Suhani Si Ek Ladki 10th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 10th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj and Suhani are walking towards Birla family happily. Sambhav recalls making plan. His man says we have done the work. Sambhav looks at the big pit and pushes one of his man. Other man asks what you have done? Sambhav says can’t you see? Man runs to get some help for the person inside the pit. Sambhav looks at the pit and says Suhani and Yuvraaj will fall in the pit like this. Suhani and Yuvraaj fall in the pit. Dadi and others are shocked and run to see Yuvraaj and Suhani. Yuvraaj and Suhani stand up with much difficulty. Krishna and Yuvaan gets worried. Sharad says we will do something, don’t worry. Sambhav’s men keep Krishna, Sharad and baby on gun point. Sambhav hums a song and says Suhani….I made you met Yuvraaj, but forgot to tell you that I have

buried your grave here. Lets play a game, keys to Suhani’s life. He asks his man to bring hand cuff. Yuvraaj and Suhani looks on. Man/goon jumps in the pit to handcuff Suhani. Yuvraaj asks him to back off. Sambhav threatens to harm Birla family. Suhani asks him not to do anything to them and agrees to get her hands cuffed. Yuvraaj looks angrily.

Sambhav says very soon, lots of water will be filled in this pit and Suhani and Yuvraaj will get drown and die. You people will see them dying and couldn’t do anything. Dadi asks Sambhav to free them. Sambhav says I can’t leave them, but can help them. He says as Suhani and Yuvraaj loves each other, I will throw some keys, and they have to fine the keys and save each other. Your life is trapped in the keys, let’s begin the game. Sambhav and his men keeps water pipe in the pit and switch on the tap. Suhani and Yuvraaj are shocked. Sambhav shows the keys chain, and says two keys are right. He throws more keys with the right keys and asks them to search the right keys to the lock, and save each other. Yuvraaj and Suhani try to search the keys. Yuvaan asks Sambhav to leave his parents. Sambhav asks him to shut up. He says you would have told me I love you, but you said I love you Yuvraaj. Now die with him. Yuvraaj says I can’t believe that I am with you Suhani. Suhani smiles. Sambhav says Yuvraaj…you are freed to die again. He says I killed you half when I raped Suhani infront of you, even though she tried to stop me, but I didn’t stop and do what I wanted. Suhani says we are not afraid of you. Sambhav says if you have two ways, one to die with Yuvraaj, and other to live with me. What you will choose? Boring Yuvraaj or exciting Sambhav. Suhani says I will choose Yuvraaj and prefer to die with him rather than living with you. Sambhav asks them to die as they are about to drown. Water fills upto their necks. Just the water flow is stopped by Saiyyam.

Sambhav asks what you are doing Saiyyam and then asks politely what you are doing son. Saiyyam brushes off his hand and asks him not to call him son. Sambhav says what you are doing? You are trying to save them, they have ruined my life. Let them die, and we will make a new start. Saiyyam asks what a new start. He says we can’t start afresh after taking each other’s life. He asks him to talk to them rather than doing this. Yuvraaj says I am sure Suhani that Saiyyam is your son. Sambhav says who taught you this. Saiyyam says I learnt this when I found fake burnt marks, and got doubtful. He says you used to sent me outside to get something or the other, and says I am not stupid. Sambhav says these people are bad. Saiyyam says no, and says I used to believed on your stories. I forgot that unless you hear the tiger’s side of story, you feel that hunter’s story is great. Sambhav says you are calling Suhani as tiger. Saiyyam says no, I am calling you a coward hunter. He tries to save Suhani and Yuvraaj, but Sambhav holds him and says you will not do this. Saiyyam manages to get gun from Sambhav and threatens to pull the trigger by keeping gun on his forehead. He asks Sambhav to tell his men to leave Birlas. Sambhav signs his men to leave them. Sharad, Yuvaan and others make Suhani and Yuvraaj come out of pit using stairs. Saiyyam is relieved. Sambhav looks at Saiyyam. He snatches gun from Saiyyam and holds Suhani at gun point asking everyone to move back. Saiyyam asks him not to do this. Sambhav asks him to move back and says I don’t want to do anything to you, but will not leave Suhani now. Saiyyam says you can’t do anything. Everyone stands shocked as Sambhav is taking Suhani away.

Krishna asks Saiyyam to go and save the innocent people who had never done anything wrong with him. She says even your friend baby is with them. Saiyyam looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. nice game by sambhav but what is tis again sambhav takng suhani away? end tis yaa really dragging a lot..

  2. malhanyashvika

    thnx amena for posting it so quickly…….it seems like now dis drama would be over in 2-3 days ..nd we are going to see sme kriyyam scense….. yipeeee

  3. My boy, so what did I tell you! My son saiyyam is good at heart.

    I think he should leave now, sometimes in life, it is best not fight for love that you are never going to get. Even if it is your very right, to have that love. As a child of that person.

