Sufferings (SwaSan SS) Season 2 Shot 5 by Marsuu


Sufferings(SwaSan SS) Season 2
Shot 5:
Recap: swasanashi moments.

Maheshwari Haveli:
All are in the hall. Ashi and rahul are playing and they started fighting over something. Rahul pulled ashi’s hairs so ashi slapped him. Sujata who saw this fummed.
Sujata(shout): eh you girl how dare you touched my grandson.
Sujata was about to slap ashi but swara held her hand and even sanskar came forward.
Swara: ma its rahul’s mistake also so how can you slap ashi.
Sujata(shouted ): now you will tell me what is wrong or right??
Ashi was crying so sanskar picked her in his arms. She hugged him tightly burying her face in his chest.
Swara: I’m not saying that but why only ashi?
Sujata: see Sanskar now your wife will go against me. Tell her to keep quite.
Sanskar: ma I don’t think she said anything wrong.
Sujata got shocked as Sanskar though love swara but he never supported swara over her.
Sujata got angry and went to her room.

Sujata’s room:
Sujata: I’m telling adarsh, sanskar is going out from our hand.
Adarsh: now he forget us and started listening to his wife.
Sujata: we should advice him.
Swara was passing from the corridor when sujata called her
Sujata: swara tell sanskar I’m calling him.
Swara nodded and went to her room.

SwaSanShi Room:
Swara enter inside and saw ashi is sleeping and sanskar is beside her.
Swara: sanskar ma is calling you.
Sanskar: why??
Swara: don’t know.
Sanskar: I will come
He went out.

Sanskar came inside and saw sujata adarsh sitting.
Sanskar: yes ma you called me??
Adarsh: come sanskar sit.
Sujata: you are changed sanskar I felt hurt when you supported swara against me.
Sanskar: it’s nothing like that I respect you and Swara was not wrong.
Adarsh: (sarcastically) swara is ruling you.
Sanskar: what you want to say?
Sujata: i know you love swara that’s okay but don’t let her take decisions and all she will dominate you.
Adarsh: be a man look at me pari can’t even look in my eyes bcoz of the dominance I had don’t bow infront of your wife.
Sanskar was silently listening, sujata and adarsh were manipulating her against swara and they were convincing him. He was lost in deep thoughts.
Adarsh: we will suggest you good only.
Sujata: yes you know us from your childhood and that swara only fews years ago.
Sanskar: I understood ma I will be careful.
Sujata and adarsh smirked as they thought their plan worked.
Sanskar:I should leave.
He left from there.

SwaSan room:
Sanskar came inside, swara smile at him
Swara: what they said?
Sanskar: nothing
Swara: you will hide from me(pout)
Sanskar smile and back hugged her.
Sanskar: they said just rubbish that doesn’t matters.
Swara: but still
Sanskar: bhai was suggesting me to be like him the way he behave with bhabi and all that.
Swara got serious and Sanskar sensed her gestures changed.
Sanskar: you are my life partner not any servant.
Swara (kiss his cheeks): I’m blessed to have you sanskar. In this house when I came I was so scared after seeing bhai’s behavior with bhabi bcoz I thought you will also be like that but u proved me wrong.
Sanskar: you know my baba used to say real man is not that who dominate his wife but true man is one who respect his wife.
Swara: so my man is real.
Sanskar: really.
Swara nodded and sanskar was about to kiss her when she stopped
Swara: not now I have lots of work.
Sanskar (serious): take care of yourself, work will be done.
Swara: don’t worry.
He kiss her forehead.

Swara and pari are working when suddenly pari said
Pari: swara plz be careful from ma.
Swara(confused): means??
Pari: actually during rahul’s time she did my test to know whether child is boy or girl luckily it was boy otherwise she would have aborted.
Swara(shock): what?? But she didn’t did for ashi?
Pari: bcoz sanskar was with you but adarsh Ji support only her mother.
Swara: seriously they are so narrow minded.
Pari: we are helpless. But you be careful.
Swara (smiles): sure I will be.
They both got busy in talking and working.

After 3 months:
Swara is now three months pregnant. Sanskar is talking proper care of her. Sujata’s wait was over now she can know whether swara is carrying girl or boy.
Sujata: swara we will go to hospital today.
Swara: why suddenly.
Sujata: normal check up of the baby.
Sanskar: yes we should visit once .
Sujata: sanskar u don’t worry I will take her.
Swara felt weird that why sujata got concerned for her but she brushed away her thoughts.
Sanskar: swara you go with ma okay.
Swara nodded.
Sanskar went to his work after leaving ashi at school.

Swara and sujata enter inside and went to doctor’s cabin. Her doctor is anandi.
Anandi: plz sit. So how are you swara?
Swara: fine.
Anandi: let me have your check up.
Sujata gesture anandi and she understood what she mean.
Anandi did swara’s check up and also the gender of the baby but she didn’t told swara. They came back.
Swara: baby is fine??
Anandi: yes nothing to worry.
Sujata: swara you wait out.
Swara nodded and went out.
Sujata: baby is boy??
Anandi(serious): no girl.
Sujata(shock): what ?? Then abort the child.
Anandi: I can’t do it until swara and her husband ask me.
Sujata: I will give you as much money as you want but I want to get rid of this girl child.
Anandi: okay but my name should not come. And it’s risky for swara also.
Sujata: it won’t come and about swara I don’t care.
Anandi: then I will use abortion pills. It will have two pills one I will give her now and other one you have to give after 72 hours means 3 days.
Sujata: okay.
Sujata went and called swara.
Anandi: swara you need to take one medicine.
Swara: but I’m already taking medicine which are at home.
Anandi: yes this is for baby’s good health.
Sujata: if doctor is saying then take it.
Swara: hmm
Swara didn’t questioned much bcoz anandi is her personal doctor and she know her from long time.
Anandi give abortion pill and water so without thinking swara took.
Anandi has already given other pill to sujata and they left.

Swara is helping ashi in doing homework when she felt weird. Her head spins and she felt like vomiting. Swara ran to washroom, ashi didn’t got what happened to her mumma suddenly.
Swara was breathing heavily and pucking out. Ashi was bagging at the door with her little hands and crying.
Ashi: mamma
Swara who listened ashi took deep breathe and came out.
As soon as swara came, ashi hugged her legs.
Swara(caress her hairs): ashi see I’m fine.
Swara was feeling dizzy and the next moment she fall on the floor and got unconscious as her knees didn’t supported.
Ashi(jerk her): mamma open eyes plz
She was crying not knowing what to do.When swara didn’t responded ashi ran to call others.
Fortunately, sanskar was coming at that time.Ashi seeing him ran to her
Ashi: papa
Sanskar got shocked to see her crying.
Sanskar(pick her): ashi why are you crying?
Ashi(sniffs): mamma is not opening eyes.
Sanskar: why??
Ashi shook her head in no.
Sanskar ran to room with ashi in his hands. Listening to noise even pari came to their room.
Sanskar enter inside only to get astonished as swara has fainted.
He went near her and place swara’s head in his lap.
Sanskar(caress her face): swara open your eyes.
Ashi hugged pari as she was scared.
Sanskar rub swara’s hand but no response.
Pari; sanskar take swara to doctor.
Sanskar nodded and picked swara.
Ashi: I will also come.
Sanskar: ashi be here.
Ashi: no I want to be with mamma.
Sanskar : okay come.
They all went to hospital , Sujata has went out with rahul so no one else is there.
To be continued…

Precap: swara get to know sujata’s intentions.

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