Suhani aur yuvraj – ek athooth rishtha.. Ep 8


hi guys… here is the next update…. and a huge thanks to all of u reading my ff… and a very huge thanks to all who commented…

recap : suhani comes to know abt yuvrajs love for her and suhani realises her luv for yuvraj..

now let’s get into today’s epi…

suhanis phone rings…
she picks it up :
yuvi : hi suhani
suh : hi yuvi..
yuv : didnt u sleep till nw..
suh : no.. i wasnt feeling sleepy….
yuv : even im not feeling sleepy.. so cumon lets talk for a while..
suh : hmm ok.. did u have your dinner..
yuv : hmm… after a long time I had some tasty food…
suh : ohh so u mean my cooking is that bad!
yuvi : haan.. aftrr marriage thise who saw mw said yhat i became thin
suh : liar.. everyone said that u became more better..
yuvi: ohhhh god… suhani i was just joking…
i really missed your cooking….
suh : really
yuvi : im saying the truth suhani.. im really missing u.. ur chatter.. ur presence.. im missing… dont u miss me??
suh : not much.. i got rid of ur sadu character…
yuvi : liar…

suh : i was just joking yuvi…
yuvi : kk then gn.. byee…
suh : gn…
and they hang the phone..
both of them couldn’t sleep that night…

next morning :
in birla house..
yuvi : dadi can i go to Suhani’s house and stay with her till she comes back..
dadi : sure beta.. for Latha and pankaj you are lyk their own son… so u should go and take care of latha..
yuvi : thank u dadi…

he then goes to prathima and says her that he is gonna go to Suhani’s house

in shrivasthav house
suhani prepares breakfast and is feeding latha
latha : beta.. did yuvi call u..
suh : yes ma.. he called me last night..
latha : acha…

suddenly the door bell rings..
pankaj comes and opens the door to find yuvi with his luggage
pankaj : arre yuvraj.. come in.. how r u??
yuvi : im fyn uncle… i thought of comimg and staying here as aunty is not well so that i can take care of her… and uncle where is suhani..
pankaj : yuvi. they are in lathajis room..
yuvi goes to suhanis room..
suhani was shockedand really happy to see yuvraj..

suh: yuvi.. wen did you com ?
yuvi : i just came now
latha : arre yuvraj sit down..
yuvi.. thnk u and hw r u aunty…
latha : im fyn.. beta.. did u hv ur breakfast ?
yuvi : no aunty…
latha : suh go bring breakfast for yuvi.. and make whatever he lyks..
suhani nods and goes to the kitchen..
yuvi follows her..

in the kitchen. ..
yuvi : finally im happy.. i can hv food made from your hand..
suh : so u missed my food a lot rite..
yuv : haan..
she then serves him food..

precap : yuvi : suhani i asked u something u didnt answer me till now..
suhani is hesitant to reply..

Guys.. Hope u all njoyed this epi.. Pls do keep commenting… Luv u all

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  1. Nice episode

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      Thnk you ayushi…

  2. Aqsxxh

    Yayyyyy shilpaaa ?? this is totally a mind lower love love love it I suggest u bring someone from their past into the story now ? a new twist

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      Thnk u aqsaah.. Ill bring that twist in my next ff.. Bcoz i already posted the nxt ep..

  3. super continue

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      Thnks anusha..

  4. Nithu


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  5. Ruksy

    nice i like it

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  6. Yuvraj and suhani missing each sweet.just love ur ff

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      Thnk u radha…

  7. Nice epi

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      Thnk u farhat..

  8. really sweet epi,,,loved it πŸ˜€

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      Thnk u roz..

  9. Wow amazing epi shilpa…..

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      Thnk u sanaa

  10. Mind blowing episode Shilpa!??

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      Thnk u neethu..

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