    I don’t want suhani to do any more damage to saiyyam

    1. Congratulations! You were the first, to say saiyyam, is the one who going to save them all.

      now the interesting, part is coming……

  4. Malhanyashvika

    so smart sayyam….

  5. disappointed tat after all the things done by suhani to save yuvaraj , saiyyam will give finishng touch by saving all of them and get appreciation… stupid cvs n what abt yuvaan yuvani they r jus made to stand as dolls always.. they lost their minds to the core… no words for them…

    1. Suhani made it with the help of her family which means saiyyam also….sambhav thought he won by molesting her but he doesnt know that his molestation consequence sayyam has caused his downfall…so its suhani who is the winner in this war with her son as weapon

      1. Agree with bhargavi, but I want NOW for suhani, to be of a mother to saiyyam.

        Saiyyam has been angry with her, for a very long time. Not once did suhani understood, his feelings.

        Suhani should have done this, when she realised that saiyyam is her son. It is for suhani to steps up.

  6. Finally somehow saiyyam helped his mother going against his so called papa..wanna see sambhav hurting saiyyam knowingly or unknowingly and suhani slapping sambhav and confessing her hidden love towards her son which im waiting for since saiyyam entered along with truth revealation

    1. Hmm…I too want saiyaam to learn full truth…

  7. Its gd saiyyam knows d truth

  8. good epi first yuvaani scéně is superb second saiyam sambhav conversation nice today i m věry when sambhav said yuvi ki maine tumhe aadha to tabhi maar diya tha jab maine suhani ka rape kiya tha usně mujhe roka lekin m nhi ruka us time man to aisa kiya ki gun lekar tv maise hi sambhav ko shoot kar doo jab hame itna gussa aata h to suhani yuvraaj ko kitna gussa aata hoga i can’t explain sambhav jaise evil ko to itna torture karna chahiye ki aisa crime karne se pahle soche

  9. Finally, Sayyam figured out the truth!!!
    The precap was interesting…

    1. Saiyyam, found out, that sambhav was some how lying to him.
      Since he found the fake masks, of a hand.

  10. sarita sharma

    sambhav ne rape ka zikra karke ún epi ki yaad díla di jo ssel ke worst epi the but is sambhav ne yuvaani ko ek kar diya sambhav nhi hota to yuvaani ka ye intense love nhi dikhta yuvaani ki bonding to pahle v acchi thi lekin sambhav ke aane se unki bonding or v acchi ho gai ab unhe dekhkar aisa lagta h ki they made for each other yuvaani ka unconditional love dikhta h

  11. Yup…How many u think ie how will this track end.. Sambhav ab kisko markar marega

    1. @yuvani … As per spoiler, saiyaam will save suhani from ?point… N his donkey father sambhav will b arrested by the police….

  12. Hope baby truth is revealed lol. ????

  13. Amazing epi saiyyam was amazing so were the rest but i loved it wen yuvraaj said to suhani that mujhe yakeen hogaya kai saiyyam tumhara hi beta hai and suhani smiles proudly.

  14. Sayyam is the hero of this show

  15. So called game has made serial boring. End this foolish game and come to the point.

  16. Apparently, Krishna and Sayyam will have a confrontation…she will hit him and tell him to go after suhani and yuvraj

  17. Apparently, Krishna and Sayyam will have a confrontation…she will hit him and tell him to go after suhani and yuvraj

  18. I think krishna will tell everyone bout babys truth thats why everyone gets shocked as per spoiler

  19. Syedul

    Awesome episode

  20. i thnk in order to save his mum ….saiyyam may lose his life…making krishna a widow

  21. I guess this serial will go off air soon since i heard new serial Meri durga will replace it because its timing is 6:30 pm…

  22. Han agar time change ho gya hai to behtat yahi hai k show ki happy ending ho jaye kiyon k show ko flop kar k khatam karne se acha hai k show hit hi khatam ho.i love this serial

  23. farhana siddiqui

    suhani ko abhitak dadi n sataya fir sambhav ne fir dadi n fir sayyam aur sambhav dono ne to kya suhani ki life sirf dukho k liye hi thi ? ab to dadi ko achha batao aur darshako ko khushi do k ek achhe seriol k roop m hamesha yaad rahe itna real life m koi saheta hai kya ” plz aisa mat dikhao k dekhnewalo ko bananewale par chid aajaye iska director aur writer kaun hai ? kuch to achha dikhao yaar ham bhi darshak kitne bewakuf hai k aap jo bhi dikhate hai wo chupchap dekhte hai so plz kuch achha batao donoko milado yuvraj aur suhani ko aur dadi ko achha batao take unki image sabke nazro me achhi rahe log bahot galiya dete hai unko thank u

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