Suhani Si Ek Ladki 10th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 10th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj giving the mango surprise to Soumya. She says sorry, I can’t have this. He says he has planned this by much hardwork and she is saying this, that’s not good and starts going. She says she has allergy and can get rashes. He says its best mangoes, but road side, I will ask Ramesh to have this and ask you before planning anything. She stops him and says she will have it. She eats the mango dessert and likes it. She drinks mango juice and he looks on smiling. He comes to Suhani and tells her that he made Soumya had mangoes, don’t know rashes will come or not. She cuts mangoes and he eats it. He asks her not to have it, her with will increase. She eats it by hands. He asks how can she have by hands, don’t they have spoons, hands have germs.

She says she

has cut by hands, don’t show rich tantrums. He says its manners. She says I don’t have manners, now I will have it, I made it bad by my hands. They argue and try to snatch the mangoes bowl. The mangoes piece fall on the table and he gets angry. She says he can still eat it and starts eating. She says its very sweet and calls him fool if he does not eat it. She smiles and looks at him.

She says its clean and asks him to have it. He smiles and sits to eat with her. He eats with spoon. She asks how is he having fallen things, he is rich, what if he get ill. He says she is there to take care of him. She says this Aam/mango made you Aam Aadmi/ordinary man. They laugh. Yuvraaj and his team wait to see Soumya’s face. Dadi calls Soumya. Suhani asks Pratima to have food. She asks Yuvraaj why is he upset, result did not come. Dadi asks Soumya where was she, she wants to see her facial. They all sit on sofa and try to see Soumya.

Dadi says she has to take her to her friends and show her, saying she is best and going to become Yuvraaj’s wife. She turns and is shocked seeing her face with rashes. Soumya says she could not control and had the dishes, which her friend got and she got allergy and pimples. Rags calls her a fool than Menka, even she resists food. Soumya says let me talk to Dadi and gets angry on Rags. Dadi scolds Soumya and asks Rags to show her mirror, she is looking horrible. Soumya says it will go in some time. Dadi says we have to leave in one time, you think I should take your face and get embarrassed. She scolds her and asks why did she eat mangoes, did she not see mangoes in her life.

Yuvraaj and his team smiles. Rags asks Dadi not to explain Soumya, its no use. Dadi says I have to show my true side to her now. She asks her to take care of her face, and there should not be any dark spot on her face, else she will not leave her. She asks Ramesh not to give mangoes to Soumya. She says its time now that you learn Birla family rules. Soumya cries feeling humiliated by Dadi.

Suhani looks on. Yuvraaj hugs Saurabh and shows off to Suhani. She smiles. Pratima and Yuvraaj come to Suhani. Pratima tells something to Yuvraaj and he goes. Pratima says I know you are annoyed, as you felt what happened with Soumya is wrong. Suhani says Dadi’s thinking is wrong. Rags says Dadi did good, Soumya is not kid that she could not control seeing mangoes. Dadi says yes, I should control her now, I will punish her this time. Pratima asks Suhani to sit and they will talk. Ramesh gets the oil. Pratima does oil massage to her hair and saks how many months of her marriage now. Suhani says 8 months. Pratima asks did she not understand that Dadi values beauty and her thinking is such, that people are incomplete without beauty.

Suhani says what if heart is black, then what will beauty do. Pratima says we believe so, but Dadi does not, I know you will change her thinking, I know her very well, she will not forgive Soumya, she will do something to explain Soumya her rules and what is the result if anyone goes against her. Yuvraaj and everyone come in hall and ask why did Dadi call them. Dadi says she has to cancel the party plan, but her friend is insisting and she could not refuse, she did not say whom is she bringing.

She says she has got a good obedient bahu and taunts Soumya telling about Rags. She says she will take Rags along. Everyone smile. Soumya says but Dadi… Dadi signs her to shut up. She asks Soumya to see her punishment of foolishness, so that she realizes his duties and take her of her beauty. Rags smiles and goes. Suhani stops Dadi and says she will not go. Dadi says I did not call you.

Dadi asks Pratima to focus on Soumya. Dadi goes. Pratima says this is difference between Suhani and Soumya, and reminds how she went last time leaving Suhani and today Suhani is still with you, this is called friendship. Yuvraaj talks to Suhani and asks her not to worry, they are not doing wrong, they are showing right path to them, he wants to make them realize that external beauty is not everything, Dadi likes just Soumya’s beauty, there was time when beauty was everything for me, but today… He looks at her. She asks what today. He says nothing, just think I have to show Dadi and Soumya that all their plans and hardwork are waste. Suhani says this is wrong. He says Soumya is realizing her mistake. She says its like making someone’s weakness as our strength/ He says sometimes we have to take wrong path to do right.

Soumya throws the injections and says I thought it fell down and caught germs. Suhani says we will get new ones. Soumya annoys Dadi. She says she got new ones and goes to inject. Dadi stops her and asks Suhani to inject it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. cute moments 🙂

  2. I just love suhani but she has to strong & should take control of her life

  3. Update fast..!!!

  4. ramjam kudish

    This Suhani is irritating me, just get out of yuvraajs life, soumya is first class and so is yuvraaj. And they look better together. All they need to work on is chemistry.

