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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 10th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj reaching home. He sees Suhani in window and shouts Suhani. She asks what are you doing there, what happened, I m coming. Sambhav hits on Yuvraaj’s head and sends him with goon. Suhani comes and asks what happened. Sambhav says I did not wish to get late for children’s rituals, I went to get gift and could not get it. She asks did you go to buy gift for pagphere. He says yes. She asks when did rasams get imp for you. He says since I became father in law, I feel we should not give reason to children to get annoyed, come. She smiles.

Krishna recalls Suhani’s words and says did Yuvaan willingly married Baby. She thinks of Yuvaan’s words and says it all happened, no use to think now. She sees the bangles and says my mumma died. She throws bangles

and cries. Saiyyam picks Suhani’s bangles and says Suhani gave it by love, keep it.

Baby sees the necklace and is upset. Yuvaan comes and shows the movie tickets. Baby says I don’t want to go. He asks why, I thought you will be happy seeing set. She says yes, but Suhani gave bangles to Krishna. He says it was gold bangles, this is diamond set. She says whatever, you are son of this house, and Saiyyam is no one, is Suhani giving everything to Saiyyam. He says no, she explained… She asks what, its my right, can she just taunt me, you don’t care for me. He calms her down and says its nothing like that, I care for you, don’t worry. I will talk to her, give me a smile.

Saiyyam asks Krishna to wear bangles. She refuses. He asks whats your problem. She says I don’t want charity. He says its nek, her love. She asks him to keep it. He asks can’t you handle love when you were an orphan. He scolds her and says Suhani did favor on you by giving you love. She says she did bad with me, I m not her daughter. He says you will not understand her, you deserve to be an orphan. She says fine, but you are not orphan, why did you do this. He says is my wish, you stay happy. She says I don’t want to waste time by arguing with you. He asks her to wear the bangles else…. she takes bangles.

Suhani comes to room and sees a big mirror. Sambhav says its gift for you. She says its good, but whats the need. He says its needed, I want you to see this and know your value. She says I don’t need this, I know my loved ones value me. He holds the mirror. Yuvraaj is tied to the other side of the mirror. He gets conscious and sees Suhani with Sambhav. Sambhav says this mirror is special, our memories will get caged in it, it will see our love increasing. He hugs Suhani. Yuvraaj shouts Suhani. Sambhav says no one can separate us. Yuvraaj gets angry.

Its morning, Yuvraaj sees Sambhav. Sambhav says you know Suhani is my legal wife. Yuvraaj shouts shut up, she is none to you. Sambhav says its problem, my voice can reach you, but your voice can’t come here, I know you will he shouting in anger and saying shut up. But dude no use, your voice will not come here, I m not hearing anything. Yuvraaj shouts Sambhav, get me out of here. Sambhav says don’t worry, I did arrangements for your entertainment, Suhani and I will celebrate suhaagraat after 20 years right in front of your eyes, you won’t be able to do anything. He shows the mask and wig and asks Yuvraaj to enjoy. He wears mask and wig, and goes.

Krishna recalls Saiyyam’s words and cries. Saiyyam sees her crying. She sees him and wipes tears. He asks her not to come close. She takes kerosene oil instead water to put in bowl. He rushes and stops her. He gets her away. He says I did not like to touch you, but you would have got burnt. He shows the kerosene bottle. She says I was taking water. He asks are you blind. His hand burns. She pours water and says I don’t like to touch you, I was putting water. He goes.

Suhani sits infront of mirror and gets ready. Yuvraaj smiles seeing her. She says which bangles to wear. Sambhav comes and suggests. Yuvraaj gets angry seeing him. Suhani talks to him. Sambhav breaks his kurta button and asks her to make it fine. She says you got really strange, you did not wear any shirt if button broke off. He says jail taught me everything. She says sorry Yuvraaj you had to spend many years in jail because of me, I wish I could change everything in past, except Sambhav’s death if he comes infront of me, I will not stop to kill him.

Sambhav says leave it, stitch the button. She says fine, remove the shirt and I will stitch. He gives her the shirt. He makes Yuvraaj jealous and holds Suhani, asking her to spend time with him. She says I was also thinking same. Yuvraaj shouts Suhani, he is Sambhav, not Yuvraaj. Suhani says I have thought, what happened, why are you smiling seeing mirror. Sambhav says nothing. Suhani says we will keep antakshari at night, it will be fun. Sambhav asks what. Yuvraaj thanks Suhani. She asks Sambhav to tell everyone, Krishna’s mood will be fun. She sends him. Sambhav gets angry. Yuvraaj sees Suhani. Suhani asks Soumya is it nice idea and smiles seeing Soumya’s pic. Yuvraaj says superb idea and smiles.

