Suhani Si Ek Ladki 10th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 10th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a leap in the show. Yuvani’s birthday party is shown. A lady servant Rama scolds guests and kids asking them not to spoil anything. Dadi asks Rama to be in limits and not misbehave with guests. She tells about the dress she got for Yuvani. She attends some guests and goes to meet her princess Yuvani. She meets Yuvani and compliments her calling her a fairy tale princess. She says your friends have come, I will tell you a secret, no one is looking beautiful like my princess, come. Her friend Krishna hugs Yuvani and wishes her happy birthday. Yuvani tells her that your frock is good, but mine is very nice. Dadi asks Krishna to call her parents, I will get Yuvani.

Yuvraaj gets ready and knocks the washroom door. He says all guests and Yuvani are waiting, get ready

and come soon. He sees the girl’s pics and smiles. He leaves from the room. He attends guests, and talks to his other daughter Krishna. Yuvani comes and all the girls compliment her dress. Yuvani sees a little girl Sania and asks why did your friend wear a good dress, its my birthday and I should look good. Krishna says no, you look good. Yuvani asks Krishna to play. Krishna says mom and dad will scold me. Yuvani says fine, I will play alone.

Yuvani shoots a balloon and spoils Sania’s dress. Dadi says I will ask Rama to clean it. Yuvani says now I really look the best. Dadi says yes, you are always best. Yuvraaj brings Pratima in the party. Pratima sees Suhani and smiles. Suhani says wherever I got, you find me and smiles. She disappears. Pratima looks on. Yuvraaj says she is Yuvani…. Pratima says I know, I see your shadow and even……. Soumya comes and brings the cake. Yuvani says mumma and hugs her…. Soumya says sorry I was preparing doll cake and got late. Soumya says my Yuvani is the best. Dadi asks Yuvani to cut the cake. Everyone smile and celebrate her birthday. The lady asks Pratima how are your granddaughters Yuvani and Krishna of same age, they don’t look twins. Yuvraaj says no need to interfere in this matter, they both are sisters. Yuvraaj asks Soumya whats the gift. Soumya says you will know it in some time.

Krishna crowns Yuvani, and calls her a recall princess. Soumya takes their pics. Yuvani asks her for pic and asks her to delete this bad pic and take new one. Soumya asks them to smile and takes another pic.

Soumya and Pratima see the girls sleeping and caress them. Pratima says so much changed in this house in some years, right Soumya? After that incident, it took much time for everyone to go ahead, but maybe that was the right thing, Yuvraaj I m a mother, but I have accepted truth and decided to move on, forget the old things, how long will you hurt yourself.

Few girls prepare for the modeling. Sharad sees a model and asks is she ready, whats this spot on her face. The assistant says no worries, I will make this fine, Mam will not know it. Sharad says she has sharp eyes, she will know it. The lady says I m done, Mam will not figure it out. They say Mam has come and look behind. Suhani comes there and wears indo western clothes with jewelry. Dadi cries seeing a little boy and Suhani’s pic. Yuvraaj comes and picks Suhani’s pic. He says she is dead Dadi, now she is not in our life, don’t make her part of our memories, Suhani is gone Dadi, let her go, I don’t want Yuvani to know about Suhani. He burns Suhani’s pic.

Suhani looks at the model. She asks Sharad to make the model leave. The model asks what did I do. Suhani shows the spot on her face. She says no one can hide anything from me, you lie and hide it too, remember one thing, don’t bring such model again. Sharad asks her to see the saree. Suhani says I have seen, the scar on her face ruined everything, I don’t give work by pity, we give work to talented people. Sharad asks them to leave.

Suhani smiles seeing Bhavna. Bhavna laughs as Yuvaan does some mischief. Suhani calls out her son Yuvaan…..

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Feel

    So that means yuvraj and suhani R diversed and one child is with Suhani and the other one is with yuvraj actually I don’t like yuvani character

  2. Shraddha Sharma

    Names are so sweet… yuhani and yuhaan…. names to yuvraj and suhani pr hai but unko alg kyu kr diya hai?? Soumya ki shadi yuvraj se kyu ho gyi??? Suhani itni rude ho gyi hai?? Why Yuvraj hates suhani??
    Itna confused leap kyu dikhaya hai??

