Suhani Si Ek Ladki 10th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 10th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rags praising Dadi as she made Sinha run away. Suhani tells judge that her lawyer is not taking her call. Judge says you won’t get more time. Yuvraaj says its her right to get a lawyer. Leela says I don’t think we should give her time, its open and shut case. Judge says I agree with you, they will not be given any time, call any public prosecutor soon. Suhani says but he won’t know case details, we need time to explain him. judge says we will explain him details. Suhani says I m not lying. Leela says I think she wants to fight the case herself. Menka says she gives lectures well. Dadi smiles.

Judge gives 20mins to Suhani to explain case to lawyer, and says case will start today itself. The public prosecutor does not come. Gupta comes there and everyone look

on. He says I will take Pankaj Srivastav’s case, in absence of his lawyer’s absence. Judge says you can take 20mins to get case details. He says I don’t want any time, we can start it right away. Yuvraaj asks Gauri to not worry.

The case starts. Gauri pledges she will say just the truth. Leela asks her to say what happened with her. Gauri says I was going to my room, Pankaj came after me and tried to molest me. Suhani told me about other people touching you wrong way is bad. Leela asks is she sure it was Pankaj. Saurabh says we saw Gauri shouting and coming downstairs. Rags says Gauri was panicking and Pankaj came after her, Gauri told us that Pankaj uncle tried to misbehave with her, we were shocked knowing this. Leela says this is easy case, victim has seen Pankaj, and the family too saw him coming after her, its clear it was him who did all this. Gupta says no questions. Menka asks Dadi did she buy him too. Dadi says no.

Judge asks Pankaj to accept the crime, then this case can end now itself. He says I m working in bank since 30 years, my character did not have any stain, I did not do wrong in my life. I have two daughters, Gauri is mistaken, I did not do anything. Leela asks how did Gauri get mistaken, are you hiding anything. He says no. She asks do you get angry. He says no. She asks do you use your position and blackmail anyone. He says no, you can ask my boss. She says fine, if I call Yuvraaj here, will he say the same. Yuvraaj looks at Dadi as its personal thing. Suhani says this was not important. Gupta says its fine. Pankaj says yes, I blackmailed Yuvraaj and made him marry Suhani. Leela says it means there is your hidden avatar which no one knows, even your wife Lata did not know this thing. He says yes, she does not know this. Leela says it means its clear as no one knows about his hidden personality. Judge says we will resume court after lunch break.

Gupta tells Suhani that you convinced me to take this case, tell me details to defend case after break. She says my dad is not blackmailer. He says it does not matter, tell me who is Gauri, tell me about her in detail. She says she is my sister in law. He says she is different, why. She asks what do you mean. He says her behavior, she is not like normal girls, you are so worried for your dad, but you are normal, she behaved like a kid.

Suhani says she was kept in locked room for many years, away from her family. He says fine, but what happened, why. Saurabh gives tea to Dadi. Rags says Leela trapped Pankaj well. Leela says I know, thanks for compliment. Rags asks why did you not call Yuvraaj to give statement. Leela asks her to wear her black coat and fight case. Menka laughs. Leela says I don’t want Yuvraaj to give statement now, he is supporting his wife and her family, he will say Pankaj is not a bad man, this can turn out case, we are trying to show Pankaj is not like he is seen.

Dadi says you are doing right, I trust you, I want Pankaj to get punished. Leela says don’t worry. Dadi says how is that lawyer who came now. Leela says he is big lawyer, he did not lose any case, did you know Suhani is hiring him. Dadi says no, I bribed that old lawyer and made him run away. Leela says you mean to say you gifted victory to Suhani, if Ajay Gupta takes any case, he can turn it and win.

Gupta says oh, so Gauri’s childhood did not pass well. She says yes, she started living life now and this happened, my dad is innocent, I will not leave that culprit. He says I have to meet your dad, he would be broken, I have to give him hope. Pratima comes home and asks servant to get all the gifts, she has to meet Gauri. She rings the bell and waits. She thinks where did everyone go. Ramesh opens the door and says you.. she asks where is everyone.

Sharad asks inspector to let Yuvraaj talk to Pankaj. Inspector allows him. Yuvraaj apologizes to Pankaj. Pankaj says its fine. Yuvraaj says my family has used that matter, it was made wrong. Pankaj says now I just hope I m proved innocent. Yuvraaj apologizes to them. Pankaj says no need to say sorry, I don’t care, of house matters come in court, it becomes an issue. He cries. Dadi looks on.

Gupta asks Suhani how was Gauri when she got her. Dadi asks why are you asking this. Gupta says Gauri is still immature and kiddish.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. If suhani loses the case then any daughter will never believe their father.Dadi deserves some punishment. please do this.she is a vile.

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