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Hello guys I know that many people are willing to write FanFiction On this page. But most of them Are on a same topic Like swaragini swasanor Swasan whatever that maybe. Actually we all are fans of heli shah or varun kapoor or tejaswini. Instead of taking the same story line that is shown in the serial why don’t you use the original Actors in your fan fiction like let Heli play Heli in your own FanFiction I like vivian’d Sinh so much Instead of writing Pyar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani I would write a fan fiction on Vivian. I know we all like Swara or Sanskaar or raggini but let Let’s be real The same story is repeated in every FanFiction like is falling for Sanskaar or Laksh and they are gone going to get married and have kids while Ragini with the other one.What’s new in any of those FanFiction? It would be better if they would take Heli as the lead instead of Swara.

I really like the writing technique of many of the fan fiction authors but they kind of Lack the freshnessAnd it would be better if they write something different rather than repeating the same story of swara and Sanskaar or Swara and Laksh again and again. It is just my thoughts and no one has to Take it personally SBI also read many of swaragini FanFiction but The forum has been overloaded with the same thoughts and ideas over and over again And just relax the fan fiction on any other show.
I apologize if I have hurt anyone feelings butI just Want that the people that write swaragini fanfiction should also write something else.And after all we like the actors.
IM sorry again if I have hurt anyone.

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  1. I agree with dis view…..I too felt d same….sry to say dis…but fed up of them..

    1. I agree with you

  2. I like your suggestion

  3. I likes ur cöncept. But many of people only knows about seriel charector of actors.

  4. No just continue the same fictions and along with them write the new ones

  5. No I don’t agree with you because we Loke swasan
    And by this way or that we always want swasan
    And the reason behind writing the fan fiction is only that the serial is not fulfilling our requirements
    And we are fed up watching the serial
    Again and again swara and sanskar separated

  6. I too felt the same for swaragini fictions. I still feel mmz fictions are far better than others they are more real.

  7. No I don’t agree with you because we Love swasan
    And by this way or that we always want swasan
    And the reason behind writing the fan fiction is only that the serial is not fulfilling our requirements
    And we are fed up watching the serial
    Again and again swara and sanskar separated

    1. sorry if i hurt anyone…but i agree with AQSA…we luv SWASAN together we can imagine them together we can’t imagine helly and varun together because we know that season can be together but helly and varun can never be together……

  8. I agree with you

  9. I dont agree.. n I agree with aqsa..we want swasan

  10. sorry to say but the one whoever r fed up with this ff should stop reading ffs..i don’t agree with this view at all…

    1St thing we can love varun and helly individually..but v can’t imagine varun and helly varun is merried man..helly, nemiah and teju r also having their own life so we can link up them by their real identity.. we can only love swasan..raglak..or may some of us love swalak n ragsan..

    2nd there are many ff with fresh concepts..i want to specify some names like swasan ff season 2 of vini Di…saba’s both the ff were of different concept..sindhu’s pyar ki eke kahani..sindhuja’s ff..shri hirani’s ff..ridhi’s ff..deepa’s ff..kashish’s ff..and many others are having different n fresh concepts then original one…no need to change at all..

    i want to thanks each n every ff writers..for entertaining us..i use to read almost all the ffs..we are addicted with ur ff..i don’t watch original serial but i don’t miss any single epi of my favorite ffs..big thank u to all the u all..

  11. Me too agree with kritika n aqsa ,we r not bored to read swasan ff instead we r enjoying it,truly we are disappointed with the cavity track in swaragini.

  12. There are repetitive tracks but writing on real characters, I doubt if it will have fans,there are fresh stories under fan fictions and some talented writers,I think it is up to them to decide about their writing and up to us readers,if we should read or not,didn’t mean to hurt,it is my opinion.

  13. We all agree that fanfiction is wat we want to see. Instead of wat they r showing. But we all know people want swasan together, or swalaksh together. And for the same story people r wasting their writing talent. Frankly most of the people like actor more and that’s y they like their character. Though they dont accept it. And ya its a problem that people only know that serials characters. But people started amazing fan fiction here. Love after marriage,Operation Israel. Just try to give a read to it.

  14. Basically all the fan fiction ends with the same story. Not only that. But the forum is overcrowded with swaragini fan fiction like their is no other serial to write about. I m not saying those writers to just stop writing all of a sudden. Just complete ur story. And then start something fresh. Something innovative. Rather than a swaragini fan fiction repeats.

  15. Agree wid aqsa n Niti di…n ya Niti di ne jis ff ke bre me bataya wo sb ki cncpt dffrnt h…sm stry nhi h…vini di,saba ,kashis,sri hirani innn sbki ff dffrnt h…ek br pdh lna chahiye sb ko..

  16. Jamai raja please

  17. N one thing sbki ff me mrrge,kids,ya phir koi villain,aisa nhi h…i think aap logo ne pdha nhi avi tak kuch ff..Lyk Swasan fanfiction season 1,swasan fan fiction season 2(Vini di),swasan path hate to love(saba),best friends(Deepa)n Kashis k ff(sry nm bhul gayi),aise bht sarre ff h jinki cncpt alg h…n me avi avi jo ff btya yaha pe kisi k v ff me koi kdz mrrge vlln aisa kuch nhi h…ekbaar pdh k toh dkho…bst h yeh sb.. agr nhi mnte ho toh ekbaar pdh lijiye…sry if i hurt anyone

  18. Hey guys! Thanks for supporting us
    I’m agree that we all want swasan and some sort of happiness, which we can’t find in real track,so we get it from ff
    But im also agree with that idea from some aspect That we take actress and actors,instead of characters.
    But if we carry this thing, then tell me where we’ll write, because in this site there’s nothing like that to write with this idea.
    For example, nowadays im writing swasan a path hate to love,which im writing on my incomplete novel “syah”, its story revolved around the hero of this novel. Ok then what should I do? I give the character of Subhan(sanskar) to varun and character of maha(swara) to helly,then what wll happen? Where would I write my novel syah? Tell me! Ni where dear,because we all wants swasan,raglak or swaragini dear
    This is fact and accept it

    1. Ya agree with u saba. People want season. Sad it is for this mentality.

  19. sorry for disagreement with your thoughts. As when any writer writes about something the readers imagine them because of their character and feel they are connected with them. we love the character due to its portrayal in story or in ff. like we love swasan or raglak / swalak or ragsan as pair due to their personification of characters in the serial. the same connection we can’t feel for heva /temish/Hemish/teva. also here we can’t even imagine them as couples.. thanks a lot for all of ur support guys to all the writers…

  20. Sorry! But i do not agree with you!! Readers want fan fiction on Swasan,raglak,ragsan,swalak n swaragini and that’s what we are giving them! As I reader I would like to say that every single ff of this page quest my thirst for reading may it be Saba’s,Kasish’s,sindhuja’s,rini’s or someone else’s. And as a writer i would say that we pen down our thoughts which is appreciated by most of the readers! The track which we want to see in the serial we portray that as ff! We are doing nothing bad!

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