  3. Rani

    Omg so somu and yuvi are together. And yuvaani and yuvaan are suhani and yuvi kids. krishna is somu and krishna child. I think krishna died and somu is married to yuvi. Suhani was gorgeous today. Happy to see sharad bhavna and suhani together. I want a flashback. I think this track is that yuvaani and yuvaan will bring suhani and yuvi together.

  4. anu4875

    suhani s looking stunning…………..yuvani s so mean………..yuvani s like dadi……….

  5. TUFFY

    I don’t understand? Is Krishna soumya’s daughter or both yuvani’s? What happened to Golu? Who is yuvaan?

  6. Rianaa

    Yuvaan n yuvaani both r suhani n yuvraj’s son n daughter???but where is rags,menaka,anuj,saurav???

  7. TUFFY

    Maybe dadi is making up for yuvaan by spoiling yuvani. Why do they say Sajan planted the bomb when it was Krishna? Maybe that’s why the separation.

  8. Akashy

    Krishna and Guri died in the bomb blast suhani tried to save Guri and something hit her stomach and gave birth to a boy and girl Soumya and the whole family blamed suhani for krishnas and guris death they try to take both the babies but suhani runs away with the boy sharad and bhavna confront the family the members break all realation ships with sharad and bhavna for supporting suhani so yuvani and yuvaan are suhani and yuvrajs children and krishna is soumya and krishnas daughter

  9. supriya

    Can anyone tell who r playing the role of yuvaani yuvaan and krishna on the show….much excited to see them…

  10. TUFFY

    Thanks Akashy for the input. But still the question, why blame Suhani? Krishna planted the bomb. Not sajan, but maybe because sajan told Suhani he planted it. Is this going to go same way as YHM?

  11. What has just happened? This show is confusing and getting boring! What happened after the bomb blast? Why suhani, sharad and Bhavna living separate? Who are all these kids? Why is Sumiya married to Yuvraj? They need to show flash back what happened. That yuvani character needs a slap! I am not liking this show at all. Why make all these changes?

  12. Sushma

    Can accept yuvrajs &suhani’s separation &leap too but can’t see yuvraj & soumya married. What is this blunder done by writers. ……how will suhani &yuvraj get together now. ………..They r making a big joke of marriage. ….

  13. ramya

    Yenna sonnaalum yenna nadanthaalum yuvraj suhanikku ivlo periya punishment koduthrukka koodaathu sowmya ithukku yepdi oththukittaanga yuvani character is bad yuvraj yen suhaniya ivlo verukkraanga naama athigama nesicha oruththara ivlo verukka mudiyuma na intha serial paakka aarambichathu suhani kkaaga thaan aana conntinue pannathu yuvraj and suhani Love kkaaga aana ippa antha love yenga pochu yepdi yuvraj sowmyava marriage pannaanga suhani mela kovam iruntha innoruthurukku antha idatha kodukka mudiyuma ah……….so irritate

  14. Sushma

    What right has soumya to blame suhani, it was krishna who had got the bomb …..Infact soumya should equally feel guilty fr her husbands misdeeds.

  15. Twins ya to boys hote he ya to girls na ki ek girl or ek boy and kya suhani ki deadbody inhe mili jo inhone man liya ki she is dead ok man liya suhani is dead then what about sarad bhavna ang golu or jo aakri me boy dikhaya wo yuvaan he to golu kaha gaya or agar suhani jinda he to wo wapas yuvraj ke pass kyu nahi gai its so confusing mand hum yuvraj or suhani ko yuvani bulate he or unki beti ka nam bhi yuvani muje to kuch samaj me hi nahi aa raha he and soumya yuvraj ki wife eeeeeee yak i am really and eagerly waiting for the next episode god plz Yuvraj or suhani ko ek kardo god plz abhi bhi dadi yuvani or krishna me discrimination kar rahi he buriya khi ki today sarad s looking handsome

    • Komal, twins me ek boy aur ek girl bhi ho saktha hai…And I don’t think that Yuvraj thinks that Suhani is dead but there might be some misunderstanding between them.

