is better than krishna. its good dadi defended yuvaan

  3. Tis Yuvaraj s realy a sick persn never ever act on his own cant find which s right

  4. Super sow mya is only for dadi rags menk because they are devils

  5. I have no words for yuvi.. Earlier he was after suhani.. He blamed her for everything.. And now lil yuvaan..
    Today’s epi was a pathetic one.. I couldn’t bear my favourite yuvaan crying miserably..
    Yuvi is the worst hubby and worst father as well..
    I hate soumya but i would thank her for doing this, it showed how much yuvi trusts yuvaan..
    And I don’t understand how long vacations they have got????????

    1. yea….Yuvan is my fav too…I totally hate Yuvi for making lill Yuvan cry….he dnt trust Yuvan and wants to win Yuvan’s trust.,,.Is this way to deal with kids….

  6. Today’s episode was worst.I couldn’t expect things will be more complicated.i feel very bad for yuvani.
    Soumya itni important ho gai hai yuvraj ke liye ki uske hisaab se ,usse poochh kar har plan banata hai.uska apna koi brain nahi hai??? Bakwas……I hate more this serial ……pleazzz…story mein kuchh jan dalo. …sirdard ho jata hai dekh kar…..

    1. Ha iss bandhe mai akal naam ki chiz hi nahi hai woh dance competition mai jitkar aapane bete ko pana chahata tha par soumya key girane se shayad usko aapani haar dikhai di ho aur ussi vajah se woh yuvan per toot padha. Woh toh soumya ke hath ka katputali baan chuka hai usko jab samajh me aayega tabh shayad uski halat dhobi ki kutte ki tarah hogi. … ghar ka na ghat ka. ….

    2. Exactly…Soumya said Jeetho Yuvan ke dil,man gaye Yuvi, chocolate cake banado,man gaya…..bas apne bete ko trust nahi kartha…..the worst part is he never regrets and his own explanation for whatever he did

  7. I would like to say TICKING TIME BOMB. I TOLD YOU SO QUEEN.
    I hope Suhani would listen to Yuvaan and go back home.

  8. Wow yuvraj u were the 1 who said u will tackle all issues this time &asked ur favourite dadi not to interfere is this the way u tackle the problems? Soumya’s suggestions r so good that u hv lost trust in suhani &her upbringing? Shame on u yuvraj birla ………without knowing the facts u just pounce on anyone seems like u hv locked ur brains &thrown the key in the sea. …. & suhani I just don’t understand why do u want to stay &get insulted again &again u hv ur own home just get out of that birla house those people will never change just get out &give a respectful life fr ur son .if yuvraj is so concerned about u &ur son let him take efforts &bring back both of u in dignity.
    I think this is the first show in Indian history where the fans r getting confused whether they want the leads to be united or not.

    1. U r rite Sushma…I wanted yuvANI reunion badly after seeing Thursday’s epi ,……bt Yuvraj spoilt evrthng…..Sambav,Suhani and even dadi supported Yuvan ,still Yuvraj was blaming him….he didn’t trust Yuvan and wants Yuvan to trust him…,He shud learn frm Sambav,hw to manage kids…..can’t he control his anger,Yuvan is just a kid …..even now he has justification for his deed “I am teaching him wrong and right “……stupid

  9. When will this hide and end still the same chapter for month am tired of it, at least let children knows that they are related and husband and wife should come back I get tired of watching the same thing

  10. Stop it yaaar. Seriously y manipulate the’s becoming too dirty too watch . Playing wid kids feelings like that is simply grrrr?? wats wrong wid yuvraaj first he only made soumya fall and was pretty much comfortable did it?

    1. Yuvraj himself don’t know what is wrong,what is right and he is after Yuvan to teach him…..he too made Soumya fall and didn’t even say a sorry after that,…..I will repeat this 100 times-“he is the most egoistic hyper hero in Starplus”

  11. Felt so sad for little Yuvan being scolded at by his dad Yuvraaj

    As much as Yuvan tried to justify his innocence, the more Yuvraaj was provoking him

    Good acting by Sambhav imitating Rags and Menka and most importantly bringing back the smile on Yuvaans face?

  12. Yeh..end this lousy serial..if its the same old tricks being played..Dumraj still can’t see and now blames Yuvan..whats his problem..why so angry..dummy grow up and face your responsibility.It was ok for him to drop Soumya whilst dancing but blamed an innocent child for soumya falling over stones which the child did not do!..can he not see .Please Sambhav don’t fall into soumya’s trap..she has failed as a true friend .please don’t make Sambhav negative..remain a true friend.Sharad where are you?You left the house and supported Suhani so why can’t you see the trap being laid by the birla witches .Bhavna why don’t you look out for seems suddently you both have become too busy and why are you always in the kitchen are you a servant??Sharad is earning so you need to act dummy for birlas???.Suhani please have some self respect and ho back home..why do is it so important to please yuvraj when he blames you for everything and another thing why you praise Soumya for bringing up your dtr cos if she did the job well then what was the need for you to stay there in the first place..Yuvani is a spoilt brat etc did Soumya do a good job???come on stop all this bullshit and go home with pride and respect.If dumraj wants to bond with his son than do it at your place and on your terms atleast you will be saves from his blame and insults.He does not care about your feelings and your bonding with your dtr. You had guts to leave him for 6 years so why can’t you tell him to stop blaming you and blame his Dadi.Stop losing you self respect..go back to your life .STOP BEING GOOD TO SHAMLESS SOUMYA..she is evil and NO Friend of yours.