Sambhav sings jaanu meri jaan….. and dances with Suhani. Yuvraaj gets angry seeing Sambhav.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What kinda mirror is that,,,,! hmm,,,,,anyways glad that cvs are bringing Krishna-Sayyam closer ,,,,,,,,,,Just can’t bear this Sambav,…bt glad that he is in Yuvraj’s avatar,,,,no need to see his face,,,,

    1. I think, do you watch police films or drama.

      They have a mirror, where they can see the criminal. The criminal can only see their reflection.

      This is what type of mirrors it is.

      I am glad that the writers is bringing Krishna and saiyyam together

      Mo, you and hanna did say by week 3
      Yuvaan and Baby is going to kick them all out.

      The big fright is coming

      1. Oh I just love saiyyam & Krishna scene.
        How cute!
        I hope Krishna realises the yuvaan never wanted her.

        The way saiyyam made Krishna understand that suhani actually love her.

        I just wish suhani would realised that saiyyam love her to.

        There one thing that came out from sambhav.
        Suhani for Krishna only for Krishna. Is actually trying to change saiyyam.
        If yuvraj was around then is would,have had never happens.

      2. Now I think that Baby will kick them out before the 3rd week,,,,,,,see Yuvan,,,,,he z going to confront Suhani,,,,,,,what will he ask her???,,,,he dnt hv any shame,,,,,his wife insulted Suhani in the mrng and nw he z after her for a golden bangle,,,,,
        N I wanna see that big fight,,,just to see Sayyam and Suhani supporting each other,,,,,Sayyam’s policy is ‘I will trouble Suhani coz she z my mother but u can’t trouble her agn bcoz she z my mother’,,,,,he will surely support Suhani,,,,,,

      3. 3 mmmmmmm!
        I well need to think about this, I don’t want to lose again!

        I well give my answers tomorrow?

      4. Yes (r) think really carefully.
        Take your time as well.
        There’s no need to rush. 🙂

      5. ****,,,Poppy thanx for that mirror info,,,,I never knw abt that,,,,,
        n yes,,,,,(r) and mo,,,,think and decide,,,,I’m all set to support,,,,,,
        Yup Shanthi Krishna Sayyam scenes were toooooo cute

  2. What rubbish r they showing…???
    If they want 2 bring lustybhav than what was the need of leap….??? 1st also he tortured so much n now also…. Very bad storyline…. Donkey stupid writers

    1. maybe they brought Sambav so that Sayyam will be able to knw the truth from Sambav itself,,,,,well that’s good,,,,,bt showing Suhani-Sambav scenes are toooooooooooooo much irritating,,,,,,,,while reading the update we won’t be able to imagine Sambav in Yuvraj’s avatar and imagining sambav close to suhani is just ,,,,,uffffff,,,,,,,,,,

      1. I also do agree with Silent Reader.
        saiyyam needs to hear from sambhav, the truth, what he actually did to suhani.

        At this moment if suhani tell him, he might not believe her.
        The Word might!

        It not be good, at this moment, because suhani plans for Krishna and saiyyam. Well back fire!

      2. I too believe,,,eventhough Sayyam respects Suhani alot,,,he will never trust her in this matter

    2. Exactly kitni baar manani hai usse suhaagraat useless scoudrel…is this d only way that a lead can b tortured…jab dekho writers molestation ke peeche hi pade hai…how many times they gonna show d hell out of proper storyline for our YUVAANI…watching this shit juz bcoz of yuvaani but we r getting BJKT in d form of subhav

      1. I don’t think suhani is going to do suhaagraat.

        I don’t think that is going to happen.

        But I do think, that this mirror well be good for yuvraj. If he clever enough.
        This mirror should be an advantage to yuvraj. He can see and hear everything. But sambhav can’t.

  3. terrific episode! still that sambhav is such a creep n disgusting person bt k its jus yuvaraj face n nt tat sambhav face. so, gud yuvaraj vs evil yuvaraj, nice… pl ya try to end sambhav chapter. somewhat interesting bt somewhat irritating when i think of sambhav..

    1. same here,,,,,,!

    2. I hate when people complain for the wrong reason.

      Sahil acting, has been great!
      I never thought that he was a good actor.
      All yuvraj, used to is moan.
      Someone said it is more fun, when you play a villain.
      I can tell that sahil is having fun!

