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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 10th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratima calling Suhani. Rags takes her phone and ends the call. Yuvraaj and Suhani come to the farm house. He makes her sit, he will get glucose. She says she needs tea for getting rid of headache. He says fine, I will get it. She says but there is not ship nearby. He asks will anything else work. She says bring the basket from the car. He goes and she takes rest. Soumya asks Rags why did she cut the call. Rags says shut up, tell us where is our money. Soumya says we don’t have. Rags takes Pratima saying she has to talk to her. Soumya asks Dadi to trust her, Krishna did not steal the money. Dadi says its clear in CCTV footage, you know there is nothing more than truth to Suhani, so she has left Krishna in jail and went out.

Suhani checks her phone and sees Pratima’s

missed call. She says there is no batter, I will call by Yuvraaj’s phone. Yuvraaj comes and smiles seeing her sleeping. He goes to the kitchen and does not make any noise, as it may disturb her, The landline rings. Soumya says maybe its Suhani’s call and goes to take. Menka takes the call. Yuvraaj thinks if he asks Menka, she will tell everyone, and asks for Ramesh. Menka says its call for Ramesh. Yuvraaj talks to Ramesh and asks him to pretend as its his call from village, go to side. Ramesh says fine and goes.

Soumya says Dadi, if Suhani calls, ask her to talk to me. Menka says why will she call, she did the complaint. Dadi asks her to shut up. Menka is about to tell about her sign. Ramesh guides Yuvraaj on making tea. Pratima tells Rags that we should tell Suhani that maybe Krishna took the money, she should come here. Rags says no, its imp that she stays here. Dadi and Menka come. Rags says if Suhani comes, property will not be sold and how will we manage things. Pratima says Pankaj’s house will go. Rags says yes, let Suhani be there, its good for her.

Menka says Dadi has taken Rags in her team again and leaves. Yuvraaj makes the tea and says thanks Ramesh, don’t tell anyone, and epecially Sharad. Ramesh asks why, everyone will be happy. Yuvraaj thinks Sharad will tease me, and says they will worry knowing Suhani is unwell, this secret is between us. Suhani wakes up and asks which secret. He says that I make world’s best tea and gives her. The other tea cup falls. She asks him to make another one. He asks how, milk is over.

Soumya, Lalita and Murali try to free Krishna. Soumya says she wants to see FIR sheet, she can call her lawyer. She sees Suhani’s sign and says Suhani Birla. Suhani asks Yuvraaj not to get sad, they can share the tea. He says no, you have it. She brings straws and asks him to have it now. They drink the tea by straws. Soumya cries and says how can Suhani do this. Murali says I think its misunderstanding, Suhani can’t do this. Soumya says its fishy, I will talk to her, this can’t happen.

Yuvraaj gets the gloves and asks her to use this and clean the utensils. She says no. He holds her hand and insists. He makes her wear the gloves and music plays……………….. She looks at him and smiles. He asks him to get treatment of this illness of extra cleanliness. He says you will be thankful to me when your hands will be soft in your old age, this is not illness, I care for you, no need to make fun of everything I do. Saware…………….plays…………….
Pratima says its good if farmhouse is sold, else we must be prepared. Saurabh says I m going to factory. Menka asks Rags why is she stopping Saurabh, they need money. Dadi asks Rag to let Saurabh go. Pratima blesses Saurabh and he hugs her. Saurabh leaves. Krishna’s family are upset by Suhani. Suhani calls Dadi and asks about the money. Dadi asks her to get more than 50 lakhs for the farmhouse. Yuvraaj asks about CCTV footage. Lalita blames Soumya for all this, as Suhani has taken revenge for what Soumya did to ruin her marriage. Dadi says I will manage here. She ends the call. Yuvraaj says don’t worry, once this property is sold, all problems will be solved.

He asks Suhani to wear the gloves, as they have to clean the house, atleast this room. They clean the room. He shows the dust everywhere. She asks him to be quiet for some time. She asks him to do any work. He says he is working, he is guiding her. She says what, I don’t need your advice. He insists and holds her hand. She says she will wear it herself and takes it. Dadi says everything is as per our plan, I will break their friendship, I have to show them that they took enmity with a wrong person.

Suhani says how can Krishna be thief. Menka says police will do everything. Suhani and Yuvraaj ask Dadi why did she not tell them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Y u ppl dragging dis drama plz make something interesting in this serial it was so boring except yuvaraj & suhani scenes

  2. Omg dadi always against suhani she was helping to is family but she was doing wrongthing to her best friend they also helping to them then why this dadi doing like this i hate that dadi scence writers pls stop this drama waiting for yuvraj propose to suhani

  3. Husbands for all 3 are just plain stupid, it would be nice if they all smarten up and get their dadi and the two witches a good lesson.

  4. Nice episode atleast we have some yuvani scenes.?…….

  5. Pls stop this Dadi drama enough is enough

  6. Tellyreviewer

    This serial lacks creativity, the positions of the characters are interesting but no excitment, no significant love between the couples, the main male lead lacks a fierce personality, the problems are only family problems. The main characters are not in unity yet…

    I would rather have this show cancelled and have Iss pyaar ko kya … ek bar phir continue, but it is too late.

  7. Such a lovely and sweet episode. Loved yuvani. Need more episodes like this.

  8. Nice episode but I hate misunderstandings between suhani and soumaya

  9. Why dadi is being sooooo ignorant n stupid

  10. Every single Indian soap i have watched so far, starts of decent enough to want to watch it but then it becomes too much drama…I guess it’s on with the BS or cancel the shows because the writers obviously can’t be creative enough to keep the viewers interested other than going on the path of evil/corruption/Hypocrisy

  11. Not interesting at all. Expecting so much

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