Suhani Si Ek Ladki 10th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 10th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvaan giving a rose to Krishna. He sprays on it and says its for friendship. The red rose turns to yellow. He asks Krishna to become his friend again. She says you broke my trust and friendship, leave me alone, I don’t need anyone’s help. She goes. Suhani looks on. Dadi says she is lying. Baby says you can’t prove it. Amma mai is having affair with Suresh and breaking rules. Dadi asks what can I do, she is my Saas, she is strict, I can’t go against her. Baby provokes her. She says you can’t bear this injustice, Amma mai is past and you are present, past’s existence will end, think if Amma mai dies then… Dadi asks what. Baby says she is ruining family name.

She says I will help you in taking revenge. She gives a knife. Dadi says no, I can’t

do this, she is my Saas. Dadi goes. Suhani goes to Krishna. She reminds Krishna her childhood, how she used to be scared of chemistry. She says I told you the importance of going school, and then you topped in chemistry. She asks her to keep trying to get love, there is no harm in trying, I know your and Saiyyam’s relation, if you have any problem, final decision will be yours, and I will be with you.

Yuvraaj stops Krishna. Dadi sees them. Yuvraaj gives her a bracelet. Krishna likes it. He says I got this for Suhani, we have celebrated valentines by hiding, I know you know Suhani’s choice, tell me will she like this. She says yes. Dadi tells Baby that Suresh got diamond bracelet for Suhani. Baby says so what, you don’t care right, they are using your family name.

Yuvaan angrily hits punching bag and recalls Krishna’s words. He says why did I choose Baby, Krishna was perfect for me. Yuvraaj comes there and stops him. Krishna fixes the greeting card.

Yuvraaj says Suhani told me everything, we thought you and Baby are trying to sort the difference, why did you give rose to Krishna. Yuvaan says I just wanted our friendship, Krishna is annoyed as I did not marry her. Yuvraaj says but she is moving on, why are you looking back, tell me truth. Yuvaan says I just want our friendship back, nothing else. Yuvraaj says fine and leaves.

Baby sees Krishna coming and cries. Krishna asks Baby why is she crying. Baby says I m missing my mum a lot, just you can understand my pain, I m strong, but I used to miss parents a lot in orphanage, you are lucky that Suhani and Yuvraaj are with you, they are your parents, I wish I also had someone like them in my life, I wish I could thank them, life has no guarantee. Krishna thinks Baby is right, I never said thanks to Suhani and Yuvraaj, they never let me feel like an orphan. Baby asks where are you going. Krishna says I m going to thank them, they made me part of this family and supported me. She goes. Baby smiles. She says where is Dadi, Dadi has to see this scene.

Yuvraaj stops Suhani and makes her wear the bracelet. She smiles. He wishes her happy valentines day. She says same to you. Krishna comes and hugs Suhani. Baby stops Dadi and asks her to come with her to see something. Krishna says I have to do Pariknama. Suhani asks why. Yuvraaj says who told you. Krishna says no one, I want to do your Pariknama, you always supported me, I don’t know about tomorrow, so I want to do this today. Krishna takes round and thanks Lord for giving such good parents to her. She thanks them for becoming her mom and dad, and asks them to be always with her. Dadi and Baby look on. Yuvraaj hugs Krishna.

Dadi says why did Krishna call Suresh as dad and Amma mai as mom. Baby asks is she their illegitimate child. Dadi slaps Baby. She says sorry. Baby gets raging. She says no, its fine, I can understand, if head of family does cheap thing and have a child with servant, its such bad. Dadi shouts and says shut up, this can’t happen. Baby asks who is that girl, why is she staying here. Dadi says I don’t know, I will not let her do this. Baby asks her to get rid of Amma mai, else she will ashame you. Dadi says yes, I have to make Amma mai leave from this house and end her love, this will not run here. Baby says you take the knife and stab Amma mai. Dadi scolds her and asks do you want me to kill Amma mai. Baby says yes, this is last way to make her away.

Dadi says you mean I kill her and go jail, then who will manage this house. Baby thinks I wanted this, but Dadi understood my plan. Baby asks what will you do now. Dadi shouts enough, this is my house, I know how to run it, a girl can’t ruin my house and respect. Baby asks what did you say. Dadi holds head and says nothing, I mean before Amma mai ruins everything, I have to stop her, I have to become bad, I will become bad and make Amma mai away. Baby says I m with you. Dadi says fine, keep an eye on her and inform me. Baby thinks once Suhani dies, none can save you.

Krishna tells Kaka that Suhani went out alone. Baby hears this and thinks where did Suhani go. Saiyyam is on call and says fine, I will come club for lunch. Krishna hears him. Baby goes to ask Krishna. Krishna asks her to wait. Baby asks about Suhani. Krishna says she went to market. Baby goes. Saiyyam leaves. Krishna thinks Saiyyam is going to club.

Suhani leaves in her car. Dadi and Baby follow Suhani. Dadi asks what’s this. Baby says chloroform, I have got masks also so that she does not identify us. Dadi takes medicine in kerchief. Baby starts car and suddenly it gets off. Dadi falls over the kerchief and smells chloroform. Dadi faints. Baby asks what happened to you. Yuvaan comes and looks on.

Dadi gets kidnapper’s call. The man says we have kidnapped Suhani Birla, give phone to her husband. Yuvraaj talks to the kidnapper, and asks who are you, I m her husband, where is Suhani. Dadi hears this and scolds Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj says someone called and said he kidnapped Amma mai. Saiyyam worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. It baby doing n saiyyam will find out n catch her

  2. Hate this drama. I’m just bord with dadi,baby n yuvan . Want more KriYam:( .gyz I can”t help about trp becoz I’m from Bangladesh .so….sorry about that.

  3. Syedul

    I really thought this week is gonna b great and gonna have kriyam

  4. That character Baby looks black, ugly, cruel and bad as her deeds! She’s full of jealousy and hatered! Her character Is immoral! She teaches negative things which are of no value for the younger generation!

  5. i think this serial saw waste of time so i am dissaide i am leave the comments jab kriyam ka fully scene ayega i am back but abhi ke liye i am leave i am very disappointed for ssel

  6. is seial ne feshla kar liya hain ki kriyam ko dikhayege nahi wohi boring track waste of time pure din itzar karne ke baad kiya dekhne ko Milta hain baby dadi and all but no kriyam mera to man hi nahi tha comment karu i am very very disappointed of ssel discusting sehn hi nahi hota hain i am very upset

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