    • Satya

      Well a girl and a boy do happen for twins n dey r called fraternal twins.. based on the process of ovum getting divided before the sperm meets it, the one fusing with X becomes a girl n the one with Y becomes a guy.

  16. Tam

    They are copying from other serials…it is boring..same leapssss…nalave ila…please stop kardho ae sab..purane kahani tho phirse pathadho

  17. soniya

    hey ash and ramaya aap log kid language me BAAT kar rahehai aur ha yeh unexpected leap kab huya aur suhani itni gaandi kaise ban gayi or soumya usne apne best friend. me pati SE shaadi Kaise ki aur yeh idiot nonscence pagal selfish yuvraaj usne suhani divorce deke soumya SE shaadi karli what the hell yaar yeh serial me toh bohot confusion hair or leap voh toh bhai sabse jyada confusion hai mujhe yeh leapaccha nahi lag raha?????

  18. Now this has become like Yhm but I was sure about their child name to be yuvani love to watch suhani is independent now ..but yeh yuvarj kitni bar shadi Kare ga aur sharad looks really handsome after leap

  19. Sarat

    What wrong with director, fully confused episode. Twists are OK, but too much twist viewers get confused. Following this serial from so many days, today all new characters. What is this he is mad or making viewers mad.

  20. subha

    yuvraj soumya not married may be krishna n jail.r died. soumya left krishna fr his bad activites.. soumya take care of her child nd suhani child.. for childrns thy acting as husband nd wife.. suhani may be told tat yuvani is nt looking yuvraj took yuvani .. suhani took yuvaan.

  21. What the hell is going on in this serial? Why can’t the writers think of a story of their own? But they have copied mostly every story line from that of Yeah hai mohabbatein:The surrogacy track,Now this leap&Separation.. It’s better to end this serial now!

  22. joy

    If yuvraj and his family have taken away one of suhani’s child, then yuvraj doesn’t deserve to be with suhani, what kind of husband he is?, but more of that,, what kind of father he is to seperate his two children? I agree that suhani have some responsability in what happened, but, as for me, saumya, yuvraj and dadi are as much responsable for the blast than suhani. Indeed none of that would have happened if dadi haven’t take barbie to Birlas Mansion, and if saumya would have stop Krishna from doing his illegal work and maybe yuvraj forgot that he never believed suhani before, but suhani always forgave him and suhani told him that someone want to kill their children but still, he didn’t believe her.
    Since the beginning, i always thought that yuvraj is not the good person for Suhani. Suhani must take yuvani and yuvan and settle away with Sharad and Bhavna, and get married to someone who will have full trust on her or stay single.
    I don’t really understand what the writters are doing since Yuvraj and Suhani remarriage, i’m still wondering, when Bhavna is going to know that Sharad is the one who made the accident that killed Amit, and what about Bhavna mother in law (Amit mother) whom said that she will come back to take Golu??? I was thinking that after bhavna and sharad marriage, the serial will focus a little bit more on both of them and how yuvraj and suhani would have try to make them closer. And even after suhani pregnancy, i thought that the serial would be more funny, i’m a little disapointed about the serial.
    Why every indian serial show just drama and in laws torturing their bahu??? Is it really like that in india????

  23. Rianaa

    Mujhe ye samaj meh nahi aata ki yeh log leap dete hai toh thik…but itne twist kyun dete hai…its just like other star plus shows lyk yhm,sns,dabh,yrkkh….??????

  24. Dexa

    What the hell is going on with not only with this show but generally all the serials on Star Plus.
    When a show is doing well why the hell does it have to leap forward by 7 years. Do they not any good writers in India?? Having watched this since it first aired in 2014 ,I’m inclined to just switch it off. This is truly rubbish!!!!
    There were so many good storylines the writer could have developed but instead we had the same theme emerging time after time. No wonder serials in India have a limited shelf life. Here in the UK we have serials that have been running for at least 50 years plus.
    They need to NOT just concentrate on 1 or 2 characters. It becomes boring and monatomous. It’s only a matter of time before this is also shelved as they have run out of story lines!!!

