Sufferings (swasan ts) by mars โ€“ shot 10

Hiii guys!!! I m back with the last shot of sufferings. Finally this short but beautiful journey is coming to end.
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I really apologize for being late.
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SUFFERINGS (swasan ten shots)
SHOT 10(last part)
Maheshwari house:
Swasan room:
Swasan came from Terrace to their room and there sujata is sitting with avni.As soon as avni saw them she jumped on bed and asked sanskar to come near her.Sanskar went close to her while swara stood confused.
Avni(to sanskar): haw sle(how she)?
Avni tried to ask him something which confused sujata and swara but sanskar understood what she wants to ask.
Sanskar (picked up): yes she liked it.
Sanskar: she is asking whether u liked the surprise or not.I had told her.
Swara: ohh then i loved it.
Avni kissed her cheeks.
Then sujata left to her room and swasan made avni sleep in centre and slept on either side of her.

After 2 months:
Maheshwari house:
Sujata is sitting in the hall.Swara is running after avni with glass of milk. Swara(shouts): avni stop now.
Avni: nooooo
Swara:avni I m saying last time have your milk.
Avni: I will dlink(drink) from papa.
Swara: may be papa will come late.
Avni shook her head in no.Sujata chuckles seeing them.
Sanskar has went for business deal to Delhi from one week.His call came and he told that he is coming tonight.
Swara(irritated): avni come here.
While avni saw Sanskar coming. She ran to him and hug his legs.
Sanskar picked her in arms and Said
Sanskar: how is my avni?
Avni(kiss his cheeks): fine. I misl(miss) u.
Sanskar (kisses tightly on her cheeks):
I also missed u alot.
Then only Sanskar saw swara standing with glass of milk.
Sanskar went near her and side hugged with avni still in arms.
Sanskar: how are u?
Swara(smiles): I m ok.u got the deal.
Sanskar (kiss her forehead): yes.
Avni was as usual playing with Sanskar’s shirt buttons.Seeing them sujata said
Sujata: ahem ahem I m also here.
Swara instantly depart herself from sanskar and bushes.
Sanskar went and took sujata’s blessings.
Swara: Sanskar ask your lovely daughter to drink milk.she is troubling me from half an hour.
Sanskar: avni???
Avni: no papa i m inlcent(innocent).
Sanskar:awww I know baby.
Swara:huh!!!! Both started.
Sanskar: give milk to me swara.
Sanskar made avni sit in his lap and she also silently drink it.
Later they all have dinner.

Swasan room:
Swara is setting bed when Sanskar entered inside.Swara looked at him and smiled. He went close to her and back hugged her.
Sanskar: hmmm
Swara: where is avni?
Sanskar: she slept in my lap then mom took her to her room so that we can spend some time with each other.
Swara(narrow her eyes): asha.
Sanskar traces his hand on her belly beneath saree.Swara closed her eyes and was breathing heavily.
Sanskar started kissing her neck.He turned swara and kisses her forehead.
Swara hugged him tightly. They stood hugging each other for sometimes.
Two months ago they confessed but still sanskar didn’t touched Swara not even kissed bcoz he wants to give space to her to adjust to all the changes.But now he wants to take their relation ahead.
They broke the hug and looked at each other intensely.
Sanskar picked swara in his arms and place her gently on bed and came on top. He looked in her eyes for asking permission. Swara closed her eyes inanticipation. Soon Sanskar placed his lips on her and started kissing softly. Swara also responded for the first time. They had closed the eyes. Sanskar opened the knot of her blouse.He got flashes of the past when he used to force her.He instantly broke the kiss and got up.Swara got confused. He was about to leave the bed when swara held his hand and sits on bed.she asked being worried
Swara:what happened?
Sanskar (avoid eye contact): I can’t move further swara.How much I had hurt you.
His eyes got filled with tears.Now swara understood that he is remembeing past. She pull him on her and wiped his tears.
Swara:it’s ok sanskar it is our past.plzz forget it.
Sanskar:I m trying alot swara but I can’t.. ..
Swara(place her finger on his lips): shhh keep quite. If u will keep on remembering your past then u will spoil your present and future also.
Sanskar looked deep inside her eyes. Seeing sanskar just staring her she got irritated and help his collor and kissed his lips. Sanskar got shocked but soon started responding.They kissed each other passionately. They broke when they were out of breathe. Swara opened his shirt buttons. Now Sanskar can’t control. He pressed himself more on her and started removing her saree. Soon both discard their clothes and enjoyed the Bliss of being each other’s.
This was the first time they loved each other passionately bcoz till now it was sanskar’s dominance and Swara’s helplessness. Finally clearing all the problems in life they become one.
Their bodies were sweating profusely. Sanskar took Swara in his embrace and whispered
Sanskar(kiss her head): I love you swara.
Swara: love u too sanskar.
They slept hugging each other.

