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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 10th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rags and Menka asking Dadi what happened. Rags asks Bhavna about the juice. Bhavna says its orange and mosambi juice. Rags says but this smells like pineapple juice, and asks Pratima to check. Bhavna says I did not add pineapple. Pratima says but there is pineapple in this. Menka says Bhavna wanted to kill Dadi for keys. Pratima asks her to stop it and get medicines.

Yuvani shows her class to Yuvaan and takes him to show playground. Rags and Menka fight to get medicines. They don’t get medicines and tell Pratima that medicine is not here. Soumya gets medicines and asks Bhavna to get water fast. Dadi takes medicines. Soumya says don’t worry, Dadi will get fine.

Yuvani shows chemistry lab to Yuvaan and says this is for elder children. He wears lab coat

and she laughs, asking him to change it. They do not see poisonous gas chemicals kept there. Sambhav sees Yuvani’s pic and her drawing. He removes the drawing and says this happened because of Yuvani, she got Yuvraaj here. He tears the drawing. Principal says I will just come and goes.

Yuvraaj tells Suhani that he did not know they are coming, or Sambhav will react like this. She says its fine, Sambhav loves Yuvaan. He asks why is he afraid, Yuvaan hates me. Principal comes and asks them to get uniform, all formalities are done. He tells that Yuvani is best student and asks them to see her drawing. Yuvraaj says I m sure of Suhani’s good parenting. Principal asks where is the drawing, it was here. Sambhav says I don’t know. They leave. Sambhav gets angry on Yuvani.

Bhavna says there is no pineapple at home. Rags and Menka blame her to do this to get keys. Bhavna asks what nonsense. Dadi is fine and gets up. He sees the juice glass kept there and drinks it. She says I understood its pineapple juice and I have allergy by it. She finishes the juice and stays fine. Bhavna says I don’t want the keys, I did not wish Soumya to get keys, don’t you both want this, I did not give pineapple juice. Rags says maybe someone else did this and blamed you, come in my team. Bhavna says no, I will work hard and get keys, I won’t let Soumya get the keys. Soumya hears them and says Bhavna won’t get the keys.

Sharad comes to talk to Bhavna. Rags and Menka leave. Bhavna says I did not do anything. Sharad says but you got careless. She agrees and says I should be more careful. Yuvani makes a drawing and shows Yuvaan. He says its beautiful. She says there is no dustbin here. He says I will keep it in pocket and throw it outside. He says I have to go to washroom. She shows washroom and asks him to come back soon. He says we will play hide and seek then. She says fine, I will find you wherever you hide, I know all places. He says you can’t find me, challenge. He goes. Sambhav sees Yuvani.

Yuvraaj asks Suhani not to worry, he will send Yuvaan’s uniform home. She says thanks, where are the kids. He goes to see. Yuvani gets hurt by a football and faints. Sambhav says its your time to go.

Sambhav lifts Yuvani and takes her. Yuvraaj misses to see them. Yuvaan comes to Suhani and says I don’t know where are others. Sambhav locks Yuvani in the chemistry lab. Yuvraaj gets Yuvani’s drawing in her class and looks for her. Suhani comes and asks where is Yuvraaj. He says I don’t know, this drawing was fallen here. She says where will she go. Sambhav comes and asks what happened. She asks about Yuvani, don’t know where did she go. Yuvaan says maybe she got hidden, we were going to play hide and seek, I thought she is with mumma. Yuvraaj goes to find her. Sambhav thinks Yuvraaj won’t get Yuvani now. Yuvanai is fallen near the cupboard and poisonous gas flows out of the pipe.

Suhani says we will go upstairs. Sambhav says relax, I will go and find her. Yuvraaj asks Yuvaan where did he see Yuvani for the lasts time. Yuvani wakes up and coughs. Yuvaan says she was in class, I think she is playing hide and seek. Yuvraaj scolds him. Yuvaan says she said she knows all places here. Suhani says calm down Yuvraaj, he did not do this intentionally.