  25. Harby

    I don’t like this episode I want yuvraj and suhani together again raising there kids and soumya should not take her place please get yuvraj and suhani together again with their kids

  26. Dexa

    Really hope this is some sort of dream sequence!!
    If not that it will be another Star plus serial I won’t bother to watch again!!!!

  27. princess

    Hello I think yuvraj’s sister and soumya’s husband in bomb blast so he blame suhani for that and thus they r yuvraj pretend to marry soumya infront of somya’s daughter and yuvani.but he didbt actually married to soumya.but I have no idea about rags menka anuj saurabh.

  28. navya

    I think soumya is not married to yuvraj… May be they can act for their child… I hate this twist…

  29. Ameena

    This was meant to happen they have made a joke about marriage and children like here it isn’t suhani said fault that the she was locked by Sajan and yeh hai mohabatien is all separation and saathiya y does vista have to give her child to maya and who dies after getting hit by a ball on the head just please this is a full request plssssssssssssssssssss hurry up and re unite suhani and yuvraj pleasssse

  30. Ameena

    I ahte the leap it was not needed just plssss reunite suhani and yuvraj quickly as they look super cute together plsssss don’t stretch it

  31. Sushma

    Yuvraj has become like a spare tyre. ….someones marriage broke up or someone’s husband is dead or in jail yuvraj is always there to accept them as his wife with one or other lame excuses. Hate u yuvraj just hate u. Dadi is portrayed so good now infact she is spoiling that girl with too much of pampering. Dadi is the whole &sole reason fr yuvani’s separation but look how lucky is she living a content life without any guilt

  32. siny

    Okk yuvraj is angry with suhani. .does dt mean he vil marry soumya..y suhani is being blamed. .krishna brought bomb der. If anone has to b blamed den its dadi.she brought barbie to Birla house..I hate yuvraj nw..if he had to part ways with suhani den he would have bought up yuvani by himself..wat was De need to marry soumya. .disgusting. …

  33. Kashish

    What rubbish show. Writers have spoiled the show completely. No one will feel like watching bakwas show. I won’t see this bakwas serial again. Yuvraj and suhani should been staying happily. Soumaya have no right to stay at Birla house. Complete bakwas kar dia show ko

  34. Shetty

    I think so because of suhani’s goodness her family had to face consequences so she has turned rude and also because she was colour discriminated by dadi she hates the ones who are dark…this is just a guess

  35. Pissed Off Aussie

    Please writers grow up. Get original story line. What bakwas are you on about. Similar story to yeh hain mohabbattain..
    I mean really you guys need to fire your crap writers and hirer someone with more calibre.

  36. Gia

    Wow.. The way Yuvraj burns Suhani ‘s pic … Was that his ‘true’ love for her. And Dadi looks younger after 6 years??? What rubbish .. I have been watching this serial for such a long time, but sadly , it has lost the plot …??

  37. kiruthiga

    it’s tooooo much. y all hindi serials hero and heroin will separate for many years.and will join after a leap.

  38. Nisa

    Suhani is such a strong woman. She deserves better than Yuvraaj. She is worth more than her weight in gold.

    Sad that Yuvraaj is blinded by his anger. This was not Suhani’s fault, This all Dadi’s fault for bringing Barbie to Birla house. Very sad to see how blind Yuvraaj is

    • ci

      yuvraj is not bloind by anger.he dont know about love even noww.thats why.
      i agree suhani desrves someone better than him.handsome,young stylish.plz bring barun or vishal karwal as suhanis costar.

  39. Nithu

    Hey joy…. In india no mother in law wilk treat their daughter in law like that!! Bt v have few xpetionalcases where a saas treats their bahu soo cruely… U can search… Abt dis in net

  40. Haadi

    I am ready to ignore every thing but suhanis mind change..its unbearable…i cant comprimise wid tat…the story become bullshit ..dey have change name as chandrakala si ek dadi…coz story is about her…rubbish story..n writers

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