After one week:
All were having breakfast.Avni is sitting in Sanskar’s lap and he is feeding her.
Swara came from kitchen with juice. But she felt dizzy. She kept the jug on table and held the chair for support as she was not able to stand.Sanskar saw her but before he ask she fell down. Sanskar made avni sit on chair and went to swara
Sanskar(jerk her): swara get up.
Sujata called the doctor.
Soon doctor came and checked Swara.
Sanskar: what happened to her?
Doctor: She is fine and there is good news. Your wife is pregnant Mr maheshwari.
Sanskar got numb listening.
Sujata jerked him.he hugged Swara in bed only even she responded with equal intensity. Doctor left from there.
Sujata: I m very happy Swara. I will become dadi again.
She left the room in excitement.
One person is standing confused and she is avni.she is not understanding why all are so happy.
Avni(pout): papa
Sanskar looked at her pout and smiled. He made her sit beside swara and said
Sanskar:u know soon avni will have one little baby to play.
Avni(happy): really???
Avni:it will be rell (real)?
Swara: hmm same like u.
All spend time with each other.
Later Sanskar said
Sanskar: swara I m thinking to give this good news to baba and hope so he will forgive me now.
Swara(assures him): don’t worry he will.

Gododia house:
Swasan came with avni to meet shekar
Many times they came but still shekar has not forgiven sanskar completely.
Hall:All are sitting when swara said
Swara:baba there is good news?
Shekar:what beta.
Swara(slightly blushes): we are going to be parents.
Shekar (hug Swara): I m happy for u beta.
Sanskar smiles at them when shekar said to Sanskar
Shekar: u won’t hug me.
Sanskar immediately got up and hugged him.
Sanskar: I m sorry baba plzz forgive me.
Shekar: it’s ok I forgive u but last time.
Sanskar: thank you baba. I will never repeat it.
Shekar: I m glad u moved on and changed yourself.
Swara and avni smiled looking at them.

After nine months swara give birth to a baby boy and they named him ansh similar to avni.Sanskar has already said to swara that avni will be their first child and then ansh.

After one year:
Ansh is now one year old.He loves his sister avni the most.sujata spend most of his time with kids as sanskar has opened playschool for swara and she goes there also.They are happy and satisfied in there life.
Maheshwari house:
The hall is decorated beautifully as there is some occasion.In the centre a table is there on which birthday cake is placed.A little girl dressed in princess dress cut the cake.She is avni who is celebrating her third birthday. As soon as she blown the candles there was someone who shouted loudly and clapped hardly with his tiny hands.He is ansh who is very excited for his di’s birthday. Ansh is in swara’s arms and swasan are standing on either side of avni. Few closed relatives are present.
Sanskar helped her to cut the piece of cake then picked her in arms as she is small to feed all.Firstly swasan feed avni.Avni filled ansh mouth with chocolate. Both giggles at there own antics.Then avni feed sanskar and swara followed by sujata then shekar.
Then they danced and enjoyed alot.
They clicks family photos.
They were happy with each other.
Avni is Sanskar’s princess and ansh is swara’s Prince.
Swasan decided to tell avni about her real parents when she will turn 18 as then she will be mature and sensible.

Girls are blessing of god.Avni, who has no blood relation with maheshwari’s become Angel of the house and changed it.Sanskar once who don’t want to adopt avni,she became his lifeline.
Relations are made by affection not blood.

The end

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    Awwwww this ws cute….
    Y u end so soon ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜” I’ll miss this na bt its ok plz come with new one
    N u r posting this in wattpad na thnkuu for posting it there I’ll vote there
    Love u ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

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    aaaawwwweeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee marsuuuuuu….
    this story is really close to my heart i loved it…..
    if possible please please please give epilogue with swasan cute moments along with kids…..

    do come with a new swasan story dear…
    would love to read….
    love u…
    take care….

  3. shweta

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    First of all very sorry forr late commenting …
    The chapter wasss sooo amazing!
    U totally rocked it
    I seriously love tge way u write !!!
    I salute u for writing soo many awesome stories at a time matlab how u write it yaar !!!
    U r truly talented !!!
    GOD BLESS YOU and keep writing for ur fans
    Love u Loads!!!!
    Take care!

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