Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 19th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Zaroon meets Saltanat’s family

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 19th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Zaroon and Saltanat getting seated. He doesn’t see Kainat. They get down the train. Saltanat slips on the stairs. He holds her. He says when we meet next time, I won’t leave you and go. She gets puzzled. He smiles and goes. Saltanat asks what if I like Kainat’s groom, Kainat is mistaken that I snatch her things. Neelam asks what about the new guy. Saltanat says you keep him. They laugh. Dada ji comes and scolds Saltanat. Saltanat says sorry, I applied mehendi to hair and couldn’t put dupatta. She answers Dada ji by her knowledge and then apologizes.

Zainab is busy in the arrangements. Dada ji asks Nadeem to call Hamza and ask when are they reading. Rubina says they are reaching. Dada ji sees Kainat hiding. She smiles and runs. She collides with Saltanat.

Saltanat says she started being shy. Neelam says even you were shy, you both found guys. Saltanat says he is just my friend. She goes to tease Kainat. Kainat refuses for makeup. She says beauty is in simplicity. Saltanat says your groom is coming from Canada, get some make up applied. Kainat goes. Saltanat laughs.

Zaroon and his family arrives. Mamoon sees the huge haveli. His wife smiles. Mamoon hugs Nadeem and goes in. Zaroon gets down the car. Mamoon meets Dada ji and greets with love and respect. They hug. Everyone smiles. Mamoon says she is my wife. Zainab and Rubina hug him. Dada ji asks where is Zaroon. Mamoon calls out Zaroon. Zaroon comes in. Saltanat gets shocked. Kainat smiles and recalls meeting him at the Dargah. Neelam says I will see him. Saltanat says you won’t tell anyone, think we met him today. Dada ji happily praises Zaroon. Zainat sees Kainat hiding and seeing them. Dada ji recalls meeting Zaroon in the Dargah. He says you met me in Ajmer Dargah, I had sent people to pick you from airport. Mamoon says Zaroon wants to see India himself. Zaroon says beautiful than I thought, people here are clever. Dada ji asks them to come and have breakfast. Zaroon smiles seeing Saltanat and greets her. She worries.

Kainat runs to room and happily dances. Zainab comes and says you liked him. Kainat nods. Zainab says the daughters who are obedient get a nice groom. Kainat says I met him before. Zainab worries and asks where. Kainat says I collided with him in Ajmer Dargah. Zainab says if groom and bride meet before marriage, world calls them shameless. Kainat says Saltanat also met Zaroon, she has become his friend. Zainab stops her. She says she is your own, even if she is your cousin, don’t think so, your and Zaroon’s marriage is fixed, be careful, have food in room, don’t go in front of them, Zaroon has come here for you, you will get him, don’t rush. Kainat says sure. Zainab goes. Kainat smiles and I will hide and see Zaroon.

Saltanat worries and thinks of Zaroon. She says he has come for Kainat. Neelam says yes, but what if your heart asks you. Saltanat says I just regarded him a friend. Dada ji says your grandpa was like you. Zaroon laughs. Mamoon says his habits are different, my dad was very discipline, my son runs time as per his wish. Zaroon says one has to change with time. Dada ji introduces Zaroon to Saltanat.

Zaroon asks who is Kainat. Saltanat says your would be wife. He gets shocked. She says you have come to India for Kainat.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Seema

    I love this serial… After 3yrs of swaragini I backed to TV and this show is worth for it. I really like the rajveer_helly pairs . Both are perfect on their characters. The story line, concept, background, song, cinematography , the actors, the punch lines everthings are outstanding. And one more important thing which is capturing my attention that’s helly’s dual role… It’s having so variations from other one… I love her how she is playing both the characters. It seems like the roles are playing by two different people… Salute u helly for ur patience and talent😊…i wish the show get all success and come up in trp chart


    Very heart confusing , troubling episode… I feel bad for both Salatanat and Kainaat, one of them will surely be heartbroken and they both don’t deserve that… Good is that Kainaat knows already they Saltanat knows him, that Saltanat knows exactly the situation and is trying to control the collateral damages, I love her maturity and the fact that she knows how her cousin is considering her still she’s not disheartened and understands her…
    Rubina noticed the situation and i have no any trust in that woman neither in Zaroon’s mother… what comes next is totally unexpected … the week end will be soooo long

    1. Just wanted to reply your comment😂😂😂
      Nothing particular…
      Love you didi

      1. MAHIRA

        bear hug to you :*

  3. I am already gleaming seeing the precap.. it’s good that saltanat has taken the decision to clear everything to zaroon
    I hope zaroon takes it seriously because all this time he thought it was a game.. I somewhere have a feeling that he might not take it seriously and consider it a game again?..
    The fact that zaroon and kaynat shouldn’t meet before the wedding will only complicate the situation as zaroon will come out of his happy bubble only when he will see the two girls at the same time …

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