Yuvraaj says fine, I have informed principal. He sees the pencil sharpener waste on the floor. Yuvaan says we were drawing, there was no dustbin, so we kept this pencil shavings in our pockets. Suhani says maybe this fell from Yuvani’s pocket. They all follow the pencil waste. Suhani shows the stairs, and says it means Yuvani is upstairs. Sambhav stops them and says Yuvani is not here. Suhani says it means she is here. Sambhav says there is no use to be here, come. Yuvraaj looks at chemistry lab.

Dadi slaps Sambhav. He says I can do anything to get Suhani, and even kill. She asks why did you not kill him then.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Stupid dadi… if yuvi will die… then I’ll stop watching…. stupid sambhav

  2. If sam try 2 kill yuvi…den ok… but no 1 shud die… N while killing yuvi suhani must come n save him n she must get hurt… infront of the chn… so dat the true colour of sam must come out before yuvan…. every tym y yuv should go hospital in rohan case…. so dis suhani must go ?

  3. Totally bullshit… taking revenge from a little kid? The writer lost his mind…

  4. Pata nahi kyun…but I think sambhav and dadi are relatives of Barbie because suhani ki jagah wo khud lena chahti thi .thabhi sarogat mother banna chahti sambhav ne suhani ko pane ke liye yuvani ko marne ki koshish ki.dadi ka pole kab khulega I fedup……

    1. Really headache… The writers doesn’t show mercy on kids also I know it’s daily soap but den too… Firstly soumya scared yuvan by holiday ghost n know yuvani in lab… But I think yuvraj will save his daughter… Suhani expression about the missing yuvani was fake… Y can’t she show same love towards yuvani coz of suhani only both siblings r separate she always think abt yuvn

  5. ktni drag karoonga

  6. kya yuvaan yuvraj ka brleta nahi kya.wo hamesha yuvaan ko kyu dadthi ho.Mujhe kabhi bhiyuvaan ke behaviour se koi problem nahi.kyu ki wo sahi hai.

    1. But today yuvi was right… His daughter was missing… So naturally any1 can behave lyk dis

  7. Writer, I hope you won’t spoil the entire serial by saying sambah and dadi successed in killing one of the lead role.i mean sushani,yuvraaj. Yuvani or yuvaan.

  8. Natasha mahase

    Dirty Sambha

  9. Dezine

    tooo much dragging… i have stopped to watch the serial

  10. What a load of crap – your story line sinks — also it is rubbish – if you can’t think of anything better than getting suhani married to someone else part from Yuvraaj – then realisticly you have killed the show – might as well stop while you are ahead
    As you have totally ruined the show

    This does not happen in real life — I think the writers and producers need to get a life and a reality check

  11. Pearley hobaichan

    In Indian soap writers always punish woman and children why maby that’s how they treat them in family hate this now

  12. really this is a load of crap. In this day and age kids are vulnerable and we teach our kids right from wrong, yet this stupid serial showing kids that as adults you can do all the wrong u want and nothing will happen to you, g shown its okay to kill, and hurt kids to do wrong. rags and menka, saumya and now this moron sambhav – all hurting the childrn,, stop this nonsense! I always like suhani but ever since the leap she needs one tight slap cos shes gone too stupid.. can anyone be that naive and beleive everything.. she went married sambhav whilst not even divorced from yuvraaj – they were only separated for 6 years.. yes? what are these writers doing? soumya does so much wrong and suhani still takes her part… like seriously… this serial is too dumb.. and even dumber are the ppl that are watching it. I stopped watching and come @read comments thinking serial changed for the better, but it just gets worse!

  13. True,writers write that he want.they don’t think about any thing .viewer ke objection ke bawjood wahi bakwas dikhate hai.I think itne objection ke baad shayad story line theek ho!!!!!!! ……but they became deaf and senseless ……..this serial is teaching very bad lesson to our kids and society……

  14. Really?? The writers of this show fall to a new level. Sambhav trying to kill a child now!? What next?

  15. Trp is 1.3..

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