    1. U r rite…Soumya crossed her limits…..Yuvraj trusts her more than his he shud better stay ‘peacefully ‘ with his stupid wife and let Suhani and Yuvan live on their own

  13. aaj mujhe sach mein acha laga expect one thing yucaan cry.sguru shuru mein mujhe krishna mujhe pasand tha par. wo prove kar raha hai wo soumya ki hi beti hai.Agar achai kuch hai wo krishna ku.
    patha hai aaj ke episode mein mujhe kya passnd aaya yuvaan hate yuvraj.I know yuv isliye gussa tha wo yuvaan ke nazar mein bada. na ben paya uskeliye.Ab yuvi ko samaj mein aayega. ki acha kya hai bura kya hai.Ab thak na seeka.Ab apne bacho ke saath seeko.Aur ab seek warna sab barbad hoga.

  14. Yuvraj/Dumraj are u really doing all these to impress Yuvan… you acts lyk you are trying to impress Soumya….coz u are agreeing to whatever Soumya says and u were not even ready to hear Yuvan today

  15. roz #myLuvYuvan

    I’m glad that Yuvan held Sambav’s hand instead of Yuvraj’s yesterday …Yuvan trusts Sambav for a reason …coz Sambav was always there for him during past 6 yrs and even yesterday Sambav supported Yuvan and Yuvraj himself proved to Yuvan that there is no point in trusting him….Soumya made a failed attempt to show that Yuvan considers Sambav as his father bt succeeded in ruining Sambav-Suhani’s frndship…….U already did a lot to her faking as a best frnd and again after Suhani and Yuvan

    1. Exactly roz..

  16. Yuvraj…. Go to hell with ur anger. My sweet chubby cutiee yuvan.feeling very bad for him.hate soumya

    1. Yea Rose,,,,poor Yuvan

  17. I really can’t take this yuraj
    He n someya is getting me really mad
    Change line frm this series
    Wat a best friend
    They jus making sambhav looking lik a bad guy now
    Got to follow a new tvz seirx
    Suhani is getting too much hurt
    Is she ment to feel the pain frm day 1
    Writer change
    Unit lovers
    No fake marriage

  18. yuvraj never derseve him wife as well son …. he is very idiot mind…..
    suhani this tym u go out frm this hell …take uur son and sambhav

  19. Poor Yuvan,,,he explained much to Yuvraj,,.still Yuvraj didn’t believe him,,,Yuvan even said he considers soumya lyk his mumma ,even then he was hyper….and stupid Soumya was happy that Yuvraj scolded Yuvan,,,,,,,wanna kill her,,,,,

  20. Poor Yuvan …………… 🙁

  21. Yuvraj didnot do good to scold Yuvan…..Sambav is too damn good than Yuvraj….

  22. kaash sambhav ko soumya ki asleeyat malum pare aur uska asli chehra dikha de. aur uske baad suhani apne bachon ko leeke chali jaye. chillane do yuvraj ko uski naqli biwi pe.

  23. Why can’t Yuvi see Soumya’s reality……………….!

  24. Some one please kill that Soumya,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    1. Ruksy

      yes plz what type of best freind is she

  25. Really dumb serial,even the twins look like they are of different ages,i think even the casting director is very dumb and brainless!

    1. Kids are of different age….Yuvani(Muskan) is elder than the other two children …..
      Suhani (Rajashri) ‘s ex-husband is the casting director …Vineet Pandey

  26. It’s really irritating. What’s the use of dragging the serial. Just make a plan and get suhani and yuvraaj together. Let’s the kids know the fact. Have lost all the charm of watching it. Why the he’ll can’t u people show good stuff. Why always dirty stuff like ekta kapoor serial. It’s just bullshit

  27. I just waiting ….when yuvraj will know why they seprated.dadi ke bare mein janega but i feel so bad jaisa hamesha everyone blaming suhani like that yuvan ke sath ho raha hai.uske khud ke papa ne uspar believe nahi kiya …..hadd hai… situation mein birla house mein suhani ke rukne ka koi matlab hi nahi hai….yuvraj ko agar yuvan ka dil jeetna hai wo lucknow jalar jeet sakta hai…warna suhani ko sambhav ke saath rahne de.agar unhe protect nahi kar sakta to lanat hai…..

  28. yuvraj shouldnt have done that if he really wants yuvaan to accept him as his father then he has to apologise soon

  29. Where is barbie

    1. Barbie is in jail

  30. Oh is suhani (Raj shri) married?thanks for the details factu!even Golu looks younger to all,thats really senseless!

    1. Yea,,,bt she got separated frm her hus

  31. Qwerty

    Yuvraj is so dumb. ?

  32. poor yuvaan

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