Suhani acts clever to let down Soumya in SSEL

Soumya greets Suhani happy holi and applies her colors. Suhani keeps an eye on her, as directed by Sharad. Soumya’s tries to get near Yuvraaj fails, even when she gets support from Dadi and Rags.

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  1. lily

    I guessed Yuvi is going to reveal his true feelings for Suhani after consuming bhaang. I think the letter to Soumya was by Suhani to trick Soumya to come to the terrace. I think she is going to indirectly tell Soumya that she knows her intension to rob her husband. It is in her best interest to leave Birla house. Or another angle could be to exploit Soumya’s dirty intensions to Yuvraj and others. But Suhani is too cultured for the second choice. Even at this stage, she will try to be considerate for Soumya’s immaturity and warn her discreetly. Soumya eventually is going to realise her mistake. Atleat her chapter is going to end for the time being.

  2. lily

    I hope this Soumya does not again try to (act) jump off the terrace and blame it on Suhani. Worse still, try to push Suhani from the terrace. That will be terrible for the viewers.

  3. sb

    Hope its krishna and he takes her away bt its probably suhani hope the whole truth comes out ab yuvraj loving snaky 1st. I think its ab time that suhani leaves her roomie yuvraj

  4. Priya

    It may be Suhani who calls Sowmya and challenges her to try winning Yuvraj and then the drama continues for few more months

  5. i jst hope yuvraaj realises himself to no dat soumya is try to cause trouble btw him and suhani, and he shud give time and care for suhani cos witout him suhani is lonely in dat mansion.

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