    1. sry, ur totally wrong

      1. what is your problem. Why your thinging is this much bad

    2. have you lost your mind?? soumya is first class?? she is just money minded and selfish! thats what u call first class?? huh

    3. if suhani is irritating u, soumya is irritating me. her character is so rude. even 2 her ‘FAV’ dadi

    4. ramjam kudish

      Dia, She is first class, she is rich through her maternal home so she is not after yuvraajs money. She just wants a relaxing life like before.

      1. whats the use of that richness and that first classness if u cant do good to someone whom u call best friend??

      2. whats the use of first class life without hunanity??

      3. But she wants that at her friends expense. She came in the house because of her friend and she just assumed that Yuvraaj still loves her. She decides to break up a marriage. She is just a nobody who has no character or class. She doesnt know what love is. She threw away her marriage for money. She couldnt make a home with Krisha and didnt even try and she claimead that she loved Krisha. What do you call that person, someone who is heartless and doesnt value any kind of relationship. She could not be a good friend, or a wife or a daughter.

      4. ashley.. according so some people such people are called first classed people..

      5. If thats first class, then I would surely hate to see what low class people are like

    5. just shut up muddy idiot suhani is beast match for yuvraj and for birla family

      1. where do people like u come from???

    6. i think u r soumya is correct.u r thinking that soumya is way.she is not beautiful and she is selfish money minded.and she has cheated her best fnd.and she has no manners.she is an stupid

    7. U bullshit stop it stupid and just shut up and keep your comments with u ok idiot rumjum

    8. I think its everyones personal opinion… If this person feels soumya is bettee let him… We should not thrust our opinion on to them.. n not be so rude to him.. because afterall its only a tv show.

    9. And saying such rude things to this person over his opinion is wrong… He has every right to voice his opinion….

      1. yes. he told his opinion. n we can tell our opinion also. this site is 4 commenting

    10. aur kai menaka ho tum usko thoda akal tho hai apko nahi

  5. oooooooohhhhh bad episode 🙁

  6. hahaha.
    some people r insane!!
    hope good win over bad asap

  7. plz update fast

  8. Gd moments b/w yuvani especially suhani’s dil kholkar hasna lovd it 🙂

  9. where is rest of the episode.. jaldi karo..

  10. Plz Update fast….

  11. going nice..

  12. Nyc episod. . 🙂 oh guys pls stop praising soumya she is such a idiot stil she tryng to drag yuvraj 4m suhani who do sumthng lyk ths to their bst frnd idiot today soumya face realy lukng gud. .:-P

  13. How can you say this ram jam if ur best friend makes ur life difficult for her sake .
    Then also will u say the same dialogue please get some sense

  14. Nice episode I like this episode so much rashes on soumya’s face & from this episode dadi&soumya’s fighting shuru hojaygi its very intresting

  15. Sorry from this episode dadi&soumya’s fighting aur badjaayegi

  16. Soumya deserves it and she wanted it

  17. y soumya is being praised 4 her beauty? is this beauty? i don’t think so

  18. soumya is fair than suhani. but it is only becoz she use makeup n fairness creams. but beauty n fairness hav difference

  19. do u guys think soumya has first class looks
    what kind of clothes she wear, now even midle class family girl wear better than her clothes

  20. ur ryt. is she beautiful? do any 1 think so?

  21. appearance does not reflects character. if one speard light in others life, then she is called beautiful

    1. u r right achu

      1. thanx pragna 🙂

  22. here soumya is spreading darkness in every one’s life. so, she shld be called as ugly. y shld’nt

  23. Saumya and beautiful!!! ??? Ha…ha…ha…
    Good joke. Gorilla jesa face hai uska.wo jo kapde pahenti hai use wo western samajti hai ha….ha… funny.

  24. DADI should fall sick ,…and then see how suhani takes care of her…while soumya is busy making faces!!

  25. i love suhani she has a clean heart unlike somu and her team.yuvraji is in love with suhani n i guess soon he wil tel it to dadi the injection master.

  26. Mujhe lag raha hai ki agar yuvraj shaadi karne ki liye yes boldega toh phir usko realize hoga ki woh suhani so pyar karta hai aur phir uske shaadi ki din pe suhani ko leke ayaga aur boldega ki woh suhani si pyar karta hai

  27. I’m not impressed. Yuvraaj was all about beauty at one time. He came into truth gently without major pain and embarrassment, but he would not do the same for confused, frighten desperate and deceived Soumya. I agree with Suhani. Yuvraaj and is family are wrong in their approach. They are all TOO happy, just TOO happy trying to teach Soumya good values by hurting her both physically and emotionally. I agree her behaviour is unacceptable (highly unlikely and extreme thanks to the writers), but TWO WRONGS DO NOT MAKE A RIGHT. Soumya is the poor scapegoat. Yuvraaj and his family are just pouring on to Soumya all their anger towards Didi and her selfish ways, which has caused them all such pain. They are a mean and angry bunch. I’m not impressed with any of them. Not even Pratima. Shame.

    Instead of Shaurabh and Anju having a serious talk with their wives, telling it as it is, They just play games and treat them disrespectfully. Haaw Boy. The women must line up first and then the men will. I guess the men are not accountable for their behaviour but the women are. Interesting. It is the women who have come to a strange environment and the men who should make them fell welcome and at home. Truly, this is a culture that treats its women badly and expects everything of them. Too much! WOW!!

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