Suhani aur yuvraj โ€“ ek athooth rishtha.. Ep 9


hi guys its me Shilpa.. here with the 9th epi of my ff.
And a very big thank u to all those who commented…. keep commenting guys…

recap : yuvi comes to Suhani’s house..

so now let’s get into today’s epi..

in the night :
suhani and yuvraj was in Suhani’s room..

yuvi : suhani.. yesterday night when I calked u i asked u something.. do u remember..
suh : wat.. ?
yuvi slowly comes close to her.
yuvi : i asked u whether you missed me… ( in a husky and romantic voice)
suhani really feels shy but she doesn’t show it on her face..
suh : yuvraj.. er.. i..
yuvi : wait suhani before that i wanna tell u
something… i donno wat will be ur
reaction… but suhani whatever i say
i don’t want this to affect our friendship

suhani was admiring the way yuvraj was talking to her…. yuvi comes more closer and catches her hand and stares deeply into her eyes
yuvraj continues : suhani .. four years before.. when i first became friends with sowmya.. she used always tell us abt u.. she used to describe you fully.. the way talk.. the way u interact.. how u help others.. ur sincerity towards your friends.. your luv of samosas.. kachoris.. ur luv for rain… after hearing all these from her.. i started falling in luv with u.. and then i was the one who used to eagerly wait for ur call for sowmya…. and then slowly slowly i started falling in love with you.. after that when u told that u where coming to Mumbai.. i was the happiest person here… after u came we became very good friends..
i started falling in love with you more after after seeing your lovely character… each and every moment with you was memorable…. and when i came to know abt urs and krishna’s wedding, i was shattered… but then i came to know that Krishna and sowmya were in love.. that’s when we planned all those things .. but when everyone were questioning abt your future i couldn’t control myself.. thats y i filled ur hairline with vermilion.. but after our marriage… i started knowing more abt u. .. u were lyk a daughter to my mom.. a granddaughter to my dadi… a lovely sister to my bhais and bhabhis… even u hv done all ur wifely duties…seeing all tgis my love turned into a mixture of love and respect.. but now suhani i wanna end all the flaws in our relationship.. I LOVE U SUHANI….. and yesterday I realized that i cant live without you even for a single day… i want us to be one in all sense..

suhani was in shock..her eyes were brimmed with tears.. . she knew that yuvraj loved her.. but she never thought it was such deep and true…
she wondered whether she could give him one tenth of the love he gave her… she really felt bad for making him wait so long…

suhani ( in a cracked voice) : yu.. yu.. yuvraj y dint u tell this before…
yuvraj : i was worried suhani.. if i tell u wat would u think abt me.. and i dont want our friendship to be gone bcoz of this…
suh : yuvraj i…

suddenly they hear a knock on the door.. it was pankaj..
suh : wat happened papa.. y do u luk tensed..
pankaj : suhani.. ur ma has hit her hand which was fractured… we need to take her to the hospital..
yuvraj : uncke we will take her to hospital immediately..
in the hospital..
the doctor treats latha and says that she is fyn now.. he gives a list of medicine..
yuvi was taking care if latha lyk his own mother..
after two days latha was completely recovered..
suhani was very impressed by the way yuvi was taking care of latha..
at night
suh : yuvraj.. thnks for taking care of my mom…
yuv : your mom is lyk my mom suhani.. and when u do a lot of things for my mom.. y cant i do such a small thing for your mom…
suh : but still yuvi.. im really grateful to you..
yubi : oh god suhani.. for get it.. kk.. wat abt a dance….
suhani : sure..
yuvi played suhanis fav amithab song..
he forwarded his hnd to suhani.. she kept her on hand on his hand and the other hand on his shoulder.. yuvi had his one hand on her waist…
tgey start a very romantic dance.. inbetween the dance…
yuvi : suhani.. day before yesterday I asked u something for which u didn’t reply… suhani.. i want the answer..
suh : yuvraj.. i won’t tell u.. u hv to find it out… just luk into my eyes you can get the answer..
yuvraj does the same.. he could see pure , unconditional and true love ? in her eyes…
yuvi : no suhani thats not enough.. i wana hear the three magical words from ur mouth…
precap : suhani tells the three magical words to yuvi…

guys hope u all liked this epi.. pls do comment. …

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  1. Nithu

    Lovex it saraj awsm dude

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      Thnks Nithu sis…

  2. its really vรชล™รฝ ฤŸรณรฒฤ‘..keep it up shilpa

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      Thnks ankk…

  3. super ples next episode

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      Thnk u anusha sis

  4. Aqsxxh

    I have no more words to say this is stunning, heartwarming a masterpiece I absolutely adore it shilpa ??

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      Tysm… Aqsaah.. U r no less than me.. Ummwaah..

      1. Aqsxxh

        Shilpa… Lyl sis x Mwah x

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      Luv u too…

  5. Wow.. Waiting for Next.. Too good episode..

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      Thanks a lot… Farhat sis.. Ur comment means a lot to me…

  6. Omg..can’t wait for the next episode ??โคโค

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      Thnk u kiran.. Really happy for your comment…

  7. Superbbbb

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      Thnks ayushi… Keep commenting…

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      Thnks ruksy.. Ummwaah…

  9. amazing epi shilpa…….waiting for the next epi eagerly

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      Thanks a lot sanaa.. Ill post nxt epi as soon as possible…

  10. I’m truly blown out by your talent Shilpa!! Keep going..

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      Thnk you neethu sis…… Im really happy reading your comments…

  11. Superb shilpa,,,,,,,,!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

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      Thnk u roz…

  12. well done this time we all missing our yuvani badly nd u giving us this ff..keep posting..gud job

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      Thmks dude… Ikr. Especially aftr seeing todays precap im fully broken down..

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