      1. yeaa ,,,,,he z doing a wonderful job….his acting,body language,exprsns,,,evrythng changed and I think he z working out too,,,,those muscles u knw,,,,just noticed it recently

  4. Zai

    Sambhav said after 20 years means the leap is of 20 years and Saiyyam is 20 yrs????
    But glad that they are bringing saiyyam and krishna together. They both are caring for each other

  5. they r showing YUVANI n KRIYAM scenes as it is a treat for their fans bt showing yuvan-baby scene to irritate us. so y they dont give screen space to yuvani? her elder as well as younger bro got married bt poor soul she is… they can show her also bcoz she s also true to herself like saiyyam.. i like her too especially with suhani n saiyyam.

  6. Amalina

    I’m gonna start hating yuvraj if sambhav is gonna be in his form becoz the face expressions are just soo irirtating

    1. Vanshika

      Yeah agreed dear… Krishyam is best couple name for Krishna saiyam…

  7. Love the episode and love you kriyam scenes…

  8. What did this “else”meant when sayyiam told krishna to wear the bangles else

    1. Saiyyam was going to take Krishna hand and put the bangles on her, himself. That what else meant.

      I love the kitchen scene, it was so intense.
      Love it. Love it. LOVE IT!
      I only watch this show, because of Krishna and Saiyyam.
      Finally the writers got it right.

      1. Amalina

        same only for krishna-sayyam! tired of YuvAni and their so called stupid twins

  9. krishna ?Sayyam

    I love the Krishna and sayyam scenes . It would be better if he shaves his beard. When he first came he didn’t have any beard he used to look so cute . I hope he shaves his beard

    1. I know what you mean.

    2. Maybe to get a matured look,,,,,,anyways,got any couple name for them????

      1. Amalina

        i guess maybe:
        – kriYyam
        — SayNa
        – KrishYyam

  10. Yuvaan jerk , he is as greedy as baby at least her case is understandable she is a gold digger but he can’t ever bare krishna who ones used to be his best friend having gold bangles when his wife get a diamont set. He is the heir of birla house , he will already got everything but still eye what suhani has kept for krishna … Pathetic jerk

    1. Hanna, in have some of your view Is right.

      You forgot, that Krishna was the runt.
      She suppose not to get anything.
      The only reason that Birla put up with Krishna. Was because soumya died.
      What people might say, suhani felt guilty.
      I think in yuvaan and yuvani mind.
      Was the family well educate Krishna, then Krishna well find someone else to marry.
      It was more like yuvaan put up with Krishna. All because he had to.

      I wouldn’t call it friendship. The way yuvaan used to touch Krishna.
      It wasn’t love, or lust, it was more like an easy prey.

      I believe Dadi knew this, that is why she used to scream at Krishna.
      Not because she cared, it was because in case Krishna get pregnant.
      So in away Dadi saved Krishna.

      Yuvaan true colours well come out, very soon. I believe Krishna well realise. When Krishna does, she well get over Yuvaan. I can’t wait for that to happen.
      But knowing suhani she well blame it on baby.
      Love Baby or hate Baby. It would be unfair on her.

      1. @Mo i agree yuvaan is more to be blamed than baby after all baby is an outsider but yuvaan is a son, a brother, a friend. After his marriage he forgot all his past relation, he is now just baby’s husband nothing else.
        I think yuvaan , yuvaani and dadi never cared for krishna because she is simple, if she has attitude they would treat her like a princess like dadi used to treat soumya. So birla family doesn’t ‘t care if someone die for them but is ready to accept anyone who use their cream ?

    2. Yea,,,he could hv defended Suhani,,,,afterall Suhani considers Krishna as her daughter and Yuvan verywell knws that,,,,,Stupid now is going to ask Suhani abt gifting Krishna

      1. he didn’t even reacted when baby said “can she just taunt me” during puja she was the one taunting his mother in front of him but he didn’t never confronted his wife but is gonna talk to his mother about bangles. I don’t understand why don’t he go to work instead of being in the middle of a sas bahu drama .

  11. So basically their using the Murder 3 movie storyline with this mirror plot. Way to be original! #stopSambhavtrack

    1. Its k nw it will be fun to watch in this serial for yuvani

  12. Omg, Krish is so fing weak as hell, Sai is 7 years younger than her and wen he was force marrying her she couldn’t kick his Ass. Anyways they luk gud 2gather n so r Yuvan n Babe

  13. I love Babe, she is so beautiful and cool

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