Suhani aur yuvraj – ek athooth rishtha.. Ep 11

suhani aur yuvraj ek athooth rishta..
hi guys im back with my story.. i know i hv not posted for a long time but sorry guys..
here is the link to my previous chapter :
Episode 10

so now lets start..
suhanis pov :
he then lied next to me…
he slowly untied my dori… my nervousness was at its peak… he was abt to open the hook of my blouse when i got my consciousness back… i immediately held his hand… bringing him out of the trance we have been going through….
” yuvraj pls… not now “.. i said huskily.. my voice was barely audible.. but he heard it..

yuvrajs pov :

i understood she wanted me to stop it.. but i wasnt being able to control myself.. everything was going beyond my control… my one sided love for four years and after that being just friends after marriage.. after so much longing i did not want her to go away from me.. i loved the warmth of her body.. the softness of her skin against my lips.. the juicy taste of her lips… i didnt want that to stop. … but i had no other ” yuvraj, did u hear that ” she whispered..
” i-i–i am sorry su-” i was cut by her
” y r u saying sorry.. yuvraj ” she asked.
” well, i thought u didn’t like it ” she felt a bit awkward…
” yuvraj what are saying… y should i not like it.. u r my husband , we both love each other so what is wrong in it.. infact i enjoyed – ”
she stopped realizing what she had said now…
i gave her a mischievous naughty smile…
i slowly moved closer to her ” aww.. so u loved it right suhani ” i asked her while staring into her deep eyes sensuously… i could feel her body heat increasing as i moved close to her ” haan, i mean no.. yea i-i like it bu bu but not in that way ” she replied nervously.. she was Infact stammering… i moved to her neck and gave it a small bite.. our first love bite 😍 and then i left a trail of kisses till her cheeks.. we were really close.. ” wat are u saying suhani… jus now u said u njoyed it.. ” i asked.. and slowly brushed my lips with hers.. i loved her nervousness wen i was close to her.. her hands were trembling..
” yuv.. yuv.. yuvraj.. i – i eh i hv to giv m.. m… medicine to maa “.. saying this she pushed me away and ran to the door.. i sat on the bed pouting like a small kid who lost his favorite chocolate.. as she reached the door she turned back gave me a flying kiss and ran away…

suhanis pov : ..
finally.. i got some peace.. from the confusions i was going through two three days back…. i went to my moms room.. she was getting better day by day.. mom and dad where talking.. wen i reached the doorway i heard wat they were talking..
” Pankaj ji.. we r becoming old day by day.. i wish to see our grandchildren.. ”
” haan lataji.. should we talk to yuvraj and suhani about this ”
” no pankaj ji.. we shouldn’t force them..we should just give them a hint abt it ”
” haan.. they did not even go for a honeymoon ”
i realized that i was blushing all the while… i thought of talking to them later as i was scared whether they would ask something to me..
suddenly i realized a pair of arms aroumd my waist.”. yuvraj ” he was standing behind me and was hearing the whole conversation..
” y did u stop me.. otherwise i would have fulfilled my in laws wish ” he said naughtily..
we silently moved from there and went to the lawn..
” very bad suhani.. u r not allowing your patidev to fullfill his in-laws wish “..
” chup.. besharam kahi ke ”
” hello y should i have sharam.. u r my wife and i have full rights on u… understand.. mrs suhani yuvraj birla…”

precap : ” suhani.. u want baby boy or girl ”
the same question asked to yuvraj.. his reply ” both .. a boy and a girl ”

guys hope u liked it.. pls do comment


  1. radha

    after long time na .but we are happy that ur back with a great work.this was truely amazing.we want this in serial too.anyway thank u so much because u r showiwmg our yuvani in a fantastic way.loved ur ff.soon our yuvani going to have their cute babies right.pls update daily.

  2. sri

    It is amazing there no words to describe every line and u know i missed u r ff very much .i feeling happy after reading this ur ff after a long time and eagerly waiting for nxt update.

    • Shilpa-Saraj



      Thnks a lot sri… I hv been a bit busy these days.. Cause my school is reopening after vaccations… Im in tenth so lots to study… And i might be uploading once every two days..

  3. subha

    do u knw am waitimg fr u r ff long time.. i thought u left ff in middle.. thanku saraj fr updating… keep updating regularly.. its intresting…

  4. Farhat

    So finally u are back after soooo longgg… This was really amazing as always.. Wonderfull epi.. And please try 2 post soon

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