Suhani aur yuvraj – ek athooth rishtha.. Ep 12



so.. lets get into the epi..
suhani and yuvraj were in the lawn..
suddenly the landphone rings
suhani goes and picks it up.

suhani : hello… hi uncle…. ji… ji.. theek hain.. ill tell dad abt it.. bye uncle..

Suhani’s pov :

it was ram uncle on phone..
he was one of papas bestfriend and treated us as his family.. he said that he would be visiting us Tmrw evening…
i immediately ran towards papa and told him that ramu uncle will be coming tmrw..
the next day :
yuvrajs pov.
i woke in the morning wishing to see Suhani’s face..
but she wasn’t there.. (sigh).. i knew she would be busy in the kitchen as her Ram uncle was coming today evening.. she would be all alone in the kitchen as lata Aunty is not well..

i got up.. and took a bath and went to the kitchen. .. poor suhani.. she was doing the whole work all alone.. .. my poor wife..
she was cutting some vegetables…
i went and hugged her from behind.. ” need my help… ” i asked her ..
” hope u r not joking .. u nd kitchen.. haha.. north pole and south pole.. ” she laughed..
“ohh come on suhani.. pass the knife to me.. ” saying this i snatched the knife from her and started cutting it..
“ouchhh.. , suhani … i cut my finger ” i screamed .. ” ohh my god.. if u r not expert with it then y did you do it “. she asked me.. she was on the verge of crying.. and was analyzing my finger to find the cut..
i really felt happy seeing her concern for me..
” common suhani. it was just a prank.. u need not be worried.. ” i told..
” uff.. Now stop this drama.. ill do it on my own.. u may sit here.. ” she said pointing towards the chair kept their..
i sat there and kept on staring at her..
after sometime i saw that her work was over..
suhani was wearing a sari.. she had tucked the end of her pallu near her waist ( the most common way indian ladys put their sares while working)

i went and stood behind her and slowly moved my fingers along her bare waist..
she was frozen.. i loved the way she gets nervous whenever i come near her.. i moved my fingers sensuously from her back to her waist and vice versa.. ” dear wifey… if your done with your household chores can we move to our bedroom pls.. ”
suhanis pov :
i couldnt reply to him.. his touch affected me a lot in a positive way. my throat was dry.. ” yuvraj, leave me.. wat if mummy or ppa comes.. ” i said to him in a whispering tone.. ” before that u should come to our room.. ill be waiting ” he said.. and he left…
after sometime I took a glass of juice and went to our room..
” suhani. im really angry with u.. ” he said.. i was shocked.. i rewinded all that happened today..there was no reason for him to be angry with me..
” why r u angry with me yuvraj.. ?? ”
” bcoz u don’t have time for me.. ” he said..
” wt ! today full day u were with me in the kitchen rite? . then how can u say that I don’t have time for you? ” i asked..
” hmm. in the were continuously doing ur work.. u didn’t not even mind me.. ”
he said..
” ohh im sorry baba.. now wat should i do to convince you ? ” i asked.. he answered coolly ” kiss me ”
” wat.. no no no ”
” ohh u were ignoring me the whole day and u can’t even kiss me! ”
” okok., ill kiss u, first close ur eyes ”
” y.. i know..u wanna trick me and run away rite. hahs..u can those tricks with someone else suhani birla.. but not with yuvraj.. ”
” comon yuvraj.. if u dont trust me then how can i kiss u? ”
” ok fyn. ill trust u .. but i wont let u out of the room without kissing me.. ”
” ok”
i slowly moved forward and was abt to kiss him wen we heard the calling bell ring..
i ran from my room.. leaving yuvraj fuming …
i opened the door to see ram uncle along with his family… his daughter priya had a four months old ? ? with them..
they all came in and greeted each other..
my dad introduced yuvraj to them..
Afterwards we all sat down for dinner..
latha : ramji.. congrats afterall u have become grandparents..
ram’s wife : thnks lathaji it’s a rally wonderful phase of your life.. taking care of ur daughter during pregnancy time.. and playing with the newborn baby.. its one of the best times of ur life.. well i think even u guys become grandparents.
latha : ha. ha.. even we are waiting for the good news.
yuvaraj and i were blushing.. i couldn’t look up..
ram : waise suhani.. wat child would u like to have.
” ehh.. i would like to have a girl child ” i said praying god that they don’t notice me blushing..
” wat abt u yuvraj..” he asked..
” uncle. i want both a boy and a girl.. ”
i was shocked.. that means he wasnt planning to stop with on kid..
my thoughts were put into words by ram uncle. ” haa. so u r not planning to stop with one eh. good good our indias population will be increased ”
I felt really embarrassed..
After dinner we all bid bye to each other and they left..

Precap : yuvani honeymoon plans

Guys hope u all like this episode.. Pls do comment.. Ur suggestions are welcomed heartily..

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